Coronavirus live: Canada authorises Pfizer jab for 12-15 year olds; hopes for normality in Ireland by late summer

US FDA expected to follow Canada’s lead ‘very soon’; Leo Varadkar hopes for return to normality in Ireland by late summer; Kenya finds cases of India variant India’s neighbours close borders as Covid wave spreads across region Nepal reports 19 positive Covid tests at Dhaulagiri base camp Indian delegation forced to self-isolate in London for […]

EU condemns ‘groundless’ Russian sanctions against its officials

Brussels promises to retaliate against move, which Moscow says was a response to punitive EU measures in March The EU has accused Russia of seeking confrontation after the Kremlin sanctioned senior officials in Brussels and the president of the European parliament in a retaliatory move. In a joint statement by Ursula von der Leyen, Charles […]

Is Russia’s Covid vaccine anything more than a political weapon?

Observers say the Sputnik V jab is aimed more at sowing political division than fighting coronavirus Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine has yet to win EU regulatory approval and is likely to play little part in the bloc’s rollout, but it has already achieved what some observers […]

Garry Kasparov: ‘Why become a martyr? I can do much more outside Russia’

The chess grandmaster on speaking out against Vladimir Putin and why he cannot choose the best player ever “I haven’t stopped my fight against the regime,” says Garry Kasparov, his words bristling with defiance and quiet rage. “I’m not lowering my voice. Putin is not just a Russian imperialist. He has a much bigger agenda. […]

Russian state watchdog adds Navalny network to terrorism database

Move comes as Kremlin is expected to outlaw opposition leader’s nationwide political movement Russia’s state financial watchdog has added Alexei Navalny’s network of regional headquarters to a terrorism watchlist as the Kremlin appears poised to outlaw the opposition leader’s nationwide political movement. “Navalny headquarters” appeared on Friday on a searchable database of terrorist and extremist […]

Draughts match nearly triggers diplomatic incident between Poland and Russia

Polish official Jacek Pawlicki removed Russian player Tamara Tansykkuzhina’s flag during her match Not widely reputed as a game of belligerence and bellicosity, women’s draughts almost sparked a diplomatic incident between Warsaw and Moscow after a Polish official removed a Russian player’s flag during a world championship match. Damian Reszka, the president of the Polish […]

Russia suspends activities of Alexei Navalny’s organisation

Move by prosecutor comes ahead of expected ruling to outlaw opposition movement as ‘extremist’ Russia’s prosecutor has suspended the activities of Alexei Navalny’s nationwide political organisation ahead of a court ruling that is expected to outlaw the opposition movement as “extremist” and threaten supporters with long jail terms. In a decision published on Monday, the […]

Biden becomes first US president to recognise Armenian genocide

President called Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Friday to inform him US would make designation on 106th anniversary of the genocide Joe Biden has become the first US president declare formal recognition of the Armenian genocide, more than a century after the mass killings by Ottoman troops and opening a rift between the new US administration […]

Biden vows US will work with Russia on climate

Countries with poor track records on climate change, including Brazil and Saudi Arabia, were also courted at virtual summit The US will work with Russia on ways to combat the climate crisis, President Joe Biden has announced, saying he looked forward to joint efforts and was “very heartened” by the country’s call for collaboration on […]

The Guardian view on Russia’s opposition: given hell, but not giving up | Editorial

The courage of Alexei Navalny galvanised his movement. Putting him behind bars wasn’t enough for Vladimir Putin Opposition is indispensable in a democracy, and unacceptable in Vladimir Putin’s Russia. He has decided he no longer needs the thin veneer of legitimacy offered by the barest minimum of tolerance. This week thousands marched to demand the […]

‘It’s about surviving’: where next for Russia’s beleaguered opposition?

With Alexei Navalny in prison and his aides in exile or under house arrest, the opposition is on the verge of being driven underground The future looked unspeakably grim for Alexei Navalny’s supporters before this week’s protests. Their charismatic leader was in prison and by his doctors’ accounts near death while the Kremlin was threatening […]

Russia to pull back troops from Crimea and Ukraine border

Defence minister announces decision after military buildup led to fears of possible invasion Russia has said it will recall many of its troops from Crimea and the border regions of Ukraine, rolling back an aggressive military buildup that had sparked fears that Moscow was preparing an invasion force. The decision, announced by the defence minister, […]

Tell us: are you taking part in Alexei Nalvany protests in Russia?

We’d like to hear from those taking part in demonstrations in Russia in support of the opposition leader Tens of thousands of Russians in cities across the country have taken part in demonstrations to try and secure the freedom of the jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Police in Russia arrested key supporters of the Kremlin […]

‘What do they want from us?’ As Russian forces amass, a Ukraine frontier town feels fear and despair

Caught on the frontline between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists, Marinka is a town forgotten by the world Vera Basova stands by her house holding a local newspaper. The front page headline says Russia is bringing tanks to the eastern Ukrainian border. “What do they want from us? Why are they dragging those tanks here?” […]

Alexei Navalny allies call for mass protests in Russia to save his life

Kremlin critic’s team want showdown as Vladimir Putin delivers state of the nation address Allies of Alexei Navalny have called on his supporters to stage mass protests on Wednesday in towns and cities all across Russia, amid a dire warning that the jailed Kremlin critic and opposition leader is now dangerously ill and could die […]

