‘He didn’t have chance to get his jab’: grief for recent UK Covid victims

Families paying tribute to those who have died urge people to get vaccinated and continue precautions Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage After two months of rising Covid-19 cases in the UK, people have celebrated falling numbers in the past week. But the number of deaths from the virus rose to 131 […]

‘Look at how they treat us’: black Britons despair of police reform

As a new parliamentary report decries persistent racial injustice in UK policing, black Britons across London describe its impact on them Esther Cudjoe Pontara doesn’t have much faith in the police. The 19-year-old, who lives in Streatham in south London, described nearly all her interactions with officers as negative. “I’ve always had negative interactions with […]

Our biggest enemy is no longer climate denial but climate delay | Ed Miliband

Nothing is more dangerous than the illusion of action – which is all that the British government is offering Future generations will look back on the climate events of 2021 and say: “That was the year they ran out of excuses.” Heatwaves and flooding here in the UK, temperatures topping 50C in Pakistan, hundreds killed […]

UK cultural landmarks may lose world heritage status, says Unesco chief

Exclusive: chief of UN body warns ministers they must do more to protect Britain’s historic sites From Stonehenge to the Lakes: Unesco concerns for UK landmarks UK cultural landmarks such as Stonehenge could be stripped of their coveted world heritage status unless the government curbs “ill-advised development” and protects historic sites for future generations, a […]

Conditions that led to 2011 riots still exist today, experts warn

Data analysis finds large-scale cuts to youth services and increase in racial disparity 10 years on ‘The Mark Duggan case was a catalyst’: the 2011 UK riots 10 years on The conditions that led to riots across England 10 years ago still exist today, experts have warned, as data analysis showed significant cuts to youth […]

UK weather: flood warnings as Storm Evert moves eastwards

Unsettled weather forecast across England and Wales with ‘torrential thundery downpours’ in the east The Met Office has issued weather and flood warnings as Storm Evert moved eastwards across Britain with thunderstorms forecast for the weekend. Yellow wind warnings are in place for coastal areas in south-east England and East Anglia, and thunderstorm warnings for […]

Driver shortage crisis threatens UK milk deliveries in wake of Brexit and Covid

Dairy industry giant Arla calls on UK government to address driving test backlog, visa issues and self-isolation rules Supermarkets could face a “summer of disruption” to milk deliveries if widespread driver shortages amid the Covid pandemic are not addressed, according to the UK’s biggest dairy supplier. Arla, which supplies milk to about 2,400 stores each […]

UK says it has no plans for South China Sea confrontation after Beijing warning

Naval strike group is sailing through waters heavily contested between China and neighbouring countries Britain has said it has no plans to stage a naval confrontation with China in the South China Sea and that it aims to send its carrier strike group in the most direct route across the contested body of water from […]

Brexit, wearing masks, the royal family: we want to hear your views on divisive issues

We want to hear from people across the UK who hold different views on some of the more divisive issues of our time for a new Guardian series Where do you stand on wearing masks, Brexit or the royal family? Have you ever wanted to try and persuade someone with a different view? For a […]

‘The Mark Duggan case was a catalyst’: the 2011 UK riots 10 years on

Key voices reflect on events that sparked civil unrest across the UK affecting a generation of young people Conditions that led to 2011 UK riots still exist today, experts warn On 4 August 2011, Mark Duggan was shot and killed by police in Tottenham, north London, sparking the largest civil unrest the UK has seen […]

Foreign control of North Sea oil licences threatens UK’s net zero goal

Study warns regulator must take action as private equity firms and state-backed groups begin to dominate Foreign control of North Sea oil licences could put the UK’s plans to reach net zero emissions at risk, a study has warned. The research shows state-backed fossil fuel companies and private equity firms are taking a tighter grip […]

UK Covid cases rise for second day running amid drop in testing

Experts warn against drawing conclusions from fluctuations as 31,117 daily infections reported Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The daily number of Covid cases reported in the UK has risen for the second day in a row, although experts have cautioned against drawing premature conclusions from the fluctuations. On Thursday, 31,117 cases […]

‘It messes with you mentally’: the fear, swelling and stress of life with lymphoedema

The inflammatory condition causes swelling of the limbs and affects more people in the UK than Parkinson’s or MS. For years it has been overlooked, but now awareness is finally growing Five weeks after being diagnosed with cervical cancer, Corinne Singleton was declared to be in remission. She skipped out of the oncology ward that […]

Todd Edwards: the inspiring force behind Daft Punk and UK garage

His house music caused a sensation – ​but soon he was depressed and working a for a phone company. The US producer explains how he swung back to Grammy-winning glory The video keeps getting removed from YouTube, but whenever it does, someone else uploads it again: jerky cameraphone footage of a man in a homemade […]

