Civilians killed in deadliest Kabul attack since US withdrawal

Islamic State suspected of carrying out bombing outside mosque in Afghan capital At least five civilians have been killed in a bomb blast at the entrance to a Kabul mosque on Sunday, a Taliban official said, the deadliest attack in the Afghan capital since US forces left at the end of August. There was no […]

Inside the CIA’s secret Kabul base, burned out and abandoned in haste

A Taliban commander invited the media to inspect the site where America plotted killing raids and tortured prisoners The cars, minibuses and armoured vehicles that the CIA used to run its shadow war in Afghanistan had been lined up and incinerated beyond identification before the Americans left. Below their ashy grey remains, pools of molten […]

‘I don’t know where to go’: uncertain fate of the women in Kabul’s shelters

Women in refuges have been sent home to their abusers or to prison since the Taliban takeover. Those in the few shelters still open fear what lies ahead Zari was seven years old when her parents died, forcing her to move in with her uncle. But when he died four years later, his two widows […]

‘I pleaded for help. No one wrote back’: the pain of watching my country fall to the Taliban

As the fighters advanced on Kabul, it was civilians who mobilised to help with the evacuation. In the absence of a plan, the hardest decisions fell on inexperienced volunteers, and the stress began to tell In the weeks before Kabul fell, my mind was strangely calm. There is a moment just before the world falls […]

Fears grow for photojournalist arrested by Taliban as executions resume

Taliban deny Morteza Samadi, 21, has been sentenced to death but family concerned for his safety after he was detained while covering women’s protests in Herat Fears are growing for a photojournalist who has been detained by the Taliban for more than three weeks after being arrested while covering the women’s protests in Herat. Morteza […]

US Afghanistan withdrawal a ‘logistical success but strategic failure’, Milley says

General and other military leaders in heated cross-examination Milley defends loyalty to country and rejects suggestion to quit The withdrawal from Afghanistan and the evacuation of Kabul was “a logistical success but a strategic failure,” the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff has told the Senate. Gen Mark Milley gave the stark assessment at […]

‘We buried our sportswear’: Afghan women fear fight is over for martial arts

Female taekwondo and karate trainers are forced to practise in secret since the Taliban takeover and fear they may never compete again On the morning of 15 August, when the Taliban were at the gates of Kabul, Soraya, a martial arts trainer in the Afghan capital, woke up with a sense of dread. “It was […]

Zahra Joya: the Afghan reporter who fled the Taliban – and kept telling the truth about women

As a child in Afghanistan, she pretended to be a boy in order to get an education, before starting her own women’s news agency. Now living in Britain, her fight continues Just over a month ago, Zahra Joya left her house in Kabul to walk to her office, as she had been doing every day. […]

One month in Kabul under Taliban rule– a photo essay

Photojournalist Stefanie Glinski reports from Kabul on the events of the past four weeks and the capital’s new rulers Above its tightly clustered houses and peaks of the Hindu Kush mountains, Kabul’s blue skies were once dotted with countless colourful kites, flown by children from the hilltops or their rooftops. Since the Taliban took the […]

Kabul government’s female workers told to stay at home by Taliban

Only those who cannot be replaced by men may remain, in further sign of Taliban’s hardline rule over Afghans Female employees in the Kabul city government have been told to stay home, with work only allowed for those who cannot be replaced by men, the interim mayor of Afghanistan’s capital said on Sunday, detailing the […]

Afghan women stage protest in Kabul after Taliban crack down on women’s rights – video report

More than a dozen women staged a protest in Kabul on Sunday, holding up signs calling for the participation of women in public life. The protest came as female government employees in Kabul were told to stay home, with work only allowed for those who cannot be replaced by men. The order was given by […]

US admits Kabul strike killed 10 civilians and not Islamic State militants

Gen Kenneth McKenzie says ‘it was a mistake’ and that it was unlikely those who died posed a direct threat to US forces A US drone strike in Afghanistan last month killed 10 civilians – including seven children – and not an Islamic State extremist as first claimed, the Pentagon has admitted. In a briefing […]

Boris Johnson flies to New York to tighten transatlantic ties after strained summer

PM will hope signing of this week’s Aukus deal will help the allies move on from the chaos of Kabul Boris Johnson will fly to New York this weekend for his first foreign trip since the Covid pandemic, hoping to cement his relationship with the US president, Joe Biden, after a rocky summer marred by […]

US military admits Kabul strike killed 10 civilians and no Islamic State fighters – live

Admission marks reversal for Pentagon, which initially defended strike General says calls to Chinese counterpart ‘perfectly within the duties’ Far-right groups tell supporters planned rally is a government ‘trap’ Biden criticized over crowded migrant camp near Del Rio, Texas Sign up to receive First Thing – our daily briefing by email 10.17pm BST Hello everyone, […]

