Tell us: how has the pandemic affected Newham?

We’re looking to speak to people who live or work in Newham as part of our investigation into the recent surge of positive coronavirus cases The east London borough of Newham has had more than 4,000 people test positive for the coronavirus during the past week. The council stated that more than a fifth of […]

Have you felt under pressure to break UK lockdown restrictions?

If you’ve been pressured into breaking the lockdown rules, we’d like to hear from you. Share your experiences With Chris Witty warning the public to ‘double down’ on avoiding contact with others as the NHS heads towards its “most dangerous” point in the pandemic, the importance of adhering to lockdown restrictions is higher than ever. […]

Have you had an operation cancelled in the UK due to coronavirus?

If you’ve had an urgent operation or treatment cancelled because of coronavirus, we’d like to hear from you. Share your experiences Have you had an NHS treatment cancelled since the coronavirus pandemic emerged? NHS bosses at some hospitals in London are considering taking drastic action across the capital are becoming overwhelmed by people who are […]

Share your experience of working or applying for the coronavirus vaccine roll-out in the UK

We’d like to speak to people who are working in the vaccination programme in the UK, or who have applied to be involved With Boris Johnson attempting to deliver 13.9 million coronavirus vaccines by mid-February, the NHS has a mammoth task ahead. To staff hundreds of vaccine distribution sites, the NHS are recruiting thousands of […]

Caring for all in the time of Covid: why health and therapeutic charities are so valued in lockdowns

With the NHS stretched by the pandemic, charities that provide much-needed local health services have become more treasured than ever The first wave of the pandemic in the spring provided a striking demonstration of just how much we cherish the NHS. Millions of us stood on our doorsteps and balconies each week, clapping to show […]

Share your experiences of test and trace in the UK

We’d like to speak to contact tracers working in the NHS’s test and trace system, and those who have been reached by tracers With news that contact tracers in England are under pressure and failing to meet targets, there are continued concerns around the effectiveness of the UK’s test and trace system. We would like […]

NHS staff face burnout as Covid hospital admissions continue to rise

Nurses plead with public to follow official advice to relieve pressure on frontline workers Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage England’s chief nurse has said NHS and care staff are working “incredibly hard” to cope with record numbers of Covid-19 patients, amid concern that frontline staff are close to burnout. Ruth May […]

‘We all have to do our bit’: one nurse on how the Covid vaccine will help the NHS

Nurse Kerry Holden has spent 2020 on the frontline helping patients recover from Covid-19. Here, she explains why it’s vital that people get the vaccine to help prevent the NHS from becoming overwhelmed … There have been moments over the past nine months when Kerry Holden has sat in an office on a Gloucestershire Royal […]

‘Know you are loved’: hope and tragedy in NHS hospital as Covid vaccine launched

Photojournalist Jonny Weeks returns to University hospital in Coventry in the week the jab starts being rolled out As Margaret Keenan, 90, was being discharged from University hospital in Coventry this month, hand-in-hand with her daughter and grandson, she carried a newspaper with the headline: “One small jab for Maggie, one giant leap for all […]

Tell us: what do you feel went wrong during your NHS maternity care in England?

We would like to hear from people in England who feel they received problematic maternity care during pregnancy and birth Urgent and sweeping changes are needed in all English hospitals to prevent avoidable baby deaths, stillbirths and neonatal brain damage, according to a damning internal review into one of the biggest scandals in the history […]

Have you been affected by the maternity scandal in Shrewsbury and Telford?

We would like to hear from people who were affected by the failures at Shrewsbury and Telford hospitals A report into one of the biggest scandals in the history of the NHS found failures at Shrewsbury and Telford hospitals (SaTH) that led to the deaths and harming of mothers and babies from 2000-2019. It recommended […]

Are Covid-19 vaccines safe and how will they work?

With the first vaccine expected to be rolled out before Christmas, the chair of the NHS research ethics regulator, the Health Research Authority, Prof Sir Terence Stephenson, explains how we got to this point On Wednesday, the UK approved the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid vaccine – those most at risk will start receiving it later this month. […]

Captain Tom: ‘I’ve always believed things will get better. The sun will shine again’

He set out on a humble fundraising walk for the NHS and became a global phenomenon – and a knight of the realm Weruche Opia: ‘I told my team I didn’t want the sassy rude girl roles any more’ See the Observer’s faces of 2020 in full “I’m absolutely overawed,” says Captain Tom Moore. “Never […]

‘We need to keep talking about how we’re feeling’: the NHS staff who became social media stars

Posts shared thousands of times shone a spotlight on nurses and doctors speaking out during the pandemic Midway through the afternoon on Thursday 19 March, Dawn Bilbrough, a critical care nurse of 20 years, was on her way home after four punishing days of 12-hour shifts. Stopping to get fresh food at the supermarket, she […]

Hull residents: how have you been affected by coronavirus?

