Joe Biden leads tributes to ‘dear friend’ and ‘patriot’ Colin Powell

Political leaders from Tony Blair to Dick Cheney praise the former soldier and diplomat in the wake of his death from Covid Tributes poured in for former Republican secretary of state Colin Powell after the announcement of his death on Monday morning at the age of 84. Leading praise from the US and around the […]

Biden says $3.5tn infrastructure bill provides a ‘blue-collar blueprint’ – live

Bill will ‘get America back in the game and gives our workers a chance’ Debt ceiling deadline looms as Washington stalemate grinds on Whistleblower: Facebook harms children and is damaging democracy Sign up to receive First Thing – our daily briefing by email Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer is drawing a line in the sand […]

Pelosi shifts infrastructure bill deadline to 31 October amid Biden frustration

Speaker writes to House Democrats insisting that they will pass both bipartisan bill and wider social and environmental package The House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, has set a new deadline for the House to pass a major infrastructure spending bill after a week of negotiations left Joe Biden’s social and environmental policy overhaul plan in a […]

‘We’re going to get it done’: Biden vows to break impasse after Capitol Hill talks

President meets Democrats with domestic agenda in jeopardy Hopes of truce dashed after moderate condemns Pelosi’s tactics Joe Biden has made a rare visit to Capitol Hill to meet privately with House Democrats amid a stalemate that has put his sprawling domestic agenda in jeopardy. Pledging to “get it done” after days of frantic negotiations […]

Biden upbeat on rare Capitol Hill visit but domestic agenda hangs in jeopardy

President meets Democrats for talks and insists ‘it doesn’t matter whether it’s six minutes or six weeks – we’re going to get it done’ Democrats returned to the Capitol on Friday deeply divided but determined to make progress on Joe Biden’s ambitious economic vision, after an embarrassing setback delayed a planned vote on a related […]

Fate of Biden’s economic agenda at stake as House faces crucial vote

Biden cancels trip as Democrats seek unity over two key bills, with vote on infrastructure measure due on Thursday Democrats are on the verge of a make-or-break moment that will determine the fate of Joe Biden’s ambitious economic agenda, as they rush to bridge the internal divisions threatening to derail passage of the sweeping $3.5tn […]

Colbert on Arizona audit: ‘They hired Maga fans, and even they couldn’t say No 45 won’

Late-night hosts talk Arizona’s GOP-led election ‘audit’, which reaffirmed Biden’s win, and Rudy Giuliani’s Fox News issues Stephen Colbert mocked the humiliating conclusion of a partisan effort to overturn the 2020 election in Arizona, which concluded on Friday by reaffirming Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump by 360 more votes than initially reported. Continue reading…

Biden receives vaccine ‘booster’ as confusion continues over third dose

President receives public Covid jab after FDA and CDC carved out fewer categories than he hoped of Americans eligible for third dose How the US vaccine effort derailed At the White House on Monday, Joe Biden donned a black surgical mask, rolled his shirt sleeve to his shoulder and received a third dose of the […]

Pelosi: Biden spending plan, infrastructure deal and funding ‘must pass’ next week

Speaker sends letter to party at mercy of warring factions One reporter observes: ‘Well, this is raising the stakes’ In a letter to Democrats on Saturday the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, set her sights high, saying Joe Biden’s $3.5tn spending package, a bipartisan infrastructure deal worth $1tn and a measure to expand government funding “must […]

McConnell won’t rule out blocking Biden supreme court pick

Senate minority leader says he will ‘cross those bridges when I get there’ as expert says court may have reached a ‘turning point’ At the end of a week in which Mitch McConnell refused to rule out blocking a Joe Biden supreme court pick if Republicans take the Senate next year, an expert said the […]

House Democrats vote to establish federal right to abortion

Women’s Health and Protection Act is part of strategy to push back against rush of state laws but unlikely to advance in Senate House Democrats voted on Friday to establish a federal right to abortion, moving swiftly to advance the measure after the supreme court declined to stop a Texas law effectively outlawing the procedure […]

US to donate an additional 500m Covid vaccines to poorer countries, says Biden

US president outlines plan at Covid summit, bringing America’s global donation to over 1.1bn doses amid backlash over boosters Joe Biden has announced that the US will donate an additional 500m Covid-19 vaccines to low- and middle-income countries around the world, bringing America’s total global donation to more than 1.1bn doses. The US president outlined […]

Britain’s hopes of early post-Brexit trade deal with US appear dashed

Little likelihood of progress on free-trade agreement as Biden focuses attention elsewhere, say insiders Britain’s hopes of a post-Brexit trade deal with the US have all but evaporated barring a dramatic change of heart from Joe Biden, it emerged on Tuesday as Boris Johnson held face-to-face talks in the White House. Johnson once regarded a […]

US has ‘no closer ally than Australia’, Biden says after Aukus pact

US president and Australian PM welcome new security ties after deal that has infuriated France Joe Biden and the Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, have welcomed their new security ties after last week’s announcement that Washington would provide Canberra with advanced technology for nuclear-powered submarines as part of trilateral deal with the UK. “The United […]

From climate to Covid rules: how Johnson and Biden match up

Analysis: the two leaders have found common ground in some areas, though dividing lines remain On Boris Johnson’s first trip to meet Joe Biden in Washington, the prime minister was on a charm offensive as he attempts to nurture the special relationship despite their political differences. Biden has been sceptical about Johnson, partly because of […]

