The week in audio: Andrew Neil with Times Radio Drive; What Next? with Lionel Barber – reviews

The veteran political bruiser doesn’t quite nail the drive-time manner, while the former FT editor could use a bit more editing

Andrew Neil with Times Radio Drive | (Times Radio)
What Next? with Lionel Barber (LBC/Global)

Andrew Neil, that establishment/non-establishment thorn in the side, has been lent John Pienaar’s drive-time slot on Times Radio Drive for a couple of weeks. He’s enjoying it. Neil loves being in the thick of politics, analysing and gossiping and summarising. Unfortunately for him, he’s not had too many politicians to tussle with, but there has been plenty to discuss. A week is a long time in this world, as we know, and last week seems both like the endless, unchanging present (seven Groundhog Days!) and full of change and disorder.

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