You can’t level up by raising taxes on the poor, Tories tell PM

Top MPs warn No 10 over plans for equality as Conservative conference gets under way in Manchester A group of senior Conservative MPs has broken ranks to openly question how Boris Johnson can deliver on his promise to increase prosperity in poorer parts of the UK while at the same time raising taxes for working […]

RAF intelligence base linked to US drone strike on Iranian general Qassem Soleimani

Research concludes it ‘was probable’ that Menwith Hill was used to assist in the controversial assassination Campaigners have called on ministers to explain whether the secretive Menwith Hill intelligence base in Yorkshire is involved in recent drone strike assassinations, after the publication of a report that raises questions about UK involvement in US attacks. The […]

The 81 women killed in 28 weeks

Since Sarah Everard’s brutal murder, only one thing has changed – the death toll People said something had changed with the awful death of Sarah Everard. But the message certainly hasn’t reached the men who rape, harm and kill women. And I can’t see a difference in the government, police, Crown Prosecution Service or the […]

Robots: stealing our jobs or solving labour shortages?

From fast food to farming, Covid-19 has accelerated the rise of the worker robots. This in turn will put more jobs at risk and makes the need to reframe society ever more urgent As the coronavirus pandemic enveloped the world last year, businesses increasingly turned to automation in order to address rapidly changing conditions. Floor-cleaning […]

Coronavirus live: global deaths pass 5m; UK care home workers refusing jab told to ‘get another job’

Delta strain continues to ravage unvaccinated countries; UK health secretary hits out at unvaccinated care home workers Campaigners have accused the UK government of creating a system of “vaccine apartheid” by blocking an intellectual property waiver for coronavirus vaccines. India and South Africa first proposed waiving intellectual property rights for vaccines at the World Trade […]

Shouldn’t progressives be in favour of people wanting to speak their mind? | Nick Cohen

Solidarity at work used to be the governing ethos. Why do we now snitch on each other? Where once the left fought the bosses in the workers’ name, today its loudest voices lobby bosses to police workers. If you are trying to understand why this section of the left is hated, its authoritarianism is a […]

Fear on the ward: UK mothers threatened with social services for refusing maternity care

Women who turn down advice from health service staff say they are being coerced with threats of referrals to agencies and police Pregnant women and new mothers are being referred to social services by midwives for refusing to follow their advice, patient advocacy groups have warned. Expectant parents who have declined care, including opting out […]

UK weather: flood risk as heavy rain hits parts of England and Scotland

Met Office says strong winds could also cause delays to transport and a short loss of power Heavy rain and up to 60mph winds will hit parts of England and Scotland and could cause flooding, travel disruption and power outages on Saturday. The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings for the east and south […]

How the SPD relied on young rebels to win in north-east Germany

A left-behind Baltic Sea state took revenge on Angela Merkel’s CDU, which had done too little for too long to help the region Less than four years ago, Erik von Malottki’s main objective was to keep the party he loved as far away from political power as possible. Inspired by young activist grassroots movements in […]

On my radar: Sam Fender’s cultural highlights

The Tyneside rocker on his favourite bath time podcast, a second world war memoir and where to get the best breakfast kippers Sam Fender was born in 1994 and raised in North Shields. He began writing songs aged 14, building on an affinity with Bruce Springsteen, and started acting a few years later, appearing in […]

From Corrie to car ads, carbon literacy training pushes climate to the fore

Project has trained more than 21,000 staff and pupils, aiming for changes on whole-organisation level The cobbled streets of Coronation Street may not be the most obvious platform for conversations about the climate crisis, but the UK’s longest-running soap opera has increasingly turned its attention to the environment in recent years. From smaller plot points […]

Meera Sodha’s vegan recipe for mushroom and tempeh rendang | The new vegan

Take your time over this aromatic, Indonesian coconut curry with meaty chunks of mushroom and moreish soybean cake providing the protein payload Rendang is a vote for slowing down. It isn’t a dish you can knock up in 20 minutes by whizzing around the kitchen like a pinball. Traditionally, it’s made with a slow and […]

My frame is true: new wave posters – in pictures

Andrew Krivine began collecting music industry flyers and posters in 1977 on his annual trip from the US to see family in London. “I’d go on expeditions to Camden Market, Rough Trade, Stiff Records and even brazenly walk into the headquarters of Virgin Records,” he recalls. By the time he’d finished college in the early […]

Energy price cap: millions of Britons face higher gas and electricity bills

Average dual fuel customer will pay £139 extra a year as Ofgem allows suppliers to charge more UK energy crisis: will bills go up and should I switch supplier? Millions of households in Great Britain are facing higher bills for gas and electricity from Friday, after a 12% increase in the cap on prices energy […]

Up to 120,000 pigs in UK face culling due to lack of abattoir workers

National Pig Association fears ‘acute welfare disaster’ within weeks if farmers cannot get stock processed Farmers have warned that up to 120,000 pigs face being culled because of a lack of abattoir workers, as acute labour shortages across supply chains continue to wreak havoc on the UK economy. Rob Mutimer, the chair of the National […]

