From ET to The Wicker Man: 10 of the best film soundtracks

Twinkling scores, glistening synths and easy-flowing jazz: we look at some of the most memorable music in movies Star Wars, Jaws, Superman … John Williams doesn’t just soundtrack films, he soundtracks entire childhoods. The emotional tone of Steven Spielberg’s 1982 blockbuster is one of shared wonder, and that sense of connection is illuminated by Williams’s […]

My search for life on other planets kept me going when my husband died

For Sara Seager, star-gazing offered a sense of perspective when tragedy struck Fifteen years ago, I started my job at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As an astrophysicist and planetary scientist, my job is to search for alien life. Not little green humanoids like ET, but signs of life on planets orbiting other stars. Every […]

Sexism casts shadow over Biden’s search for a female running mate

Leading VP contenders have had to endure the usual criticisms men often direct at women – which has undermined a historic selection process Join us for an online event with Eric Holder to discuss voter suppression in the 2020 election, Thursday at 5pm ET. Register now The final weeks of Joe Biden’s search for a […]

Coronavirus US live: Trump fumes over report social distancing was delayed as deaths pass 22,000

Concerns US lawmakers are using briefings to make stock decisions Death penalty states urged to release stockpiled drugs for patients Live global updates See all our coronavirus coverage Support the Guardian’s independent journalism. Make a contribution 2.12pm BST A sailor from the USS Theodore Roosevelt, which has confirmed hundreds of coronavirus cases among crew members, […]

Coronavirus US live: Trump wants to reopen America by May despite expert concerns

A tale of two New Yorks: pandemic lays bare shocking inequities Inside New Jersey hospitals overwhelmed by Covid-19 Live global updates See all our coronavirus coverage Support the Guardian’s independent journalism. Make a contribution 4.07pm BST New York governor Andrew Cuomo is holding his daily press conference live at 11:30 ET. I will be liveblogging […]

Bebe Rexha & Florida Georgia Line – Meant To Be (All Your Fault Pt. 2 Clean Version EP)

[Intro] Federal, Federal, Federal Three times, ugh Yeah, yeah You already know when I get in that muh’ it’s over [Verse] Can I be real? Can I vent? I got some niggas tryna test my gangster like I ain’t built for this shit I got different bitches texting my phone talkin’ ’bout time we ain’t […]

Run The Jewels – Call Ticketron (Run The Jewels 3 Album)

[Intro: Ticketron] Live, Li-li-li-li- Live from the Garden [Verse 1: El-P] Run the jewels live at the garden Lickin’ off shots and we aim for the darkness Make it get hot for a target Kids cook s’mores off the crotch of our targets Kumbaya bitch Buckle up lil’ trooper You can’t get past me, I’m […]