After Isis, Yazidi women forced to leave their children behind

Mothers who have returned to Iraq without their children say they would rather be back in the hell of their former lives As bombs crunched into the ground around them in February last year, three young Yazidi women cowered in holes dug in the eastern Syrian desert, cradling their terrified children. In the month that […]

US election: what a Biden or Trump victory could mean for Britain

It could be the most significant election for US foreign policy since 1940, with huge implications for the UK The British government has a long history of misreading America – from Lord Palmerston expecting the Confederacy to survive the civil war, to Ernie Bevin being shocked that the US would not pay the UK’s postwar […]

The week in audio: The Fault Line: Bush, Blair and Iraq; The Heist – review

David Dimbleby neatly fills the gap between 9/11 and the Iraq war, and a jaw-dropping political podcast investigates Trump and taxes The Fault Line: Bush, Blair and Iraq | PodcastThe Heist | The Center for Public Integrity A couple of enlightening shows this week about how American and British politics work. The first, The Fault […]

‘I had to kill so many people’: the battle to protect children in conflicts

25,000 grave violations were committed against children in conflict in 2019, says the UN, which hopes to highlight issue with new international day When Islamic State fighters rolled into Mosul, Iraq, they made promises. “When they arrived they promised us salvation, a better life, but within months our schools were closed and we were living […]

John Kerry on Biden’s foreign policy: ‘He’d never lavish praise on dictators’

Interview: Ex secretary-of-state says the former vice-president can repair global confidence in US leadership Among the many crises triggered by Donald Trump’s presidency, there is one that has been largely overlooked by the 2020 election. It also just happens to be the one that Joe Biden has spent his entire career preparing for: the crisis […]

As election nears, Trump builds the very ‘deep state’ he railed against

White House manipulation of US intelligence on Russian and Chinese interference may rival WMD fiasco that led to Iraq war, say experts Two months before the presidential election, the US intelligence agencies are under increasing pressure from the Trump administration to provide only the information it wants to hear. After installing loyalist John Ratcliffe at […]

The week in podcasts and radio: On the Ground – review

A notorious ‘friendly fire’ incident during the Iraq war is picked apart in this meticulous 5 Live podcast On the Ground (BBC 5 Live) | BBC Sounds Audrey Gillan is known to radio lovers as the Scottish reporter who befriended two rough sleepers in Spitalfields, London, and made a six-part series about them. Tara and […]

Reporting from Beirut: ‘How could this have been allowed to happen?’

The Guardian’s Middle East writers reflect on a week of devastation and anger after a blast that shocked the world For most of my 15 years in the Middle East, I’ve had a home in Beirut. It’s been a sanctuary to return to from countless trips around the region, a place where the rigours, and […]

Shaggy: ‘I’d like to think that the Queen is a big Shaggy fan’

The singer, 51, on his royal following, firing howitzers in the Marine Corps and why Boris needs a spliff I’ve never directly killed anybody. Indirectly, probably [when he was in the US Marine Corps]. I fired a 155 howitzer, this big gun on wheels. You’re just given a quadrant and a deflection – and something […]

Republicans sense rich pickings in Biden archive – but will it be made public?

A treasure trove is being curated at the University of Delaware, and the 2020 candidate is well aware of its explosive potential Richard Nixon had tapes. Hillary Clinton had emails. Joe Biden has an archive spanning 36 years in the US Senate. It’s a record of his thinking, on everything from criminal justice to the […]

Iraq suspends Reuters licence over report disputing coronavirus figures

News agency’s licence revoked for three months over report that authorities said violated broadcasting rules Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Iraq has suspended the licence of the Reuters news agency after it published a story saying the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in the country was higher than officially reported. Iraq’s […]

Eminem – Disses Donald Trump In Bet Hip Hop Awards Freestyle Cypher

Intro] It’s the calm before the storm right here Wait, how was I gonna start this off? I forgot… oh yeah [Verse] That’s an awfully hot coffee pot Should I drop it on Donald Trump? Prob’ly not But that’s all I got ’til I come up with a solid plot Got a plan and now […]

2 Chainz – Good Drank 2.0 (feat. Gucci Mane, Quavo & The Trap Choir)

[Verse 1: 2 Chainz] Used to treat my mattress like the ATM, yeah Bond number 9 that’s my favorite scent, yeah Can’t forget that kush, I’m talking OG, yeah Rest in peace to pop, he was an OG, alright now 285 I had that pack on me, uh I cannot forget I had that strap […]