Chair of UK open banking body resigns over bullying report

CMA investigation into claims of sexist and racist behaviour concludes OBIE allowed ‘a culture of intimidation’ The chair of the body that was set up to deliver open banking in the UK has resigned as an investigation into sexist and racist behaviour concluded that the agency allowed “a culture of bullying and intimidation to prevail.” […]

DVLA bosses and staff clash over Covid safety and HGV licence delays

DVLA blames strikes for backlog but workers say mismanagement in pandemic led to rise in Covid cases When the letter from the UK government dropped through Antony Crowther’s letter box this week, the frustration that had been building for months turned to rage. Signed by the transport minister Charlotte Vere, the letter told him his […]

Stop making councils plead for ‘levelling up’ cash, ministers urged

Exclusive: Infrastructure adviser says town halls in England should be given £30bn to spend on transport projects Ministers must stop making council leaders “plead on bended knee” for vital funds if “levelling up” is to work, the government’s infrastructure adviser has said. Sir John Armitt, the chair of the UK’s National Infrastructure Commission, said town […]

Fruit sculptures in Hackney honour Windrush generation

Veronica Ryan creates UK’s first permanent artwork dedicated to people affected by the scandal The first permanent artwork to honour the Windrush generation in the UK has been unveiled in the east London borough of Hackney, as councils across the country kick off the first day of Black History Month. The work, created by the […]

‘He’s so majestic’: Wally the walrus hits Iceland on tour of Europe

Experts hope he is resting and building up blubber reserves before returning to Arctic to look for mate When Wally the walrus disappeared after more than five months of appearances around the UK and Ireland, interspersed with visits to France and Spain, observers feared the worst. But after about three weeks at sea he re-emerged […]

Boris Johnson wants a conference reset. Will reality ruin it?

The prime minister was hoping to use his party’s major gathering to seize the agenda and set out his plans for the rest of the parliamentary term. Instead, he may be forced to deal with evolving supply chain and fuel crises – and bat off claims that Brexit is to blame. The Guardian’s political editor, […]

The raging return of Idles: ‘We’ve always used violence as part of our vocabulary’

After scoring a No 1 in lockdown, the post-punk band’s singer Joe Talbot reflects on writing about car crashes, substance abuse and Rishi Sunak on their new album Towards the end of Idles’ upcoming fourth album, Crawler, lead singer Joe Talbot comes to a euphoric realisation. “In spite of it all,” the 37-year-old howls, “life […]

Ravneet Gill’s recipes for passion cake and creme fraiche loaf | The sweet spot

A banana bread cake in a creamy, passion fruit icing, and a sweet loaf to enjoy toasted with an autumnal side of roast plums My mum had been banging on about this cake for a while – it’s one she reminisces about eating during her glamour days, when she stumbled into a job on Park […]

‘I’d like to find a Roman fibula brooch’: watching the detectorists – a photo essay

Alex Turner meets some of the amateur detectorists stalking the fields of the UK searching for buried history In July 2009, Terry Herbert of the Bloxwich Research and Metal Detecting club picked up a signal with his metal detector; the signal for what we now know to be the Staffordshire hoard. The find of almost […]

Nearly half of UK’s independent petrol stations still lack fuel

Petrol Retailers Association say fuel is being bought faster than it is getting restocked Nearly half of all independently owned petrol stations in the UK were still dry or out of one type of fuel on Thursday, as motorists continued to panic buy and soldiers stood by to drive tankers to help with the refuelling […]

UK joins calls on Mali to end alleged deal with Russian mercenaries

Mali’s military leaders under pressure to pull back from suspected agreement with Wagner Group The UK has joined a mounting international campaign of pressure on Mali’s military leaders to step back from a suspected deal with a Russian mercenary company, amid fears that the agreement will further complicate insecurity in the region. Mali’s leaders, battling […]

Home Office resisting calls to let asylum seekers work in the UK

Priti Patel is facing growing pleas to let 70,000 claimants seek employment pending a resolution of their status Priti Patel’s department is resisting growing demands to allow asylum seekers to work following a public intervention from her cabinet colleague Dominic Raab to say that he would be “open-minded’ about the proposal. Labour leader Keir Starmer, […]

Free flights and $1,000 vouchers: Australian hospitality sector lures UK workers

As the industry prepares to ramp up again amid staff shortages, one company is offering big incentives to British workers Chelsee Whitehead has worked in the hospitality industry since she left high school four years ago. Before Covid-19, she always thought her industry was secure. “I picked hospitality because I thought it was an industry […]

Coronavirus live news: UK reports 36,480 new cases; Slovenian court blocks vaccine mandate for public sector workers

UK also reports 137 further deaths; court ruling comes as country struggles to boost one of lowest vaccination levels in EU Ditching furlough will add to UK economic woes, warn unions and firms Brazil hospital chain accused of hiding deaths and giving unproven drugs Uganda’s schools at risk as teachers find new work during Covid […]

The Guardian view on silence about Brexit: time to talk turkey | Editorial

Labour and the Conservatives have both been happy to stay quiet about Brexit during the pandemic. That has to stop Since the 2019 general election, there has been a mutually convenient conspiracy of silence between Britain’s two main parties about Brexit. Boris Johnson won the election on the soundbite promise to “get Brexit done”, and […]