Keir Starmer braces for challenging weekend as polls close across UK

Labour leader thanks activists for calling 1.7 million voters before UK’s first major election held during pandemic 2021 elections: results for the local, Scottish and Welsh polls Keir Starmer thanked Labour activists for calling as many as 1.7 million voters in recent weeks, as his team braced themselves for a challenging weekend after polls closed […]

E171: EU watchdog says food colouring widely used in UK is unsafe

European Commission to propose ban after finding that carcinogenic effects cannot be ruled out A food colouring used in products sold in the UK ranging from chewing gum and white chocolate to toothpaste and sauces for toddlers can no longer be ruled out as a cause of cancer, the European Food Safety Authority has said. […]

The pandemic has catalysed a new era for Britain’s trade unions | Ellie Mae O’Hagan

From preventing redundancies to getting workers furloughed, unions have often done the government’s job in this crisis How has the pandemic affected people’s working lives? It depends who you ask. Covid-19 has exposed how the UK economy effectively functions as two distinct worlds: one where there is a decent safety net, good terms and conditions […]

Now is not the time to draw battle lines against France | Letters

Gunboat diplomacy in a fishing dispute is wrong when we need to work together to tackle a pandemic, writes Rev Kenneth Cross, while John Richards says this is not worth losing a life over and Peter Hepworth blames Brexit for the tensions Anything that even remotely looks like military involvement in a dispute between the […]

Home Office unlawfully stopped family joining Windrush woman, court rules

Family of Lynda Mahabir will be able to join her in UK without paying large immigration fees The Home Office unlawfully prevented the children and husband of a Windrush generation woman from joining her in the UK, separating the family for almost three years in a manner the high court ruled represented “a colossal interference” […]

Bereaved families angry at reports of UK plan to ban Troubles-era prosecutions

Proposals to stop paramilitaries and soldiers from facing charges over incidents before Good Friday peace deal Bereaved relatives and politicians on both sides of the Irish border have reacted angrily to reported plans by the UK government to ban future prosecutions relating to the Troubles. The ban will stop paramilitaries and members of the armed […]

Sanjeev Gupta close to winning £200m loan to save Liberty Steel

Likely lifeline could save thousands of UK jobs and follows funding from same source for Australian unit Metals magnate Sanjeev Gupta is close to securing a £200m loan for Liberty Steel UK, which would hand a lifeline to Britain’s third largest steel business and help stave off thousands of job losses. It is understood that […]

Killer whales spotted near Cornwall coast in rare UK sighting

Sighting of two of UK’s resident orcas is ‘proof of the value of our coastal seas’, says expert Two killer whales have been spotted off the Cornish coast. Experts believe this is the first sighting of the UK’s only resident population of killer whales travelling this far south. Continue reading…

UK set for strongest economic growth since WWII, forecasts Bank of England

Interest rates to be kept at record low of 0.1% with GDP growth now forecast to rise at 7.25% in 2021 Britain is on track for the strongest growth since the second world war this year as it stages a faster-than-expected recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, according to the Bank of England. The Bank raised […]

UK cuts grants for small aid charities to save ‘less than cost of No 10 press room’

Hospital in Zanzibar and support for child workers in Bangladesh among approved projects to miss out as £2.1m of funding cancelled The UK has scrapped three rounds of grants to small international development charities, prompting fury that it has wiped out funding for 42 projects around the world to save “less than the [£2.6m] cost […]

‘You can make big changes in your laundry’: why green cleaning is the future

Both consumers and cleaning brands are increasingly moving towards eco-friendly products When it comes to the products we use to clean our homes and clothes, we all want to do the right thing for the environment. And for most of us, that means using a product that is packaged in the right way – that […]

Laundry against landfill: how green are your clothes-washing habits? – quiz

Doing the laundry has many environmental implications. Take this quiz to find out how eco-friendly your washing is How much water does a washing machine use per wash during an average cycle? 5 litres. 20 litres. 50 litres. How many items of used clothing go to landfill in the UK every year? 500 tonnes. 2,000 […]

10 of the UK’s best places for fun on the water, chosen by readers

From white-knuckle wakeboarding to a gentle punt ending in tea and scones, our tipsters pick great spots for water sports I love paddleboarding on the River Wensum in Norwich. This stretch of the Norfolk Broads offers winding meadows, endless tranquillity and wildlife such as kingfishers, herons, swans and a family of non-native terrapin turtles. It’s […]

10 new activity breaks and wild days out in the UK for summer 2021

These trips in some of Britain’s most beautiful areas offer opportunities to learn new skills and help us get closer to nature Wilderlands is a new project that aims to support nature in the UK by encouraging rewilding. This summer, it is hosting a series of “wild weekends” where people can spend time outdoors and […]

UPS delivery wants me to pay £32 to release my urgent letter to Italy

I declared the contents and it is not liable to a customs charge but it still insists on payment I used UPS to deliver an urgent letter with my notarised signature to my sister in Italy. Three weeks later, I was asked to upload an “invoice for my goods”, or to authorise destruction of my […]

