Our biggest enemy is no longer climate denial but climate delay | Ed Miliband

Nothing is more dangerous than the illusion of action – which is all that the British government is offering Future generations will look back on the climate events of 2021 and say: “That was the year they ran out of excuses.” Heatwaves and flooding here in the UK, temperatures topping 50C in Pakistan, hundreds killed […]

Syrian doctor charged in Germany with crimes against humanity

Alla Mousa is accused of 18 counts of torturing people in military hospitals in Homs and Damascus A Syrian doctor has been charged in Germany with crimes against humanity for allegedly torturing people in military hospitals in his homeland and killing one of them, German federal prosecutors said on Wednesday. The federal prosecutor’s office in […]

German chemical park explosion: one dead and four missing

Pollution risk ruled out after blast at waste facility in Leverkusen sends large black cloud into air An explosion at an industrial park for chemical companies in Germany has killed at least one person, with 16 injured and four missing. Fire officials who tested the air said there did not appear to be a danger […]

Far-right accused of aiding German floods clear-up to win support

Investigation finds groups are claiming official organisations are failing in salvage operations Far-right groups in Germany including Covid vaccine opponents and supporters of the rightwing, populist AfD party are reportedly attempting to win support by offering assistance to salvage operations in flood-stricken parts of the country. About 30,000 people remain homeless or without water and […]

Charlotte Dujardin cruises into Olympic individual dressage final

Dujardin superb aboard major championship debutant Gio Adam Peaty into Monday’s 100m breaststroke final The defending champion Charlotte Dujardin produced an inspired performance to cruise into Wednesday’s Olympic individual dressage final. Dujardin, gold medallist at London 2012 and in Rio, scored 80.963% aboard major championship debutant Gio to complete a clean sweep of British qualifiers. […]

This year, the weather isn’t letting us carry on as normal | Emma Brockes

From New York to Germany and China, the uncanny reality of the climate crisis is impinging on more and more lives In the depths of winter, at the pandemic’s height, an idea of this summer took hold. It would, we told ourselves, be the summer of outdoors, particularly for children, who had been shut inside […]

The Guardian view on the climate summit: 100 days to save the world | Editorial

Floods, fires and droughts show the global urgency. But the prospects are not looking good for the COP26 conference The global reality of the climate crisis could hardly be more stark. A common theme is clear, from western Germany, where about 200 people perished in floods, to Henan province in central China, where at least […]

Rocket from the crypt! Phyllida Barlow on her Highgate cemetery sculpture

The sedate graveyard, full of classical colonnades, has been given an injection of colour and fun by art’s great late starter. She talks about her new installation – and using the pandemic to reflect After 18 months of lying low, Phyllida Barlow is at large again. The artist’s hangar-like studio on a south London industrial […]

Merkel’s political and scientific sides slug it out in swan song presser

Always the diplomatic politician, forever the objective scientist, Germany’s chancellor gives her last annual summer press do As she faced a lecture-hall sized auditorium packed with national and international press for the last time in her 16-year chancellorship, there was a sense that the room was simultaneously hearing from two very different people in Angela […]

Germany floods: 155 still missing as hopes of further rescues fade

President of federal disaster relief organisation says she does not expect to find any more survivors At least 155 people remain missing a week after record rainfall caused devastating floods in western Germany, as the president of the country’s disaster relief organisation said she “did not expect” rescuers to find any more survivors. “We are […]

Catastrophic floods could hit Europe far more often, study finds

Slow-moving storms such as recent deluge in Germany could become 14 times more frequent by 2100 Catastrophic floods such as those that struck Europe recently could become much more frequent as a result of global heating, researchers say. High-resolution computer models suggest that slow-moving storms could become 14 times more common over land by the […]

Little Canaletto’s sordid city in the sky – Bellotto: The Königstein Views Reunited review

National Gallery, LondonBernardo Bellotto, the nephew and pupil of Canaletto, channelled his master’s Venetian magic into these five sublime views of a fortress in deepest Germany We like to identify great upheavals in the arts with new centuries. So Romanticism began on 1 January 1800? Well, Turner and Beethoven were well into their stride by […]

Germany’s Greens cautious over linking floods to climate crisis

Party leaders hope public will draw its own conclusions from last week’s catastrophic floods It was a slogan that cut to the chase: “Everybody is talking about Germany. We talk about the weather.” The provocative message – itself an inversion of the title of an essay by Red Army Faction terror group founder Ulrike Meinhof […]

The Guardian view on Germany’s floods: another wake-up call | Editorial

The lethal destruction in western states will frame the debate ahead of September’s vital election Earlier this month, the German Greens unveiled an election poster designed to reassure voters who might be wary of their environmental radicalism. “Economy and climate without crisis”, went its slogan, suggesting that ambitious carbon reduction targets could be met without […]

German flood alert system criticised for ‘monumental failure’

