Tech platforms vowed to address racial equity: how have they fared?

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google and Amazon issued statements in response to Black Lives Matter this year but did they follow through? Following the death of George Floyd and nationwide protests against police brutality and racial inequality, some of the largest technology corporations waded into the anti-racism movement with slickly worded corporate declarations that “Black Lives […]

‘This has never happened before!’ Bernardine Evaristo and Reni Eddo-Lodge on their history-making year

The novelist, playwright and poet talks to the writer about what their spectacular success has meant for them – and for the hopes of black female writers in future This year, in twin firsts, black British women topped both the fiction and nonfiction charts. Both successes were a long time coming, but sparked a ray […]

‘Racism doesn’t dissolve once it’s out of the headlines’: is the fashion industry doing enough to address diversity?

Since the killing of George Floyd, the industry has attempted to tackle racism, but has it gone far enough? This month, fashion’s unofficial watchdog, Diet Prada, posted a “how it started versus how it’s going” meme on Instagram. Contrasting a past moment of hope with a current moment of reckoning, Diet Prada turned its attention […]

UK schools: What are you doing for Black History Month?

We’d like to hear from UK schools about plans for projects and activities during Black History Month that have come about because of the BLM protests this summer Black History Month in the UK is observed in October and we’d like to find whether the Black Lives Matter protests across Britain, during the summer, have […]

Rebel US artist puts black lives in the Renaissance frame

A new exhibition by African-American painter Titus Kaphar challenges its audience to see pictures in a new way – by literally adding black faces In his painting for the cover of the June edition of Time magazine, published in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, American artist Titus Kaphar portrayed the pain of […]

Why Didn’t We Riot? On being a Black man in Trumpland

In his new book, Issac J Bailey considers the killing of George Floyd, the protests it inspired – and whether change will result In a scene from the 1992 Denzel Washington–directed movie Antwone Fisher, the central character shows up on the doorstep of his childhood foster home and is greeted by a woman who had […]

‘He was extremely radical’: MLK’s children on their father’s life and George Floyd’s death

Martin and Bernice King have continued their father’s legacy, protesting for civil rights. They discuss Black Lives Matter, their ongoing grief and the upcoming March on Washington When footage of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, under the knee of a white police officer, was beamed around the world, Bernice King wept. She was five years […]

The movement to defund police has won historic victories across the US. What’s next?

A dozen local governments have moved to reduce their police budgets by more than $1.4bn, marking a significant shift in American politics In the days after the killing of George Floyd, an extraordinary wave of mass protests erupted across the US, with demonstrators setting fire to police buildings and cars, shutting down freeways and bridges […]

After the protests, lingering trauma: the scars of ‘non-lethal’ weapons

Dozens of protesters sustained serious injuries from teargas, rubber bullets and stun grenades, used by police to disperse crowds during the George Floyd protests Six days after George Floyd was killed by a white policeman, thousands of protesters in Minneapolis took over an on-ramp leading to the University of Minnesota. Among them was Soren Stevenson. […]

Will Trump actually pull federal agents from Portland? – video explainer

Federal agents accused of behaving like an ‘occupying army’ are said to be pulling out of Portland, Oregon, in an embarrassing climbdown by the White House, but many protesters are sceptical over whether the agents will actually withdraw from the city. The force, which have been dubbed by some as ‘Donald Trump’s troops’, were sent […]

From Shetland to Monmouth: three young voices behind the UK’s anti-racism protests – video

From cities to towns, at the heart of the recent anti-racism protests in Britain there has been a new generation declaring in their thousands that black lives – their lives – matter. As part of our Young, British and Black series, the Guardian has interviewed Eleanor Woolstencroft, 14, Mara Ival-Duncan, 19, Nyasha Katsande, 20, on their experiences […]

From Chernobyl to Coronation Street: who will win this year’s TV Baftas?

With farewell bows from Fleabag and Catastrophe, plus some landmark political and sporting events, the panels face some knotty decisions The awards given by the British Academy of Film and Television Awards (Baftas) for excellence in TV are a fixture in the cultural calendar, awarded in some form for the past 65 years. But the […]

How data reveals fashion’s inclusivity problem

Anti-racist rhetoric has exploded across the fashion industry in the aftermath of 2020’s Black Lives Matter protests. But, as young designer Tolu Coker writes, real change starts at the beginning – with education The past two months have seen echoes of exasperation across black communities worldwide, in reaction to the US killings of Ahmaud Arbery, […]

How stop and search in the UK is failing black people – video explainer

There has been renewed criticism over stop and search in the UK after research found that BAME people are 54% more likely to be fined under coronavirus rules than white people. The subsequent death of George Floyd in the US and the support for the Black Lives Matter movement has brought more scrutiny to the […]

