‘My neighbourhood is being destroyed to pacify his supporters’: the race to complete Trump’s wall

In his final months in office, Donald Trump has ramped up construction on his promised physical border between the US and Mexico – devastating wildlife habitats and increasing the migrant death toll At Sierra Vista Ranch in Arizona near the Mexican border, Troy McDaniel is warming up his helicopter. McDaniel, tall and slim in a […]

‘Eliminate hunger once and for all’: nine Guardian readers on how they’d fix America

We asked Guardian readers to share one idea for building a better America. These are a few of their responses Dear America: Writers, thinkers and activists on how to address America’s deepest problems Give everyone a Snap food stamp card that is refreshed to contain $50 every Sunday morning. This will eliminate hunger once and […]

‘Kind of unbelievable’: US Republicans in Britain mull over Trump impact

Diaspora of expats voice loyalty, but also withering disgust over Capitol storming – and fatigue Watching history unfold in Washington DC from her home in London, Jan Halper-Hayes admitted to being slightly incredulous about the images of Donald Trump supporters storming the US Capitol. “It was kind of in some ways unbelievable,” says the long-term […]

Trump impeachment: what you need to know as House moves to a vote

Trump’s fiery speech at a rally just before the attack on the Capitol is at the center of the impeachment charge against him Donald Trump’s fiery speech at a rally just before the attack on the Capitol is at the center of the impeachment charge against him, even as the falsehoods he spread for months […]

Jamie Raskin: grieving congressman leads push to impeach Trump

Democrat who buried his son 24 hours before Capitol assault has spent week drafting article of impeachment Follow the latest Trump impeachment developments – live For Jamie Raskin, the Democratic congressman and constitutional law professor who is leading the push to impeach Donald Trump for a second time, the last fortnight has been tumultuous. He […]

Blocked: how the internet turned on Donald Trump

From Facebook and Twitter to Reddit and Amazon, tech firms are moving to silence the president, and his QAnon supporters Twitter’s decision to suspend Donald Trump’s account on Wednesday evening has opened the floodgates for tech companies and platforms to remove the outgoing US president from their services. Twitter’s suspension was followed by Facebook, which […]

Seth Meyers: ‘It can be a coup even if most of the people leading the coup are dumb’

Late-night hosts scoff at Trump’s non-apology and the shock from Republicans who backed his election challenges The attack of the US Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump, which led to the deaths of five people, including a Capitol police officer who died on Thursday night, remained at the forefront of the minds of late-night hosts […]

‘We tortured families’: The lingering damage of Trump’s separation policy

Civil rights groups want to see the Biden administration reunify victims, grant protection in the US and provide restitution The US government’s policy of separating migrant families at the border has continued to wreak havoc and inflict suffering in the final months of Donald Trump’s presidency, with parents still missing, reunifications blocked and reunited families […]

Facts won’t fix this: experts on how to fight America’s disinformation crisis

Trump’s false claims about the election and coronavirus are taking a dangerous toll. Can the divide be healed? At the beginning of 2021, millions of Americans appear to disagree about one of the most basic facts of their democracy: that Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election. The consequences of Donald Trump’s repeated, baseless claims […]

From Sarah Cooper to Fiona Hill: the ‘stars’ of the Trump era who emerged from obscurity

The lives of these 20 people were upended, resulting in life-changing or career-ending experiences and instant fame or notoriety during four tumultuous years of Trump’s presidency Millions of lives across America and the world were touched by Donald Trump’s unlikely candidacy and presidency. But some were upended completely, resulting in life-changing or career-ending experiences and […]

Democrats battle for soul of party as Biden win masks alarming failures

The Democrats won the White House but performed poorly elsewhere, and AOC is leading the critique of how the party needs to change The sense of relief Democrats felt with Donald Trump’s defeat in the 2020 election was not the same as a feeling of victory. The party’s loss of congressional seats and failure to […]

Newt Gingrich: Democrats are trying to ‘brainwash the entire next generation’

The 77-year-old Republican former House speaker says Trump will ‘remain a dominant figure for a fairly long period of time’ Some blame Donald Trump. Others blame social media. And those with longer memories blame Newt Gingrich for carving up America into blue states and red states racked by mutual fear, suspicion and alienation. As speaker […]

In case you missed them: the Guardian’s unsung heroes of 2020

From pranksters trolling Trump, to the 96-year-old who won us a new national holiday, these people made us smile this year True to form for an administration that could make the most routine tasks somehow absurd, Donald Trump couldn’t even lose an election without making it weird. With close but clear results, he refused to […]

Alternative facts, witch-hunt, bigly: the Trump era in 32 words and phrases

His rally speeches and manic Twitter feed conjured new slogans and insults or revived incendiary words Donald Trump not only changed much about campaigning, governing and the ways of Washington, even the language of American politics has altered during the Republican’s tenure. Trump’s rollicking rally speeches and manic Twitter feed conjured new slogans and insults […]

Has Donald Trump finally split the Republican party?

