‘I was told, just shrug it off’: Shropshire’s baby death scandal started decades earlier, mother reveals

Barbara Slatford writes to inquiry into Shrewsbury and Telford NHS trust about baby Kelly’s death in 1979 A baby girl who died hours after a mishandled breech birth 41 years ago in Shrewsbury hospital has been identified as one of the first known victims of the biggest maternity scandal in the history of the NHS. […]

‘Nature has healing power’: Britain’s Covid heroes share their favourite outdoor spaces

From an 83-year-old coronavirus survivor to choir and food bank founders, six people who inspired us in lockdown tell us where they reconnect with nature The 83-year old author and explorer recently climbed the highest peak in Cornwall after surviving Covid, raising £37,000 (so far) for NHS hospital gardens Continue reading…

NHS 111 call centre was unsafe, says worker who nearly died from Covid

Stephen Poore, who spent 42 days on ventilator, says there was no social distancing at Ashford office Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Stephen Poore was a healthy, hearty, hardworking family man before he got a job at an NHS 111 call centre in early March, as the pandemic was extending its […]

Share your experiences of accessing NHS services during the Covid pandemic

How have your found accessing NHS services? Have there been any issues and if so have you considered alternatives such as switching to a private provider? The coronavirus crisis has placed the NHS under major strain, with patients in England now facing record waiting times for surgery and cancer care. We’re looking to hear from […]

Share your experiences of the NHS coronavirus app

We’d like to hear about your experiences of using or downloading the new NHS coronavirus app After months of pilot studies, the NHS coronavirus app has finally arrived in England and Wales. The app is designed to alert users if they have been within two metres of someone who tested positive for coronavirus, allow users […]

Inside a Welsh ICU during the coronavirus pandemic – photo essay

Consultant and photographer Nick Mason shares his experience and that of colleagues at the Royal Gwent hospital in Newport, offering a unique perspective documenting the impact of Covid-19 on the NHS frontline Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Humankind cannot bear very much reality.” TS Eliot, Burnt Norton Human memory is fickle. […]

Blue lips and black skin: Did a standard 111 question help cause Olufemi Akinnola’s death from Covid-19?

When the scale of the coronavirus pandemic became clear in March, people with symptoms were advised to contact NHS 111. Olufemi did so. But his family fear he was given the wrong advice Curled up in the foetal position in the passenger seat of his ex-girlfriend’s car, weeping uncontrollably, Lobby Akinnola didn’t want the journey […]

Susie Lau: ‘The world has changed and so must fashion’

Covid-19 stopped fashion in its tracks: shows were cancelled, collections mothballed. Stuck at home, front row regular and fashion influencer Susie Lau started baking. Then she realised: a creative revolution was happening… Back in mid-March, I was in full-throttle fashion mode. I had just finished up the autumn/winter shows marathon, shuttling from New York to […]

North-east England residents: how are you affected by the local lockdown?

We want to hear from people living and working in the north-east about how coronavirus restrictions will impact them New restrictions on social contact between households across parts of the north-east of England including Newcastle, Northumberland, North Tyneside, South Tyneside, Gateshead, County Durham and Sunderland have been imposed in an attempt to curb rising coronavirus […]

As an NHS psychiatrist, my pandemic summer was shockingly busy. Home became a mess – and a haven

Before lockdown, my home was a sociable place. But working long hours on the wards, it became a retreat with my daughter, dogs and a good gin and tonic During lockdown, I was getting emails from friends saying: “We’ve done all the DIY, we’ve been spring-cleaning!” I was like: “My house is just a mess, […]

Caerphilly residents: how will you be affected by the local lockdown?

We want to hear from people living and working in Caerphilly about how restrictions will affect them Caerphilly in south Wales will be placed under lockdown from 6pm on Tuesday due to a spike in coronavirus cases, where 98 people were tested positive in one week. We want to hear from local people, schools and […]

‘I had to be sectioned’: the NHS staff broken and burned out by Covid

With high levels of stress, anxiety and PTSD, experts worry that staff won’t be able to cope with a second wave Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage In April, when the coronavirus outbreak was at its peak in the UK and tearing through hospitals, junior doctor Rebecca Thornton’s mental health took a […]

Have you been expected to travel a long distance to take an NHS coronavirus test?

