Mozzy – Don’t You (feat. June) (1 Up Top Ahk Album)

[Verse 1: Mozzy] You see them back to back Benz’ in the fast lane Concentrated on winning, that’s when the bag came Hella bitches and killers lingering backstage My Latina been killing ’em with the Backpage I provide for the people that got my last name Went broke and fumbled after that task raid It […]

Chip – Honestly (feat. 67) (League Of My Own II Album)

[Intro: TTC Subway Announcer] The next station is Don Mills Don Mills Station [Chorus: Chip] You should be honest, G (you should be honest, G) Honestly, honestly (honestly, honestly) Admit it, you’re onto me (admit it, admit it) Honestly, honestly (honestly, honestly) What made you turn on me? (What made you turn on me?) Honestly, […]

Chip – Amazing Minds (feat. Giggs) (League Of My Own II Album)

[Intro: Chip & Giggs] Yeah, oi turn up my mic a little bit Let me feel the power (SN1) Yeah, yeah, yeah (CM) Yeah (yeah) Aaaah, aaaah We’re inside, what you saying? It’s time [Verse 1: Giggs] Push up the mic, pull out my light, light it Tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, vibsing Man ain’t on […]

Chip – Scene (feat. Jammer, D Double E, Jme, Miraa May & Wiley) (League Of My Own II Album)

[Intro: Wiley] Because, y— d’you know what? That’s a good thing to say because if you say "grime’s dead" Everyone will sorta think "Oh, is grime dead?" Some people who’ll know it ain’t dead will say "No, it’s not dead" Some people will go along and think "Yeah, it is dead" And in that case, […]

2Pac – Fuckin With The Wrong Nigga (Remixes Vol. 2 Album)

Niggas.. fuckin’ with the wrong nigga [Verse 1] My seductive introduction be specific Still elusive, but exclusive’s what I give you when I kick it And I’m still lifted; niggas can’t get with Mr. Wicked Picture me flippin’ my adversaries, gettin’ the dick swiftly Niggas is swingin’ wild, but they styles miss me You can […]

Meek Mill – Organized Chaos (feat. Eearz) (Meekend Music 2 Album)

[Verse 1: Meek Mill] Homies dead and I miss ’em Rest caught up in the system Trayvon Martin in a hoodie, MAC with a fully, I won’t be a victim Pyrex stove in the kitchen Pray the lord gon’ forgive us Go to war with the realest For the love of Benjis, saw it in […]

21 Savage – Nothin New (Issa Album)

[Verse 1] They thought I only rapped about murder and pistols I’m tryna feed my family, I ain’t being political You ain’t givin’ out money then they look at you pitiful You make a couple million, niggas greedy, they envy you Ayy, fuck that other side, we gon’ shoot up your Sprinter I used to […]