The future of Europe is at stake in the fight for Germany’s finance ministry | Adam Tooze

A fiscal conservative in the job and a new era of debt limitation could spell disaster for EU countries Adam Tooze is the author of Shutdown: How Covid Shook the World’s Economy The result of the German election was known within minutes of the polls closing on 26 September. But the kind of government that […]

‘Beautiful buildings wherever you look’: Germany’s best towns and villages, by readers

Monastery brews, medieval squares and castles loom large among our readers’ picks from Bavaria to the North Sea We arrived in Görlitz, Germany’s most easterly town, to find it packed with peasants swilling beer from pewter mugs and devouring sausages to a background of drums and pipes. It was the annual medieval festival, and they […]

Dark sky parks and car-free islands: four of Germany’s hidden eco-travel gems

Beyond the great cities and idyllic Alps, Germany is home to a terrific range of destinations for the sustainable traveller. Here are four lesser-known green spots you won’t want to miss How many German cities can you name, outside Berlin, Munich and Hamburg? What about the country’s 16 regions, or any of its 14 national […]

From ‘green’ trains to eco-hotels: why Germany is one of Europe’s top sustainable travel destinations

Michelin-starred vegetarian dining, model cities and a solar powered river safari – here’s how Germany became a world leader in sustainable tourism Germany might have a reputation for meaty meals, fast cars and heavy industry but it has also become one of the greenest places to travel on the planet. Home to a nature-loving population, […]

Eight of the most beautiful national parks in Germany – from Bavaria to the Baltic

With its sprawling forests, spectacular mountain scenery, winding valleys and white-sand beaches, Germany contains some of Europe’s most stunning natural environments Germany may be famous for its wealth of history and culture, but it also houses some of Europe’s most wild and diverse landscapes. Dotted around the country are scores of national parks, conservation zones […]

Germany investigates possible ‘sonic weapon attack’ against US embassy staff

Police have been investigating possible cases of ‘Havana Syndrome’ associated with the diplomatic mission since August German police are investigating an “alleged sonic weapon attack” against staff of the US embassy in Berlin, in the latest in a growing number of incidents of “Havana syndrome” around the world. The police statement, which said the investigation […]

Germany’s CDU leader poised to step down after election defeat

Armin Laschet intends to oversee search for candidate to unite fractious centre-right party The leader of Germany’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) has signalled he is prepared to step down after his party’s defeat in last month’s federal elections, but intends to oversee the search for a candidate to unite the fractious centre-right. Armin Laschet, Angela […]

Germany’s Greens and CDU report ‘constructive’ coalition talks

Decision not likely to be reached in coming days – with any possible coalition likely to need a third party Germany’s Green party and conservatives have described initial rounds of exploratory coalition talks as “constructive”. The comment came after the first formal meeting since last month’s election between the likely chief kingmaker in a future […]

Secretary of Nazi concentration camp told judge she wouldn’t attend trial

Irmgard Furchner, 96, was arrested after failing to turn up at court and absconding from retirement home A 96-year-old woman who was arrested on Thursday after failing to turn up for the start of her trial in Germany on charges of aiding and abetting the murder of thousands of concentration camp prisoners had warned the […]

This election has forced a generational shift in German politics | Anke Hassel

The new German chancellor will come from one of the old parties. But the policies will be shaped by the young Sunday’s election in Germany ended an astonishing campaign run, unprecedented in the country’s postwar history. Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union party experienced a landslide defeat, not only losing about a quarter of its vote […]

Treetop sleepouts to walking with wolves: six exhilarating outdoor activities in Germany

Idling in a biergarten not your thing? Germany has plenty of extraordinary alternatives, from stargazing and beekeeping to culinary donkey trekking Extreme sleepouts in SaarlandThe German language has some marvellous words, ranging from wegbier (“beer to drink on the way”) to hamsterkauf (“panic-buying”). Another to add to that lexicon is waldeinsamkeit: a feeling of being […]

How German coalition wrangling could affect Cop26 mood

Analysis: after Germany’s climate election, UN summit delegates will be watching to see what is agreed on coal phase-out It was called Germany’s climate election. After deadly floods in July sharpened the focus on the climate emergency, all parties vied for green votes. But when it comes to the UN climate talks in Glasgow in […]

The Guardian view on the German election results: negotiating a new era | Editorial

An SPD-led coalition would be in the country’s best interests, but after a knife-edge result, there is no guarantee one will emerge Less than two years ago, the German Social Democratic party stood at 11% in the polls and appeared to be a moribund political force. Sunday’s knife-edge federal election, in which the SPD narrowly […]

Germany election: worst ever result momentarily silences CDU

Exit poll shows vote share of the conservative Christian Democratic Union on 25% As the first exit poll flashed up on the screens inside the Konrad Adenauer Haus, the Berlin headquarters of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), the party faithful who had gathered in the central courtyard fell silent. The black bar representing their conservative […]

What is the legacy of the Angela Merkel era?