If you were instructed to go to a test centre miles away from your home, we would like to hear from you Have you been expected to travel a long distance to take a self-referral NHS coronavirus test, during the last couple of weeks? We would like to hear from people who have been forced […]

Is bottled better for you than tap? Exploring the truth about water

From how best to stay hydrated to the environmental impact of plastic packaging, we separate H2O facts from fiction It sustains us, cools us and keeps us smelling fresh. We bottle it, bathe with it and send it down the loo. Water, the giver of life and the flusher of poo. One would think we’d […]

In good health: meet the people who have quit their jobs to join the NHS

From the dinner lady retraining as a nurse, to the credit controller with her eyes on midwifery, coronavirus has encouraged many to follow their dreams of a caring career It wasn’t that Zeta Annear didn’t like being a dinner lady. The children were lovely and the school felt like a community. It was straightforward work […]

The Ranganathans are addicted to crazy golf. It’s a family exercise in rage control | Romesh Ranganathan

It always starts very well, but by the sixth hole, things have fallen apart: pity the people behind us The summer has seen us spend more days out in the UK than usual, and we have taken the frustrating step of deciding everything by committee. Like democracy proper, this means we often end up on […]

Dido Harding: confident, loyal – but with precious little relevant experience

Reaction to the appointment of the former Talk Talk boss as head of the new National Institute for Health Protection has been mixed “Dido seems to be failing upwards, given that Test and Trace has been a disaster.” That was the verdict of one NHS official on the impending appointment of Lady Harding, a Conservative […]

Welcome to the newly reopened farm park. It’s like Chernobyl – with goats | Romesh Ranganathan

We are staggering to normality by going to weird, post-apocalyptic versions of the places we used to go The reopening of restaurants and theme parks that have had little or no revenue for a while has meant that you can now go to these places and feel as if you’re doing your civic duty. We […]

Denis Thorpe’s best photograph: a brave boy’s vaccination

‘His stoic expression took me back to my own childhood when I had diphtheria. It made me weep’ I was five when diphtheria visited us in Mansfield. I remember lying on a sofa sweating as a doctor swabbed the back of my throat, my parents’ anxious faces looking down at me. There had been thousands […]

What do Highway Code proposals mean for pedestrians and cyclists?

Changes under consultation follow raft of cycling and walking announcements Amid the storm of Covid-19, a raft of cycling and walking announcements has landed as part of the government’s attempt to promote a healthier population, save the NHS from collapse and fend off the worst outcomes from coronavirus. The plans, which were in the pipeline […]

‘Squeeze your pelvic floor in dull meetings’: three ways to show a weak bladder who’s the boss

Writer and comedian Tessa Coates on the importance of laughing about leaks, weeing before sex – and remembering to do pelvic floor exercises “Oh my god, I’m going to wee!” – Is that not the greatest response you can get to a good story? Everyone hunched over, legs crossed, waving their arms going: “Don’t make […]

Public sector workers in England: share your thoughts about the new pay rise

We’d like to hear from teachers, doctors and other public sector workers about their thoughts on the pay increase Almost 900,000 doctors, police, teachers and other public sector workers in England will receive above-inflation pay rises to reflect the “vital contribution” they make. Labour and trade unions welcomed the move, announced by the Treasury, but […]

Pub and restaurant visitors: share your experiences of test and trace

If you’ve been to a pub or restaurant in England since 4 July, we’d like to hear about your experiences of test and trace As England’s lockdown eased, pubs and restaurants were encouraged to collect the names, contact details and visit times of their customers to support the NHS test and trace system. If you’ve […]

‘Theatre was my first love’: Bernardine Evaristo on her NHS play, Twitter trolls and ‘porny’ posts

The Booker-winning writer has returned to the stage, penning a drama defending the NHS. She talks about ‘bittersweet’ success – and getting caught up in attacks on Nicola Sturgeon Bernardine Evaristo has had several firsts lately. But long before she became the first black female novelist to win the Booker prize, for Girl, Woman, Other […]

‘You have to take action’: one hospital cleaner’s journey through the pandemic

After years of outsourcing, many essential staff work for the NHS without receiving its benefits. In one London hospital, the fight is on for a better deal. By Sophie Elmhirst On 9 February, a cold, damp Sunday, an Uber pulled up to University Hospital Lewisham in south-east London and dropped off a woman who had […]

Drive-in bingo for NHS staff and key workers – in pictures

The photographer Christopher Thomond spends an evening with visitors to the first Bingo Bedlam, a physically distanced drive-in bingo and singalong music session for NHS employees and other key workers, held during a thunderstorm at EventCity in Manchester Continue reading…

Tell us: how has coronavirus affected people living in the Midlands?

We’d like to hear how the pandemic has affected people in the Midlands, especially anyone who works in the health sector We would like to hear how the coronavirus pandemic has affected you and your community. We would like to hear from people in the Midlands about how you have been affected by the pandemic, […]