Forget me not: what if a virus stole our memories?

Christos Nikou’s new comedy Apples is about a city afflicted with mass amnesia. The director explains why technology is already leading us there Pandemic movies are likely to be at the bottom of most viewers’ must-see lists right now, but the bizarre new comedy Apples offers a fresh take, peeling away the horror to reveal […]

‘It’s OK to not be OK’ is a nice hashtag, but does it really help? | Rebecca Lawrence

Platitudes are no substitute for resources when it comes to supporting people with mental illness “It’s OK to not be OK.” A phrase I’ve seen a lot lately: on well-meaning leaflets and posters, in think pieces and, inevitably, as a hashtag (the fact that it’s the title of an acclaimed Korean drama has probably made […]

The internet has turned us all into amateur detectives | Amelia Tait

On social media, hunting for clues about other peoples’ lives is increasingly popular – and risky They’ve broken up. I know they’ve broken up because I haven’t seen him on her Instagram Stories for weeks now, and she normally doesn’t go two days without zooming in on his moustache or snapping him with his hashtag […]

Why parents are choosing to rent their kids’ clothes

The secondhand clothing market is growing fast – and not just for adults. Meet the parents changing the way we’ll dress our children in the future Erick Bouwer’s baby son Joshua was, to use a technical term, a whopper: 4.5kg, or almost 10lb in old money. “That was a big guy indeed, he’s 11 years […]

After insurrection week a hurricane swirls around Carabao Cup final | Barney Ronay

The League Cup remains real, competitive sport and 8,000 fans will watch breakaway wannabes Manchester City and Spurs OK, so where are we now? What version of the current deranged timeline is this? From serfs of the billionaire overclass on Monday, to Stone Island Bolsheviks capering down the Fulham Road on Tuesday, English football’s week […]

How we made Christiane F – the shocking cult film about a child heroin addict

‘Filming was banned at the station we shot at. So the cinematographer sat in a wheelchair, concealed the camera on his lap, and I pushed him around, following Natja cruising’ The director Uli Edel and his team came to my school. I was sitting there eating an apple. Uli’s assistant came up and said: “We’re […]

Carl Dillon was a physically vulnerable father of eight. Why was he exposed to Covid in hospital?

After shielding carefully for months, the retired engineer was taken to A&E with stomach pains and placed on a ward with suspected coronavirus patients. He died weeks later The text came through at 3.02am on 25 October last year. “They put me in Covid ward because my temp was high,” wrote Carl Dillon, then 84, […]

My brother used to bully me. Now, when I hear from him, I panic

It’s OK not to take his call, says Annalisa Barbieri. You are not responsible for his happiness I am 22 and my brother is 24. I am married with a child; he is single. We grew up in a rocky family situation and were removed from our parents’ care and placed in a children’s home […]

Birmingham respond to women’s team complaints and reveal St Andrew’s plan

Club say they are committed to women’s team Team will share stadium with men if they stay in WSL England’s Ellen White has strongly criticised the working conditions at Birmingham but the Midlands club have hit back by saying they are committed to the women’s team and plan to relocate their games to St Andrew’s […]

What causes bad breath? – and 11 other common dental questions answered

Is coffee really that bad for our teeth? Does it matter if we don’t floss? And is it possible to repair enamel? Dental expert and hygienist Elaine Tilling has the answers From the first signs of tooth decay to at-home whitening advice, we asked TePe’s dental hygiene expert Elaine Tilling to answer our most pressing […]

Lockdown made me do it: how we lost our will power

From vegetarians tucking into battered sausages to ethical shoppers splurging on fast fashion, many of us have abandoned our better lifestyle choices in lockdown. Amelia Tait discovers what sent her moral compass into a spin It started with a battered sausage – and OK, if I’m being honest, there were chicken nuggets, too. On 14 […]

ABC checking on presenter’s wellbeing after expletives shouted during Adelaide news bulletin

Radio presenter shouted multiple expletives and appeared to be ad-libbing bulletin before being taken off air An ABC radio presenter shouted an expletive twice during a late-night news broadcast in Adelaide before being abruptly taken off the air. The national broadcaster has said it is investigating the incident and making sure the staff member is […]

By changing young people’s attitudes, we can tackle violence against women | Cordelia Morrison

The school workshops I run have shown me that damaging attitudes towards sex, gender and equality start early Recently, I delivered a healthy relationships workshop at a primary school. We started by playing a drama game, where we asked the children to pretend to be different types of people. A superhero? Lots of air-punches. What […]

Entertainment was all for Frank Worthington – on the pitch and off it | Simon Burnton

England striker’s charisma and flamboyance won admirers and made enemies in a career of no major trophies and eight caps The Guardian did not have a reporter at Burnden Park in April 1979 to witness Frank Worthington’s most famous goal, a strike that demonstrated in the space of a few seconds all the flamboyance and […]

How can I stop obsessing about my fiance’s ex-girlfriend?