Czech police hunt two men with names matching Skripal suspects

News follows announcement of expulsion of 18 Russia diplomats identified as spies linked to 2014 blast that killed two people Czech police said on Saturday they were seeking two Russian men in connection with a 2014 blast that killed two people. The men, they said, hold passports used by the suspects in the attempted poisoning […]

Russia to expel Ukrainian diplomat, prompting vow of retaliation from Kyiv

Disagreement over Alexander Sosonyuk, who was allegedly caught trying to obtain sensitive information, escalates tensions after troop buildup Russia on Saturday said it would expel a Ukrainian diplomat, prompting an immediate pledge of retaliation from Kyiv, further escalating tensions after Moscow’s troop buildup on Ukraine’s eastern flank. The detention of a Ukrainian consul in the […]

Russian prosecutors move to liquidate Navalny’s ‘extremist’ movement

Seeking to designate organisation as extremist group is most sweeping assault on opposition supporters yet The Moscow prosecutor’s office has announced that it will seek to designate Alexander Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation and his regional political headquarters as “extremist groups”, moving to in effect liquidate the jailed opposition leader’s political organisation in Russia. It is the […]

Russia expels 10 US diplomats as part of retaliation for sanctions

Moscow will also restrict activities of US NGOs Freeze on non-US staff potentially crippling for diplomatic effort Russia has delivered a sharp response to the Biden administration’s sanctions, blacklisting senior officials and targeting the US diplomatic mission, including the US ambassador, with potentially paralysing restrictions. In a tit-for-tat response to US sanctions for elections interference […]

Biden warns of further action ‘if Russia continues to interfere with our democracy’ – live

President proposes summer summit with Putin after sanctions Biden says conversation with Russian leader ‘candid and respectful’ Pfizer CEO: third Covid vaccine likely needed within a year Biden slaps new sanctions on Russia over election meddling 10.31pm BST One of the significant elements of today’s measures against Russia is the degree of detail the administration […]

Ukraine still outgunned as Russia prepares for larger conflict

Analysis: Ukraine’s military is in better shape than at outbreak of war in 2014, but still no match for Russia’s larger force Russia’s unexplained buildup along Ukraine’s border set alarm bells ringing in the west last month as military analysts noted unusual flourishes – such as new field hospitals, long-distance shipments of armour and artillery […]

Biden urges Russia to de-escalate Ukraine tensions in call with Putin

US president proposed a summit between the two leaders amid growing concern over Russian military buildup on Ukraine border Joe Biden has called on Vladimir Putin to demand he de-escalate tensions with Ukraine amid the largest buildup of Russian forces on its borders since the annexation of Crimea. In a phone call on Tuesday, Biden […]

Military buildup near Ukraine sows confusion over Russian intentions

Analysis: there are several reasons Russia would want to raise tensions, but an attack appears unlikely Russia’s fortnight-long military buildup to the east and south of Ukraine has helped it mass an estimated 80,000 troops in the border region in an attention-grabbing exercise that is increasingly occupying western thinking. Tanks and other artillery units have […]

Ukrainian soldier reportedly killed in artillery fire from Russia-backed troops

Attacks have intensified in recent weeks as Kremlin assembles troops along border The Ukrainian military said a soldier was killed and another seriously wounded in artillery fire from Russia-backed separatist rebels, as hostilities rose sharply in the east of the country. As of the reported attack on Sunday, Ukraine says 27 soldiers have been killed […]

China v Russia v America: is 2021 the year Orwell’s 1984 comes true?

With Putin and Xi moving into an ever closer alliance, Joe Biden’s untested US administration may be pushed to the brink It may just be coincidence that Russia was piling military pressure on Ukraine last week at the same time as China noisily rattled sabres around Taiwan. Spring, to mangle Tennyson, is when a young […]

Secretary of state Blinken hits out at China over Taiwan and Covid

Antony Blinken: China aggression would be ‘serious mistake’ China’s failure to provide experts access made pandemic worse Opinion: China v Russia v America – has Orwell’s 1984 arrived? Joe Biden’s secretary of state, Antony Blinken, said on Sunday the US is concerned about China’s aggressive actions against Taiwan and warned it would be a “serious […]

Kremlin defends Russian military buildup on Ukraine border

Intelligence reports show Russian tanks and short-range ballistic missiles just 150 miles from Ukraine Kremlin officials have said that its forces massing on the border with Ukraine could intervene if Kyiv launches an assault on Russian-backed separatists, as concerns grow about the largest military buildup since 2014. Open source intelligence reports have shown that tanks, […]

German minister defies EU by saying he wants Russia to supply Sputnik vaccine

Berlin could act independently of EU but would require regulator’s approval of Covid jab Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Germany’s health minister has said he wants to hold talks with Moscow about obtaining supplies of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V, in an effort to boost the country’s inoculation campaign. Jens Spahn […]

EU pledges backing to Ukraine after Russian military buildup

European envoy says Kiev has its ‘unwavering support’ while Moscow denies threatening behaviour The European Union has pledged its “unwavering” support for Ukraine’s government amid concerns of a military escalation in the east of the country or a possible new offensive against the Nato ally after recent Russian troop movements. Ukraine has accused Russia of […]

Iran and US on track to return to nuclear deal, says Russia

Virtual talks between parties to JCPOA produce agreement to meet in person next week Tehran and Washington are on the right track to come back into compliance with the Iran nuclear deal but progress will not be easy, Russia has said following virtual talks. In a positive sign, the parties have agreed to meet formally […]