Don’t expect post-Brexit Britain to match EU’s fight against big tech | Phillip Inman

Profits for America’s tech firms continue to soar and there are few signs they will face tougher rules If anyone needed convincing that the pandemic would turbo-charge sales at America’s largest tech firms and send profits soaring, this week’s quarterly results defied the doubters. Apple, Microsoft and Google owner Alphabet have reported profits for the […]

UK poised to end amber list quarantine for people vaccinated in US and EU

Ministers to discuss plans, with talks also to determine if they will apply to England only or all UK nations Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Plans to significantly open up international travel are expected to be announced on Wednesday, with UK ministers poised to let people who have been fully vaccinated […]

Thousands march in Budapest Pride to oppose anti-LGBTQ law

Demonstrators say law that bans teaching of issue in schools is causing division in Hungary Thousands of Hungarians have joined the annual Budapest Pride march to support LGBTQ people and protest against a law that limits teaching about homosexuality and transgender issues in schools. Hungary’s nationalist prime minister, Viktor Orbán, in power since 2010, has […]

UK says it wants to substantially rewrite Northern Ireland Brexit protocol

Blueprint for alternative arrangement published as sources say protocol was flawed at conception The UK has launched an audacious bid to rewrite a key plank of the Brexit deal, saying the Northern Ireland protocol was flawed at conception but served its purpose to get the UK out of the EU as “one country”. The European […]

The Guardian view on Boris Johnson’s Brexit lies: reality demands a rewrite | Editorial

The prime minister needed a Northern Ireland deal for political reasons ahead of the general election. He now wants to dump it because it’s bad for Britain Boris Johnson’s proposal to rewrite the Northern Ireland protocol he signed in 2019 suggests that he has still not come to terms with the implications of his red […]

HGV licence fast-track won’t stop UK food shortages, industry warns

Grant Shapps told plans won’t solve lorry driver shortage for months, amid calls for EU drivers to return Government plans to tackle the UK’s chronic lorry driver shortage will take at least five months to take effect and will not address the threat of food shortages this summer, industry leaders have warned. Transport secretary Grant […]

Ministers under fire over 69p-a-minute helpline for EU citizens

Helpline for people trying to prove their right to remain in country after Brexit charges £10.35 for 15 minutes The government has come under fire after introducing a 69p-a-minute charge for a helpline for EU citizens who are trying to prove to landlords or employers their right to remain in the country after Brexit. Callers […]

Spanish woman in UK for 44 years sacked over post-Brexit rules

Employee in care home, who arrived as an 11-month-old, unable to prove she has right to work in Britain A Spanish woman who has lived in England for 44 years has been sacked from her job in a care home because she is unable to prove she has the right to work in the UK, […]

Ireland loosens Covid entry rules for under-12s allowing families to reunite

Young children and vaccinated adults will no longer need a PCR test when border reopens on 19 July Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Irish families in Great Britain banking on visiting family for the first time in a year have been given the green light to travel to Ireland quarantine free […]

What is the EU’s plan to tackle global heating – and will it work?

EU member states will face tougher targets and goals to increase renewable energy In 2019 the European parliament declared a “climate and environmental emergency”. In 2020 EU leaders pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by the end of this decade. Now comes the hard part: turning promises into policies to curb dangerous global […]

‘Legal Polexit’: Poland court rules EU measures unconstitutional

European court of justice had demanded suspension of Polish reforms that could lift judges’ immunity Poland’s top court has ruled that measures imposed by the European court of justice against the country’s controversial judicial reforms are unconstitutional, in a decision that could have far-reaching implications for the bloc’s legal order. Judge Stanislaw Piotrowicz said on […]

The Guardian view on Covid curbs ending: Tory MPs are happy; many Britons are not | Editorial

The country is about to find out how costly the prime minister’s delay and indecision in the face of a lethal, highly infectious pathogen will be Boris Johnson, claimed his former chief adviser Dominic Cummings, lurched between policies “like a shopping trolley smashing from one side of the aisle to the other”. Mr Cummings has […]

Why the Northern Ireland protocol is about much more than sausages | Naomi Long

Instead of spouting cliched rhetoric, the UK government should start engaging seriously with the EU about post-Brexit trade Recently during a television debate, when asked about the Northern Ireland protocol and its impact on trade from Britain, I used the phrase “Where you get your sausages from does not define your identity”. While out of […]

‘I didn’t want to milk cows 24/7!’: how four people reinvented their family farms

It isn’t easy to secure the future of a traditional farm, and so the race is on for new ideas – including quad bike rides, speedboat adventures and natural burial sites Farming has always been a gruelling job, with unsociable hours, physical exertion and the unpredictability of the climate to deal with. And, for a […]

Boris Johnson cries ‘freedom’ to fill the void where his leadership should be | Rafael Behr

Beyond pork-barrel politics there is little actual substance to the prime minister’s vision Everyone has found pandemic restrictions frustrating. Few see them on the spectrum of state coercion tending inevitably towards the Gulag. But the hysterical minority is overly represented in the Conservative party. As a result, the language of political emancipation is misapplied to […]

