American Crisis review: Andrew Cuomo on Covid, Trump … and a job with Joe Biden?

So much as anyone can, the New York governor has had a good pandemic. His book trumpets successes – and settles scores On Thursday, the US reported 65,000 new cases of Covid-19 and Donald Trump falsely told a television town hall 85% of people who wear masks contract the disease. With more than two weeks […]

Emmy the Great: April / 月音 review – a quest for belonging

(Bella Union)The artist’s lush fourth album, written between New York and Hong Kong, is a stirring exploration of different homes There’s both pathos and power in not quite belonging to any one place: born and raised in Hong Kong, Emma-Lee Moss found fame in London before moving to the US in 2014. After Trump’s election, […]

Loved ones of Covid victims appalled by Trump’s ‘don’t be afraid’ tweet

Sister of New York nurse says president’s comments ‘physically hurt’ and implied that those that died were ‘losers’ When Donald Trump tested positive for the coronavirus last week, Marya Sherron and her parents were gathered in their home state of Michigan to mark what would have been their brother and son’s 49th birthday. Sherron’s brother, […]

Marina Abramović: ‘I’m an artist, not a satanist!’

The world’s most famous performance artist has spent almost 50 years facing down ridicule, death threats and conspiracy theories. Will the pandemic finally defeat her? Every morning, Marina Abramović gets out of bed and puts on a pair of slippers. One reads “fuck” and the other “negativity”. “That is how to start the morning with […]

How did an NYPD officer from Tibet end up accused of spying for China?

Baimadajie Angwang, accused of ‘reporting on activities of Chinese citizens’, targeted a community center in Queens, stoking divisions in the community For staff of the Tibetan community centre in the New York neighbourhood of Woodside, the alarm bells started ringing when a local police officer suggested that they should stop flying the Tibetan flag outside […]

All eyes on China: what to look out for at the UN biodiversity summit

Everything you need to know about who will be there, who’s staying away and what the hot topics will be at Wednesday’s virtual event in New York The year 2020 was meant to be a super year for nature and biodiversity, according to the UN. But with swathes of the planet in lockdown, Covid-19 has […]

How Harry Evans took up the long fight for thalidomide families

A member of the team who worked on the Sunday Times campaign and a survivor of the drug’s effects tell how the renowned editor changed their lives The campaign to win better compensation for children affected by the “morning sickness” drug thalidomide is cited as one of the great achievements of Sir Harold Evans, the […]

Can the ‘awards-bait’ movie survive the impact of coronavirus?

The Emmys were held over Zoom and the Oscars have been pushed back – but the enforced shakeup from the pandemic could be just what the awards season needs As with other creative industries, the film business is reeling under the impact of coronavirus. Crews are struggling to shoot, cinemas are severely restricting audience numbers, […]

‘I’m aware I’m a bit of a show pony’: is this the end of street style?

Fashion is part of culture, and the response to the pandemic has shaken the industry from top to bottom. But with London fashion back this week, who is going, will anyone be taking their photograph – and who will wear a mask? London fashion week begins on Thursday. But if last week’s gathering in New […]

Shoots and leaves: the shotgun scientist who hunts moving trees

As forests evolve in the face of climate crisis, some surprising methods are being used to track how species migrate Angelica Patterson is on the lookout, shotgun in hand, as she hikes through New York state’s Black Rock Forest. She focuses on her target high up in the canopy, then bang – a branch falls […]

I Am Greta review – slick yet shallow Thunberg documentary

The remarkable teenage climate activist gets a necessary, if underwhelming, film of her own that follows her global crusade for change This sleek, slick Hulu documentary about the teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg follows her remarkable campaign from the very beginnings to her virtual apotheosis as the world’s ecological conscience when she arrived in New […]

Driven to Abstraction: the inside story of a $60m art forgery hoax

For 15 years, one of New York’s most prestigious art galleries sold forged paintings – a new film explores how the art world fell for it In November 2011, the arthouse Knoedler & Company – an Upper East Side mainstay and one of modern art’s most trusted and elite shops – shuttered in the middle […]

‘You can sit with the art’: MoMA reopens with social distancing precautions

Cultural powerhouse’s reopening marks shift in New York’s pandemic recovery efforts as other museums to welcome visitors Those markings on the floor. Is it art … or is it guidance for social distancing while looking at art? It’s the latter, of course; these are still Covid times. But masks, odd circles 6ft apart and a […]

Searching for America’s 1930s post office murals – a photo essay

Photographer Justin Hamel stumbled on a Great Depression-era mural one day in a New York post office, and was intrigued to learn there are 1,200 of them across the country The instinct to try to boost morale during a time of hardship and suffering resonates today as we face the pandemic and economic recession. Almost […]

