‘He wanted to control me completely’: the models who accuse Gérald Marie of sexual assault

Elite Models boss Gérald Marie was one of the most powerful men in fashion. Was he also a sexual predator? As French prosecutors investigate, four women tell their stories for the first time A special investigation by Lucy Osborne In the spring of 1980, Wendy Walsh and her mother flew to Paris from their home […]

Stevie Nicks on art, ageing and attraction: ‘Botox makes it look like you’re in a satanic cult!’

At 72, the singer is still looking for adventure. She talks about her years with Fleetwood Mac, the abortion that made them possible, and her friendship with Harry Styles Stevie Nicks has been taking the pandemic even more seriously than most. She has barely left her home in Los Angeles this year. “My assistant, God […]

Mariah Carey: ‘They’re calling me a diva? I think I’m going to cry!’

A brutal childhood, a traumatic marriage, decades of racism: the singer has overcome it all on her way to the top. She lets rip about the people who have wronged her and the self-belief that sustains her It is a rainy Thursday afternoon and Mariah Carey is talking to me from her home in Los […]

Sarah Paulson: ‘If I’m terrified, I feel compelled to do it’

She runs from bees and hates planes. But with acting, Sarah Paulson is scared of nothing. She talks about her roles in American Horror Story and Ratched – and about her ‘creative marriage’ with screenwriter Ryan Murphy I got a report yesterday saying it was up by…” Sarah Paulson pauses, weighing up whether she wants […]

Depressed and with my income gone, one simple question saved me

Author Jennifer Pastiloff on how an Instagram post sparked an outpouring of generosity that helped turn her world around It’s 2020 and finally I am making money, I said into my whiskey in February at a restaurant in Portland, where I was meeting friends after my flight landed. We were toasting the new-ish year before […]

The big picture: when all roads led to LA

Photographer Dotan Saguy captures an American family’s existence in a former school bus More than 16,000 people in Los Angeles live in cars, vans and buses. Some are part of the “schoolie” movement, families who have bought an old school bus and converted it into a mobile home. Photographer Dotan Saguy met Ismael and Greice […]

Karen Bass: the progressive congresswoman who could be Biden’s vice-president

The Los Angeles representative, a top contender to be Biden’s running mate, is respected by both Democratic and Republican colleagues In Karen Bass’s home state, colleagues across the political spectrum sing her praises. Most of America is just getting to know the 66-year-old congresswoman from Los Angeles who in recent weeks emerged as a top […]

Detail arrested: Grammy-winning producer faces 15 counts of sexual assault

Detail, who produced Beyoncé and Jay-Z hit Drunk in Love, being held on nearly $6.3m bail for alleged crimes between 2010 and 2018 The Grammy award-winning music producer Detail was arrested Wednesday on more than a dozen charges of sexual assault, authorities said. The 41-year-old producer, known for producing hits for R&B and hip-hop acts, […]

Embracing change: pandemic forces professional cuddlers to get creative

Social distancing nixed a calming practice based on physical touch, forcing practitioners and clients to find a virtual option When Jean Franzblau, the founder of Cuddle Sanctuary in Los Angeles, first heard of a contagious virus spreading across the globe in March, she set stringent policies for all participants: wash your hands the moment you […]

‘I grew a beard to try to hide in public’: Haley Joel Osment on success after child stardom

His role as a cherubic 10-year-old with a classic catchphrase made him world famous. He talks about how he coped with the early attention, working with Kevin Spacey, and why he loves playing bad guys Haley Joel Osment thought he was finished for the day. It was 1998 and the 10-year-old was shooting The Sixth […]

Yori, London WC2: ‘Like a boxer refinding their feet’ – restaurant review | Grace Dent on restaurants

The very idea of Yori’s spring onion pancake helped me through at least 80 days of incarceration Pre-lockdown, Yori on Panton Street near Piccadilly in London was one of my favourite solo hideouts: low-key, dimly lit, dependably good. This now mini-chain positions itself as a Korean gogi gui grill spot, where diners cook their own […]

LA’s mask factories shut down as hundreds of workers get sick

Outbreaks have hit factories including LA Apparel, ordered to shut down amid 300 cases and four deaths Francisco Tzul has worked in the Los Angeles garment industry for eight years, sewing clothing on cramped factory floors and struggling to get by on low wages. An undocumented immigrant from Guatemala, Tzul found himself out of work […]

Beyoncé, Coachella 2018: a rich tapestry of black cultural excellence

Beginning a new series celebrating 20 iconic festival sets across history while 2020’s festival season is cancelled, we go back to Beyoncé’s superhuman desert session If Beyoncé’s fanbase, the Beyhive, is something of a cult, then her live performances are their holy pilgrimage. Although I had been on three previously, in Boston, Amsterdam and London, […]

Haim: Women in Music Pt III review – their most direct album yet

(Polydor)Dark events of the sisters’ recent past inform their revelatory third album on which garage and louche funk combine with west-coast rock A certain lightness has always played about the work of Haim, the three multi-instrumentalist sisters from Los Angeles. Even as their two critically acclaimed albums, indebted to R&B and soft rock, often riffed […]

