George Floyd: New Jersey teacher suspended over rant to pupils

Profanity-laced comments to pupils aired by local TV Howard Zlotkin refers to Floyd as a ‘criminal’ A New Jersey high school teacher was suspended with pay for making profanity-laced comments to students about George Floyd. Related: Teargas, flash-bangs: the devastating toll of police tactics on Minnesota children Continue reading…

‘They are taught to fear us’: Guardian US readers on explaining the police to their Black children

From educating them about Emmett Till to telling them never to leave home without an ID card, parents of Black children in the US share how they prepare them for encounters with the police, and the daily impact on their young lives My husband is one of just a handful of Black police officers in […]

Pelosi optimistic about bipartisan support for George Floyd policing bill – live

Bill bans tactics like chokeholds and no-knock warrants on federal level Biden lays out vision for sweeping change in speech to Congress Biden’s speech to Congress: five key takeaways President to travel to Georgia today and meet with Jimmy Carter Sign up to receive First Thing – our daily briefing by email 10.39pm BST Lewis […]

US lawmakers ‘making progress’ on police reform – but it’s still early stages

There are few who see the passing of meaningful new laws as a guaranteed outcome – but people are still talking In the aftermath of Derek Chauvin being convicted of murdering George Floyd, it seems like there is momentum for the US Congress to pass some kind of police reform bill. Hearings on policing have […]

‘Deep systemic racism’: will Minneapolis’s police department ever change?

The department has seen decades of reform efforts, but activists say racism and violence are too ingrained to eliminate As Derek Chauvin crushed George Floyd’s neck under his knee, slowly killing him, a police officer who had just joined the force repeatedly asked Chauvin if they should adjust Floyd’s position. Chauvin, a 19-year-veteran of the […]

‘It felt like the bare minimum’: readers respond to the Derek Chauvin verdict

The guilty verdict in the case of George Floyd’s murder felt to some like a weight lifted off but for many highlighted the need for radical police reform Like so many, I immediately felt relieved. I’d been sitting in my office for three weeks, refreshing the news coverage, and on that final day I had […]

Archbishop of York commits C of E to racial justice after ‘sobering’ week

Stephen Cottrell says past week, including BBC exposé on church, has been a watershed moment The archbishop of York has committed the Church of England to racial justice, saying the past week has been a “watershed moment” with the conviction in the US of George Floyd’s killer and the airing of a BBC television documentary […]

George Floyd: will Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict change US policing?

Oliver Laughland, the Guardian’s US southern bureau chief, covered the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin, who was found guilty of the murder of George Floyd on Tuesday – a landmark moment in US criminal justice history. Oliver looks at what the verdict means for America Former police officer Derek Chauvin has been convicted […]

There’s hope for racial justice in America. But it comes from the people – not the courts | Simon Balto

While I don’t find hope in one man’s conviction, I do find it in multitudes elsewhere On Tuesday afternoon, a jury confirmed what many of us have known to be true for the better part of a year: the former Minneapolis police department officer Derek Chauvin was guilty of murdering George Floyd. On Wednesday morning, […]

George Floyd and the need for UK police reform | Letters

Stephen Black on why the police complaints system needs to change fundamentally and Ruth Baker on how a video by a 17-year-old was crucial to the case While the guilty verdict in the George Floyd case is to be welcomed, we are very far from the culture change required if policing with consent is to […]

‘Aren’t our lives worth more?’: Daunte Wright mourned at Minneapolis funeral

Days after streets filled with people celebrating Chauvin’s conviction the city held a funeral for the Black man shot by police Two days after the streets of Minneapolis filled with people celebrating the conviction of a former police officer for murdering George Floyd, the city held a funeral on Thursday for Daunte Wright, another young […]

George Floyd: a landmark moment for justice in America? – video

The murder trial of Derek Chauvin drew the attention of the world to Minneapolis, the focal point of the Black Lives Matter movement after the murder of George Floyd. In some parts of the city people have reclaimed the streets, while others are under military occupation. With the area reeling from yet another recent police […]

‘Let’s do what’s right’: George Floyd’s sister calls on Congress to pass police law

Bridgett Floyd told the Guardian the guilty verdict in the Chauvin murder trial was ‘like a weight being lifted off my shoulders’ As Bridgett Floyd watched the three guilty verdicts, called one after another, at the conclusion of the Derek Chauvin murder trial this week, she thought of her beloved older brother George Floyd. “All […]

George Floyd case reignites calls to tackle racial injustice in UK policing

Campaigners say conviction of white officer Derek Chauvin should be catalyst for change The conviction of a US police officer for murdering George Floyd has reignited calls to tackle racial injustice in British law enforcement, with campaigners calling for an end to a “culture of impunity”. Video of white officer Derek Chauvin murdering George Floyd […]

Celebrating Derek Chauvin’s conviction is not enough. We want to live | Derecka Purnell

