TV chef Delia Smith lets her husband cook, ‘if he sticks to the recipe’

In a new interview, the veteran cook says she avoids the kitchen and goes to the end of the garden at mealtimes For more than five decades, Delia Smith has taught several generations to cook countless recipes with her no-nonsense approach. But Britain’s first superstar TV chef has now admitted she lets her husband do […]

Comedian Iain Stirling on Love Island, working with a puppet dog and his new sitcom

Narrating the hit dating show sent Stirling’s career into overdrive, but in his new comedy, Buffering, the standup returns to his kids’ TV roots When Iain Stirling was working as a CBBC presenter in his 20s, he broke up with his long-term girlfriend. Unfortunately, the split occurred just hours before he was contractually obliged to […]

Tunisia’s political crisis greeted with indifference on streets of capital

There is little sign of anger against apparent coup, but some lament the threat to fragile democracy Two days after Tunisia’s stumbling democracy ground to a halt, the streets of the country’s capital were quiet, even indifferent on Tuesday, with the presence of army troops near a TV station one of the few symbols of […]

‘I had to educate myself on gaslighting’: meet the cast of dark teen drama Cruel Summer

A high-schooler is abducted in a series that is as provocative as it is soapy. Could this be the next Euphoria? “Sometimes I would be like: where are we? What’s happening? What’s going on? I’m confused. Someone talk to me!” Chiara Aurelia is describing her first major TV role. If it sounds stressful, that’s probably […]

How to Save a Grand in 24 Hours: it’s Queer Eye – but with lint rollers

Anna Richardson and team help couples save money with some intriguing life hacks, in a show that will have you reaching for the bicarbonate of soda Channel 4 has realised something, and that is: Anna Richardson giving people a firm, fair talking to makes for great TV. That explains the enduring success of Naked Attraction, […]

How we made Viz: ‘We printed 150 copies for £42.52’

‘There were complaints that The Fat Slags stereotyped women as sex objects – but they were using their sexuality to get what they wanted, so it was quite the opposite’ Simon Donald, co-creatorWe grew up without a TV. Our house faced a railway line and my brother Chris made friends with a boy called Jim […]

BBC Olympics coverage misses events after loss of TV rights

Viewers complain after rights-holder Discovery puts majority of events behind paywall The BBC has received a large number of complaints about the lack of live Tokyo Olympics coverage on its channels, after viewers failed to realise that the International Olympic Committee had sold the majority of UK television rights to pay-TV company Discovery. During the […]

Tokyo on TV: there’s a great view of the Olympics from my sofa – review

Empty stadiums, sweltering athletes and a majestic Mount Fuji – the opening day wasn’t perfect but was still gripping to watch Still mired in the well-documented protests and controversy, the first official day of the Covid-delayed Tokyo Olympics finally arrived. It was time to sit in front of the television and embrace your inner couch […]

Is Caitlyn Jenner serious – or is her bid for California governor a grubby PR stunt? | Arwa Mahdawi

The reality star’s run seems completely depressing – especially as she’s aligned with a party that wants to erode LGBTQ rights Looks like Caitlyn Jenner needs to drum up some cash quick. When it comes to her finances, the reality TV star is no longer Keeping Up With the Kardashians – she’s trailing miserably behind […]

Jonathan Coe on The Rotters’ Club: ‘My diary provided endless material, but I didn’t like the person I was’

The author on mixing semi-fact with fiction – and the school rule about swimming naked that inspired the novel’s big comedy set piece From 1972-79, I was a pupil at King Edward’s school, Birmingham. It was at that time a direct grant school, which meant that although most of the places (including mine) were not […]

Why Tebay is ‘the motorway service station from heaven’

For 50 years, the Cumbrian services on the M6 – now featured in a TV documentary – has been a lifeline for local producers and farmers Almost every day octogenarian John Dunning walks across his farmland to his triumph, Tebay Services, and wanders around aisles piled high with local produce. Currently featuring in a four-part […]

Uprising review – Steve McQueen’s series on the New Cross fire is furious, devastating TV

McQueen and James Rogan’s remarkable, intimate documentary meets the survivors of the 1981 fire and looks at its shocking aftermath The New Cross fire, which happened on 18 January 1981, ran through Steve McQueen’s Small Axe series of films, two of them in particular. It was there as a silent counterpart to Lovers Rock, a […]

Dominic Cummings tells BBC PM denied Covid would overwhelm NHS

Former aide says Boris Johnson held out on October lockdown because those ‘dying are essentially all over 80’ Boris Johnson denied the NHS would be overwhelmed and said he was not prepared to lock down the country to save people in their 80s, texting his adviser “get Covid and live longer,” according to new WhatsApp […]

Outcry after Nigerian TV stations told to curb reporting of security issues

Regulator’s move comes amid fears that limited press freedoms are being eroded by the government Nigeria’s broadcasting regulator has told TV stations to limit their reporting of rising insecurity in the country and withhold details of incidents and victims, in a move widely criticised by the country’s media and civil society groups. In a letter […]

