Biden’s plan to wear Ralph Lauren fits inauguration’s sober, unshowy tone

Fashion brand reported to be dressing the president-elect, a move that would subtly signal a distancing from the Trump era Joe Biden is being dressed by the fashion brand Ralph Lauren for his presidential inauguration on 20 January, according to Women’s Wear Daily, in a move that has prompted a round of speculation about his […]

‘My neighbourhood is being destroyed to pacify his supporters’: the race to complete Trump’s wall

In his final months in office, Donald Trump has ramped up construction on his promised physical border between the US and Mexico – devastating wildlife habitats and increasing the migrant death toll At Sierra Vista Ranch in Arizona near the Mexican border, Troy McDaniel is warming up his helicopter. McDaniel, tall and slim in a […]

Lockdown news: artist Sho Shibuya’s reimagined front pages – in pictures

When New York was in its first lockdown, in April 2020, artist Sho Shibuya found himself isolated in a studio flat in Brooklyn. “I realised that the noise of honking cars and shouting had been replaced by the sound of birds and wind in the trees. I saw the sky, as beautiful as ever despite […]

100 days of warning: inside the Boogaloo killings of US security personnel

Extremism experts warned that the anti-government movement was planning attacks online. Why didn’t Facebook act? One hundred days before Dave Patrick Underwood was murdered on 29 May, a group of analysts who monitor online extremism concluded that an attack like the one that killed him was coming. Continue reading…

Blocked: how the internet turned on Donald Trump

From Facebook and Twitter to Reddit and Amazon, tech firms are moving to silence the president, and his QAnon supporters Twitter’s decision to suspend Donald Trump’s account on Wednesday evening has opened the floodgates for tech companies and platforms to remove the outgoing US president from their services. Twitter’s suspension was followed by Facebook, which […]

North Korea set for collision course with US as Kim Jong-un solidifies one-man rule

Analysis: Congress gathering ends with Kim taking symbolic post of general secretary and a warning the US needs a fresh strategy A rare meeting of North Korea’s ruling party has ended with a symbolically important new title for the country’s leader, Kim Jong-un, speculation about the future of his influential sister, and a shot across […]

A river used to run through it: how New Mexico handles a dwindling Rio Grande

The Rio Grande used to flow freely, but now in Las Cruces, humans, fish and plants are vying for water in the arid landscape Imagine the world without its most famous rivers: Egypt without the Nile, or London without the Thames. In Las Cruces, New Mexico, residents don’t have to envision the American west without […]

Western Sahara’s diplomatic opening – in pictures

US plans to open a consulate in Western Sahara mark a turning point for the disputed territory. US recognition of Morocco’s authority over the land frustrates indigenous Sahrawis seeking independence but others see the future US consulate as a boost for Western Sahara cities like Dakhla Continue reading…

How we met: We were locked down on different continents – and our marriage joke became a reality

Nelly Sutro, 30, and Ryan Lacey, 35, dated over Instagram and FaceTime in the first wave of the pandemic. They married after meeting in Boston and now live in Kaiserslautern, Germany At the end of 2019, Nelly Sutro was living in New York, facing the fast-paced grind of city dating life. Fed up with apps, […]

Inequality, racism and polarisation ravaged US democracy. Then came Trump

Analysis: The attack on the US Capitol shook America’s image of itself but is democracy really in its most precarious moment since the civil war? In the film Mr Smith Goes to Washington, James Stewart’s eponymous hero gazes with reverence and awe at the dome of the US Capitol, the near sacred citadel of American […]

‘There’s a red flag here’: how an ethanol plant is dangerously polluting a US village

Situation in Mead, Nebraska, where AltEn has been processing seed coated with fungicides and insecticides, is a warning sign, experts say For the residents of Mead, Nebraska, the first sign of something amiss was the stench, the smell of something rotting. People reported eye and throat irritation and nosebleeds. Then colonies of bees started dying, […]

Papa Don’s failed state: the US as seen from Kenya

For months, satirist Patrick Gathara has painted the US as a ‘third world’ country. Then came the storming of the Capitol For more than two months now, I have been regularly posting quasi-satirical tweets on the US elections and their aftermath from my home in Kenya, in the style of foreign correspondents reporting on events […]

How a mob of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol – visual guide

A detailed recap of the six hours in Washington DC that shook US democracy 11.50am Donald Trump addresses a crowd of thousands of supporters whom he has encouraged to come to Washington on the day of the planned congressional certification of Joe Biden’s victory in November’s presidential election. Continue reading…

How the ‘shecession’ will cause long-term harm for women in the US

C Nicole Mason, who coined the term to describe a recession that affects women disproportionately, sets out what is needed for an equitable recovery For the first time in history, the US is in a “shecession” – an economic downturn where job and income losses are affecting women more than men. The term was coined […]

‘We tortured families’: The lingering damage of Trump’s separation policy

Civil rights groups want to see the Biden administration reunify victims, grant protection in the US and provide restitution The US government’s policy of separating migrant families at the border has continued to wreak havoc and inflict suffering in the final months of Donald Trump’s presidency, with parents still missing, reunifications blocked and reunited families […]

New nectar: could artificial pollen make life sweeter for bees?

