Facts won’t fix this: experts on how to fight America’s disinformation crisis

Trump’s false claims about the election and coronavirus are taking a dangerous toll. Can the divide be healed? At the beginning of 2021, millions of Americans appear to disagree about one of the most basic facts of their democracy: that Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election. The consequences of Donald Trump’s repeated, baseless claims […]

Democrats battle for soul of party as Biden win masks alarming failures

The Democrats won the White House but performed poorly elsewhere, and AOC is leading the critique of how the party needs to change The sense of relief Democrats felt with Donald Trump’s defeat in the 2020 election was not the same as a feeling of victory. The party’s loss of congressional seats and failure to […]

Biden bids to placate the left as he builds centrist transition team

The president-elect has brought in a mix of experience and diversity – but more telling is who Biden hasn’t appointed So far, Joe Biden has avoided one of the biggest potential pitfalls of the transition process that will end with him moving into the White House: infuriating the left wing of the Democratic party. Related: […]

The shadow of Obama: what influence will the ex-president have on Biden?

The president-elect knows that he will always be able to call on his old boss for advice – but he has big shoes to fill and could suffer by comparison He’s back with a vengeance. After four years lying low as Donald Trump occupied the White House, Barack Obama is suddenly everywhere again – on […]

‘Dr B’: the low-profile college educator set to break barriers as first lady

When Jill Biden, 69, heads to the White House in January, she will be the first to continue her career while in the role Jill Biden has gone to great lengths to keep her status as a political spouse under the radar from her students, to whom she is known simply as “Dr B”. Continue […]

How marijuana legalization made strides across the US in this election

Only 15 states still outlaw the drug in any form, but experts shifting public perceptions have reached a tipping point As an election issue competing against the immediacy of a global pandemic, an economic crisis, and a renegade in the White House, the legalization of marijuana was always likely to be something of a slow […]

Making America grrr-eat again: Major and Champ, the Bidens’ ‘first dogs’

Joe Biden’s election victory draws to an end to a Trump presidency considered hostile to man’s best friend With Joe Biden’s election, dignity has been restored to the US presidency: after four years marked by perverse priorities and conspicuous inhumanity, a dog will finally be back in the White House. When Biden takes office in […]

‘The most misunderstood state’: why California’s not as liberal as you think

Biden easily won the state, but votes for Congress and on gig work and affirmative action tell a different story It took mere minutes after California polls closed on election night for networks to call the state for Joe Biden. Millions of votes in America’s most populous state were still to be counted, but Biden’s […]

Joe Biden faces rocky transition as work of undoing Trump’s damage begins

President-elect preparing taskforce to tackle coronavirus Biden wins: follow the latest election news and reaction Trump v Biden – full results Joe Biden won the race for the White House on Saturday, but compared with what lies ahead, that may have been the easy part. In his first address to the nation, the president-elect said […]

Trauma and triumph: the 10 moments that made Joe Biden

On his road to the White House, the former vice-president has had a dramatic journey, overcoming family tragedy and political tumult along the way Joe Biden was born on 20 November 1942, in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He was the oldest of four children in a Catholic family; his mother, Jean, had Irish roots. The family’s economic […]

Trevor Noah on Trump’s ‘perfect replacement’ for RBG: ‘Grade-A trolling’

Hosts react to Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation to the supreme court and Republicans’ attempts to invalidate mail-in voting “If anyone needed a reminder about what’s at stake in an election, well last night, you got it,” said Trevor Noah on the Daily Show. “Republicans took full advantage of their hold on the White House and […]

John Oliver on Trump immigration policies: ‘Truly disciplined about being truly evil’

The Last Week Tonight host examined the ‘focused, dedicated’ destruction of migrants’ right to seek asylum in the US Over seven seasons, Last Week Tonight has covered numerous aspects of the byzantine US immigration system, from immigration courts, to border patrols, to the Trump administration’s disastrous “zero tolerance” family separation policy. And on Sunday, host […]

Biden gains as suburban women and elderly voters turn backs on Trump

Nine days out from election day, polling shows the Democratic nominee with big leads in key demographics Joe Biden’s hopes of reaching the White House could rest on two crucial demographic groups that appear to be deserting Donald Trump: elderly people and suburban women. Related: Trump assaulted American democracy – here’s how Democrats can save […]

Trevor Noah on mask-less rallies: ‘Trump is now biohazard-curious’

Late-night hosts recap Trump’s return to the campaign trail, his talk of invincibility, and health concerns over his mask-less rallies A week after returning to the White House following his hospitalization at Walter Reed medical center for Covid-19, Donald Trump is back on the campaign trail and “doing what he loves most: spreading Covid 19”, […]

West Wing cast reunites for special performance to promote voting drive

Re-staging of 2002 episode, shot at theater in LA, reunites show’s stars in support of organization When We All Vote Fourteen years after the final episode of the West Wing aired, and as a real-life race for the White House enters its final weeks, the stars of the beloved political drama have reunited for a […]

Trevor Noah on the VP debate: Pence dodged questions ‘like they were a PG-13 movie’

