Why Biden calls Trump a ‘climate arsonist’ – video explainer

Humanity is said to have just 10 years left to start seriously tackling the climate crisis before passing the ‘point of no return’ with multiple-degree temperature increases, rising sea levels and increasingly disastrous wildfires, hurricanes, floods and droughts predicted. Scientists say the US is far off the path of what is necessary for the nation and […]

If Biden wins what would the first 100 days of his presidency look like?

If he succeeds in defeating Trump, the Democrat will have to urgently tackle the pandemic and rebuild global relationships If Joe Biden wins the 2020 US election against Donald Trump next week, the new president-elect will face enormous pressures to implement a laundry list of priorities on a range of issues from foreign policy to […]

India tries to shake off pro-Trump image in run-up to US election

As Joe Biden pulls ahead in the polls, Delhi avoids helping Donald Trump woo Indian-American voters At a podium in Delhi on Tuesday, the US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, and the secretary of defense, Mark Esper, made a clear declaration of their country’s commitment to its alliance with India. “The US will stand with […]

Build your own US election result: plot a win for Biden or Trump

Biden may be ahead in the polls, but key battlegrounds that the Democrats lost unexpectedly in 2016 could come through again for Trump on 3 November. Use our simulator to build your own election result map • US swing state polls tracker The electoral map has shifted in 2020, amid new challenges from misinformation to […]

Biden gains as suburban women and elderly voters turn backs on Trump

Nine days out from election day, polling shows the Democratic nominee with big leads in key demographics Joe Biden’s hopes of reaching the White House could rest on two crucial demographic groups that appear to be deserting Donald Trump: elderly people and suburban women. Related: Trump assaulted American democracy – here’s how Democrats can save […]

‘How do we become a serious people again?’ Dave Eggers, Annie Proulx and more on the 2020 election

How is America faring after four years of Donald Trump? Which way will voters turn? US authors including Richard Powers, Ocean Vuong and Kiley Reid share their hopes and fears Continue reading…

‘I’m more enthusiastic now than in 2016’: meet the voters standing by Donald Trump

They sent him to the White House, and four years later vow to keep him there. In a month-long trip across the US, Chris McGreal meets the president’s most unwavering supporters Lisa Matthews voted for Barack Obama. But just the once. The daughter of an African American mother and Puerto Rican father, the 47-year-old grew […]

Trump stuck fighting the 2016 war as Biden comes out on top

In the final TV debate, the president reached for the playbook from four years ago – but was notably outmanoeuvred “He’s a very confused guy,” Democratic candidate Joe Biden said of Donald Trump during Thursday night’s debate. “He thinks he’s running against somebody else. He’s running against Joe Biden. I beat all those other people […]

Broken promises and alternative facts: how Donald Trump failed Ohio – video

After winning the 2016 election, Donald Trump promised to deliver new jobs and economic prosperity to Youngstown, Ohio, a city suffering from decades of decline. But four years on those promises never manifested. Oliver Laughland and Tom Silverstone meet residents who lost their jobs and had their families split by economic necessity, and witness how […]

Kim Kardashian West at 40: how the queen of social media changed the world

By exchanging her privacy for eyewatering wealth, Kardashian West defines our time like no one else. Now, she has dialled back the nudity, presented a family-oriented image – and even appealed to Donald Trump’s compassionate side In the early hours of 3 October 2016, shortly before her 36th birthday, Kim Kardashian West found herself with […]

US Senate elections: the key races that will determine power in Washington

The Democrats face a tough challenge to reclaim control of the Senate, up against the Republicans’ 53-47 majority. With 35 seats up for re-election it will probably come down to seven key races While the world’s attention is on Donald Trump’s attempt to win re-election as president over challenger Joe Biden, the battle for the […]

Civil rights and QAnon candidates: the fight for facts in Georgia – video

Joe Biden won the nomination for president on the shoulders of older Black voters in the US south. But how do younger, progressive people of color feel about his candidacy in the southern state of Georgia, in play for the first time in decades? And will a dangerous campaign of QAnon disinformation have any bearing […]

American Crisis review: Andrew Cuomo on Covid, Trump … and a job with Joe Biden?

So much as anyone can, the New York governor has had a good pandemic. His book trumpets successes – and settles scores On Thursday, the US reported 65,000 new cases of Covid-19 and Donald Trump falsely told a television town hall 85% of people who wear masks contract the disease. With more than two weeks […]

Kimmel on Trump: ‘No one in my lifetime has done more to separate us’

Late-night hosts discussed the president’s latest campaign antics and his assertion that Osama bin Laden is still alive Late-night hosts talked about Donald Trump’s latest rambling performance at a rally while also interrogating his strange new claims on Twitter. Continue reading…

Trevor Noah on mask-less rallies: ‘Trump is now biohazard-curious’

Late-night hosts recap Trump’s return to the campaign trail, his talk of invincibility, and health concerns over his mask-less rallies A week after returning to the White House following his hospitalization at Walter Reed medical center for Covid-19, Donald Trump is back on the campaign trail and “doing what he loves most: spreading Covid 19”, […]