UK sends navy vessels to Jersey amid post-Brexit fishing row with France

Boris Johnson dispatches two gunboats to protect island from feared blockade Boris Johnson has dispatched two Royal Navy patrol boats to protect Jersey from a feared blockade by French fishing vessels, in an escalation of a dispute over post-Brexit access to waters around the Channel island. The move followed talks on Wednesday evening between the […]

UK government faces action over lack of age checks on pornography websites

Judicial review launched on basis that government is breaching its legal duty to protect children Lawyers have begun judicial review proceedings against the government over allegations it failed to stop children in the UK watching online pornography. Age verification for legal porn sites was introduced under part 3 of the Digital Economy Act in 2017 […]

Pakistan police search for two men suspected of killing UK law graduate

Mayra Zulfiquar, 24, from London, found dead in rented flat in Lahore Pakistan police are searching Lahore for two men suspected of killing a law graduate from London, amid claims that both men had pressured her to marry them. Mayra Zulfiquar, 24, now known to have been a Belgian citizen and UK resident who moved […]

Brussels and London settle row over status of EU ambassador to UK

British government grants full diplomatic status after months of refusing to accede to EU demands A row over the status of the EU’s ambassador to the UK has been settled, with the British government granting full diplomatic status after months of refusing to accede to Brussels’ demands. In a joint statement, the UK foreign Secretary, […]

One in five UK adults have had depressive symptoms during pandemic

Experts say many people may not be getting care they need as GP diagnoses of depression fall Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage One in five adults in Britain have experienced symptoms of depression during the pandemic, with young people, disabled people and renters hit the hardest, according to official figures. The […]

Parents of disabled child win fight against UK hotel quarantine

Family can return home to finish self-isolating after seven days in hotel following return from ‘red list’ country Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage A severely disabled child who was forced to go into hotel quarantine after returning from a “red list” country has been allowed to return home to complete their […]

‘Super Thursday’ elections: what to expect in England, Scotland and Wales

With elections taking place for parliamentary seats, councils, mayoral roles and PCCs, here’s what you need to know Scottish election 2021: a visual guide on what to expect Elections buildup – politics live On Thursday voters in every part of the UK apart from Northern Ireland go to the polls in the biggest democratic outing […]

We’re all hoping for a holiday. But will we enjoy it? | Adrian Chiles

From summer in Croatia to walking across Wales, I’ve loved planning and remembering my breaks. It’s the experience itself that’s usually a letdown A lot of us are spending an awful lot of time worrying about whether we will get to go on holiday this year. A foreign holiday is spoken of almost as a […]

Indivior’s UK shareholders have chance to put teeth into clawback clauses | Nils Pratley

Former chief executive sent to prison for six months but will keep $1.65m in outstanding pay awards “We recognise that our remuneration structure is different in some respects from a typical UK package,” said Daniel Phelan, the chair of Indivior’s remuneration committee, in the company’s annual report. You bet. The difference isn’t only the size […]

The Guardian view on foreign policy after Brexit: growing pains

Washington is waiting for Boris Johnson to realise that he needs a constructive strategic partnership with his European neighbours It is not unusual for disputes between neighbours to be petty, but small spats express major misunderstandings. So it is with Brexit. There are tensions wherever the boundaries of the UK meet the EU. In the […]

Tory quarrels determined UK’s post-Brexit future, says Barnier

Revealed: EU chief negotiator’s diaries, The Great Illusion, give blow-by-blow account of moves behind UK’s departure Britain’s post-Brexit future was determined by “the quarrels, low blows, multiple betrayals and thwarted ambitions of a certain number of Tory MPs”, the EU’s chief negotiator has said in his long-awaited diaries. The UK’s early problem, writes Michel Barnier […]

UK watchdog bans Max Mara advert over model’s ‘gaunt’ appearance

Advertising Standards Authority says ad that ran in Sunday Times magazine was irresponsible A Max Mara advert has been banned for featuring a model with an “unhealthily thin” and “gaunt” appearance. The Advertising Standards Authority, which received three complaints about the ad, said the model had been photographed from the side, drawing attention to the […]

Blacks Can’t Swim: The Sequel review – follow-up doc makes a splash

Ed Accura adds dramatised sections to his 2020 film investigating the lack of black swimmers in the UK In this feature-length extension of his 2020 documentary A Film Called Blacks Can’t Swim, producer and writer Ed Accura devotes further time pondering the titular myth. It’s immediately clear that it’s a case of don’t, not can’t. […]

Orange crush! 17 delicious ways with carrots – from barbecued hotdogs to tempting tarts

They are versatile, forgiving and long lasting – but it’s easy to overlook carrots. Here are some inspiring new ways to use them Carrots are always with us. Even in the UK, the season is practically year round. Properly stored carrots can last for months. Improperly stored – which is the way I do it […]

Michel Barnier on Brexit – in his own words

Key excerpts from the newly published diaries of the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Tory quarrels determined UK’s post-Brexit future, says Barnier Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, has released his long-awaited diaries. Here he is in his own words on some of Brexit’s key personalities and issues: On the then prime minister Theresa May: […]