No joke: ironic racism in comedy is just not funny

From Matt Lucas and David Walliams’s Little Britain to Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat, the idea that it’s OK to be racist to mock racism is naive and dangerous In the wake of George Floyd’s death and the sudden prominence of the Black Lives Matter movement across the world, there was one area where unexpected conversations […]

Why it’s time to decolonialise fashion

The founder of the Fashion and Race Database on why it’s important that we re-write the history of fashion Kimberly Jenkins is skeptical. The lecturer and founder of the Fashion and Race database, which is set to disrupt the perceived notion of Eurocentric fashion history, speaks to me a week after the murder of George […]

‘I wanted to take action’: behind the ‘Wall of Moms’ protecting Portland’s protesters

Hundreds of mothers have attended demonstrations and stood as a human barricade between protesters and federal officers It took the killing of George Floyd to get Jane Ullman to finally pay attention to what the police were up to in America. But it was the sinister sight of federal agents in camouflage snatching demonstrators off […]

‘They don’t think it’s important’: Ellen Pao on why Facebook can’t beat hate

The tech executive known for her work to detoxify Reddit says social media bosses know what’s right – they just need to act The United States’s reckoning with racism set off by the police killing of George Floyd has been expressed by social media companies in Silicon Valley with a certain stiffening of the spine. […]

Artlords, not warlords – how Kabul’s artists battle for the streets

Muralists are covering the Afghan capital’s blast walls with agitprop imagery and calling out corruption From the killing of George Floyd in the US and the drowning of Afghan refugees in Iran, to the signing of the US-Taliban agreement towards peace and brutal murder of a Japanese aid worker, a group of Afghan artists have […]

Black in Fashion Council to drive industry’s reckoning with racism

Council supported by 400 models, executives and editors is latest in a wave of US initiatives launched to create meaningful change After the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police, and in the wake of the ensuing Black Lives Matter protests, fashion has been having a long-overdue reckoning with racism. The Black in Fashion Council, […]

Rethinking the police: what can the US learn from Newark? – podcast

The New Jersey city had one of the worst reputations for police violence in the US, but as the Guardian’s Ankita Rao discovers, it is leading the charge for reform under a new mayor When protests erupted in cities across the US after the killing of George Floyd, police responded with aggression and in some […]

‘Hang on to hope’: Houston police chief Art Acevedo on race, reform … and Trump

The first Hispanic police chief in the fourth-largest US city believes the death of George Floyd has created ‘a great awakening’ In scenes mirrored across the country, thousands mourned George Floyd and marched against racism and police brutality in Houston, where he was raised and buried. Among the demonstrators was the city’s police chief. Related: […]

Juneteenth: activists across US inherit a historic battle for racial justice

First celebrated in 1865, the holiday marking slavery’s end is both a painful reminder and a celebration of freedom fighters This year, many Juneteenth events have been revamped as virtual or cancelled altogether as the coronavirus pandemic disproportionately threatens the African American community the holiday represents, commemorating the end of slavery. But with continuing protests […]

Inside Chaz, Seattle’s police-free zone: ‘We’re proving the world can change’ – video

The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (otherwise known as Chaz or Chop) was established by George Floyd protesters after the Seattle police department vacated its East Precinct building on the site. Over the past week, organizers have created a community garden, painted murals, opened free co-op grocery stores – all in an effort to push the […]

London Fashion Week goes digital: seven things we learned

The menswear shows went digital for the first time last weekend. But did it work? The fashion desk takes a look at this unique event A video conversation between the London mayor and editor-in-chief of British Vogue was a twofold affair, as they discussed George Floyd and systemic racism alongside Covid19 and its effect on […]

Angela Davis: ‘We knew the role of the police was to protect white supremacy’

The veteran civil rights campaigner on growing up in segregated America, the opportunity of the Black Lives Matter movement and what inspires her to keep fighting It is 1972, and Angela Davis is answering a question about whether she approves of the use of violence by the Black Panthers. She is sitting against a backdrop […]

Color is not a crime: New York’s Black Lives Matter street art

Across the US, artists have responded to the death of George Floyd and the ensuing protests with impactful and urgent work. In New York, artworks have appeared supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, and remembering the deaths of, among others, Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain and Eric Garner Continue reading…

Brands are fighting to prove they are anti-racist – but is it enough?

Consumers want to make ethical choices, but following the money reveals it is almost impossible to hold companies to account On 6 June, the renowned streetwear brand Supreme – beloved by hypebeasts everywhere – posted on Instagram: “The Black community has inspired and supported Supreme since day one. This week we will donate $500,000 between […]