It’s Auf Wiedersehen to the chancellor this weekend as Germany goes to the polls. But what has been her impact on politics across Europe and on the global stage? The filmmaker and gay rights activist Rosa von Praunheim once confessed that he loved Angela Merkel, but hated her Christian Democratic Union party. This sense of […]

German election on knife edge as months of coalition wrangling loom

The country faces ‘Dutch-style’ political era with main parties neck and neck before Sunday’s poll Germany is braced to enter a new “Dutch-style” political era after federal elections on Sunday, as a knife-edge vote points to months of complicated coalition wrangling. Outgoing chancellor Angela Merkel joined the campaign trail at a rally in the western […]

Angela Merkel’s long reign as chancellor of Germany – in pictures

After 16 years in power, Angela Merkel is to retire as chancellor after a general election on Sunday, leaving a gaping hole in German politics. Merkel announced in October 2018 that her fourth term in office would be the last. The decision marks the first time since 1949 that an incumbent chancellor has not run […]

The Guardian view on Europe after Merkel: problems managed, not solved | Editorial

The German chancellor has been an anchor of stability in turbulent times. Her departure raises big questions about the future When Angela Merkel’s successor is identified in elections this Sunday, that person will be the first new holder of Europe’s most powerful elected office for 16 years. The mere change of leadership will be a […]

Germany decides: who will follow Angela Merkel?

German voters will elect a new chancellor for the first time in 16 years on Sunday, as the Angela Merkel era ends Germans will go to the polls on Sunday in what many analysts are calling the most important and unpredictable election in the country in a generation. The Guardian’s Berlin correspondent, Kate Connolly, talks […]

16 years in 16 words: the sayings that sum up Merkel’s Germany

Refugees, Russian sympathisers and half-dressed footballers: Germany’s forever chancellor had words for them all Angela Merkel’s 16-year tenure at the top of German politics will leave lasting legacies in many fields, but the art of political oratory is unlikely to be one of them. When the chancellor addresses the public she is rarely snappy and […]

Urgent climate action is getting lost in the heat of Germany’s election campaign | Hanna Gersmann

Despite the summer’s floods, frontrunner Olaf Scholz’s ‘moderate’ climate message is holding out against the Greens Forty years ago, Germans loved to make fun of eco-types who ate muesli, wore shapeless knitted sweaters and packed their groceries in jute bags. Back then, the German Green party was just getting started. Today, things are different: every […]

My grandmother’s Nazi killer evaded justice. Modern war criminals must not

As the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg trials approaches, Ilse Cohn’s grandson calls for international law to ensure those committing atrocities today face retribution The man who ordered the murder of my grandmother never stood trial for the crime. Nor did he stand trial for any of the other 137,000 murders he ordered during five […]

The kaiser and the paperweight: how Cecil Rhodes helped inspire the first world war

The German monarch’s imperial ambitions were fuelled by the British colonialist – as the story behind a recently discovered relic reveals It was discovered, dusty and damaged, on a warehouse shelf. Recorded simply as a “paperweight” in the depot inventory, it was just one small piece among 30,000 personal items salvaged from Kaiser Wilhelm II’s […]

The Guardian view on Angela Merkel: farewell to a bulwark of stability | Editorial

Though sometimes overly cautious, the German chancellor has been a standard bearer for a consensual way of doing politics One of the most emblematic political photographs of recent times was taken during a G7 summit in Canada in 2018. Leaning forward across a narrow table with hands outstretched, a grim-faced Angela Merkel confronts Donald Trump, who […]

German election: who is standing, what are the issues and who will win?

Germany’s election takes places on 26 September after which Angela Merkel will stand down after 16 years On 26 September, Germany will vote for the 20th parliament of the postwar era, after which Angela Merkel will stand down as chancellor after 16 years. Continue reading…

Scientists’ egos are key barrier to progress, says Covid vaccine pioneer

Prof Katalin Karikó of BioNTech says she endured decades of scepticism over her work on mRNA vaccines Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Scientists would make swifter progress in solving the world’s problems if they learned to put their egos aside and collaborate better, according to the leading researcher behind the Pfizer/BioNTech […]

Berlin’s bizarre new museum: a Prussian palace rebuilt for €680m

A cross between a Disneyland castle and a chilling concrete block, the Humboldt Forum is set to teach visitors about Germany’s colonial era. But is the past being examined – or exalted? A museum gift shop has never been such an ideological battleground. At one end of the store in Berlin’s new Humboldt Forum is […]

German Covid super-spreader event driven by poor ventilation, study finds

Low-grade ventilation system at indoor carnival in Gangelt leading factor in outbreak among partygoers Airborne viruses recycled through a low-grade ventilation system likely created Germany’s first super-spreader event of the Covid-19 pandemic, a CSI-style analysis of a carnival celebration has found. The event at the town hall of Gangelt, a municipality on the border with […]

Olaf Scholz: ‘Merit in society must not be limited to top-earners’

Exclusive: Germany’s possible next chancellor on his plans for Europe, tackling inequality and how to revive the centre-left The new frontrunner to win Germany’s national vote at the end of this month says he believes he can reawaken Europe’s centre-left from its decade-long slumber with a two-fold promise: to guarantee his country’s continued economic success, […]