Millions of destitute Britons rely on charity handouts, yet ministers feel no shame | Frances Ryan

A government that leaves its citizens unable to even eat or wash has, by any definition, fundamentally failed A decade ago, the emergence of mass food banks in the UK could genuinely be described as shocking. The image of families queueing in their local church for a box filled with pasta and beans has not […]

Electric trains offer the best route to greener transport

Rob Harris on why electric lorries are not the answer, and Prof LJS Lesley on the benefits of electrifying the rail network. Plus Graham Larkbey laments the neglect of an England-Wales border station The experiment with electric lorries on the M180 (UK government backs scheme for motorway cables to power lorries, 27 July) is laughable […]

Invasive species have cost UK at least £5bn since 1970s, study reveals

Financial burden of ‘alien’ animals and plants such as Japanese knotweed and European rabbit is rising, researchers warn Invasive species such as the grey squirrel, Japanese knotweed and the European rabbit have cost the UK economy at least £5bn since the mid 1970s, according to research. Ecosystem-altering plants and animals that wipe out native wildlife, […]

Mishcon de Reya and former partner face prosecution by solicitors regulator

Prestigious London law firm known for its elite clientele including top football clubs ‘has case to answer’ The solicitors regulator is to prosecute Mishcon de Reya, one of the UK’s most prestigious law firms, along with a former partner in its high profile sports practice. The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) announced on Thursday that it […]

Storm Evert: high winds and heavy rain to hit south-west England

Warning of possible infrastructure damage and travel disruption, with gusts of up to 75mph in Cornwall Winds of up to 75mph (120km/h) will lash parts of south-west England as Storm Evert, the first storm to be named in the month of July, hits the UK on Thursday and Friday. The Met Office said the newly […]

Britons still on furlough most likely to be arts and creative workers

Two industries overtake hospitality sector as number on scheme drops by 590,000 after taper kicks in Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Staff in the arts and creative industries overtook hospitality workers as the most likely to be on furlough in June, as the number of people being paid through the UK […]

Holocaust memorial in Westminster is given go-ahead after inquiry

Controversial £100m education centre to be built next to parliament, but opponents may launch appeal A controversial Holocaust memorial and education centre is to be built in the heart of Westminster at a cost of more than £100m after the government gave it the go-ahead following a public inquiry. The Board of Deputies of British […]

Extreme weather will be the norm and UK is not prepared, scientists warn

Last year was first to be in top 10 for heat, rain and sunshine, as scientists say UK’s mild climate is at an end Extremes of weather will strike the UK more frequently owing to the climate crisis, scientists said after data showed that last year was one of the warmest, as well as one […]

Climate crisis: what one month of extreme weather looks like – video

In the last month, devastating weather extremes have hit regions across the world. From flash floods in Belgium to deadly temperatures in the US, from wildfires in Siberia to landslides in India, it has been an unprecedented period of chaotic weather. Climate scientists have long predicted that human-caused climate disruption would lead to more flooding, […]

Green your pension – and four other unexpected ways to lower your carbon footprint

From personal finance to how you use your fridge, it’s time to think outside the eco box Give up flying, go vegan, get on your bike, grow your own – these are tried and tested tactics for reducing your carbon footprint. But there are plenty of other ways to boost your eco credentials that you […]

The best of British seaside festivals and events for 2021: readers’ tips

From great food to fine folk music and art, these cultural and community events are all the better for a blast of sea air The annual programme here takes place across the picturesque backdrops of Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch, which have a growing cultural scene. Visitors are encouraged to participate in the wide range of […]

Boris Johnson claims stop and search is ‘kind and loving’. He’s gaslighting Black people | Katrina Ffrench

Tough police tactics always backfire. If the prime minister wants to cut knife crime, there are far more effective ways Yesterday I was reminded, yet again, that a policy of “fighting crime” can quickly morph into punitive policing and an attack on civil liberties. For the record, I am not anti-police, nor am I against […]

The useful illusion of Covid incompetence | Letters

Jeanne Warren on how the UK government continues to avoid responsibility, and Sarah Sheils on 1919’s flu mutation I have long thought that incompetence was not a credible explanation for the government’s more extreme actions during the pandemic, so I welcome the article by two sociologists, Jana Bacevic and Linsey McGoey, which says that the […]

Campaigners win right to challenge state aid for North Sea oil and gas

High court allows Greenpeace UK and others to seek judicial review of support for fossil fuel industry The government will face a legal challenge over its continuing support for North Sea oil and gas production despite its legally binding target to end the UK’s contribution to the climate crisis. The high court agreed on Wednesday […]