Four queer women defying the snow: Mikael Owunna’s best photograph

‘Snow evokes the west, Europe, the far north – places that have historically been hostile to black people. So this is like an assertion: we’re going to take this place for ourselves’ I shot this in Brooklyn in 2017. For four years, I had been working on a series about LGBTQ African immigrants in 10 […]

Keith McNally: ‘I was losing £5,000 a day with my six restaurants closed’

The king of New York’s downtown restaurant scene has survived a stroke and coronavirus but is not optimistic about the health of his industry Keith McNally, 69, has created more than a dozen magnetic restaurants. In New York, where he moved in 1975, these include the Odeon (memorialised by Jay McInerney), Pastis and Minetta Tavern. […]

Antkind by Charlie Kaufman review – absurdism ad infinitum

The idiosyncratic screenwriter’s bloated debut novel – about an idiosyncratic screenwriter – is a slog Antkind is the debut novel of Charlie Kaufman, the Being John Malkovich and Synecdoche, New York film-maker, and its premise is incredibly, well, Kaufmanesque. A film critic named B Rosenberg discovers an unseen stop-motion movie – a three month-long work […]

‘I grew a beard to try to hide in public’: Haley Joel Osment on success after child stardom

His role as a cherubic 10-year-old with a classic catchphrase made him world famous. He talks about how he coped with the early attention, working with Kevin Spacey, and why he loves playing bad guys Haley Joel Osment thought he was finished for the day. It was 1998 and the 10-year-old was shooting The Sixth […]

Salman Rushdie: ‘My closest brush with the law? During the 1990s, when I needed police protection’

The author on Johnny Depp, bad dentistry and surviving Covid-19 Born in India, Sir Salman Rushdie, 73, worked as an advertising copywriter after leaving university. His second book, Midnight’s Children, won the Booker prize in 1981, and was named the Best of the Booker in 2008. His fourth novel, The Satanic Verses, was published in […]

Robert F Kennedy’s funeral train by Paul Fusco – in pictures

The Magnum photographer Paul Fusco has died aged 90. Fusco covered stories ranging from police brutality in New York to the long-term effects of the Chernobyl disaster and people living with Aids in California. In 1968 he photographed the spectators lined along the route of Robert F Kennedy’s funeral train from New York to Washington, […]

‘His hatred is infectious’: Tucker Carlson, Trump’s heir apparent and 2024 candidate?

For years, Carlson has stoked racial anxieties and courted white supremacists on his Fox News show – and now, some are speculating he could pick up the pieces if Trump loses The conservative television star Tucker Carlson, whose Fox News program last month became the highest-rated show in the history of cable television, is known […]

Charlie Kaufman: ‘Making people laugh makes me feel validated as a human’

The screenwriter behind Being John Malkovich, Adaptation and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind has written a novel – about a film critic who hates Charlie Kaufman When Charlie Kaufman was seven years old, he knew what he wanted to be when he grew up. He knows because he went as far as to write […]

Fit in my 40s: this tennis ball launcher’s got me running like a jackrabbit | Zoe Williams

It’s a much better workout than a regular game of tennis – it’s tireless, consistent and it doesn’t have feelings In the great list of things I would never have considered without a lockdown, the tennis ball launcher is probably in the top 10. Why have a Slinger Bag when you could have a partner? […]

£450k for trainers: why vintage fashion is the new smart investment

In a booming market for Birkins, Baguettes and ‘Lux Anaconda’ shoes, the traditional auction houses are getting in on the act If you’ve ever complained about the cost of new trainers, consider this. On Friday night, a pair of running shoes sold $162,500 (£132,000) at auction at Sotheby’s in New York. Though these unique spike […]

New York police officer faces charges over apparent chokehold

David Afanador to be arraigned at criminal court in Queens Video shows Afanador with his arm round man’s neck A New York City police officer who was suspended after allegedly putting a man in what authorities said was a banned chokehold now faces criminal charges. Related: Trump administration sent $1.4bn in stimulus checks to dead […]

How Trump and his public health officials diverge on Covid-19

The president and federal health officials often seem to abandon the appearance of unity when it comes to discussing coronavirus Since the White House daily coronavirus briefings ended in April, Donald Trump and his federal public health chiefs often seem to abandon even the appearance of unity on dealing with the pandemic. Their messages have […]

‘People fear what they don’t know’: the battle over ‘wet’ markets, a vital part of culinary culture

Amid the coronavirus, calls have grown to ban the diverse US markets that stock and slaughter live animals. But is that wise? John Harry was in the mood for chicken curry, so he walked two blocks from home to pick out a couple of birds. His destination was a squat warehouse surrounded by auto body […]