How will Trump pass ‘nuclear football’ to Biden if he’s not at swearing-in?

Physical transfer of brief case containing nuclear attack plans has become part of inauguration ritual It is a responsibility that has passed to every president since John F Kennedy – the custody of the so called “nuclear football” – the hardened brief case that is handed over on the day of the inauguration of new […]

Biden’s plan to wear Ralph Lauren fits inauguration’s sober, unshowy tone

Fashion brand reported to be dressing the president-elect, a move that would subtly signal a distancing from the Trump era Joe Biden is being dressed by the fashion brand Ralph Lauren for his presidential inauguration on 20 January, according to Women’s Wear Daily, in a move that has prompted a round of speculation about his […]

How Trump supporters are radicalised by the far right

A move by extremists to the encrypted Telegram app from Parler makes it harder to track where the next attack could come from Far right “playbooks” teaching white nationalists how to recruit and radicalise Trump supporters have surfaced on the encrypted messaging app Telegram ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration. The documents, seen by the Observer, […]

North Korea set for collision course with US as Kim Jong-un solidifies one-man rule

Analysis: Congress gathering ends with Kim taking symbolic post of general secretary and a warning the US needs a fresh strategy A rare meeting of North Korea’s ruling party has ended with a symbolically important new title for the country’s leader, Kim Jong-un, speculation about the future of his influential sister, and a shot across […]

‘You can’t lose a single vote’: can Biden navigate the 50-50 Senate?

Each senator will wield an inordinate amount of power and is likely to prove a tricky challenge for the incoming president Democrats may have reclaimed control of the Senate with two victories in Georgia but their majority is slim and will herald an era where every senator wields an inordinate amount of power over the […]

How a mob of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol – visual guide

A detailed recap of the six hours in Washington DC that shook US democracy 11.50am Donald Trump addresses a crowd of thousands of supporters whom he has encouraged to come to Washington on the day of the planned congressional certification of Joe Biden’s victory in November’s presidential election. Continue reading…

Facts won’t fix this: experts on how to fight America’s disinformation crisis

Trump’s false claims about the election and coronavirus are taking a dangerous toll. Can the divide be healed? At the beginning of 2021, millions of Americans appear to disagree about one of the most basic facts of their democracy: that Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election. The consequences of Donald Trump’s repeated, baseless claims […]

How tough will Joe Biden be on the US shale industry?

The president-elect plans to reduce incentives for fracking, but has stopped short of a ban The result of the US election has cast a long shadow across the US shale heartlands. Joe Biden wants to make the climate crisis his top priority, sparking real hope for global efforts to avert an environmental catastrophe and real […]

Georgia Senate runoff elections: a guide for non-Americans on how they work and why they matter

The two runoffs on 5 January will decide whether the Republicans continue to control the Senate, with profound implications for Joe Biden’s presidency On 5 January the US state of Georgia will vote, again, on who to send to the Senate. The control of the Senate is up for grabs, and thus the prospects for […]

Cyber-attack is brutal reminder of the Russia problem facing Joe Biden

Analysis: new president must find a way to contain such hyper-aggressive behaviour from Moscow It is Joe Biden’s biggest foreign policy headache. As well as confronting the Covid pandemic, the president-elect has to deal with a more familiar problem: Russia. Moscow’s meddling in the 2016 US presidential election cast a shadow over US politics for […]

The US election’s ‘safe harbor’ deadline is here. What does that mean for Biden?

If states have resolved disputes, their electoral votes now qualify as ‘conclusive’ – but Republicans could still shake voter confidence While Donald Trump continues to falsely insist he won the 2020 race, Tuesday marks an important deadline further cementing that Joe Biden will be inaugurated as America’s 46th president on 20 January. This year, 8 […]

Biden mulls options in case Republicans try to block cabinet picks

Transition team plans for possibility that Senate Republicans – depending on Georgia runoff contests – may aim to stonewall Joe Biden has had a fairly smooth cabinet appointment process so far, but there are rumblings that it could get choppier, and speculation that the Democratic president-elect may take a leaf out of the Donald Trump […]

Julia Louis-Dreyfus suggests Veep could return to TV screens

Star says cast and crew have ‘certainly discussed’ return Showrunner David Mandel says ‘I think anything is possible’ The award-winning political satire Veep could return to TV screens, star Julia Louis-Dreyfus and showrunner Dave Mandel said, once Joe Biden returns the US to a “baseline of normalcy” after four years under Donald Trump. Related: I […]

Beating the anti-vaxxers: how star power can help squash vaccine myths

Analysis: Vaccine hesitancy is growing, thanks in part to social media misinformation. Time for the Elvis approach? The statement by the US president-elect, Joe Biden, that he would be happy to be publicly vaccinated against coronavirus to encourage people to follow suit – following similar pledges from Barack Obama, George W Bush and Bill Clinton […]

Biden bids to placate the left as he builds centrist transition team

The president-elect has brought in a mix of experience and diversity – but more telling is who Biden hasn’t appointed So far, Joe Biden has avoided one of the biggest potential pitfalls of the transition process that will end with him moving into the White House: infuriating the left wing of the Democratic party. Related: […]

