Rome’s Colosseum to gain hi-tech arena floor

Retractable floor will allow visitors to see the ‘majesty of the monument’ from its centre, says culture minister The floor of Rome’s Colosseum, where gladiators once fought against each other and wild animals, is set to be restored to its former glory. Milan Ingegneria, a structural engineering and architecture firm, has won an €18.5m (£16m) […]

Jhumpa Lahiri: ‘I’ve always existed in a kind of linguistic exile’

A decade ago, the Pulitzer-winning author threw herself into mastering Italian. She talks about her love for Rome, translating Italy’s ‘finest living writer’ and rewriting her own work in English Jhumpa Lahiri’s third novel is the triumphant culmination of her 20-year love affair with Italian, an obsession that led her to move to Rome with […]

Rachel Roddy’s recipe for Roman-style pizza rossa | A kitchen in Rome

A slice of authentic, ultra-thin-crust pizza adorned only with tomato sauce and a good glug of extra-virgin olive oil Last March, the neat, well-spaced queue in front of Passi, our local bakery, seemed utterly strange. Now, more than a year on, the idea of Passi, or any shop, stuffed with people is a strange one. […]

Was Nero cruel? British Museum offers hidden depths to Roman emperor

Nero: the man behind the myth brings together more than 200 artefacts from across Europe Nero, one of the most notorious Roman emperors of them all, murdered his mother and two wives, ruthlessly persecuted early Christians, including Saint Peter and Saint Paul, and even set fire to Rome itself – famously fiddling amid the flames […]

Euro 2020: Wales fans get Baku go-ahead as four venues granted extra time

Dublin, Munich, Rome and Bilbao get until 19 April over fans Aim is to have capacity crowd for matches in Budapest Wales fans have been given the go-ahead to make the 3,000-mile trip to Baku for their Euro 2020 matches against Switzerland and Turkey provided they have a negative Covid test. The news was confirmed […]

Rachel Roddy’s recipe for spring vegetable and cheese tart | A kitchen in Rome

A savoury tart filled with seasonal greens that has wine in the pastry – a welcome addition to any picnic Until a few months ago, I had no idea that the reddish-purple flowers decorating the overgrown park behind the post office were mallow. It was getting a dog, an energetic and eager black-and-white brittany (with […]

Attack on gay couple in Rome prompts calls for anti-homophobia law

Politicians and activists demand end to delays to bill protecting LGBT people after metro station assault Italian politicians and activists have called for the urgent approval of a law that would criminalise violence against LGBT people following a homophobic attack in Rome. Jean Pierre Moreno was punched and kicked by an aggressor at a metro […]

Rachel Roddy’s recipe for chicken with rosemary, tomatoes and olives | A kitchen in Rome

The scent of rosemary stirs childhood memories and inspires this rustic dish of hunter’s chicken cooked in the style of the southern Roman countryside I once saw a woman pull a plant from a bed, then put it in her handbag. I must have been about eight, and visiting a garden – probably one padding […]

Steve Bannon loses years-long battle to set up rightwing political academy in Italy

Dignitatis Humanae Institute, which the former Trump adviser backs, wanted to start the school in an 800-year-old monastery Steve Bannon, the former adviser to Donald Trump, has lost a legal battle to set up a rightwing Catholic political academy in an abbey in Italy. The Council of State on Monday ruled against the Dignitatis Humanae […]

Rachel Roddy’s recipe for orzo with peas, herbs and parmesan | A kitchen in Rome

Another excuse, as if one were needed, to celebrate extra-virgin olive oil, this time in a rustic soup-stew of broken pasta, peas and mint Damp, green and majestic clefts of rock, a wrong turn and a demonic row: the common denominators of every single car trip to meet a food producer are that we get […]

Rachel Roddy’s recipe for spaghetti with olive oil, tomato and anchovy | A kitchen in Rome

It’s a myth that extra-virgin olive oil should never be used in cooking – try the best you can find in this superbly simple tomato sauce Picking up where I left off last week, with an olive tree. As far as I know, only the kids and birds pick the olives from this particular tree, […]

Art, unlocked: Italy’s museums quietly reopen – in pictures

After Italy’s government loosened Covid-19 restrictions in much of the country – including Lazio, the region that contains Rome and Vatican City – newly reopened museums are offering local visitors the opportunity to enjoy artworks undisturbed by the usual crowds of international tourists Continue reading…

A joy forever: poetry world prepares to mark bicentenary of John Keats

Two hundred years after his early death, plays, readings and new poetry will honour the legacy of the much beloved author Almost 200 years ago, on 23 February 1821, the English poet John Keats died of tuberculosis in Rome at the age of 25. “I shall soon be laid in the quiet grave – thank […]

Rachel Roddy’s recipe for stuffed cabbage braised in white wine

Rejoice in these meatballs wrapped in cabbage and braised in white wine – not a flash as a tomato sauce, maybe, but these parcels pack some real flavour After two weeks of orange, Rome and the region of Lazio is yellow again. Trattorie and restaurants can open for lunch, or until 6pm (although no more […]

