Sustainable tourism key to Cumbria’s new carbon neutral plan

Ambition to become the UK’s first carbon-neutral county, by 2037, looks to reduce the impact of visitors, especially in the Lakes Across Cumbria local communities, businesses and grassroots organisations are being mobilised to map out ways that they hope will help it become the UK’s first carbon-neutral county. The county is aiming to decarbonise by […]

UK small businesses: how have you been affected by Brexit?

We would like to hear from small and medium enterprises on their Brexit experiences Small businesses in the UK have been suffering since the country left the EU on 1 January, experiencing problems such as delays at borders and complicated paperwork. We would like to hear from small and medium enterprises on their Brexit experiences. […]

Have you become a delivery driver during the coronavirus pandemic in the UK?

We’d like to hear from people who have started jobs as delivery drivers during the coronavirus pandemic With the pandemic worsening and the nation going into another lockdown, Britain has never been more reliant on delivery drivers. Online grocery sales now account for 13% of all food sales, up from 7.4% in March and experts […]

The housing crisis and the scandal of empty homes: ‘You do not grasp how key this is’

A shocking number of properties are lying idle while families languish in temporary accommodation. Two activists see clearly how the government could rapidly right the wrongs of the UK’s imbalanced property market Empty homes are one of the most visible signs of the UK’s housing crisis. “They’re the most obvious example of what’s wrong, which […]

‘We’re all so much happier now’: the transformative effects of community grants – video

The key to having an impact is to ensure that help gets out into the communities that need it Community grantsFind out more about Nationwide Building Society’s Community Grants programme at Continue reading…

Yotam Ottolenghi’s recipes for tinned tuna, chickpeas and apples

January is a fitting time to get inventive with those tins you have in the kitchen cupboard: knock together a tonnato dip or an umami-rich chickpea salad, and some fried apple dumplings for afters New year, new recipes, but a bit skint after Christmas … Time to raid the pantry! A dish based on the […]

Cocktail of the week: Officina OO’s spiced cherry – recipe | The good mixer

Let’s hear it for lambrusco as chief sparkler in this cherry and cranberry aperitif Because cranberries, and cherry liqueur, aren’t just for Christmas. This drink is also a celebration of that much-misunderstood wine, lambrusco, which, so long as you avoid the over-sweet abominations we’re used to seeing in the UK, is a fizzy wine well […]

‘How many more lockdowns can we go through?’ Bosses on Covid double-dip recession

From Burnley to London, those in hospitality sector tell of pressures they and staff face, and dismay at UK government Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The UK economy shrank by 2.6% in November, as a second national lockdown in England and tough restrictions across the rest of the UK hit growth. […]

‘Kind of unbelievable’: US Republicans in Britain mull over Trump impact

Diaspora of expats voice loyalty, but also withering disgust over Capitol storming – and fatigue Watching history unfold in Washington DC from her home in London, Jan Halper-Hayes admitted to being slightly incredulous about the images of Donald Trump supporters storming the US Capitol. “It was kind of in some ways unbelievable,” says the long-term […]

Older people in the UK: share your experience of the second wave of coronavirus

We’d like to hear from older people, or family members who could put us in touch, about how they’ve been impacted by the second wave of coronavirus With older people at much higher risk of suffering serious symptoms of, or losing their lives to, coronavirus, many have been forced to shield for long periods of […]

‘Hard graft’: UK influencers scramble to justify exotic getaways in pandemic

Stung by scepticism over ‘luxury business trips’ in a pandemic, influencers in Dubai are touting their ‘hard graft’ In ordinary times influencers posting from Dubai go out of their way to show you what a good time they are having. In Covid’s latest cruel reversal, they are now doing everything they can to show that […]

Tell us: UK workers are you still going into your workplace?