How Trump is destroying the presidential transition process

What does Biden lose from the president’s refusal to acknowledge defeat? Crucial time needed to fill positions and prevent serious national security risks Having lost the election, as well as dozens of post-election challenges, Donald Trump’s ongoing refusal to admit defeat is still doing damage Joe Biden’s transition to power. Related: ‘Mini desk. Tiny hands. […]

Maine’s lobstermen and women hope Biden can boost fortunes

Like the state, fishers for crustaceans are politically split but all crave stability: ‘Chaos is the enemy of the lobster industry’ This may be the week when most Americans are gobbling turkey at Thanksgiving, but Maine’s lobstermen and women are looking ahead to 2021 and figure they might get on a roll with Joe Biden. […]

Antony Blinken: Biden’s secretary of state nominee is sharp break with Trump era

A born internationalist, Blinken will seek to soothe the frayed nerves of western allies Joe Biden to nominate Antony Blinken as US secretary of state After reports first emerged on Sunday night that Antony Blinken would be secretary of state in the Biden administration, one interview from his past began circulating on social media. It […]

Trump’s election legal challenges: where do things stand?

Experts say Trump has almost no chance of reversing the result – but Republicans have launched up to 30 challenges As Donald Trump continues to push falsehoods about the election, his legal team has failed to gain traction in court, present pertinent facts or evidence of widespread fraud. Experts widely agree the evidence doesn’t exist, […]

Jimmy Kimmel: Trump’s ‘minions are working hard right now to poison the well’

Late-night hosts recap Lindsey Graham’s reported bid to toss legal ballots in Georgia, and the administration’s reckless Thanksgiving message The national embarrassment Jimmy Kimmel has termed “Squattergate” – Donald Trump’s refusal to acknowledge Joe Biden as the winner of the presidential election and facilitate the transition of power – sputtered along on Tuesday evening, the […]

The dead voter conspiracy theory peddled by Trump voters, debunked

A barrage of voter fraud conspiracy theories reveal Trump supporters’ fundamental misunderstanding of the system Late last week, Students for Trump founder Ryan Fournier declared on social media that he had unearthed definitive proof of widespread voter fraud in Detroit. He pointed to an absentee ballot cast by “118-year-old William Bradley”, a man who had […]

How Trump’s presidency turned off some Republicans – a visual guide

As our maps and charts show, Trump not only lost to Joe Biden – he lost to other Republicans on the ballot After four years of Donald Trump’s presidency, many voters who typically vote Republican turned against him. For example, in Winnebago county, Wisconsin, about 72% of voters cast their ballot for the Republican House […]

Can Trump actually stage a coup and stay in office for a second term?

Trump refuses to acknowledge Biden’s win, but experts say there isn’t a constitutional path forward for him to remain president Joe Biden won the presidential election, a fact that Donald Trump and other Republicans refuse to acknowledge. There are worries the president and other Republicans will make every effort to stay in power. “There will […]

Trump poised to leave legacy of chaos with last-minute foreign policy moves | Analysis

Analysis: With defence secretary’s firing and potential new Iran sanctions, Trump raises fears over impact of a vengeful president The abrupt dismissal of the US defence secretary, Mark Esper, and reported plans for multiple layers of new sanctions on Iran have made clear that Donald Trump’s last 10 weeks in office could still prove a […]

‘The most misunderstood state’: why California’s not as liberal as you think

Biden easily won the state, but votes for Congress and on gig work and affirmative action tell a different story It took mere minutes after California polls closed on election night for networks to call the state for Joe Biden. Millions of votes in America’s most populous state were still to be counted, but Biden’s […]

John Oliver on Biden’s victory: ‘Genuinely hard to overstate the level of relief’

The Last Week Tonight host celebrates the imminent demise of Trump’s presidency while sobering to the distressing reality of a polarized nation From the white void of his pandemic-era studio, John Oliver breathed a sigh of relief on Sunday evening after a “very long, very tense week” in America that “all felt worth it, because […]

How do you feel? Share your reaction to Joe Biden winning the US election

We’d like to hear from those in the US and abroad about how you feel after Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump. Tell us what you think After a nailbiting election race, Joe Biden has been elected the 46th president of the United States. Whether you’re in the US or watching from a distance: what […]

Joe Biden faces rocky transition as work of undoing Trump’s damage begins

President-elect preparing taskforce to tackle coronavirus Biden wins: follow the latest election news and reaction Trump v Biden – full results Joe Biden won the race for the White House on Saturday, but compared with what lies ahead, that may have been the easy part. In his first address to the nation, the president-elect said […]

Trauma and triumph: the 10 moments that made Joe Biden

On his road to the White House, the former vice-president has had a dramatic journey, overcoming family tragedy and political tumult along the way Joe Biden was born on 20 November 1942, in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He was the oldest of four children in a Catholic family; his mother, Jean, had Irish roots. The family’s economic […]