UK students: Have you been ridiculed over your accent or background?

We’d like to hear from students at UK universities who have been mocked over their regional accent or background by other students or staff Students from northern England are being ridiculed over their accents and backgrounds at Durham university, and even forced out, according to a report compiled by student. Lauren White, who is in […]

‘We have £52 left’: the dire future for England’s small arts organisations

This week, the UK government announced £257m in emergency arts funding – we hear from some of those who missed out, complaining of baffling applications and a lack of guidance Of course it was disappointing not to be successful in this round of the cultural recovery fund (CRF). How could it not be? My venue […]

Midlands residents: how are you affected by the local lockdown?

We want to hear from people living and working in the Midlands about how coronavirus restrictions will impact them On Wednesday morning, the West Midlands was placed into the tier 2 “high risk” category, banning all household mixing indoors. The region’s Conservative mayor has warned that restrictions, also in place across most of the north […]

From dinosaurs to wildflowers: five amazing under-the-radar day trips across south east and central England

From Worthing to Warwick, these lesser-known destinations might not be top of your list, but they should be – and they’re all easily accessible by rail LewesJust eight miles from Brighton’s heaving city centre, Lewes sits tucked neatly within the rolling hills of the South Downs. Most famous for its bonfire night parades, there’s also […]

‘He was full of hope’: stories behind five of the 3,173 UK Covid deaths this summer

A mental health nurse, a cafe worker, a mosque supporter, a grandmother and a collector of rare Jewish books remembered Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Coronavirus cases fell sharply across the UK as the season changed from spring to summer. With the daily death toll also falling, the grim mood that […]

Liverpool residents: how will you be affected by the latest Covid restrictions?

We want to hear from people living and working in Liverpool about how new coronavirus restrictions will impact them Liverpool is expecting its city region to face some of the tightest coronavirus restrictions as the government plans to announce a three-tier alert system for England. Steve Rotheram, and six other local leaders, including Liverpool mayor, […]

Share your experiences of accessing NHS services during the Covid pandemic

How have your found accessing NHS services? Have there been any issues and if so have you considered alternatives such as switching to a private provider? The coronavirus crisis has placed the NHS under major strain, with patients in England now facing record waiting times for surgery and cancer care. We’re looking to hear from […]

‘There’s quite a bit of resentment’: is Covid deepening north-south divide?

There are fears lockdown restrictions could exacerbate the differences between the two halves of England Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage As tensions rise between northern mayors and the government over local lockdown measures in place in major cities across the north of England, fears that coronavirus could exacerbate the north-south divide […]

‘It can be life or death’: the parents in England refusing to send their children back to school

Families unwillingly home schooling for fear of Covid say they have been threatened with fines and cut adrift Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Schools are losing touch with some of the most vulnerable families across England during the pandemic, as the threat of truancy fines leads parents to de-register their children, […]

Pubs and restaurants: do scientists think Covid closures and curfews work?

While virus can spread easily in crowded indoor venues, 10pm cut-off is questionable Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Pubs, bars and restaurants in Scotland will be banned from serving alcohol to customers indoors for more than two weeks, while pubs in northern England face the possibility of tighter restrictions. But what […]

Is your family split between coronavirus regulations in north and south of England?

We’d like to hear from families who are divided between local lockdowns In England, around 28 areas have a Covid infection rate which is at least double the country’s average – overwhelmingly located in the north. Areas including Greater Manchester, Merseyside and West Yorkshire have been subjected to local lockdown restrictions, while measures in the […]

Send in your questions: what do you want to know about coronavirus in the UK?

We want to hear about the questions you have around coronavirus, contract tracing, testing and any other related issues If you’d like to ask Guardian reporters a question about the impact of coronavirus in the UK, we’d like to hear from you. As contact tracers in England try to reach up to 50,000 people who […]

‘Students need to know the harrowing truth’: teachers on black history in the curriculum

Should black history be compulsory in England’s schools? We talk to educators There is increasing pressure on the government to make black history a compulsory element of the national curriculum in England, not only something to be taught in Black History Month. The schools minister, Nick Gibb, told a parliamentary debate recently that he was […]

Share your experiences of the NHS coronavirus app

We’d like to hear about your experiences of using or downloading the new NHS coronavirus app After months of pilot studies, the NHS coronavirus app has finally arrived in England and Wales. The app is designed to alert users if they have been within two metres of someone who tested positive for coronavirus, allow users […]

UK workers: have you continued to work in the office during the coronavirus pandemic?