Questions raised over lack of warning as death toll passes 150 and villages are left without drinking water, power or gas Germany is asking itself how one of the world’s richest countries managed to be taken by surprise by last week’s extreme weather events, as more details emerge of how early warnings about record rainfall […]

Angela Merkel says Germany must do more to fight climate crisis

Chancellor surveys flood damage and meets survivors as German death toll passes 150 with dozens missing Chancellor Angela Merkel has said Germany must up its pace in tackling the impact of the climate crisis, after more flash floods devastated towns in eastern Germany, Bavaria and Austria over the weekend. While one flood in itself was […]

‘Like a bomb went off’: survivors of Germany’s worst floods in 200 years relive their agony

Residents of some of the worst-hit towns return to salvage what they can from their lives and businesses “It looks like a bomb went off. Everything’s destroyed. There’s nothing left of the city centre,” said Michaela Wolff, a winemaker from one of the German towns worst hit by last week’s catastrophic flooding. Her family vineyard […]

The European ruling on headscarves opens the way to rank discrimination | Polly Toynbee

Humanists like me believe in people’s right to express their religious identity – or lack of it – however they see fit It’s a puzzle that so many religious people identify themselves by what they wear. Among Christians I find it macabre that they choose to wear, in gold around their neck, an instrument of […]

England’s players may take months to get over Euro 2020 final heartache | Karen Carney

Experience taught me how hard it can be to recover from such a defeat and we all have a part to play in the healing process England has had five weeks of being brought together by a group of young men who carry themselves with humility and tried to make the country’s dream come true. […]

Human body size shaped by climate, evolutionary study shows

Research combines data from fossils with climate models, revealing the effect of climate on body and brain size A well-known pattern in human evolution is an increase in body and brain size. Our species, Homo sapiens, is part of the Homo genus and emerged about 300,000 years ago. We are much bigger than earlier Homo […]

World’s biggest sandcastle constructed in Denmark

At 21.16 metres in height, it is more than 3 metres taller than the previous holder, says Guinness World Records The world’s tallest sandcastle has been completed in Denmark, towering more than 20 metres high and comprising nearly 5,000 tonnes of sand, according to its designers. Standing 21.16 metres in height (69.4 feet), the castle […]

England v Denmark: key tactical decisions facing Gareth Southgate

Euro 2020 semi-final could be shaped by whether the manager opts for a back three and his choice on the right of the attack The biggest and most obvious question for Gareth Southgate is whether to stick with the back four that got them through the group and beat Ukraine or, as they did against […]

Roberto Mancini: Italy and Spain face ‘unfair’ crowd situation at Wembley

Manager says fans of both sides should be at Euros semi-final Luis Enrique: ‘Spain will aim to dominate possession’ Roberto Mancini believes it is “very unfair” that the vast majority of the 60,000 spectators expected at Wembley on Tuesday for the Euro 2020 semi‑final between Italy and Spain will not be from the respective countries. […]

How Jordan Henderson and England’s ‘tribal elders’ made them a force | David Hytner

There are four leaders in Gareth Southgate’s squad but the most important thing is how all 26 players contribute It is the clip that does not fail to draw a smile from England supporters. Jordan Henderson is stripped and ready to come on as a late substitute against Germany but then he sees the move […]

Boris Becker: ‘When I was winning at Wimbledon it was no “blitzkrieg”’

The tennis player, 53, on Naomi Osaka and mental health, lion-hearted Andy Murray and defying corny cultural stereotypes I’m mentally consistent. It comes from my upbringing. My mother was a tough cookie; my dad was a hard worker. They were both 10 when the war ended, and those first few years living in Germany were […]

UK and Germany sign post-Brexit defence and foreign policy declaration

Twenty-point agreement affirms two countries’ commitment to ‘strategic unity of Europe’ The UK and Germany have agreed a 20-point post-Brexit joint declaration of cooperation affirming their commitment to the “strategic unity of Europe”. The initiative, which has been under preparation for some time, comes before Friday’s visit to the UK by the outgoing German chancellor, […]

England beat Germany as Sterling and Kane send them to Euro 2020 last eight

For England, it was always going to be about finding the moment, the one to blow apart a tight game, to cut through so much negative tournament history – particularly at the hands of Germany. And for long spells, as the tension rose to near unbearable levels at a raucous and emotional Wembley, the home […]

‘This is a new England’: rain fails to dampen optimism of fans in London

Even with England’s poor record against Germany the mood in the Trafalgar Square fan zone was confident They say anything can happen in football. But England’s repeated defeats against the well-oiled German machine through the years belied that particular adage. For England, however, this was the day – a 2-0 result sending Gareth Southgate’s side […]

England fans enjoy delirious Wembley party as Germany are swept aside | Jonathan Liew

Southgate’s men delivered a result to match the euphoric atmosphere of fans experiencing a rare taste of freedom The fifth rendition of Vindaloo winds to a close. A can of lager is thrown into the air. By the time it lands with a spume of spray in among the thousands of fans congregating in Arena […]