After Isis, Yazidi women forced to leave their children behind

Mothers who have returned to Iraq without their children say they would rather be back in the hell of their former lives As bombs crunched into the ground around them in February last year, three young Yazidi women cowered in holes dug in the eastern Syrian desert, cradling their terrified children. In the month that […]

Did the ‘Caliphate executioner’ lie about his past as an Isis killer?

Shehroze Chaudhry charged with inventing identity as a ruthless killer as saga prompts debate over repatriation and de-radicalization For months, unbeknown to his classmates and neighbours, a self-professed executioner was living freely in Canada’s largest city. But in 2018, his exploits were made public on a blockbuster podcast produced by the New York Times, in […]

White supremacists or anti-police libertarians? What we know about the ‘boogaloo’

Five deaths have been linked to ‘boogaloo’ rhetoric, but there’s still confusion over how to label the developing ideology Men showing up to protests wearing Hawaiian shirts and carrying military-style rifles. Facebook groups full of intense discussions about imminent civil war. Over the past year, online conversations about the “boogaloo”, an ironic term for a […]