Sleeping on the job: how a quick nap makes us more efficient

While working from home have you had a cheeky nap? Don’t feel guilty. Research shows a brief kip boosts productivity. But will it catch on in the office? Naps need to hire a publicist. Not in China, where desk-side snoozes are a constitutional right; Japan, where inemuri (“sleeping while present”) is a sign you’ve been […]

The contested legacy of the anti-fascist International Brigades

In the 1930s, thousands of men and women around the world enlisted to fight fascism in Spain. Many survivors went on to play a key role in the fight against the Nazis – but, in some cases, later became powerful servants of brutal regimes Virgilio Fernández del Real sent his last testament via WhatsApp on […]

Flurry of coronavirus reinfections leaves scientists puzzled

Though far from common, some patients developed worse symptoms the second time they became infected with Covid-19 Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage On 15 August, a 33-year-old man landed in Hong Kong after flying home from Spain. On arrival, he was screened for coronavirus. Despite feeling well he tested positive. It […]

Inside the airline industry’s meltdown

Coronavirus has hit few sectors harder than air travel, wiping out tens of thousands of jobs and uncountable billions in revenue. While most fleets were grounded, the industry was forced to reimagine its future When an airline no longer wants a plane, it is sent away to a boneyard, a storage facility where it sits […]

‘Totally awakened’: how tragedy has left Italians alert to deadly virus

Memory of crammed hospitals lingers in adherence to Covid rules and Italy is faring better than others Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Morena Colombi, from Truccazzano, a small town near Milan, was among the first people in Italy to test positive for Covid-19 and knows only too well the impact of […]

‘We pick your food’: migrant workers speak out from Spain’s ‘Plastic Sea’

In Almería’s vast farms, migrants pick food destined for UK supermarkets. But these ‘essential workers’ live in shantytowns and lack PPE as Covid cases soar Photographs and drone footage by Ofelia de Pablo and Javier Zurita It is the end of another day for Hassan, a migrant worker from Morocco who has spent the past […]

‘I’ve never seen or heard of attacks’: scientists baffled by orcas harassing boats

Reports of orcas striking sailing boats in the Straits of Gibraltar have left sailors and scientists confused. Just what is causing such unusually aggressive behaviour? When nine killer whales surrounded the 46ft boat that Victoria Morris was crewing in Spain on the afternoon of 29 July, she was elated. The biology graduate taught sailing in […]

How to make the perfect gambas al ajillo – recipe | Felicity Cloake’s The Perfect…

Shells on or off? Spicy or sour? How you like your garlic prawns is very personal – but that isn’t going to stop our resident perfectionist from assembling her ideal version The Spanish are some of Europe’s most enthusiastic consumers of fish and seafood, putting away an impressive 46kg per person per year – as […]

How we met: ‘We’re on the same wavelength – we even hate the same politicians’

Morna, 68, and David West, 72, fell in love in Spain in 1980 after they were searched by police on a train journey. They have two grownup daughters and live in Edinburgh When Morna Duthie moved to Sitges, Spain, in autumn 1980, she wasn’t expecting to find love. “I went there after breaking up with […]

The UK economy in August: sales jump but tough choices lie ahead

As the national debt breaches the £2tn mark, here is our snapshot of what is happening ‘Eat out to help out’ fuels UK economic recovery in August Frances O’Grady: act now to avoid mass unemployment Daily new coronavirus infections peaked in early April and fell between May and early July. Since then there has been […]

‘Art finds a way’: carnivals go off-road and online for coronavirus

Notting Hill Carnival goes digital this weekend, as one of many global carnivals forced to adapt by the pandemic. But can their spirit ever be recreated on a screen? Back in February, the streets of Trinidad and Tobago’s Port of Spain were full of carnival revellers, as is the custom for what is billed as […]

Tell us about your return to the UK from countries on the quarantine list

The number of places which people need to self-isolate after returning from is growing. Share your experiences We would like to hear from people about their experiences arriving at UK airports, ports and train stations from countries on the quarantine list, such as Croatia, France, Spain and Luxembourg. Continue reading…

Share your experiences of returning to the workplace after lockdown

Whether you work in the UK or in Europe, we want to hear your views about going back to the workplace and commuting during the coronavirus pandemic While many people in countries like France, Germany, Italy and Spain have returned to the office, those in the UK have been slower to return to their desks. […]

