The captain rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean during the Covid-19 pandemic – video

Savvas Kourepinis is the captain of the Astral, a humanitarian boat patrolling the Mediterranean Sea to rescue people attempting to cross the main maritime route from north Africa to Europe. For most of this year, the Covid-19 pandemic forced these vital search-and-rescue missions to cease in what is often referred to as the deadliest migration route […]

Cinemas ‘shocked and dismayed’ by Disney decision to launch Soul on streaming

Studio bypasses big-screen release for its new Pixar animation with plans to debut the film on Disney+ on Christmas Day Cinemas across Europe have expressed their outrage at the decision by Hollywood studio Disney to bypass a big-screen release for the new Pixar animation Soul and debut the film on their streaming platform Disney+. The […]

Papillon the bear: how the ‘escape genius’ sparked a national debate in Italy

Once one of Europe’s ‘most wanted’ wild animals, the now incarcerated bear has become symbolic of the conflict over the reintroduction of large predators The prisoner is in a cage measuring two by six metres, surrounded by three 7,000-volt electric fences, a four-metre-high barrier, CCTV and a number of rangers. From afar, the structure resembles […]

‘Maybe now we’ll get some answers’: film-maker challenges official story of Estonia ferry disaster

Henrik Evertsson faces prosecution in Sweden, but says he is ‘just putting facts on the table’ over sinking that cost 852 lives For a quarter of a century, a lack of firm evidence has prevented any real challenge to the official story of how, on a stormy September night, more than 850 people came to […]

How to go skiing despite a winter of Covid restrictions

Planning a ski holiday may seem daunting but resorts are open – and if the continent seems too far, hit the slopes in Scotland When Covid-19 closed Europe’s ski season in early March – leaving thousands of skiers stranded when their resorts shut and others having to cancel trips – some assumed they would be […]

Dad’s kitchen rules: ‘My son wasn’t interested in learning to cook – until I told him it would be cheaper’

Locked down in Melbourne and unable to see each other, Paul Mitchell and his son bonded over bolognese Five weeks into a six-month study exchange in Europe, coronavirus sent my 20-year-old son back to Melbourne. He moved into his first share house, with three friends. Because restrictions meant I couldn’t go inside, we went for […]

What lessons can Europe learn from Sweden’s Covid-19 experience?

Experts say that while contested ‘light touch’ response warrants study each country must find right approach for them Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage EU governments that locked down are increasingly emulating the one that did not, but experts warn that Sweden’s Covid approach, relying more on voluntary compliance than coercion, will […]

How rescuing drowning migrants became a crime

The Iuventa ran hundreds of missions to save migrants from drowning off the coast of Libya. But after Europe cracked down on migration, its crew found themselves facing prosecution As patrol boats with flashing blue lights surrounded the Iuventa, just outside the port of Lampedusa on the evening of 1 August 2017, its crew were […]

Orchestral manoeuvres in a car park: does ENO’s drive-in opera hit the high notes?

With the action updated to a London car park and the audience in cars, ENO’s La Bohème is Europe’s first live drive-in opera. Our writer hops on his bike to watch the action from a socially distanced concrete square Sweaty, hyperventilating and with frozen hands, I arrive at Europe’s first live drive-in opera like Mimi […]

15 brilliant autumn UK breaks for solo travellers, couples or small groups

Part one We pick trips that take in beautiful scenery, adventurous activities, fab food, stargazing, wellness and great places to stay. Part two on Saturday Solo travellers: Chase the stars, NorthumberlandUnforeseen confinement this year has encouraged many of us to look to the skies for escapism, and stargazing has never seemed like a more appealing […]

I Am Greta review – slick yet shallow Thunberg documentary

The remarkable teenage climate activist gets a necessary, if underwhelming, film of her own that follows her global crusade for change This sleek, slick Hulu documentary about the teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg follows her remarkable campaign from the very beginnings to her virtual apotheosis as the world’s ecological conscience when she arrived in New […]

Can Belarus protesters topple Europe’s last dictator? – video explainer

Thousands of Belarusians have defied beatings and arrests to demand the resignation of the country’s authoritarian leader, Alexander Lukashenko, after he claimed victory in an election they say was rigged. Protesters have flooded Belarus’s capital, Minsk, every week for a month to call for new, free and fair elections, as well as an end to […]

‘Moria no more’: the refugees left to sleep in car parks after escaping blaze

Peaceful protests break out as the fire that destroyed Europe’s largest refugee camp leaves thousands without provisions, shelter or medical help After days of sleeping on the streets since fleeing a fire which, for many, claimed all of their worldly belongings, Moria camp residents protested in their thousands on Friday. Babies sat on the shoulders […]

Log on, chill out: holiday resorts lure remote workers to fill gap left by tourists

