David Toole obituary

One of the world’s leading disabled dancers with a gift for combining physical power with bewitching delicacy David Toole, who has died aged 56, was perhaps the world’s most renowned disabled dancer, a double amputee whose combination of physical power and bewitching delicacy created arresting imagery on stage and TV around the globe. Watched by […]

My stepson saw an explicit video of his dad on my phone. What should I do?

While we were all looking through old family images, up popped one of my husband in all his glory. Should we discuss this with our 13-year-old or pretend it never happened? My husband of 10 years used to travel a bit on business, and we would send each other explicit photos and videos of ourselves. […]

Trump stuck fighting the 2016 war as Biden comes out on top

In the final TV debate, the president reached for the playbook from four years ago – but was notably outmanoeuvred “He’s a very confused guy,” Democratic candidate Joe Biden said of Donald Trump during Thursday night’s debate. “He thinks he’s running against somebody else. He’s running against Joe Biden. I beat all those other people […]

The room where it happens: why writers’ rooms make for great TV

It’s been a staple of American shows for decades, but the collaborative model has proved less appealing in the UK. So what is the reason for the new cultural shift? Watch a behind-the-scenes feature on any American TV show and you will see the clip where a gaggle of Biro-twiddling, Evian-sipping writers sit around an […]

‘A game changer’. The UK’s first LGBTQ+ extra-care housing scheme gets go ahead

Accommodation in Manchester will support older LGBTQ+ people, whose loneliness has been exacerbated by the pandemic Bill Moss, a retired prison officer, felt isolated before Covid. As the only gay person in his block of sheltered flats in Salford, coronavirus has heightened his sense of loneliness. Single, without any close family and cut off from […]

Acid, nudity and sci-fi nightmares: why Hawkwind were the radicals of 1970s rock

Dismissed by the press at the time, and now all but forgotten by many, we need a reminder of the mind-blowing band who ushered in punk and multimedia raves Early evening, 13 July 1972, and something strange and rather wonderful is about to happen. On the previous edition of Top of the Pops, David Bowie […]

My streaming gem: why you should watch My Happy Family

Continuing our series of writers discussing underseen movies is a layered Georgian drama about a woman leaving her husband “Happy is the family with a peaceful mother,” a voice drones from the TV in a cramped, Tbilisi apartment in the opening minutes of Nana Ekvtimishvili and Simon Groß’s domestic drama My Happy Family. “Where she […]

Nadiya Hussain: ‘I want to blend in. But the truth is, I’m never going to blend in’

Five years after winning Bake Off, she’d love to just talk about baking and cookbooks. But then there’s diversity in TV, mental health, the pandemic… Nadiya Hussain has never published a baking book. She has never fronted her own baking show before either, having had her life changed by appearing on the big one, the […]

Johnny Flynn: ‘I feel I need to do things with urgency’

The British musician and actor has built up an enviable CV on stage and screen. He discusses his ‘frenetic energy’ and latest lead roles – in dark thriller Cordelia and the Bowie biopic Stardust He’s an actor equipped with “weapons grade animal magnetism” (according to the Observer’s critic Mark Kermode). Over the past decade or […]

The secret support group: ‘Families are too ashamed to speak up about addiction’

So many people believe parents are somehow responsible for their children’s addictions. That’s why we get almost zero support Every Tuesday night we gathered around a table in a stuffy room of a dilapidated community centre in suburban Sydney to tell the stories of our addicted children. Stories that often sounded like clichéd storylines from […]

If I say I’m a YouTuber fan, do I sound like Matt Hancock pretending to like grime? | Romesh Ranganathan

My kids have introduced me to Chunkz, Yung Filly and LazarBeam. But I’m clearly not their target demographic People often ask what my children think of me being on television. By people I mean one bloke, and by often I mean just once, but I wanted an introduction to this piece. The truth is, my […]

Ice, ice, flavour: 17 ways with frozen fruit and veg, from bhindi masala to cherry clafoutis

Freezer staples such as peas, spinach and blueberries aren’t just for kids and sports injuries – they are nutritious, convenient and ever so versatile Frozen fruit and vegetables get a bad rap. Bags of frozen peas suffer from their association with sports injuries, while frozen “mixed veg” brings to mind watery TV dinners. Don’t get […]

Rick Edwards: ‘I was offered the role of an unhappy Peruvian husband’

The TV presenter, soon to host the woodworking show The Chop, discusses his small-screen loves and hates – and his lost shot at South American stardom Michael Chiklis in The Shield, which may be my favourite TV show ever. Before Chiklis took on the role of Detective Vic Mackey, you would never have picked him […]

Future Islands: As Long As You Are review – intensely moving

(4AD)A sixth album from the Baltimore synth-pop band finds their music as urgent and impassioned as ever If there’s one moment that Baltimore synth-poppers Future Islands are likely to be remembered for, it’s frontman Samuel T Herring’s brilliantly impassioned rendition of Seasons (Waiting on You) on David Letterman’s TV show in 2014, which rightly became […]

Viv Albertine: ‘I’ve done everything bad I wanted to do. There’s only boring stuff left’

The musician and writer on body hair, DIY shows and what she wishes she’d told her mother Born in Australia, Viv Albertine, 65, was guitarist and songwriter in the all-female punk band the Slits from 1977 to 1982. She went on to become a film and TV director. In 2012, she released a solo album, […]