Juan Carlos, Spain’s disgraced former king, may be in Abu Dhabi, reports suggest

A week after going into exile, the scandal-hit former monarch is said to be staying in a $12,000-a-night suite in the Emirates palace hotel At first it was Portugal, then the Dominican Republic, but now Abu Dhabi is firming as the most likely place of residence for Spain’s scandal-hit former king Juan Carlos. On Saturday, […]

So, £1,200 for a week in a tent or £8,000 for a seaside apartment: it’s staycation UK

Finding a seaside holiday cottage in England is like getting your hands on the last loo roll in a supermarket In the first stage of the pandemic we lost our heads stockpiling loo roll. Now that Spain has been blocked off to holidaymakers, finding a seaside holiday cottage in England is like getting your hands […]

People returning to UK from Spain decry ‘unfair’ coronavirus quarantine

Many face shortfall because 14-day period during which they cannot work or receive sick pay Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage People returning to the UK from Spain have spoken out about how they are facing a shortfall in income after the government introduced a 14-day quarantine period, as they cannot work […]

End of UK-Spain air bridge as much about politics as hard data

Decision based on Covid-19 risk but also on lessons of past slow decision-making Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The abrupt closure of the Spain-UK air bridge came from nowhere for thousands of British tourists and an industry trying to get back on its feet. Whitehall sources insist the swift and blanket […]

Summer in Germany: Three regions for a laid-back, crowd-free holiday

Canny visitors could find they have the Black Forest, ‘Saxon Switzerland’ or the Baltic coast almost to themselves Germany usually comes a little lower on British holidaymakers’ wishlists than heavyweights such as France, Italy and Spain – which means fewer tourists, and more space for clued-up Britons to enjoy. The country is getting back on […]

British travellers: how have you been affected by the Spain quarantine decision?

We would like to hear the experiences of those who are abroad, who have returned to the UK, as well as those who are self-isolating The UK government has removed Spain from the travel corridor list after it reported nearly 1,000 new coronavirus cases a day last week. Travellers returning to the UK must now […]

Why are travellers to the UK from Spain being asked to quarantine?

Britons currently on holiday there will have to self-isolate for 14 days on their return Since Spain emerged from lockdown on 21 June, coronavirus cases in the country have surged. The health ministry logged nearly 1,000 new infections a day at the end of last week. The steep rise in cases prompted the UK government […]

The staycation is back: packed lunches, damp sand and all

After months of being cooped up, Rachel Cooke is looking forward to a British seaside holiday like the ones from her childhood – but with fewer hard-boiled eggs When I was 12, or thereabouts, my granny took me, my brother and my sister to the seaside for the week. For her, this was a great […]

My favourite memories of Spain: readers’ travel tips

Fairytale fortresses, shrimp fritters and sherry, ancient landscapes and illicit romance … our readers rekindle the magic of Spain It was a rainy morning in Santiago, Galicia, in late November 1975. I was in my third year at university, studying languages, and was spending the entire year in Spain, ostensibly to improve my language skills. […]

Spain rekindles a radical idea: a Europe-wide minimum income

Podemos leader enlists Portugal and Italy to lobby for policy as depression looms for coronavirus-ravaged southern Europe It’s been proposed, probed and pushed to the margins of the European Union for more than two decades. Now, as Europe reels from tens of thousands of coronavirus deaths and millions of lost jobs in the worst recession […]

Canary Islands reopen to tourists – offering sun, sea, sand and safety

First tourists will arrive in July as holiday hotspots, beaches, hotels and restaurants embrace new social distancing rules Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage They’ve picked apart the holiday experience, lingering on moments such as breakfast buffets, poolside lounging and golf tee times. As officials in Spain’s Canary Islands gear up to […]

The group finding peace and purpose helping Spain’s elderly villagers through Covid-19

A group of migrants, former addicts and ex-prisoners have formed a collective which grows and delivers food to isolated villagers At first sight, the 23 people who live together next to a petrol station in the Spanish city of Salamanca have little to bind them together. Some are migrants who have braved sea crossings in […]

‘A bloody method of control’: the struggle to take down Europe’s razor wire walls

Spain is removing lethal razor wire from its borders in north Africa, but elsewhere the controversial ‘concertinas’ stay put You could barely see that it was a finger. “The wound was large, with several deep cuts into the flesh. He had tried to climb the fence and was up there when he was caught by […]

10 of the best novels set in Spain – that will take you there

Hemingway and Cervantes are among the great writers who traverse Spain in pursuit of thrills, spills, detective sagas and sagacity • More literary trips … to Italy and France I grew up in Montreal – and London owns a big piece of my heart – but my home is Barcelona, where I’ve lived for 20 […]