Rachel Roddy’s recipe for battered salt cod | A kitchen in Rome

Proof, if it were needed, that battered cod isn’t the preserve of the Brits One Valentine’s Day, a few years ago, we went to a well-known, mostly loved place just off Campo de’ Fiori called Dar Filettaro a Santa Barbara. I can’t remember if it was a late lunch or early dinner, but we sat […]

Rachel Roddy’s recipe for spaghetti with lemon, parmesan and cream | A kitchen in Rome

Lemons remind us of sunshine, and electrify both the senses and a simple, satisfying bowl of pasta Lemons are many things, and January is a good time to fill a bowl with half a dozen. Take one, dig your nail into its oily, open-pored skin, sniff and make a mental list. Lemons are also full […]

New Sally Rooney novel to be published in September

Beautiful World, Where Are You, set to be released on 7 September, follows four young people as they navigate love, friendship and sex Sally Rooney’s third novel, and her first since the widely acclaimed Normal People, will be published on 7 September. Beautiful World, Where Are You, announced by Rooney’s UK publisher Faber on Tuesday, […]

Rachel Roddy: the joy of other people’s recipe tips | A kitchen in Rome

Whether it’s an idea, a thought or a sentence, cooking chat can be both satisfying and inspiring • See Rachel’s recipes for Tuscan-style chicken and torta all figassa Years ago, somebody gave me their recipe for batter, in two ways. One as a long, chatty ramble as she stood making it, then later jotted down […]

Rachel Roddy’s recipe for rice and cabbage soup | A kitchen in Rome

Somewhere between a soup and a risotto, this soothing dish is one to win over cabbage sceptics The problem with liking cabbage so much is that I often smell of it. Not the most charismatic way to start a column, I know, especially the first of the year – happy new year! – but it […]

New Year’s Eve in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic – in pictures

The world began ushering in the New Year on Thursday, with pandemic controls muting celebrations for billions of people eager to bid farewell to 2020. Fresh waves of infection have sparked renewed lockdowns and forced would-be revellers to watch events from the sofa. From Sydney to Rome, firework displays, pyre burnings and live performances will […]

Rachel Roddy’s recipe for coffee and ricotta cream | A kitchen in Rome

A satisfying dessert that’s a cross between mousse, cheesecake filling and blancmange – enjoy with a glass of something strong His prototype in one hand, a cigar in the other, Alfonso would fall asleep in his armchair. This happened most nights, according to his wife Ada, who passed on the story to her grandson. It […]

Rachel Roddy’s Christmas recipe for cassata Siciliana cake | A kitchen in Rome

My Sicilian father-in-law taught me to love this tender, outrageously sweet dessert Learning to dip the knife in hot water before using it to spread the icing on the marzipan made me feel like a pastry chef. I must have been 10. Having spread the brilliant white and glossy royal icing like plaster, family tradition […]

Rachel Roddy: a recipe for life – and for pasta | A kitchen in Rome

When you feel stuck in life and work, start by boiling a pan of water. Then see what you have. Some greens? A handful of olives? Even just butter and cheese will do … Rachel Roddy’s work-from-home pasta lunch recipes One of our many neighbours spends a fair bit of his day just outside the […]

Gucci’s latest collection revealed in series of films by Gus Van Sant

Alessandro Michele’s online ‘GucciFest’ replaces pre-Covid catwalk fashion shows The fashion designer Alessandro Michele, having cancelled Gucci’s catwalk shows during the pandemic, needed a way to showcase his latest collection. The director Gus Van Sant, faced with a film world placed on pause by the closure of cinemas worldwide, needed a new creative project. Like […]

Rachel Roddy’s recipe for eggs in tomato sauce | A kitchen in Rome

Tripe cooked in tomato sauce is a common dish in Rome, but not everyone likes offal, so thin egg omelettes, cut into strips, make a handy substitute This isn’t a column about tripe. But also, it is a column about tripe. Half honeycomb, half rug-that-has-been-forgotten-on-the-washing-line-in-the-rain, tripe, its form and function, is fascinating and precious. Despite […]

Rachel Roddy’s recipe for semolina gnocchi with butter, parmesan and sage | A kitchen in Rome

In Rome, before potatoes (as late as the 1850s), gnocchi were made with semolina flour, mixed with cheese and egg, and baked in butter. Sounds stodgy? You’ll be surprised. Gnocchi are a cornerstone of Roman home cooking, as much a part of the city’s trattorias as rigatoni, bread, toothpicks and nonchalant chaos – especially on […]

Rachel Roddy’s recipe for bean and clam soup | A kitchen in Rome

A shellfish and bean minestre that makes a few clams go a long way What will I do when I run out of fingers? How will I keep track of the masked months – March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October – the counting of which has been my habit ever since the national […]

Rachel Roddy’s recipe for marsala cake | A kitchen in Rome

Sicily’s famous fortified wine makes for a versatile ingredient – and lends this sponge the flavours of zabaione If I could afford it, I would always have a bottle of marsala made by the De Bartoli family on my shelf. When there is one there, there is no one I would rather share it with […]

Rachel Roddy’s recipe for mushroom risotto | A kitchen in Rome

Like clockwork, the rains come to wash summer into autumn, and a seasonal risotto noses its way on to the menu Not because the angle of the sun has changed; nor because of a message from the leaves; nor even because the mushrooms were irresistible, but because it was on the schedule: I made a […]