Why Biden calls Trump a ‘climate arsonist’ – video explainer

Humanity is said to have just 10 years left to start seriously tackling the climate crisis before passing the ‘point of no return’ with multiple-degree temperature increases, rising sea levels and increasingly disastrous wildfires, hurricanes, floods and droughts predicted. Scientists say the US is far off the path of what is necessary for the nation and […]

If Biden wins what would the first 100 days of his presidency look like?

If he succeeds in defeating Trump, the Democrat will have to urgently tackle the pandemic and rebuild global relationships If Joe Biden wins the 2020 US election against Donald Trump next week, the new president-elect will face enormous pressures to implement a laundry list of priorities on a range of issues from foreign policy to […]

Build your own US election result: plot a win for Biden or Trump

Biden may be ahead in the polls, but key battlegrounds that the Democrats lost unexpectedly in 2016 could come through again for Trump on 3 November. Use our simulator to build your own election result map • US swing state polls tracker The electoral map has shifted in 2020, amid new challenges from misinformation to […]

Biden gains as suburban women and elderly voters turn backs on Trump

Nine days out from election day, polling shows the Democratic nominee with big leads in key demographics Joe Biden’s hopes of reaching the White House could rest on two crucial demographic groups that appear to be deserting Donald Trump: elderly people and suburban women. Related: Trump assaulted American democracy – here’s how Democrats can save […]

Humanity has eight years to get climate crisis under control – and Trump’s plan won’t fix it

Donald Trump presented a fantasy world in which fossil fuels are ‘very clean’ but realpolitik tempers Biden’s climate crisis stance In Donald Trump’s world – laid bare during Thursday night’s final presidential debate with his Democratic rival Joe Biden in Nashville – fossil fuels are “very clean”, the US has the best air and water […]

Trump stuck fighting the 2016 war as Biden comes out on top

In the final TV debate, the president reached for the playbook from four years ago – but was notably outmanoeuvred “He’s a very confused guy,” Democratic candidate Joe Biden said of Donald Trump during Thursday night’s debate. “He thinks he’s running against somebody else. He’s running against Joe Biden. I beat all those other people […]

Broken promises and alternative facts: how Donald Trump failed Ohio – video

After winning the 2016 election, Donald Trump promised to deliver new jobs and economic prosperity to Youngstown, Ohio, a city suffering from decades of decline. But four years on those promises never manifested. Oliver Laughland and Tom Silverstone meet residents who lost their jobs and had their families split by economic necessity, and witness how […]

Stephen Colbert on debate mute rule: ‘How about a fast-forward button?’

Late-night hosts react to a new feature in Thursday’s presidential debate and Trump’s claim the US is ‘pandemic-ed out’ “As the election day barrels down on us like an out-of-control manure spreader, one of the last chances to influence the race is this Thursday’s presidential debate,” said Stephen Colbert on Tuesday’s Late Show. After a […]

US Senate elections: the key races that will determine power in Washington

The Democrats face a tough challenge to reclaim control of the Senate, up against the Republicans’ 53-47 majority. With 35 seats up for re-election it will probably come down to seven key races While the world’s attention is on Donald Trump’s attempt to win re-election as president over challenger Joe Biden, the battle for the […]

Civil rights and QAnon candidates: the fight for facts in Georgia – video

Joe Biden won the nomination for president on the shoulders of older Black voters in the US south. But how do younger, progressive people of color feel about his candidacy in the southern state of Georgia, in play for the first time in decades? And will a dangerous campaign of QAnon disinformation have any bearing […]

American Crisis review: Andrew Cuomo on Covid, Trump … and a job with Joe Biden?

So much as anyone can, the New York governor has had a good pandemic. His book trumpets successes – and settles scores On Thursday, the US reported 65,000 new cases of Covid-19 and Donald Trump falsely told a television town hall 85% of people who wear masks contract the disease. With more than two weeks […]

Biden article row shows how US election is testing Facebook and Twitter

Online giants felt forced to take unprecedented action as they struggle with role during divisive presidential battle Mere hours after the publication of a controversial New York Post article critical of Joe Biden, both Twitter and Facebook took unprecedented action to restrict distribution of the post. Facebook, a company spokesman revealed, had immediately begun to […]

It’s not easy being the first but for Kamala Harris it has become a habit

The California senator could be the first woman of color elected as vice-president but has had to weather attacks on her race and gender It took less than one day after Kamala Harris was announced as the Democratic vice-presidential nominee for a racist and baseless “birther” conspiracy theory to start circulating among her critics. The […]

Jimmy Fallon on the debate: ‘Felt like getting a Covid test in both nostrils’

Late-night hosts lament the incoherent, off-the-rails presidential debate, from Trump’s interruptions to Biden’s frustration Tuesday night’s presidential debate was, by most accounts, an off-the-rails train wreck, one quickly trashed by late-night hosts. “Usually when you see two guys this age arguing, it’s about leaves being blown on to each other’s lawns,” said Jimmy Fallon of […]

Recipe for chaos: 2020 election threatens to snap a US already pushed to the limit

The November election will be plagued by voter suppression, foreign interference, disinformation and a contested supreme court vacancy It has been dubbed “the election that could break America”. On 3 November voters decide whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden is their next president. But this time the stakes are even higher than the simple question […]

‘This is a transition like no other’: Biden team prepared for all possibilities

The Democrat’s large transition team is aiming to raise millions and include ‘diversity of ideology’ at an uncertain time Joe Biden’s transition team is operating under multiple threats, apart from the obvious one that their candidate might be defeated. In this year’s presidential election, there’s the looming possibility that an outcome won’t be clear for […]

Just 50 days until a US election both sides see as an existential struggle

Joe Biden holds a steady lead in the polls but plenty of time remains for surprises and even the act of voting is controversial The election to decide whether Donald Trump will serve a second term as president has already begun, with voters in North Carolina filling out absentee ballots, Minnesotans preparing to start early […]

Has Trump spent his election war chest before the war really starts?