We would like to hear from people in the UK who are still working in the office According to a report by Alphawise research unit, nearly half of UK office staff had returned to work before Boris Johnson urged employees in England to work from home wherever possible on 22 September. We would like to […]

North of England residents: have you been under local lockdown for months?

We would like to hear from those who have lived under some sort of coronavirus restrictions for months Some people in the north of England have been living under some sort of local lockdown restrictions for months now. We would like to hear from those living in affected areas about their experiences. Continue reading…

The big picture: cafe culture on the road

Paul Graham captured early-80s Britain in his colour photographs of people and places along the A1 Paul Graham took this photograph nearly 40 years ago as part of his first serious photographic project, a road trip along the A1, the Great North Road, from its beginning at the Bank of England to its end at […]

Emmy the Great: ‘Live music’s going to be weird, but it also might be cathartic’

The singer-songwriter on how Hong Kong inspired her new album, why she then had to leave, and the first thing she’ll do when we’re Covid-free Emma-Lee Moss, 36, has recorded four albums as Emmy the Great, including her forthcoming LP, April /月音, inspired by explorations of her Hong Kong-Chinese identity (her mother is from Hong […]

The Kent border: I have a secret plan to reunite our divided country – and it involves traffic jams

A de facto border can only mean one thing: seven-mile tailbacks. And no one, whatever their political persuasion, is in favour of that There is to be a new land border with Kent. Technically, it isn’t a border; it is just that lorries won’t be allowed into the county from the rest of England unless […]

Why have house prices in England shot up since the 1990s? – video explainer

Since the 1990s, house prices have risen from roughly four to eight times the average national income. Many reasons, such as a million homes lying empty and rising buy-to-let demand, are cited as reasons for exploding property prices while some factors are missed out entirely. We explore some of those potential causes and see what […]

10 of the best places to run in the UK: readers’ tips

From flowers along the Dee to the steepest public road in England – via painted ladies in Shrewsbury – readers share their favourite routes The Kentmere Horseshoe sits just inside the Lake District national park and it is not for the faint-hearted – the hills are steep but the vistas are more than worth it. […]

Pubs, bars and restaurants: how will new rules in England, Scotland and Wales affect you?

We’d like to hear from people employed in pubs, bars and restaurants in England, Scotland and Wales about how you feel new restrictions may impact your work Pubs, bars and restaurants in England and Wales will have to shut by 10pm from Thursday under new restrictions to halt a rise in coronavirus cases. Scotland will […]

Have you tried to get a flu vaccination in the UK?

We’d like to find out from people who’re eligible for a free flu vaccination about their experiences of getting the vaccine We’d like to find out from people who’re eligible for a free flu vaccination about their experiences of getting the vaccine. All adults over 50 and children in the first year of secondary school […]

What are the new coronavirus rules in England?

See the key points from Boris Johnson’s announcement of more robust restrictions Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Boris Johnson has announced a series of new, more robust coronavirus restrictions to come into force across England in a speech to parliament, followed by a TV address on Tuesday evening. These are the […]

‘The seasons are against us’: what we learned from UK’s top Covid scientists

Patrick Vallance and Chris Whitty’s briefing predicted an autumn of rising deaths and difficult lockdown choices Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The UK government’s most senior scientists, England’s chief medical officer, Chris Whitty, and the chief scientific adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance, have given a televised briefing about the recent increases in […]

Don’t stop your grousing … and other Covid rule-of-six exemptions

Shooting is not the only activity that can go ahead in England in groups of more than six Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage When the government announced that grouse shooting would be exempt from the “rule of six” coronavirus restrictions in England, it prompted widespread scorn. While two families stopping in […]

Talegate? Appledore beats Covid to keep book festival alive

Event organisers think outside the box to hold drive-in literary event in North Devon field Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The book lovers of Appledore, a picturesque fishing village on the north Devon coast, are a resourceful, determined lot. When their library faced closure 14 years ago, they helped save it […]