The Canary Islands join a growing list of destinations wooing ‘digital nomads’ to help replace business lost to the pandemic It wasn’t the sun-drenched beaches or windswept dunes that first commanded Daniel Harry Jarociński’s attention when he arrived in the Gran Canaria town of Maspalomas. Instead, his early days in one of the Canary Islands’ […]

How to make the perfect gambas al ajillo – recipe | Felicity Cloake’s The Perfect…

Shells on or off? Spicy or sour? How you like your garlic prawns is very personal – but that isn’t going to stop our resident perfectionist from assembling her ideal version The Spanish are some of Europe’s most enthusiastic consumers of fish and seafood, putting away an impressive 46kg per person per year – as […]

How we met: ‘We’re on the same wavelength – we even hate the same politicians’

Morna, 68, and David West, 72, fell in love in Spain in 1980 after they were searched by police on a train journey. They have two grownup daughters and live in Edinburgh When Morna Duthie moved to Sitges, Spain, in autumn 1980, she wasn’t expecting to find love. “I went there after breaking up with […]

How helpful is the term ‘climate refugee’?

Politicians warn the climate crisis will lead to more people migrating. But experts say this framing of the issue risks being misleading and dangerous “You think migration is a challenge to Europe today because of extremism,” John Kerry told a conference in Alaska in 2015, “wait until you see what happens when there’s an absence […]

How Angela Merkel’s great migrant gamble paid off

Five years ago, as more and more refugees crossed into Europe, Germany’s chancellor proclaimed, ‘We’ll manage this.’ Critics said it was her great mistake – but she has been proved right Mohammad Hallak found the key to unlock the mysteries of his new homeland when he realised you could switch the subtitles on your Netflix […]

Destination roulette and the quarantine shuffle: the new travel landscape

The government’s ever-changing travel corridor list has turned booking a holiday into a game of chance. So what are the risks and which countries are a safe bet? It’s been a summer of chaos and confusion for holidaymakers. Yet despite ongoing uncertainty around where’s safe to visit and a general upwards trend in new coronavirus […]

Escape: the woman who brought her trafficker to justice

Thousands of young women leave home in Nigeria every year on the promise of a good job in Europe, only to be trapped by debt and forced into prostitution. But one joined forces with investigators in Italy to expose the traffickers. By Ottavia Spaggiari Susan had been on Italian soil for exactly three days when, […]

Fashion’s dirty secret: how sexual assault took hold in jeans factories

After revelations of sexual violence in Lesotho garment factories, where jeans are made for brands such as Levi’s, workers fought for better conditions. But now Covid-19 has hit the fashion industry, those gains may be lost. By Annie Kelly More from this series: Human rights in focus At one of the biggest garment factories in […]

Four queer women defying the snow: Mikael Owunna’s best photograph

‘Snow evokes the west, Europe, the far north – places that have historically been hostile to black people. So this is like an assertion: we’re going to take this place for ourselves’ I shot this in Brooklyn in 2017. For four years, I had been working on a series about LGBTQ African immigrants in 10 […]

‘It’s the worst I’ve ever seen’: London’s West End struggles to bounce back

Shoppers and office workers are shunning UK cities with footfall in the capital’s once busy centre down by 63% Mid-August should be boom time for central London. The streets would usually bustle with shoppers, workers and tourists, looking to spend their cash in the West End’s shops, restaurants and leisure attractions. But not this year. […]

How to take a cycling holiday this year despite the pandemic

From guided tours to maps and insurance, we have all the advice you need to have a successful cycling trip Pandemic pedalling might have kept you fit and sane during lockdown, but if you’ve seen enough of your local lanes to last a lifetime, this summer could be the perfect time to spread your cycling […]

‘Never give up’: Greek asylum fight is gifted student’s hardest lesson

Amadou Diallo fled child labour in an African gold mine. Only by proving his ability to an elite university has he won the right to a future in Europe ‘We want to build a life’: Europe’s paperless young people speak out From the stack of books Amadou Diallo took with him last summer to the […]

Meet David: born in France, raised in Belgium, facing removal to the DRC

He grew up in Brussels and dreams of a career in fashion, but hardline laws make him an asylum seeker in his own country ‘We want to build a life’: Europe’s paperless young people speak out When David (not his real name) walked into the headquarters of the Belgian immigration department to apply for asylum, […]

From Joni to Jimi: when rock’n’roll came to the Isle of Wight – in pictures

A new exhibition marks 50 years since the festival known as ‘Europe’s Woodstock’ took off. Curator and sculptor Guy Portelli talks us through photos from its star-studded 1970 event Joni Mitchell, Isle of Wight 1970: the day the music nearly died Continue reading…

‘I just don’t exist’: the Italian chef Italy will not recognise

Luca Neves was born in Rome and has always lived there, but for 12 years he has been undocumented, trapped outside hardline migration laws ‘We want to build a life’: Europe’s paperless young people speak out Early rays of sunshine filter through the kitchen shutters as Luca Neves launches one of his daily live cooking […]