The president’s campaign has paid out $800m, but at a crucial phase he is making cuts while Joe Biden is outspending him More than $180,000 per second. That is what Donald Trump’s two TV ads during the Super Bowl worked out at in February, offering vivid proof of the outsized role of money in American […]

John Kerry on Biden’s foreign policy: ‘He’d never lavish praise on dictators’

Interview: Ex secretary-of-state says the former vice-president can repair global confidence in US leadership Among the many crises triggered by Donald Trump’s presidency, there is one that has been largely overlooked by the 2020 election. It also just happens to be the one that Joe Biden has spent his entire career preparing for: the crisis […]

Neil Kinnock on Biden’s plagiarism ‘scandal’ and why he deserves to win: ‘Joe’s an honest guy’

In a 1987 Democratic primary debate, Biden sprinkled Kinnock’s phrases into his own speech and forgot to credit him – a blunder many believe cost him the presidency Anyone under 30 might have been puzzled when Kellyanne Conway, the outgoing White House counselor, recently accused Joe Biden of serial plagiarism and presented Neil Kinnock, the […]

Stephen Colbert on Biden’s DNC speech: ‘Water in the desert’

Late-night hosts react to Biden’s emotional acceptance speech for the Democratic nomination and the arrest of Steve Bannon The weeklong virtual Democratic national convention culminated on Thursday evening with Joe Biden’s official acceptance of the nomination for president in a moving, emotional speech on loss in a dark night for America. “Well, here’s the deal,” […]

Trevor Noah on the brilliance of Michelle Obama’s ‘ice cold’ speech

Late-night hosts recap the Democratic convention and its highlight so far: the former first lady’s rousing, clear-eyed speech Airing as the second night wrapped, The Daily Show recapped the first evening of the virtual Democratic national convention, in which numerous ordinary Americans, politicians and celebrities launched a weeklong celebration and call to action for candidate […]

From Oakland to the White House? The rise of Kamala Harris

The Democratic vice-presidential candidate, a daughter of immigrants, inspires hope – and conflict – in supporters Bancroft Way in Berkeley, California, is quaint and slow, the kind of street where everyone seems to know each other by name. This week, neighbors sat outdoors drinking wine under the evening sun, as they chatted animatedly about their […]

Stephen Colbert on Trump calling Kamala Harris ‘nasty’: ‘How lazy are you?’

Late-night hosts discuss Republicans’ struggle to find a consistent line of attack, and the Biden-Harris ticket’s first public appearance A day after the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden selected the California senator Kamala Harris as his running mate, Donald Trump attempted to tear her down – she’s “nasty”, he said in a press conference. “She […]

If Kamala Harris wins, who might fill her California Senate seat?

Speculation has already begun as to who might be appointed by Gavin Newsom – and several contenders are in the running Just hours after Joe Biden announced Kamala Harris as his running mate, in her home state of California fierce speculation had already begun as to who might replace her in the Senate if she […]

Trump called Kamala Harris ‘nasty’ – is it because she grills powerful men?

Harris has subjected Trump’s allies – and even Joe Biden – to rigorous cross-examination. We choose her best moments On Tuesday, Donald Trump referred to Kamala Harris as a “nasty woman”, referencing her 2018 grilling of Brett Kavanaugh over allegations – denied by Kavanaugh – that the now supreme court justice attempted to rape Dr […]

Karen Bass: the progressive congresswoman who could be Biden’s vice-president

The Los Angeles representative, a top contender to be Biden’s running mate, is respected by both Democratic and Republican colleagues In Karen Bass’s home state, colleagues across the political spectrum sing her praises. Most of America is just getting to know the 66-year-old congresswoman from Los Angeles who in recent weeks emerged as a top […]

Sexism casts shadow over Biden’s search for a female running mate

Leading VP contenders have had to endure the usual criticisms men often direct at women – which has undermined a historic selection process Join us for an online event with Eric Holder to discuss voter suppression in the 2020 election, Thursday at 5pm ET. Register now The final weeks of Joe Biden’s search for a […]

Joe Biden’s running mate – none will satisfy all sections of the party

Kamala Harris? Val Demings? Democrats speculate but no single candidate will be able to satisfy all the interest groups and sectors of the party It doesn’t matter who Joe Biden picks as his running mate – somebody will be disappointed. The former vice-president and de facto Democratic presidential nominee on Tuesday said he would make […]

‘Nervously optimistic’: Democrats eye blue wave but 2016 memories are fresh

Joe Biden is polling well ahead of Donald Trump, potentially putting more states in play – but complacency has been banished Less than four months out from the November election, the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has been consistently polling ahead of Donald Trump. The president’s approval numbers remain underwater, and Democrats believe they can […]