Late-night hosts unpack the vice-presidential debate and Trump’s rambling refusal to attend a virtual town hall Wednesday’s vice-presidential debate bore the marks of a pandemic now tearing through the White House, with two plexiglass barriers separating the candidates on stage. But “once you got past the whole plague thing, the debate itself was actually pretty […]

Stephen Colbert on Mike Pence: ‘So full of crap he’s attracting flies’

Late-night hosts react to Harris and Pence’s clash over the White House’s bungling of the virus response, Plexiglass barriers and, of course, the fly Mike Pence and Kamala Harris squared off in the one and only vice-presidential debate on Wednesday night, in a relatively tame affair which “proved once and for all, by comparison, what […]

Trevor Noah: ‘An outbreak at the White House is not karma. It’s consequences’

Late-night hosts react to the whirlwind of updates and spin on Trump’s hospitalization and the outbreak at the White House Late-night hosts addressed the White House’s coronavirus outbreak after a whirlwind weekend of headlines, health updates and spin that was overwhelming even by Trump-era standards. “Turns out while you’ve spent the last seven months hugging […]

Is Trump suffering from VIP syndrome as well as Covid-19?

Why is the president taking so many experimental drugs? Perhaps we need to revise his diagnosis Donald Trump doesn’t drink alcohol – however, he doesn’t seem to have any problem experimenting with drugs. Over the past few days, Trump appears to have been ingesting whatever he can get his tiny hands on, including dexamethasone, remdesivir, […]

Panic and confusion permeate White House after Trump’s Covid diagnosis

Concerns mount over spread of the virus within the building, and whether it could disrupt the functioning of government Golden autumn sunshine shone down on Washington on Saturday to illuminate a US capital upended as Donald Trump began his first full day in hospital battling coronavirus amid a presidential election thrown into chaos. Related: Amy […]

Trump’s New Jersey event showed perilous neglect for his staff, supporters – and himself

Why did the White House allow a fundraising event to go on after one of Trump’s closest aides tested positive for Covid? On Thursday afternoon Donald Trump held a roundtable of 19 top Republican donors at Bedminster, his 36-hole golf course in New Jersey, where he vented his frustrations about how his push for a […]

Can Johnson and Bolsonaro’s brushes with Covid offer lessons for Trump?

Trump is the third of the world’s populist leaders to discover that bluster and wishful thinking are no match for the virus When the White House insisted this weekend that Donald Trump was in “good spirits” had “mild symptoms” and was working hard, even as an obviously weakened president was being helicoptered to hospital, the […]

Troubled Florida, divided America: will Donald Trump hold this vital swing state? – video

Donald Trump’s presidency has changed American society. With six weeks until the most important election in a generation, Oliver Laughland and Tom Silverstone are crossing the US to uncover the fault lines that underpin American politics. In the vital swing state of Florida, where disinformation on Covid-19 has spread unchecked, the race for the White […]

Trump deserves four more years, says ex-counsel who called him ‘King Kong’

Don McGahn was influential in judicial appointments Trump: overturning Roe v Wade ‘possible’ with Barrett Republican grandee Baker will vote Trump for judges Don McGahn, the former White House counsel credited as an architect of Donald Trump’s makeover of the federal judiciary, has defended Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the supreme court, declaring the conservative […]

Recipe for chaos: 2020 election threatens to snap a US already pushed to the limit

The November election will be plagued by voter suppression, foreign interference, disinformation and a contested supreme court vacancy It has been dubbed “the election that could break America”. On 3 November voters decide whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden is their next president. But this time the stakes are even higher than the simple question […]

After 200,000 coronavirus deaths, the US faces another rude awakening

The US death toll has doubled less than four months after the 100,000 landmark – and with autumn nearing, there is little chance of containing the contagion, experts say Donald Trump attended one of his then daily White House coronavirus briefings on 17 April and in a moment of rare candor talked openly about his […]

Rock & Roll President: how musicians helped Jimmy Carter to the White House

In a new documentary, stars from Bob Dylan to Nile Rodgers discuss how music played a vital role in the unknown politician’s rise to power It’s hard to think of a public figure with an image further removed from rock’n’roll than the former US president Jimmy Carter. “With his cardigan sweaters and devout Christian faith, […]

Neil Kinnock on Biden’s plagiarism ‘scandal’ and why he deserves to win: ‘Joe’s an honest guy’

In a 1987 Democratic primary debate, Biden sprinkled Kinnock’s phrases into his own speech and forgot to credit him – a blunder many believe cost him the presidency Anyone under 30 might have been puzzled when Kellyanne Conway, the outgoing White House counselor, recently accused Joe Biden of serial plagiarism and presented Neil Kinnock, the […]

Hedwig eats Trump: John Cameron Mitchell on his ‘musical orgy’ about Donald’s America

The creator of Hedwig and the Angry Inch has crafted a fevered musical fantasy, including one song about a cannibal eating Donald Trump. Some of it, he reveals, was recorded in the bath On the morning of 4 November, following his defeat in the 2020 presidential election, Donald Trump will refuse to leave the White […]