‘The horror stories are countless’: inside the LA hospital at the center of the Covid crisis

Los Angeles sees a person infected every six seconds. In a predominantly Latino neighborhood, Martin Luther King Jr community hospital faces ‘a sea of illness’ Husbands and wives, twin brothers in their 20s, parents and their children. Family members are turning up one after another at Martin Luther King Jr community hospital (MLKCH) in South […]

‘I never want to get too mean’: Benito Skinner on his savage viral parodies

His impressions of everyone from Grimes to the Kardashians have won him a huge audience – but they’re meant with love The last thing you would expect from a Gen Z comedian whose livelihood relies on being web-savvy is poor Zoom etiquette. Yet when 27-year-old Benito Skinner, AKA Benny Drama, finally appears on screen from […]

West Wing cast reunites for special performance to promote voting drive

Re-staging of 2002 episode, shot at theater in LA, reunites show’s stars in support of organization When We All Vote Fourteen years after the final episode of the West Wing aired, and as a real-life race for the White House enters its final weeks, the stars of the beloved political drama have reunited for a […]

The Killers: Imploding the Mirage review – Boss business as usual

(Virgin EMI)Brandon Flowers is in Springsteen territory again in an engaging, if bombastic collection The thing that strikes you as unusual about the latest Killers album is that it sounds just like a Killers album. It’s all here: the boosterish anthemics that rise, soar and then find another gear; the swagger of Springsteen cutting some […]

The big picture: when all roads led to LA

Photographer Dotan Saguy captures an American family’s existence in a former school bus More than 16,000 people in Los Angeles live in cars, vans and buses. Some are part of the “schoolie” movement, families who have bought an old school bus and converted it into a mobile home. Photographer Dotan Saguy met Ismael and Greice […]

Miss J Alexander: ‘I’ve been comfortable in my own skin since birth’

The former America’s Next Top Model judge and catwalk coach talks big bows, the power of Pride and a surreal meeting with Imelda Marcos in Manila This jolly outfit, which I wore to the Oscars last year, was very simple. I found the opera coat on the floor in the Savannah College of Art and […]

Penny Dreadful writer John Logan on cultural appropriation: ‘writers have to dream freely’

The writer of Gladiator on the importance of diversity in the writers’ room and how LA’s history fuelled his new series, City of Angels A city planning document might not seem like a promising place to find inspiration for a new season of a fantasy horror series – but John Logan, the Tony winning, Oscar-nominated […]

Spiky, hairy, shiny: LA abuzz with insect discoveries – in pictures

Since 2014, entomologists have sampled millions of insects around the city, identifying 800 species, including 47 new to science. The most striking of Los Angeles’ miniature inhabitants are showcased in an online exhibition of photographs taken using a special digital microscope All photographs by Lisa Gonzalez Continue reading…

Erased from utopia: the hidden history of LA’s black and brown resistance

In an extract from Set the Night on Fire: LA in the Sixties, Mike Davis and Jon Wiener look past the sun and surf to a radical fight for equality and justice In August 1965, thousands of young Black people in Watts set fire to the illusion that Los Angeles was a youth paradise. Since […]

Pell – Chirpin’

I don’t need much but I want it all, answer my phone when the money call I’m chirpin’ I’m chirpin’ I’m chirpin’ I’m chirpin’ I’m chirpin’ I’m chirpin’ Need to get off of the internet, searching for something more intimate I’m closing up all of the curtains, and hiding way under the surface I’m chirpin’ […]

Charlie Puth – Attention (David Guetta Remix)

[Instrumental] [Intro] Woah-oah, hm-hmm [Verse 1] You’ve been runnin’ ’round, runnin’ ’round, runnin’ ’round Throwin’ that dirt all on my name ‘Cause you knew that I, knew that I, knew that I’d Call you up You’ve been going ’round, going ’round, going ’round Every party in LA ‘Cause you knew that I, knew that I, […]