Boris Johnson to address Amazon’s tax record with Jeff Bezos on US visit

PM is making three-day trip during which he will give speech to UN general assembly and hold talks with Joe Biden at White House Boris Johnson plans to press Amazon boss Jeff Bezos on the tech giant’s tax record when the pair meet face to face in New York on Monday, Downing Street has said. […]

Republicans overplayed their hand in California – and Democrats are laughing | Lloyd Green

Larry Elder just discovered that his brand appeals to a tiny fraction of voters. Republican governors in Texas and Florida may learn similar lessons On Tuesday, Gavin Newsom, California’s embattled governor, convincingly beat back a Republican-driven recall effort. Once projected to be a nail-biter, the contest degenerated into a nearly 30-point blowout. Indeed, Newsom may […]

Joe Biden has ‘great confidence’ in top general Milley after Trump revelation

The chair of the joint chiefs of staff sought to prevent the former president from ‘going rogue’, according to new Woodward book • US politics – follow live Joe Biden threw his weight behind the top US military officer on Wednesday, saying he had “great confidence” in the general who, according to a new book, […]

Lives lost, poverty, an arms race, rights destroyed … the continuing cost of 9/11

The US has now spent $8 trillion over 20 years in its response to the attacks. But the true price has been more than financial Successive US administrations since 2001 have spent $8tn – that’s to say $8,000bn or $8 million million – on what George Bush, its progenitor, termed the “global war on terror”. […]

Republican backlash against Biden’s Covid vaccine mandate grows

Asa Hutchinson calls directive ‘unprecedented assumption of federal mandate authority’ as other governors threaten to sue The political sparring match over Joe Biden’s new vaccine mandate continued on Sunday with one Republican governor blasting the measure as “counterproductive” and the White House insisting it was necessary to end the coronavirus pandemic. Related: Northern Idaho’s anti-government […]

Joe Manchin insists he ‘can’t vote for’ $3.5tn spending bill

Moderate Democrat who is the Senate swing vote says cost is too high and efforts to speed bill’s passage too hasty Joe Manchin, the moderate Democrat standing in the way of Joe Biden’s signature $3.5tn spending bill, insisted again on Sunday he would not support the package, declaring the price tag too high and White […]

The Taliban takeover must not mean the end of international aid to Afghanistan | Christopher de Bellaigue

A humanitarian crisis looms unless Americans and Europeans continue to fund the projects keeping Afghans from oblivion Leaving is the easy bit. It’s the looking back that hurts. There was – as Joe Biden pointed out when announcing America’s defeat at the hands of the Taliban on 31 August – nothing “low-grade or low-risk or […]

Biden withdraws pick to run firearms agency after NRA pressure

• David Chipman is 25-year veteran of federal firearms agency • NRA hails withdrawal of nomination as ‘critical win’ Joe Biden said in a Thursday afternoon statement that he was no longer proposing David Chipman, a 25-year veteran of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) who has worked to tighten gun laws, […]

Biden to visit New York and New Jersey reeling from deadly storms

Bipartisan voices vow to upgrade aging US infrastructure network that is deteriorating even as storms are strengthening Joe Biden will visit New York and New Jersey on Tuesday as the states reel from last week’s deadly storms and lawmakers urged for fresh spending on stronger infrastructure to combat the climate crisis. Shaken by haunting images […]

Britain must rediscover the will to lead on global issues | Tobias Ellwood

The withdrawal from Afghanistan is folly and has highlighted glaring faults in Whitehall “The war in Afghanistan is over,” proclaimed Joe Biden. How wrong he will be proved to be. This was never a baseball game that simply folds when we all walk away, yet that is how Biden sold it to his fellow Americans, […]

Joe Biden tells FBI to release files on 9/11 investigation – and possible Saudi links

• Order responds to call by victims’ families suing Riyadh • Full record to be released over six months after review Joe Biden has announced the wholesale review and declassification of files from the investigation into the 9/11 attack, in response to intense pressure from Congress and victims’ families currently suing Saudi Arabia. Related: ‘A […]

Republicans in six states rush to mimic Texas anti-abortion law

North Dakota, South Dakota, Mississippi, Indiana, Arkansas and Florida eye similar measures to new Texas ban after six weeks Republican leaders in as many as six US states are rushing to follow the lead of Texas in adopting an extreme abortion ban that critics, including Joe Biden, have slammed as unconstitutional and built to encourage […]

‘Climate crisis is here’ says Biden in week of storms, floods and wildfires

The president warned that ‘we need to act now’ as trail of destruction blighted west, south and north-east The widespread destruction caused by extreme weather coast to coast, with Hurricane Ida spreading devastation from Louisiana to New York while record wildfires scorch California, prompted Joe Biden to level with America this week, saying it was […]

Biden condemns US supreme court’s ‘unprecedented assault’ on abortion rights

President denounces justices for failing to block Texas ban Vows to ‘ensure woman have access to safe and legal abortions’ Joe Biden condemned the US supreme court on Thursday, saying it had delivered “an unprecedented assault on a woman’s constitutional right” in a rebuke of its decision not to consider a Texas law that effectively […]

Has Covid ended the neoliberal era? | Adam Tooze

The year 2020 exposed the risks and weaknesses of the market-driven global system like never before. It’s hard to avoid the sense that a turning point has been reached If one word could sum up the experience of 2020, it would be disbelief. Between Xi Jinping’s public acknowledgment of the coronavirus outbreak on 20 January […]