In winter, starved of pollen and lacking natural forage, honeybee colonies can easily falter. But nutritious substitutes may be the answer When beekeepers from across the US drive millions of hives on trucks to pollinate California’s almond crops in January, there simply isn’t enough food for them to eat until the million-plus acres of almond […]

Wonder Woman 1984 box office hits a pandemic high in cinema

Blockbuster pulls in $16.7m in domestic cinema opening, the highest since theaters closed in March Wonder Woman 1984 pulled in roughly $36.1m at theaters worldwide over the Christmas holiday weekend, distributor Warner Bros said on Sunday as it confirmed plans for a third film in the superhero franchise. Of that total, an estimated $16.7m came […]

How tough will Joe Biden be on the US shale industry?

The president-elect plans to reduce incentives for fracking, but has stopped short of a ban The result of the US election has cast a long shadow across the US shale heartlands. Joe Biden wants to make the climate crisis his top priority, sparking real hope for global efforts to avert an environmental catastrophe and real […]

Georgia Senate runoff elections: a guide for non-Americans on how they work and why they matter

The two runoffs on 5 January will decide whether the Republicans continue to control the Senate, with profound implications for Joe Biden’s presidency On 5 January the US state of Georgia will vote, again, on who to send to the Senate. The control of the Senate is up for grabs, and thus the prospects for […]

‘I’m getting clarity, a time that will feel lighter’: psychics share their 2021 predictions

From astrology to tarot, interest in the mystical arts has flourished during the pandemic. So what is in store for the year ahead? This age of uncertainty has been a boon for crystal ball gazers. From New York to New Delhi, fortune-tellers have seen spikes in business; in the US, Forbes magazine reported a 136% […]

Small-town US after dark – in pictures

Criss-crossing the US, covering 25,000 miles and 22 states, the British photographer Daniel Freeman has captured the nocturnal life of small town US. He meanders across states with no planned itinerary, and his photographs capture the timeless quality of the country. Midnight on Main is published by Hatje Cantz Continue reading…

Alaskan tribes, activists and businesses sue to save America’s biggest national forest

Tongass national forest, which plays a key role in fighting climate crisis, poised for logging after US ruling A coalition of Alaskan native tribes, conservation groups and small businesses have filed a lawsuit in an effort to save America’s largest national forest by overturning one of the Trump administration’s most contentious environmental rollbacks. Protection for […]

Sex at Christmas tends to be off menu until fireworks at new year – study

Stress and overconsumption of food and alcohol leave people feeling less amorous, find researchers If Christmas leaves you feeling less than amorous, you’re not alone. Whether it’s the stress of last-minute present buying or overconsumption of food and alcohol, interest in sex drops off in the run-up to Christmas, research suggests. However, this is compensated […]

New museums and Smokey Bear: what’s in the $900bn US stimulus package?

Tucked into a 5,593-page bill are a range of obscure provisions that appear to have little to do with fortifying a fragile economy Late on Monday night, Congress approved a $900bn stimulus package which will deliver financial aid to millions of families and businesses facing economic distress from coronavirus pandemic. Though far smaller than a […]

Abortion, gun control: conservatives steer pet cases towards supreme court with Barrett on bench

State officials are making strategic appeals and lower court judges are tailoring arguments in hopes of gaining a supreme court hearing for controversial cases In Indiana, the rights of same-sex parents have come under legal fire. In Mississippi, it is access to abortion. In Pennsylvania, it’s gun control. All three cases could be headed for […]

How US cities fixed violations to Asian Americans’ voting rights in 2020

Cities such as Malden, Massachusetts are working to comply with rights laws to accommodate a growing voting bloc In 2007, Fiona Yu was looking forward to voting in Boston’s local elections for the first time – a year after she became a US citizen. Yu, now 60, had immigrated to the United States from Hong […]

‘Racism doesn’t dissolve once it’s out of the headlines’: is the fashion industry doing enough to address diversity?

Since the killing of George Floyd, the industry has attempted to tackle racism, but has it gone far enough? This month, fashion’s unofficial watchdog, Diet Prada, posted a “how it started versus how it’s going” meme on Instagram. Contrasting a past moment of hope with a current moment of reckoning, Diet Prada turned its attention […]