The cult continues: what does another series on Nxivm add to the story?

Seduced, narrated by survivor India Oxenberg, offers four more hours on the shocking cult and additional insight to the just-finished rival show The Vow

Since a front-page New York Times exposé in October 2017 detailed a horrific secret society of coercive sex and human branding under the guise of female “empowerment”, the unraveling of Nxivm – an insular organization that recruited actors, heiresses and the former first family of Mexico – has blazed through an endless trail of sensational headlines.

The Vow, the HBO series on Nxivm and its vindictive leader, Keith Raniere, expanded the blunt accuracy of the headlines – sex cult, human branding, forced starvation, TV’s girl-next-door turned “slave” master Allison Mack – into nine hours of deeply unnerving context on the human capacity for denial and manipulation. Seduced: Inside the Nxivm Cult, a four-part Starz docuseries from Cecilia Peck and Inbal B Lessner which premiered on Sunday, instead uses the one-word distillation of Nxivm– cult – as an anchor, a clarifier rather than signal flare.

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