A TikTok video mocking Trump? Since when did my sons get political? | Romesh Ranganathan

I don’t recall having a single conversation with my late father about politics – where did my boys get their views from? My wife and I have tried our utmost to keep our children unaware of our personal politics. I remember at school hearing children say things about Tories and Labour that even then stood […]

Yes, I bought 16 jalfrezis, I tell my bank. But £1,000 on clothes? I’ve been hacked | Romesh Ranganathan

If the system was really sophisticated, it would trigger a call to a dietician I recently received a text asking me to verify whether I had made a recent purchase. This is something that happens a lot, as my bank is triggered by anything that doesn’t appear to be me. It will allow limitless funds […]

If I say I’m a YouTuber fan, do I sound like Matt Hancock pretending to like grime? | Romesh Ranganathan

My kids have introduced me to Chunkz, Yung Filly and LazarBeam. But I’m clearly not their target demographic People often ask what my children think of me being on television. By people I mean one bloke, and by often I mean just once, but I wanted an introduction to this piece. The truth is, my […]

I avoid being a greedy dinner guest by filling up on snacks first – but the dried apricots were a big mistake | Romesh Ranganathan

My pre-food food stops it looking as if my wife has come to dinner with a street urchin Over the last year or so, I have been striving to find healthier snacks. The original plan was to stick to main meals and not snack at all, but that is apparently impossible for someone with the […]

I like my showers very hot. Will an icy blast turn me into a better person? | Romesh Ranganathan

After I dropped the temperature, my wife said it sounded like I was trying to haunt the bathroom I was away for work last week when we got on to the subject of showers. This is something that comes up a lot when travelling, as the quality of bathroom facilities very much determines the mood […]

So we’re getting a dog. Can I avoid the trap of talking about it all the time? | Romesh Ranganathan

Waiting for our pup to arrive has been disappointing for the boys, who assumed you order one from Amazon A while ago, my wife and I took the kids to an agricultural fair, which is like a regular trade fair except you spend £30 on chilli jam and pretend to a salesman that you are […]

The Ranganathans are addicted to crazy golf. It’s a family exercise in rage control | Romesh Ranganathan

It always starts very well, but by the sixth hole, things have fallen apart: pity the people behind us The summer has seen us spend more days out in the UK than usual, and we have taken the frustrating step of deciding everything by committee. Like democracy proper, this means we often end up on […]

Welcome to the newly reopened farm park. It’s like Chernobyl – with goats | Romesh Ranganathan

We are staggering to normality by going to weird, post-apocalyptic versions of the places we used to go The reopening of restaurants and theme parks that have had little or no revenue for a while has meant that you can now go to these places and feel as if you’re doing your civic duty. We […]

I’ve booked my wife a weekly flower delivery. Who says romance is dead? | Romesh Ranganathan

I imagine you already know how woefully I have missed the point My wife and I have long argued about whether or not I am romantic. She believes romance is about thoughtful gifts and flowers and surprise dinners, whereas I believe it’s about lowering expectations to such a point that when I do anything it […]

I am back in the pub. Now I want my own bell to bring evenings to a close | Romesh Ranganathan

The reason could be absolutely anything: you’re feeling sleepy, a bit drunk, or one of the guests has said, ‘All lives matter’ I went to the pub for the first time in four months this week. I am not one of those who has been hankering for a return to pub life, visualising what that […]

My summer body is ready. So it’s big and bouncy: deal with it | Romesh Ranganathan

We should feel zero pressure to ‘prepare’ for a holiday, able to relax on the beach without fear of a ‘Daniel Craig coming out of the water’ scenario The nation has never been less “summer body” ready. We have all been eating constantly, and massively sedentary. Meanwhile, the lack of clarity surrounding what’s going on […]

I was a hip-hop wannabe celebrating my GCSEs, when four police cars pulled up | Romesh Ranganathan

I’ve been approached by officers only once. Black people have these experiences all the time On the BBC Two show The Ranganation a couple of weeks ago, I opened with a short monologue about the Black Lives Matter protests, and some reasons why I found it unacceptable to counter that chant with the response “All […]

While my wife home schools, I’ve become Fun Dad. But am I too fun? | Romesh Ranganathan

As the amount of time I work has increased, my involvement has evaporated: is Fortnite and afterschool fun any substitute? My wife received a text from a friend recently, asking her to thank me for something I had said about home schooling. My wife told me this, and followed up with the question: “What the […]

A family walk should be a way to defuse lockdown tensions. What went wrong? | Romesh Ranganathan

The kids show such reluctance, I worry if anyone sees us they might assume they are captive and notify the police We have been going for family walks as part of our government-authorised exercise allowance. The threat by Matt Hancock to remove this privilege was silently welcomed by me (although at the time of writing […]

So long, box-fresh Yeezys. From now on, I’m wearing Gruffalo slippers and boxers | Romesh Ranganathan

It’s as if my mission brief was to stop my wife ever having a feeling of sexual desire for me again I would never have described myself as vain. When I got my first standup spot on television, I returned home to find my wife and mother waiting to stage a hair intervention, immediately taking […]