‘He saw the panic’: the Afghan men who fell from the US jet

One was a young footballer, another a dentist. Their shocking deaths haunt the families who could not stop their desperate bids to escape When Zaki Anwari scaled the fence of Kabul airport, he was determined to escape. The 17-year-old footballer with the Afghan national youth team had taken a break from studying maths for his […]

Dozens more female footballers and family members escape Afghanistan

Pakistan football federation helps them to flee across border National team players and youth players among those to get out More than 96 female footballers and their family members have fled across the border of Afghanistan to Pakistan with the help of the Pakistan football federation. The evacuation comes just over two weeks after the […]

Afghan refugees in UK quarantine hotels treated like ‘prisoners’

Afghans evacuated to UK say they have been left in quarantine conditions longer than necessary Afghans evacuated to the UK feel like prisoners after being left trapped in quarantine conditions longer than necessary, several of them have told the Guardian, prompting concern about their human rights and wellbeing. Thousands of officials and military personnel who […]

US drone strike mistakenly targeted Afghan aid worker, investigation finds

Zemari Ahmadi, who died alongside nine others had no connection to terrorism, a New York Times investigation suggested The US mistakenly targeted and killed an innocent aid worker for an American company in a drone strike in Afghanistan, the New York Times suggested in an investigation into the country’s final military action of the recently […]

‘They will kill you’: a future leader of Afghanistan on the price he paid for freedom

Mohammad Zaman Khadimi was forced to make an impossible choice as he fled the Taliban for sanctuary in Australia On an August morning, Mohammad Zaman Khadimi walked out of class and into a world entirely changed. “I heard the news that the Taliban were coming,” he says. “They had captured Herat and Lashkar Gah and […]

The Guardian view on the 20th anniversary of 9/11: no end in sight | Editorial

The devastating al-Qaida attack, and America’s response, had far-reaching consequences which are still developing A new and deadly era began when the planes sliced into the twin towers on the morning of 11 September 2001. That evening, the historian Tony Judt wrote that he had seen the 21st century begin. The nearly 3,000 lives stolen […]

Last member of Afghanistan’s Jewish community leaves country

Zebulon Simentov endured decades of war but was warned he might be kidnapped or killed by IS The last member of Afghanistan’s Jewish community has left the country. Zebulon Simentov, who lived in a dilapidated synagogue in Kabul, kept kosher and prayed in Hebrew, endured decades of war as the country’s centuries-old Jewish community rapidly […]

What’s next for American foreign policy?

Anniversary of 9/11 and fall of Kabul trigger questions over US interventionism The 20th anniversary of 9/11 and its fallout was always going to be a moment of deep soul searching about what has been lost and learned. But the retrospective, until a few weeks ago, risked having a historical, even sepia, quality as the […]

Four men arrested over violence at Kabul women’s rights march, say Taliban

Spokesman says men ‘mistreated the women and a reporter’ but tells Afghans it is ‘not a time for protest’ The Taliban have arrested four men who hit protesters and held journalists at gunpoint to break up a women’s rights’ demonstration in Kabul on Saturday, the spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said. The demonstration came amid fierce fighting […]

Second Afghan evacuee boy dies in Poland after eating toxic mushrooms

Six-year-old pronounced dead a day after his younger brother also died after eating soup made from death cap mushrooms A second child of an Afghan family evacuated from Kabul to Poland has died after eating soup containing death cap mushrooms, which the family had unknowingly gathered in a forest outside their quarantine centre. The six-year-old […]

Angelina Jolie: ‘I just want my family to heal’

The actor opens up about why her divorce from Brad Pitt is a human rights issue, escaping Harvey Weinstein and what young activists have taught her • ‘People try to stop us speaking up’ – Jolie meets inspirational young campaigners Angelina Jolie sits at a desk, back straight as a rule and rather regal. Her […]

One out of 125 embassy guards promised help to leave Afghanistan made it to UK

Exclusive: Foreign Office said guards would be given right to come to Britain, but evacuation attempt failed Just one of the team of 125 British embassy guards who were promised help to leave Afghanistan by the Foreign Office has made it to the UK. Faiz is in quarantine in a London hotel, relieved to be […]

If he wasn’t Johnson’s fall guy, Raab would be up the creek without a paddleboard | Marina Hyde

With questions mounting about the PM’s grip, he’ll be holding the hapless foreign secretary close this autumn According to the movies, a dead body can be used as a pretty much bulletproof human shield. You know the kind of scene. Under heavy attack, a character grabs the nearest corpse to hand and holds it in […]

UK defence secretary suggests US is no longer a superpower

Ben Wallace also contrasts his department’s handling of Afghanistan crisis with Foreign Office response Ben Wallace, Britain’s defence secretary, suggested the US could no longer be considered a superpower in an interview where he also contrasted his department’s handling of the Afghanistan crisis with that of the embattled Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office. The pointed […]