Sunak offers jam today in spending review as Covid deficit spreads

Analysis: Public sector and foreign aid face cuts, but the chancellor dodged tough decisions Record peacetime borrowing to combat downturn Spending review: key points at a glance Jam tomorrow but no jam today. As devotees of Lewis Carroll know, that was the credo of the White Queen in Alice Through the Looking-Glass. Plenty of chancellors […]

UK public sector workers: what are your hopes for the public spending review?

We’d like to hear from UK public sector workers about their experiences working during the pandemic and their hopes for the spending review A pay restraint on public sector workers is expected to be announced next week by the chancellor Rishi Sunak. We would like to hear from those working in the public sector and […]

‘I worked in horror films. Now I’m an undertaker’: arts workers who had to find new jobs

A DJ turned shaman, a lighting designer turned railwayman, a dancer turned gayrobicist … as the government causes fury with a ballerina job ad, we meet workers forced to retrain due to Covid Last week, Rishi Sunak’s misreported comment that people in the arts should consider retraining rightly caused widespread uproar. He has since clarified […]

Worried about being made redundant? Here’s how to manage your finances

As furlough ends and the pandemic drags on, more people are likely to lose their jobs. But there are ways to protect yourself from the worst effects Since the pandemic hit, there has been wave after wave of job losses and, with no end in sight to the restrictions that have changed our way of […]

What’s missing from the chancellor’s new scheme to save jobs?

Five measures absent from the chancellor’s winter economy plan Coronavirus – latest updates What is Rishi Sunak’s job support scheme and how will it work? Rishi Sunak’s winter economy plan prioritises additional support for “viable” jobs. However, critics have warned that other measures are still needed to help people who have already lost their jobs […]

Hard winter ahead as Sunak tries to stop job losses hitting postwar record

Covid job support scheme will temper rise in unemployment but do little more, experts say UK government to cover 22% of worker pay for six months Key points from Rishi Sunak’s winter economy plan What is Rishi Sunak’s job support scheme and how will it work? Britain is in for a long, hard winter. That […]

Is Rishi Sunak, the people’s chancellor, about to lose his crown?

The furlough scheme and ‘eat out to help out’ have seen his popularity soar. But few ministers survive a recession unscathed When Sajid Javid was thrown out of No 11 in February 2020, few outside Westminster had even heard of his successor. Rishi Sunak had been an MP for less than five years, a minister […]

‘Remember to smile with your eyes’: how to stay safe and look great in a face mask

Is it OK to tell someone else to wear one – and which style looks good on you? Over to the experts … • Twenty masks for all occasions Nearly six months after the coronavirus overturned our lives, the face mask has finally, unequivocally, arrived. Until now, it’s had an image problem, but that thinking […]

Capital gains tax review: your questions answered

All you need to know about CGT and the possible outcomes of the chancellor’s surprise review Is capital gains tax (CGT) going to rise dramatically as the government attempts to claw back the cost of extra spending during the coronavirus pandemic? A surprise review of CGT unveiled on Tuesday by chancellor Rishi Sunak opens the […]

How will you be managing childcare during the summer holidays?

We want to hear from parents on what they will be doing with their children during the summer while they continue to work Following the chancellor’s summer statement on Wednesday, MPs have asked Rishi Sunak to offer more financial support for the childcare sector. Nurseries were heavily hit in March when they were forced to […]

Want to feel benefits of a break? Don’t give up the day job …

This week, the Upside considers the social purpose of work and salutes all attempts to protect jobs Back from a short break, which has given me ample time to think about the importance of work. A break, however reinvigorating, is only a break if it is a break from something. A job isn’t just a […]

Summer statement 2020: IFS airs doubts on ‘unprecedented’ UK economic stimulus

Thinktank fears deficit will go higher, new job retention plan is wasteful, and questions stamp duty and VAT cuts Britain is in the middle of an unprecedented crisis but some things never change. On the day after a budget or a mini-budget, the chancellor of the exchequer can expect to have what he considers a […]

Stamp duty: what is it and what has the chancellor changed?