Anne Heche: stigma around relationship with Ellen cost me huge movie deal

The actor has claimed stigma led to her being frozen out by studios for a decade, after she dated TV comic The actor Anne Heche has claimed that the stigma attached to going public with her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres in the late 1990s led to her blacklisting from major movie roles. “My story is […]

Victoria Wood special to revisit comedian’s favourite TV moments

List of more than 20 sketches was discovered in personal notebook after death in 2016 Victoria Wood’s favourite moments from her own TV shows will be broadcast on BBC Two later this year in honour of the late comedian. The two-part special, which has the working title Victoria Wood’s Secret List, will feature more than […]

The Third Day: everything you need to know about Sky’s new miniseries

Jude Law and Naomie Harris head the show that also includes an as-live broadcast from immersive theatre specialists Punchdrunk Summer 2020 has been a strange one. But the eerily weird summer that Jude Law is having in The Third Day – a new Sky original drama from Utopia writer Dennis Kelly and immersive theatre company […]

What are the new coronavirus rules in England?

See the key points from Boris Johnson’s announcement of more robust restrictions Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Boris Johnson has announced a series of new, more robust coronavirus restrictions to come into force across England in a speech to parliament, followed by a TV address on Tuesday evening. These are the […]

Do you know Katherine Waterston’s Harry Potter character and Jude Law’s real first name? Take our quiz about the stars of The Third Day

Sky’s mysterious new series has an impressive cast – but how deep is your knowledge about them? What is Jude Law’s real first name? Jude Mark David Peter In which James Bond film did Naomie Harris play Moneypenny? Quantum of Solace (2008) Skyfall (2012) Die Another Day (2002) Casino Royale (2006) Which Paul Thomas Anderson […]

How do you remake a classic like Utopia? With big budgets – and John Cusack

The cult conspiracy drama is given a flashy US revamp, starring Cusack as a cult-of-personality CEO A delicious little pleasure of mine is when a TV show kills off an interesting character within minutes of introducing them. A squalid little treat for the pig boy. I mean, think about it: how many shows go entire […]

Face to FaceTime … Jamie Oliver’s pukka portrait takes art to the future

Artist Jonathan Yeo’s app shares the slow creative process of his remote sittings with the celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is the master of “bashing together” a quick “pukka” supper in front of his TV audience. His old friend, the leading portraitist Jonathan Yeo, produces his acclaimed works of celebrities and politicians over hours of sittings. […]

‘It’s about breaking boundaries’: Nicola Adams on dancing with a woman on Strictly

The Olympic boxing champion retired last year, but her competitive spirit will soon have a new chance to thrive – when she takes to the ballroom and makes TV history Nicola Adams is used to being a trailblazer. As a boxer, she fought her way to historic firsts, picking up trophies in a sport that […]

Has Trump spent his election war chest before the war really starts?

The president’s campaign has paid out $800m, but at a crucial phase he is making cuts while Joe Biden is outspending him More than $180,000 per second. That is what Donald Trump’s two TV ads during the Super Bowl worked out at in February, offering vivid proof of the outsized role of money in American […]

‘I like to infiltrate the brains of the nation’: CBeebies’ Andy Day, Britain’s favourite babysitter

Having spent 14 years time-travelling on TV, the presenter explains how having his own child has changed his output – and what the future holds for preschool programming Andy Day is defending his patchy record as a time traveller. “I understand the worry out there,” he says, his voice frantic with reassurance. “But it’s all […]

I like my showers very hot. Will an icy blast turn me into a better person? | Romesh Ranganathan

After I dropped the temperature, my wife said it sounded like I was trying to haunt the bathroom I was away for work last week when we got on to the subject of showers. This is something that comes up a lot when travelling, as the quality of bathroom facilities very much determines the mood […]

Keeping Up With the Kardashians to end next year after 20th season

Kim Kardashian West announced family’s long-running reality TV show will end in early 2021 after 14 years Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the pop culture phenomenon that spearheaded the emergence of a new kind of global fame born of reality TV, will end after its 20th and final season next year, its first big breakout […]

That sync’ing feeling – when your soundbar lets you down

Models of all types can develop audio-video synchronisation problems … and it may prove impossible to fix At just under £800, the latest soundbar from wifi audio specialist Sonos is an expensive but simple and very effective way to turn the sound from your TV into a cinema-like experience. But there is just one problem […]

‘Who knew people wanted a funny book on punctuation?’: Lynne Truss on writing Eats, Shoots & Leaves

The novelist recalls how some ‘wonderful stuff about commas’ helped her book surpass all expectations to become a No 1 bestseller Looking back to 2003, everyone involved in the publishing of Eats, Shoots & Leaves has reason to be proud, but at the time we were as surprised as anyone. Who knew there were millions […]

Young Wallander review – back to the future with TV’s gloomiest copper

Netflix’s prequel to the Wallander novels and TV series takes place in the present day, weaving in contemporary politics – but would a straight origin story have been better? It’s a prequel. Sort of. While Endeavour stars Shaun Evans as then-DC Morse in late 60s Oxford and the new Perry Mason origin series revels in […]