Jake Shears: ‘I’d like to say sorry to the Scissor Sisters. I could be an absolute monster’

The singer-songwriter on blanking on live TV, breaking up during Covid and the closest he’s come to death Born in Arizona, Jake Shears, 42, fronted the band Scissor Sisters. Their 2004 debut album went to No 1 in the UK and the following year they won three Brit awards. Shears’ latest solo single, Do The […]

GB News in crisis as exec quits and presenter is pulled for ‘taking the knee’

Director of programming at TV channel resigns and Guto Harri taken off air after viewer backlash GB News has been plunged into crisis as news of a senior executive’s resignation emerged hours after a presenter was taken off air for symbolically taking the knee on screen, the Guardian has learned. The rightwing TV channel is […]

Marina Hyde on five years of watching the political circus

For Anushka Asthana’s last episode, the beloved columnist makes a rare appearance to survey an era of tumult and twerps – and explain how she took it all very seriously … through jokes As a rule, Marina Hyde doesn’t do TV, or radio, or podcasts. But she made an exception for Anushka Asthana’s last episode […]

Everyone on death row gets a lawyer. Not everyone gets a Kim Kardashian

Rodney Reed’s case was championed by the reality TV star but celebrities’ role in the criminal justice system is complicated When death row prisoner Rodney Reed found out his execution had been called off – only days before it was to occur – he was sitting in a tiny visiting room at an east Texas […]

Women in TV are gaslit and overlooked. No wonder they’re leaving the UK | Deborah Frances-White

Female creatives in Britain are less likely to be allowed to create original dramas and comedies than men. So they are heading off across the Atlantic I have been working on a television script set in the OG, glamorous roaring 20s. All the futurists tell us that the end of lockdown is the beginning of […]

This Way Up series two review – TV so good it’s indistinguishable from magic

Co-starring Sharon Horgan, Aisling Bea’s delightful, devastating comedy about mental health and sisterhood remains the perfect showcase for the pair’s prodigious talents We first met Aisling Bea’s Aine two years ago, as she was being signed out of the rehab facility, where she had been staying after “a teeny little nervous breakdown” – later revealed […]

Fiona Shaw: ‘I got to Hollywood at 28 and they said: You’re very old’

The thrilling star of stage continues her TV takeover. As she joins mercilessly dark drama Baptiste, Shaw talks about Fleabag, American burnout – and marriage as a cure for chaos There is a man outside, doing something to the windows of Fiona Shaw’s house in London, and he appears to be following her from room […]

Was John Travolta a waacker? The martial arts disco dance craze that gripped the world

Born in the gay clubs of LA, waacking was popularised by the TV show Soul Train and picked up by John Travolta and Donna Summer. Now it’s an LGBTQ+ hit across Asia When Cheryl Song stepped on to the all-black set of Soul Train in 1976, she was met with a deathly silence that was […]

The joy of Jiva! Netflix’s South African dance series bursts from the screen

Local styles such as pantsula and bhenga burst from the screen in a glossy new series featuring real dance crews The townships of South Africa are a fertile ground for dynamic new moves, from the pantsula dance popularised in the 80s to recent forms such as bhenga, danced to the raw, repetitive beats of gqom […]

‘I’d let you bite me!’ Shark Beach With Chris Hemsworth is dangerously flirty TV

Never mind that the Hollywood star has never encountered a great white – this documentary has Thor, his perfect jawline … and flirting so full-on it could crack the camera lens There are only three reasons why you would watch the new documentary Shark Beach With Chris Hemsworth: you love sharks, beaches or Chris Hemsworth. […]

Lights, camera, studio space? Lack of production capacity hits UK film industry

Experts warn sector needs extra space equivalent to four new Pinewoods to sate demand The UK needs to build the equivalent of four new film studios to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for new content from streaming giants such as Netflix, or risk losing out on billions of pounds of movie and TV spending to […]

Anita Rani: ‘I’ve accepted that I am never going to look like Salma Hayek’

The radio and TV presenter on Strictly, her expensive dog, and the girl she lied to in primary school Born in Bradford, Anita Rani, 43, was a TV researcher before landing her first presenting job on Channel 5’s The Edit. She has co-presented the BBC’s Countryfile since 2015, and this year became a co-host on […]

I Think You Should Leave: the sketch show exposing our online egomania

Digging deep into the nonsensical and narcissistic – yet apparently acceptable –ways that we behave online, Tim Robinson’s Netflix series is ahead of the curve In the first season of I Think You Should Leave, Tim Robinson’s superlative Netflix show, there’s a sketch that made me laugh more than any joke I have ever seen […]

Raffaella Carrà, Italian cultural institution and LGBT icon, laid to rest in Rome

Thousands in streets to mourn television star, actor and singer as funeral is broadcast live on TV In Italy’s week of mourning for Raffaella Carrà, one image summed up her universal appeal: a rainbow flag – the symbol of the LGBT movement – next to her coffin in a Catholic church. Carrà, who died on […]