‘It’s not about bad apples’: how US police reforms have failed to stop brutality and violence

Body cameras, bias training and other popular initiatives have not addressed systemic problems. Abolitionists say defunding is the only way forward New York banned chokeholds. Seattle required de-escalation training. Los Angeles restricted shooting at moving vehicles. But those reforms did not stop police from killing Eric Garner, Charleena Lyles or Ryan Twyman, who died when […]

Spiky, hairy, shiny: LA abuzz with insect discoveries – in pictures

Since 2014, entomologists have sampled millions of insects around the city, identifying 800 species, including 47 new to science. The most striking of Los Angeles’ miniature inhabitants are showcased in an online exhibition of photographs taken using a special digital microscope All photographs by Lisa Gonzalez Continue reading…

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan: ‘Wearing a sari on Never Have I Ever made me feel really special’

The 18-year-old star of the Netflix comedy-drama on society’s beauty standards and the joy of bringing Tamil dress to mainstream TV I wore this look for my first press junket in Los Angeles to promote Never Have I Ever. It’s part of Nike’s Michael Jordan line for women. As soon as I saw it, I […]

A portrait of American crime by Gordon Parks – in pictures

Photographer Gordon Parks took a six-week journey throughout the US, from New York to Chicago to San Francisco to Los Angeles, to portray an unseen picture of crime in the country for Life Magazine in 1957. His pictures are being published by Steidl in a new book The Atmosphere of Crime Continue reading…

Lil Dicky on Dave: ‘Everything the show says about my penis is true’

The hit sitcom about a white Jewish rapper in the world of hip-hop takes male insecurity to profound levels. Its star Dave Burd, AKA Lil Dicky, reveals where it all comes from ‘I couldn’t ignore this thing that was the driving force of my childhood and my neuroticism,” Dave Burd tells me over the phone […]

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s lockdown listening: ‘Doing handstands, that’s the time for music’

The LA ambient composer shares what she’s been listening to while upside down, from Caribou to Zimbabwean polyrhythms I live in Los Angeles with my husband in a quiet neighbourhood that looks out on the Verdugo Hills. One of our best friends lives right behind us, so we have daily balcony conversations with them; I’m […]

People opened up because I’m the Beavis and Butt-head guy’: Mike Judge on his new funk direction

The writer-director’s comedies – from Office Space to Silicon Valley – always sum up the spirit of their times. So why has he made an LSD-soaked cartoon about George Clinton and Bootsy Collins? Few writer-directors have been as consistent and ruthless at capturing the moment as Mike Judge, although he never actually intends to do […]

Erased from utopia: the hidden history of LA’s black and brown resistance

In an extract from Set the Night on Fire: LA in the Sixties, Mike Davis and Jon Wiener look past the sun and surf to a radical fight for equality and justice In August 1965, thousands of young Black people in Watts set fire to the illusion that Los Angeles was a youth paradise. Since […]

Pollution hotspots home to people of color hit hardest by coronavirus in US

Polluted neighbourhoods in cities such as Los Angeles, Houston, Newark, Detroit, and the Navajo Nation are among the country’s worst virus hot-spots, a Guardian analysis found The coronavirus pandemic is hitting hard in America’s most vulnerable communitiesalready burdened by toxic industries and environmental pollution . Experts warn that this elevates the risk of developing complications […]

‘Mostly empty’: Covid-19 has nearly shut down world’s busiest airport

Hartsfield-Jackson international airport, Georgia’s largest employer, has seen a huge loss of revenue and passengers Coronavirus – latest US updates Coronavirus – latest global updates See all our coronavirus coverage Greensboro, North Carolina: cancelled. Houston-Bush, Texas: cancelled. Los Angeles, California: cancelled. Milwaukee, Wisconsin: cancelled. The departure board at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson international airport’s updates with cancellations […]

Harvey Weinstein faces new sexual assault charge in Los Angeles

Prosecutors accuse film producer, serving 23-year sentence in New York, of sexual battery by restraint in 2010 incident Los Angeles prosecutors have filed a new sexual assault charge against Harvey Weinstein, the film producer serving a 23-year prison sentence in New York for rape. The LA district attorney’s office, which filed its original case in […]

Tommy Chong: ‘We were always high. That was the job’

How does half of stoner duo Cheech and Chong cope with coronavirus lockdown? Fine – thanks to drugs, his wife and the experience of nine months in prison for selling bong pipes Tommy Chong has got the munchies. It’s early afternoon in locked-down LA, and last night he was on the pot cookies. “My wife, […]

LA Originals: a Netflix documentary about an influential hip-hop duo

Estevan Oriol and Mister Cartoon talk about a new film focusing on their ascension within the star-studded LA hip-hop world after a chance meeting in 1992 It’s 1992, and two lowriders walk into a Penthouse Players record release party at the Hollywood Athletic Club. They did not arrive together, but as two of the only […]