You need to look at how you were made to feel as a child, says Annalisa Barbieri. Was the love conditional? My fiance and I have been together for 18 months, but we haven’t seen each other for almost a year due to Covid restrictions. He had a four-year relationship before, with a girl he […]

Maybe I was wrong about Joe Biden – is he actually the progressive president I was waiting for? | Arwa Mahdawi

I was a Bernie fan, but Biden’s policies have impressed me. Still, I’m not hailing him as a ‘transformational’ leader just yet OK, fine, I was wrong. But, in this case, I’m very happy to be wrong: it seems that Joe Biden may be shaping up to be a progressive president after all. I supported […]

Miserable, anxious, depressed: how guide dogs are faring in the pandemic

Amid lockdowns, their daily activities have been put on hold – and their owners fear they won’t recover from it The daily life of a working guide dog is filled with dynamic combinations of people, smells, sights and sounds. Their job – to navigate this cacophony on behalf of their visually impaired handlers – is […]

Professor Avi Loeb: ‘It would be arrogant to think we’re alone in the universe’

When Harvard professor Avi Loeb discovered possible signs of extraterrestrial activity, it caused a scandal in the research community. Is fear and conservatism stopping science from considering plausible evidence that there are aliens out there? By the time humanity noticed the object, it was already leaving the solar system. 19 October 2017. Astronomers at the […]

My pickled veg is fizzing – is it OK? | Kitchen aide

Upping the (sea) salt and adding vinegar can add longevity to fermented veg – but the fizzing means the bacteria are doing their job • Do you have a culinary dilemma? Email I pickled some small home-grown cucumbers in spiced and sweetened vinegar, packed tightly into a lidded jar. The liquid leaked out of […]

What did Santa bring us? Two Syrian refugees

Christmas for my family means midnight mass, It’s a Wonderful Life and a game of pass-the-orange-under-the-chin. How would our guests Mohammed and Ayman fit in? We were halfway through the annual game of pass-the-orange-under-the-chin when I realised that Christmas was going to be OK. No, not just OK, better. My Dundonian mother is pretty competitive […]

Mariah Carey: ‘They’re calling me a diva? I think I’m going to cry!’

A brutal childhood, a traumatic marriage, decades of racism: the singer has overcome it all on her way to the top. She lets rip about the people who have wronged her and the self-belief that sustains her It is a rainy Thursday afternoon and Mariah Carey is talking to me from her home in Los […]

Issa Rae: ‘It’s astounding that our talent hasn’t been recognised’

The woman behind cult HBO comedy Insecure has been making and starring in her own series for years. What took Hollywood so long to notice? Issa Rae, one of the first black women to create and star in a premium cable series and potentially the hardest-working person in Hollywood, is putting in overtime with the […]

‘It’s about breaking boundaries’: Nicola Adams on dancing with a woman on Strictly

The Olympic boxing champion retired last year, but her competitive spirit will soon have a new chance to thrive – when she takes to the ballroom and makes TV history Nicola Adams is used to being a trailblazer. As a boxer, she fought her way to historic firsts, picking up trophies in a sport that […]

Jason Derulo: ‘Lockdown’s been the most fun I’ve ever had in my life’

The singer, 30, on being a cool uncle, speaking Creole at home and having 30m followers on TikTok I was four when I decided I was going to be an entertainer. I saw Michael Jackson for the first time and said, “Mum, I want to be him.” She was like, “Yeah, OK baby.” I grew […]

‘I like to infiltrate the brains of the nation’: CBeebies’ Andy Day, Britain’s favourite babysitter

Having spent 14 years time-travelling on TV, the presenter explains how having his own child has changed his output – and what the future holds for preschool programming Andy Day is defending his patchy record as a time traveller. “I understand the worry out there,” he says, his voice frantic with reassurance. “But it’s all […]

Smoked out: why me and a million other people have given up nicotine in 2020

My lifelong love affair with cigarettes was so intense I could only have smoked more if I had slept less. But smashing my vape kit was the final straw One million cigarette smokers have apparently given up since the start of lockdown. It’s like a massacre. (OK, arguably, the massacre is what would have happened […]

In good health: meet the people who have quit their jobs to join the NHS

From the dinner lady retraining as a nurse, to the credit controller with her eyes on midwifery, coronavirus has encouraged many to follow their dreams of a caring career It wasn’t that Zeta Annear didn’t like being a dinner lady. The children were lovely and the school felt like a community. It was straightforward work […]

Beverley Ditsie: the South African woman who helped liberate lesbians everywhere

Growing up in 80s Soweto, Ditsie was immersed in the struggle against apartheid. But she knew racial oppression was only part of the fight – and organised the first Pride march in Africa Beverley Ditsie first understood what the word “gay” meant while listening to Boy George. She was a teenager in the South African […]