We want to hear from people living and working in Hull about how Covid has impacted them With 770 cases per 100,000, Hull is soon to become the city with the highest cases in England, with the council leader saying that it has been “forgotten” by central government. We want to hear from local people, […]

Celebrating Black NHS nurses through the decades – in pictures

The NHS is one of only two things that hold Britain together as a community. The second being the BBC. During Covid-19 these two national treasures have become our guiding strength. Black people have been an integral part of the NHS since the 40s. I am very proud to say my mother worked for the […]

Rainbow bright! How the symbol of optimism and joy spread across our clothes, homes and lives in 2020

Appearing in windows and bookshelves, the rainbow became the defining motif of the year. Now, they are everywhere from trainers to Christmas decorations – and are big business. What’s behind this new optimism economy? The rainbows started appearing all over Italy within a few days of schools closing for the first lockdown, back in March. […]

Heroes of 2020: tell us who you would nominate

We would like to hear about the people in your everyday life whose acts of kindness have brought you hope this year It’s been a bleak year for many of us, thanks to Covid-19. But despite the cataclysmic global events and the pandemic itself, kindness has thrived and community bonds have tightened. Some people have […]

Share your experiences of bladder cancer

Following Tracey Emin’s bladder cancer announcement, we’d like to speak to others who have been diagnosed Artist Tracey Emin revealed on Wednesday that she has been treated for bladder cancer, and now has a stoma bag fitted. According to the NHS, bladder cancer is the 10th most common cancer in the UK, with around 10,000 […]

‘I got a whole new mindset’: the health secrets of people who got much fitter in lockdown

Many of us have struggled to maintain our fitness in 2020 – but not everyone. Here, four people explain how they improved their sleep patterns, diet and exercise regimes Before Covid-19, an ordinary evening for Tim Ludford, a charity worker, looked something like this: after-work drinks with colleagues; an Uber home; a takeaway. “Not healthy […]

Parents struggle to get help for mentally ill children during pandemic

Psychotherapist says accessing NHS is harder and most services offered only online or by phone Figures lay bare toll of pandemic on UK children’s mental health When Ellie’s 13th birthday came around this year, what should have been a day of celebration was tinged with deep sadness for her family. She revealed that she had […]

‘I was told, just shrug it off’: Shropshire’s baby death scandal started decades earlier, mother reveals

Barbara Slatford writes to inquiry into Shrewsbury and Telford NHS trust about baby Kelly’s death in 1979 A baby girl who died hours after a mishandled breech birth 41 years ago in Shrewsbury hospital has been identified as one of the first known victims of the biggest maternity scandal in the history of the NHS. […]

‘Nature has healing power’: Britain’s Covid heroes share their favourite outdoor spaces

From an 83-year-old coronavirus survivor to choir and food bank founders, six people who inspired us in lockdown tell us where they reconnect with nature The 83-year old author and explorer recently climbed the highest peak in Cornwall after surviving Covid, raising £37,000 (so far) for NHS hospital gardens Continue reading…

NHS 111 call centre was unsafe, says worker who nearly died from Covid

Stephen Poore, who spent 42 days on ventilator, says there was no social distancing at Ashford office Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Stephen Poore was a healthy, hearty, hardworking family man before he got a job at an NHS 111 call centre in early March, as the pandemic was extending its […]

Share your experiences of accessing NHS services during the Covid pandemic

How have your found accessing NHS services? Have there been any issues and if so have you considered alternatives such as switching to a private provider? The coronavirus crisis has placed the NHS under major strain, with patients in England now facing record waiting times for surgery and cancer care. We’re looking to hear from […]

Share your experiences of the NHS coronavirus app

We’d like to hear about your experiences of using or downloading the new NHS coronavirus app After months of pilot studies, the NHS coronavirus app has finally arrived in England and Wales. The app is designed to alert users if they have been within two metres of someone who tested positive for coronavirus, allow users […]

Inside a Welsh ICU during the coronavirus pandemic – photo essay

Consultant and photographer Nick Mason shares his experience and that of colleagues at the Royal Gwent hospital in Newport, offering a unique perspective documenting the impact of Covid-19 on the NHS frontline Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Humankind cannot bear very much reality.” TS Eliot, Burnt Norton Human memory is fickle. […]

Blue lips and black skin: Did a standard 111 question help cause Olufemi Akinnola’s death from Covid-19?

When the scale of the coronavirus pandemic became clear in March, people with symptoms were advised to contact NHS 111. Olufemi did so. But his family fear he was given the wrong advice Curled up in the foetal position in the passenger seat of his ex-girlfriend’s car, weeping uncontrollably, Lobby Akinnola didn’t want the journey […]

Susie Lau: ‘The world has changed and so must fashion’

Covid-19 stopped fashion in its tracks: shows were cancelled, collections mothballed. Stuck at home, front row regular and fashion influencer Susie Lau started baking. Then she realised: a creative revolution was happening… Back in mid-March, I was in full-throttle fashion mode. I had just finished up the autumn/winter shows marathon, shuttling from New York to […]