We’d like to hear from people who are being encouraged by their employer to come into their workplace during the latest national lockdown According to the latest government advice, “everyone who can work from home must do so”. However, many are still going in to their workplace, often at their employer’s request. We’d like to […]

Share your experiences of school laptop provision during the pandemic

We would like to hear from teachers, parents and students on their experiences around laptop provision for children remote learning across the UK According to Ofcom, about 9% of children in the UK – between 1.1 million and 1.8 million – do not have access to a laptop, desktop or tablet at home. More than […]

New Sally Rooney novel to be published in September

Beautiful World, Where Are You, set to be released on 7 September, follows four young people as they navigate love, friendship and sex Sally Rooney’s third novel, and her first since the widely acclaimed Normal People, will be published on 7 September. Beautiful World, Where Are You, announced by Rooney’s UK publisher Faber on Tuesday, […]

Artificial intelligence: why students need to learn digital skills to compete

Teachers will play a vital role in ensuring tomorrow’s graduates have the skills to robot-proof their careers The robots aren’t coming – they’re here. From self-driving cars to smart speakers, automation is ubiquitous. Artificial intelligence (AI) may be extraordinary, raising productivity and making life easier, but it’s impact on the jobs market is set to […]

UK residents: What do you think about Boris Johnson’s cycling controversy?

Boris Johnson is under pressure to explain the details of a cycle ride which took him seven miles from home. We’d like to hear your response to the issue Boris Johnson has come under fire for cycling seven miles away from Downing Street, with critics accusing him of bending the rules on exercising locally. With […]

‘Cummings effect’: why are people bending lockdown rules?

Analysis: experts say erosion of trust in government contributes to liberal interpretation of guidance Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Photographs of crowded beaches, parks and queues at food stalls outside popular walking spots, all at a time when the UK is on highest alert under tough coronavirus restrictions. Despite Matt Hancock […]

Food charities on the Covid frontline: ‘Without support, more people would fall through the gaps’

Across the UK, charities that offer food and essential household goods are facing record levels of demand as underlying economic and social issues are laid bare by the pandemic. How are they rising to the growing challenge? “This pandemic has amplified issues of food insecurity that have been around for many years – but it’s […]

‘In a crisis, people come together’: why funding charities is essential for Covid-affected communities

Charities that provide support to groups and people in need during the Covid-19 pandemic have received vital funding from Barclays When the first cases of Covid-19 in the UK were reported last January, few could have predicted how the pandemic would unfurl, both here and across the globe. But once lockdown was implemented, it brought […]

Have you had missed vaccination appointments in the UK?

We would like to hear from health professionals about people missing their appointments and how you are coping with rearranging them At a Downing Street press conference last week, the prime minister said that by mid-January “it is our plan that everyone should have a vaccination available within a radius of 10 miles”. We would […]

Have you felt under pressure to break UK lockdown restrictions?

If you’ve been pressured into breaking the lockdown rules, we’d like to hear from you. Share your experiences With Chris Witty warning the public to ‘double down’ on avoiding contact with others as the NHS heads towards its “most dangerous” point in the pandemic, the importance of adhering to lockdown restrictions is higher than ever. […]

‘Broken and defeated’: UK university students on the impact of Covid rules

Five students share their feelings of anxiety, frustration and isolation as second term looms Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage With much of the focus in recent weeks on schools, UK university students have reported feeling forgotten by the government, with no rebates offered on tuition fees and calls growing for rent […]

‘It’s better than worrying about the state of the world’: how to get politically active this year

From grassroots campaigns to momentous movements, there are multiple ways to help bring meaningful change There has been a lot of research on the “double-benefit” of civic activism, the economic rewards it can store up for the people who do it as much as those it’s done for. But I’m not really interested in the […]

‘I’ve tried to do this for my kids’: families who took on unjust benefits decisions

In our latest report for the 2020 Guardian and Observer appeal, we talk to Child Poverty Action Group and those it has helped • Please donate to our appeal here When Trudi and Gavin Scott moved back to the UK from New Zealand with their severely disabled son, Theo, in December 2016, it was the […]

Johnson promised tariff-free trade – so why is Brexit reality so different?

Retailers may still have to pay duty on some goods, while paperwork is putting some firms off Less than two weeks after Boris Johnson celebrated what he described as his “jumbo” Brexit deal that would guarantee tariff-free trade with the EU, British businesses have found the small print tells a different story. Some EU retailers […]

‘Don’t rush into rash decisions’: how to survive if your income drops

The economic downturn has hit the finances of many in the UK, leaving them wondering how they’ll get by. Time to turn to the experts for some tips … From pay freezes to furloughing and reduced working hours, 2020 changed the financial circumstances of many people, so it’s not a shock to find that more […]

UK BAME people: how has the coronavirus pandemic impacted you?

We’re looking to speak to people from BAME backgrounds about the impact of Covid-19 In the UK, coronavirus has had a disproportionate impact on Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities. A Public Health England report in June found that people from black and Asian ethnic groups were twice as likely to die from Covid-19 […]