The week in audio: What Planet Are We On?; How to Save a Planet; Reading the Water – review

Optimism and pessimism on the climate crisis from two newish podcasts – and a charming quest for an ancient carp

What Planet Are We On? | BBC Sounds
How to Save a Planet | Gimlet Media
Reading the Water (Radio 4) | BBC Sounds

I’m going to assume that you, dear reader and supporter of the Observer’s journalism, are not a climate crisis denier. Actually, I’m assuming that you’re the opposite, a person who, when awake at 3.30am for the sheer 2020 hell of it, considers global heating to be one of your can’t-sleep worries. The top one, really, of your to-do list, which goes something like this: prevent the world from dying; sort out washing machine leak; change career to something Covid-19-proof, eg YouTuber; kids’ teeth?

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