Battle for the suburbs: can Joe Biden flip Texas? – video

Texas is a rapidly changing state with the fastest growing population in the US. Hispanic Texans are expected to become the majority by 2022, but will this help Joe Biden flip a Republican stronghold? Oliver Laughland and Tom Silverstone travel to suburban Dallas and the border city of McAllen to look at the political impact […]

Piers Morgan: ‘Do I genuinely feel a pathological hatred of vegan sausage rolls? No’

From Meghan’s ‘social climbing’ to ‘fascist wokery’, the broadcaster has built a career on being outraged. He has even fallen out with his friend Donald Trump. Is he really so thin-skinned? Piers Morgan is angry. Even by his puce-faced standards, he is fuming. The Good Morning Britain (GMB) presenter, Twitter bruiser (7.6 million followers and […]

Trevor Noah on the VP debate: Pence dodged questions ‘like they were a PG-13 movie’

Late-night hosts unpack the vice-presidential debate and Trump’s rambling refusal to attend a virtual town hall Wednesday’s vice-presidential debate bore the marks of a pandemic now tearing through the White House, with two plexiglass barriers separating the candidates on stage. But “once you got past the whole plague thing, the debate itself was actually pretty […]

Is Trump suffering from VIP syndrome as well as Covid-19?

Why is the president taking so many experimental drugs? Perhaps we need to revise his diagnosis Donald Trump doesn’t drink alcohol – however, he doesn’t seem to have any problem experimenting with drugs. Over the past few days, Trump appears to have been ingesting whatever he can get his tiny hands on, including dexamethasone, remdesivir, […]

A week when Trump’s White House flouted Covid rules – in pictures

Social distancing and masks were largely absent from a series of events attended by the president and senior Republicans When you look at photographs of Donald Trump and his team since the pandemic, they almost appear as if they are from another world, before the coronavirus existed. Those images may have once been intended to […]

Like a Virgo: why Madonna ditched David Guetta over his star sign

Science says astrology is nonsense – but a clash of Zodiac signs was enough to stop Madge from working with the French DJ, he claims Name: Astrology. Age: About 4,000 years old. Its roots can be traced to Mesopotamia in what was probably the first complex civilisation. What is it? A system of studying the […]

Nancy Pelosi says Trump illness ‘sad’ but criticises pandemic response – video

The Democratic House speaker said on MSNBC that Donald Trump’s announcement early on Friday that he and his wife, Melania, had tested positive for Covid-19 was ‘very sad’. She added, however, that Trump’s actions during the pandemic were ‘a brazen invitation for something like this to happen’ A fine line between sympathy and blame as liberals respond to Trump infection […]

Ai Weiwei on China, free speech – and a message for London

As a new project explores his artworks, the dissident artist says reaction to Trump’s diagnosis shows people are ‘brainwashed’ Ai Weiwei, one of the world’s leading visual artists, has spoken of his shock and sorrow at the tone of the Chinese public’s reaction to Donald Trump’s illness. “People were just laughing and celebrating on social […]

Panic and confusion permeate White House after Trump’s Covid diagnosis

Concerns mount over spread of the virus within the building, and whether it could disrupt the functioning of government Golden autumn sunshine shone down on Washington on Saturday to illuminate a US capital upended as Donald Trump began his first full day in hospital battling coronavirus amid a presidential election thrown into chaos. Related: Amy […]

Trump’s New Jersey event showed perilous neglect for his staff, supporters – and himself

Why did the White House allow a fundraising event to go on after one of Trump’s closest aides tested positive for Covid? On Thursday afternoon Donald Trump held a roundtable of 19 top Republican donors at Bedminster, his 36-hole golf course in New Jersey, where he vented his frustrations about how his push for a […]

Can Johnson and Bolsonaro’s brushes with Covid offer lessons for Trump?

Trump is the third of the world’s populist leaders to discover that bluster and wishful thinking are no match for the virus When the White House insisted this weekend that Donald Trump was in “good spirits” had “mild symptoms” and was working hard, even as an obviously weakened president was being helicoptered to hospital, the […]

Troubled Florida, divided America: will Donald Trump hold this vital swing state? – video

Donald Trump’s presidency has changed American society. With six weeks until the most important election in a generation, Oliver Laughland and Tom Silverstone are crossing the US to uncover the fault lines that underpin American politics. In the vital swing state of Florida, where disinformation on Covid-19 has spread unchecked, the race for the White […]

Trevor Noah: ‘The only thing Trump avoids more than condemning white supremacists is taxes’

Late-night hosts process the ‘collective brain hemorrhage’ that was the first presidential debate A full day removed from the first presidential debate – a disastrous spectacle pundits called a “shitshow” and, to quote CNN’s Jake Tapper, “a hot mess inside a dumpster fire inside a train wreck” – late-night shows processed one of the evening’s […]