Rishi Sunak has announced a stamp duty holiday in his summer statement. How will this affect you? Sunak unveils stamp duty holiday and hospitality VAT cut Summer statement: chancellor’s key points at a glance Analysis: Sunak tries to kickstart UK’s economy The chancellor, Rishi Sunak, has announced there will be no stamp duty to pay […]

The Covid crisis made Rishi Sunak a star, but it could yet undo him

The chancellor has won praise for cushioning the impact of lockdown. But his economic update this week will be fraught Just over a year ago, Rishi Sunak was a little-known junior minister taking a political gamble. The biggest decision he made last summer, having entered parliament four years earlier as MP for Richmond in North […]

Gordon Brown on Covid-19, recession and Trump: ‘When there’s a crisis you have to act quickly’

The former PM on his sympathy for Boris Johnson, Keir Starmer’s leadership – and why the US president’s approach to global health is an act of self-harm From the window of his home study, Gordon Brown looks out across the waters of the Firth of Forth, towards the ramparts of Edinburgh Castle. It is a […]

Hannock’s shiny badge, emblem of a scamper into Tigger mode

Health secretary puts plenty of bounce into Care badge but bunks off over virus test queries at Q&As See all our coronavirus coverage Cometh the hour, cometh the man. Or perhaps not. Matt Hancock had been expected to give the previous day’s Downing Street press briefing but got pulled in favour of Rishi Sunak, following […]

Why the UK’s coronavirus bailout plan isn’t working

A dig into the data on the business interruption loan scheme unearths several areas of concern Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Do not be misled by the government’s painful attempt to present a doubling in coronavirus loans to small businesses as good news. The numbers are still shockingly low: 6,020 firms […]

The choices we make about coronavirus are way more complex than ‘lives v the economy’ | Zoe Williams

Any debate about how and when to ease the lockdown cannot be boiled down to a fight between the left and right Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Splits in the cabinet emerged at the weekend: according to rumour, the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, and the home secretary, Priti Patel, were in favour […]

Rishi Sunak’s dilemma over how to pay for his coronavirus spending | Larry Elliott

His options are to reimpose austerity, follow the post-war approach or use monetary finance Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage It’s a while until payday and a big, unexpected bill has arrived. The money will eventually be there but in the meantime, there is a cash flow problem. Most of us have […]

Furlough furore over Premier League clubs ignores aim of protecting jobs | David Conn

The scheme is there to be used, as the chancellor has said, so why have Tory MPs attacked clubs? After a week of vitriolic criticism levelled at football clubs for using the government’s job retention scheme to put some employees on furlough during the Covid-19 crisis, on Wednesday some balance was finally applied. Considering that […]

UK coronavirus live: lockdown likely to be extended as Boris Johnson remains in hospital

All the day’s developments in the UK’s Covid-19 crisis Global coronavirus updates – live Coronavirus in the UK: 10 telling moments from the past 100 days Coronavirus latest: at a glance See all of our coronavirus coverage 8.10am BST With their heavy spring workload of lambing, calving and field work under way, a major concern […]

Rishi Sunak heeds calls to help charities with £750m extra funding

UK chancellor concedes move will not save all charities from collapse during coronavirus crisis The chancellor has announced £750m of extra funding for frontline charities across the UK, a move that is unlikely to go far enough to save some third sector organisations from collapse. The announcement, made by Rishi Sunak in Downing Street’s daily […]

Boris Johnson improving and sitting up in bed, chancellor says

PM ‘engaging positively’ but still in intensive care, according to update on his condition Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Boris Johnson remains in intensive care but his condition is improving and he is sitting up in his hospital bed, the chancellor has said. Rishi Sunak said the prime minister was “engaging […]

Rishi Sunak should take share of blame for Tesco dividend anger | Nils Pratley

There was no need to include supermarkets in a rates holiday when business is booming Outrage about Tesco’s dividend should also be directed at Rishi Sunak. Why on earth did the chancellor include supermarkets, whose stores remain open and popular, in his business rates holiday? There was no need to do so. The result is […]

Coronavirus jobs bailout could cost Treasury ‘£40bn every three months’

Resolution Foundation analysts estimate cost of UK’s wage subsidy scheme Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The government’s plan to subsidise the wages of workers affected by the Covid-19 lockdown of the economy could end up costing the Treasury £40bn for every three months the scheme is operating, a thinktank has said. […]

Why are people turning questionable politicians into ‘pandemic pinups’? | Arwa Mahdawi

We must hold the likes of Rishi Sunak and Andrew Cuomo to account, not fawn over their modest displays of competence Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage One symptom of the coronavirus is losing your sense of taste. Apparently, this includes taste in men. One of the more bizarre features of the […]