We cannot expect police convictions to save anyone’s lives, because they didn’t even save George Floyd’s life A jury has found Derek Chauvin guilty of all charges against him for killing George Floyd, including unintentional second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. A judge remanded Chauvin in custody after the verdict and a cop quickly […]

The Guardian view on the murder of George Floyd: a racial reckoning begins | Editorial

The conviction of a police officer was a landmark moment. Can an exceptional case bring the broader changes needed? The relief that swept through the crowd outside the Minneapolis court, and rippled around the world, was in its own way shocking. The conviction of Derek Chauvin for George Floyd’s murder should have been inevitable. The […]

Chauvin verdict: DoJ announces sweeping investigation into Minneapolis police – live

Investigation will examine potentially unconstitutional policing George Floyd’s brother says family satisfied with guilty verdict Full report: Derek Chauvin found guilty of Floyd’s murder 10.35pm BST It’s now been just over one day since former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter, for killing George Floyd […]

‘Accountability, not yet justice’: how the US reacted to the Chauvin verdict – video

Across many US cities, there were scenes of jubilation after Derek Chauvin was found guilty for the murder of George Floyd. Crowds gathered outside the court room in Minneapolis as well as at the scene of George Floyd’s death. Loud cheering erupted from Floyd’s family members watching in an adjacent courthouse room. But the elation was tinged […]

Minneapolis hopes for new beginning after verdict: ‘George Floyd is a movement’

After weeks of anxiety, the city celebrated with a victory march. ‘Tomorrow we get back to work,’ one organizer said As George Floyd’s girlfriend waited for a verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin, the police officer charged with murdering Floyd, one of the journalists crowded around her asked what being present outside the Minneapolis […]

Derek Chauvin found guilty of George Floyd’s murder

Jury finds ex-police officer guilty on all counts Chauvin knelt on Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes Derek Chauvin verdict – follow live updates The life of George Floyd: ‘He knew how to make people feel better’ Derek Chauvin has been convicted of murder for killing George Floyd by kneeling on his neck for […]

The life of George Floyd: ‘He knew how to make people feel better’

How a gentle giant beloved by family and community became a man who would ‘change the world’ Derek Chauvin verdict – follow live updates George Floyd’s loved ones said at his funeral on 9 June last year that his tragic killing at the hands of police was “going to change the world”. But who was […]

We must end ‘qualified immunity’ for police. It might save the next George Floyd | Killer Mike

Unless we do, police violence will rage on, and Black communities will continue to live in fear of the people ostensibly sworn to protect them On the night of 30 May last year, I was standing at the mayor of Atlanta’s podium, wondering what I might say to keep my home town from burning itself […]

‘Children are dying’: George Floyd’s killing fuels calls for ban on restraints in schools

Educators use physical restraint thousands of time a year and critics say the practice is used as a routine discipline tool, especially against Black children America is waiting on a verdict in the closely watched murder trial of Derek Chauvin in Minnesota, which has focused on the former Minneapolis police officer’s use of “prone restraint” […]

Derek Chauvin trial hears closing arguments as America braces for verdict

Former officer charged with murder of George Floyd Derek Chauvin trial – live coverage The Derek Chauvin murder trial heard closing arguments on Monday before the jury was expected to begin considering a verdict over the death of George Floyd that is anxiously awaited by millions of Americans. Related: Daunte Wright and George Floyd: another […]

Biden says he’s willing ‘to compromise’ with Republicans on infrastructure bill – live

President meets with a bipartisan group of lawmakers Biden says everyone in US now eligible for Covid vaccine Biden directs agencies to stop using phrases like ‘illegal alien’ Sign up to receive First Thing – our daily briefing by email 10.25pm BST Gabrielle Canon here, signing on from the west coast to take you through […]

George Floyd killing: protests flare as Americans await verdict in Chauvin trial

Outcome is expected to resonate nationwide, particularly in cities that have seen continuing demonstrations over police violence Protests against police killings flared across the US this weekend, from Minneapolis to Chicago to Portland, as Americans wait for a verdict in the trial of the white police officer charged with murdering George Floyd last year. Closing […]

George Floyd killing: defense rests case after Derek Chauvin declines to testify

Both sides will make closing arguments on Monday and the case over the death of George Floyd will then go to the jury Derek Chauvin declined to testify in his murder trial over the killing of George Floyd as the defence wrapped up its case after just two days of testimony. Chauvin invoked his fifth […]

Derek Chauvin trial: defense claims bad heart and drug use killed George Floyd

Dr David Fowler, testifying for the defense, also said vehicle exhaust may have played a part in Floyd’s death A leading forensic pathologist has told the Derek Chauvin trial that George Floyd was killed by his heart condition and drug use. Dr David Fowler, testifying for the defence, also introduced the idea that vehicle exhaust […]