With only a few more weeks before Biden takes over, significant segments of the party are finally breaking with the president After four years of norm-shattering rule, Donald Trump appears close to doing the one thing observers have long predicted but that has not yet come to pass: splitting the Republican party. Related: America braced […]

America braced for final month of madness as Trump show nears its end

The president’s recent conduct has raised alarms of an increasingly desperate power bid in his last 30 days. So what can we expect? As the Trump show nears its final episode, America is bracing for potentially the most dramatic, disturbing and outlandish twists yet. Donald Trump’s recent conduct has led critics to suggest that he […]

‘Trump is crazy’: Hezbollah sees threat in US president’s final days

Leaders fear Donald Trump and Israel will act against Iran and Hezbollah before Joe Biden’s arrival For the past four years, the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah has fought a war in Syria, supported Iraqi forces and stage-managed the politics of its homeland, all the while trying to avoid facing off with Israel. Yet its exhausted […]

John Rawls: can liberalism’s great philosopher come to the west’s rescue again?

He laid out his rules for a free and fair society 50 years ago. In a polarised age, his bestselling book is again stirring debate In the extraordinary aftermath of the American presidential election, as Donald Trump set about de-legitimising the country’s democratic process in order to stay in power, a timely investigation was published […]

Tinfoil gloves: why has MMA become a breeding ground for QAnon?

Fighters and coaches in mixed martial arts have propagated the popular conspiracy theory. The sport’s outsider origins may be to blame There was anger on the streets of Huntington Beach. At the intersection of Main Street and Pacific Coast Highway near the picturesque pier, hundreds gathered on 30 November in defiance of California’s coronavirus curfew, […]

Barr couldn’t pass Trump’s loyalty test: shredding the US constitution | David Smith’s sketch

The attorney general, who acted as Trump’s enforcer with apparent relish, ultimately wouldn’t help him steal an election If Dick Cheney gained notoriety as George W Bush’s “Darth Vader”, William Barr, the US attorney general, appeared a worthy successor as Donald Trump’s Lord of the Sith. Continue reading…

Guardian business Christmas quiz 2020

Do you know your Tesla from your Arcadia? Then test your 2020 business knowledge here with our annual quiz … For your overall score, please complete all the questions Which famous US singer helped fund the development of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine with a $1m donation? Miley Cyrus Snoop Dogg Dolly Parton Rishi Sunak grabbed […]

Trevor Noah on Trump’s supreme court dismissal: his ‘bar fight with reality’ may be over

Late-night hosts recap the supreme court’s rebuke of a Hail Mary lawsuit to overturn the election in Pennsylvania, and discuss Trump’s pardon-palooza Another post-election day, another round of Donald Trump’s “bar fight with reality”, according to Trevor Noah, although that may be coming to an end with a death knell dismissal from the supreme court […]

Biden mulls options in case Republicans try to block cabinet picks

Transition team plans for possibility that Senate Republicans – depending on Georgia runoff contests – may aim to stonewall Joe Biden has had a fairly smooth cabinet appointment process so far, but there are rumblings that it could get choppier, and speculation that the Democratic president-elect may take a leaf out of the Donald Trump […]

Julia Louis-Dreyfus suggests Veep could return to TV screens

Star says cast and crew have ‘certainly discussed’ return Showrunner David Mandel says ‘I think anything is possible’ The award-winning political satire Veep could return to TV screens, star Julia Louis-Dreyfus and showrunner Dave Mandel said, once Joe Biden returns the US to a “baseline of normalcy” after four years under Donald Trump. Related: I […]

How Trump is destroying the presidential transition process

What does Biden lose from the president’s refusal to acknowledge defeat? Crucial time needed to fill positions and prevent serious national security risks Having lost the election, as well as dozens of post-election challenges, Donald Trump’s ongoing refusal to admit defeat is still doing damage Joe Biden’s transition to power. Related: ‘Mini desk. Tiny hands. […]

Will New York’s elite give Ivanka and Jared a warm welcome or the cold shoulder?

It looks as though the knives are out for the one-time power couple as they plan a return to their former city. But there may be some surprises yet In the purgatory of Donald Trump’s unacknowledged election defeat, the knives are out for Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump who, like dozens of other lesser-placed Trump […]

Can American democracy survive Donald Trump?

Lying, paranoia and conspiracy are defining features of a totalitarian society. What hope is there for a brand new era, in the aftermath of an administration that has relied on all three? “I WON THE ELECTION!” Donald Trump tweeted in the early hours of 16 November 2020, 10 days after he lost the election. At […]

A TikTok video mocking Trump? Since when did my sons get political? | Romesh Ranganathan

I don’t recall having a single conversation with my late father about politics – where did my boys get their views from? My wife and I have tried our utmost to keep our children unaware of our personal politics. I remember at school hearing children say things about Tories and Labour that even then stood […]

Will Trump’s major foreign policy legacy be Israel and Palestine?

From ‘peace’ deals to gutting aid, the US president has had a major impact on the region Donald Trump has cast himself as an isolationist president focused on Americans. However, in one major foreign policy issue, Israel and Palestine, the US leader has possibly made more of an impact than any of his predecessors. Continue […]