Why 6m settlement applications doesn’t mean 6m EU citizens live in the UK

Home Office figures caused speculation that number of Europeans in UK had been underestimated Last week, the Home Office announced it had received 6m applications for the EU settlement scheme, prompting some to conclude the number of Europeans living in the UK was almost double previous estimates. Some on social media claimed that it meant […]

The Guardian view on rebalancing the economy: Brexit won’t do it | Editorial

Britain could have regulated the City and attracted green investment from inside the EU Giving up membership of the EU is changing the UK economy. But not in the way the headlines suggest. Last week there was much crowing that Brexit Britain had secured a £1bn electric vehicle hub in Sunderland, where Nissan will produce […]

Irish taoiseach urges No 10 to match EU generosity over NI protocol

Micheál Martin says the UK must engage with the bloc after extension of grace period for movement of chilled meats The Irish taoiseach, Micheál Martin, has called on Downing Street to “reciprocate the generosity of spirit” shown by EU leaders on the Northern Ireland protocol after they extended the grace period allowing chilled meats to […]

‘Intrusive and cruel’: struggles in applying for UK settled status

We speak to three people after late surge in EU citizens trying to meet deadline for applications Over 50,000 EU citizens apply for settled status in a day to beat deadline There was a huge rush by EU citizens for UK settled status on Wednesday, with more than 50,000 people scrambling to beat the midnight […]

Today marks the day in Britain that millions of neighbours become foreigners | Daniel Trilling

However the government sugarcoats the EU settlement scheme, European citizens living in the UK will now be seen as outsiders “We asked for workers, we got human beings instead,” was how the Swiss author Max Frisch summed up the “guest worker” schemes that helped wealthy European countries rebuild their economies after the second world war. […]

UK drivers will no longer need insurance ‘green card’ in EU

Brexit requirement to be dropped for UK-registered vehicles, including those from Northern Ireland Millions of UK motorists will no longer have to obtain an insurance “green card” before taking their car to EU countries after the requirement for extra Brexit-related paperwork was dropped. The European Commission announced it had waived the obligation when it unveiled […]

Post-Brexit talks on City access to EU have stalled, Sunak reveals

In Mansion House debut speech, chancellor sets out series of reforms in bid to help finance industry Talks to secure City of London access to the EU have stalled, Rishi Sunak has confirmed in his first Mansion House speech to financiers, as he set out sweeping reforms designed to help Britain’s finance industry embrace global […]

Over 50,000 EU citizens apply for settled status in a day to beat deadline

Exclusive: Home Office receives fivefold daily rise in applications as people tell of fear and anger ‘Intrusive and cruel’: struggles in applying for UK settled status There was a fivefold increase in applications by EU citizens for UK settled status on Wednesday, with more than 50,000 people scrambling to beat the midnight deadline, it has […]

EU agrees to delay Brexit meat checks in Northern Ireland

Decision allows continued movement of chilled meat products between Great Britain and Northern Ireland until 30 September The European Commission has granted the UK a three-month extension on the sale of sausages in Northern Ireland in an attempt to defuse a row that has poisoned post-Brexit relations. In a widely trailed decision, Brussels said fresh […]

Tell us: are you an EU citizen waiting to be granted settled status in the UK?

We’d like to hear from people with EU citizenship living in the UK who have applied for settled status but are still awaiting a decision by the Home Office With a week to go before the cut-off date of 30 June, we’re keen to hear from people who have applied for the EU Settlement Scheme, […]

Damaging ‘fly-shooting’ fishing in Channel sparks concerns

Small-scale fishers say mostly EU fleet is devastating catches with method that nets entire shoals of fish The UK has been accused of allowing a fleet of mainly EU “fly-shooting” fishing boats “unfettered access” to the Channel, without a proper assessment of the impact on fish populations, the seabed or the livelihoods of small-scale fishers. […]

‘The anxiety is palpable’: EU citizens face looming settled status deadline

Those submitting last-minute applications for right to stay in UK describe stress of dealing with an overwhelmed system With just three days to go before the deadline for EU citizens who wish to remain living in the UK to apply for EU settled status (EUSS), applicants have described the stress they are experiencing as they […]

Chased and heckled, but Jo Cox’s sister is unbowed in election fight

George Galloway has mounted an aggressive campaign in Batley and Spen. Can he prevent Labour winning? It has been a testing few weeks for Kim Leadbeater, the Labour candidate in Batley and Spen, and her campaign team is looking for some light relief. Leadbeater is the sister of the area’s former MP Jo Cox who […]

Hundreds of thousands of EU citizens ‘scrabbling’ to attain post-Brexit status before deadline

Pressure grows for UK to extend Wednesday’s settlement-scheme cut-off date as backlog of applications grows and helplines crash EU citizens are struggling to apply for post-Brexit settled status as the Home Office reaches “breaking point” coping with a last-minute surge in applications. With three days before the deadline of the EU settlement scheme this Wednesday, […]

Brexit campaigners ‘surprised’ by sour relations with EU, says Lord Frost

Brexit minister says dispute over border checks in Northern Ireland main barrier to better relationship The deterioration in relations with the EU, partly driven by the Northern Ireland “sausage war”, has come as a surprise to those, who campaigned to leave the bloc five years ago, the government has admitted. The Brexit minister, Lord Frost, […]