The inside story of how we reached the Facebook-Trump verdict | Alan Rusbridger

I am a member of Facebook’s oversight board. Here’s why we decided to continue his suspension from Facebook As so often is the case, Donald Trump gets to the heart of the problem. On 6 January, he was the president of the United States: probably the most powerful man in the world. He should be […]

Facebook ruling on Donald Trump ban: five key takeaways

The oversight board has ruled that the former president must remain suspended for now but also asserted its independence The US supreme court is defined by Marbury vs Madison, an 1803 case in which the court ruled that it had the power to strike down laws. It was a pivotal moment for the court, less […]

Bush: ‘Anglo-Saxon’ ideals show pro-Trump Republicans ‘want to be extinct’

Former president speaks as lone anti-Trump Republican seeks House seat in Texas special election Ahead of a special election on Saturday to replace a Texas congressman who died after contracting Covid-19, former president George W Bush said the ascendancy of supporters of Donald Trump suggest Republicans “want to be extinct”. Related: George W Bush on […]

Johnson’s renovations are immaterial – unlike the other sleaze allegations | Simon Jenkins

The government may ride out all the embarrassing inquiries, but at what cost? Vain, mendacious, inattentive, conflicts of interest, unfaithful with wives and incapable of keeping his staff. And that is just the last US president. When Boris Johnson should be attending to the nation’s affairs, he mimics Donald Trump as a daily fount of […]

McCarthy dodges questions about what Trump said as Capitol riot raged

House minority leader hedges over alleged refusal to act Republican who voted to impeach slams ‘state of denial’ in party One of the few House Republicans to vote for Donald Trump’s impeachment over the US Capitol attack said on Sunday his party was “in a perpetual state of denial” over the former president’s lie that […]

Arizona Republicans deploy Cyber Ninjas in pro-Trump election audit

Critics say ‘reckless’ effort will undermine democracy Florida consultant hired for audit shared conspiracy theories Months after Donald Trump’s election defeat, Republicans in Arizona are challenging the outcome with an unprecedented effort to audit results in their most populous county – all run by a Florida company, Cyber Ninjas, with no elections experience. Related: Arizona […]

Sturgeon warns Johnson: don’t use Trump tactics

First minister tells PM that Scots must not have their democratic will thwarted by Westminster government in run-up to elections Related: Ignoring the will of the Scots would be an act worthy of Trump Nicola Sturgeon has warned Boris Johnson he would be showing the same contempt for democracy as Donald Trump displayed after losing […]

George W Bush on Trump’s Republicans: ‘Isolationist, protectionist, nativist’

Ex-president laments ‘when we scare people about immigration’ Bush signals he is out of step with modern Republican party US politics – live coverage George W Bush has called the Republican party under Donald Trump “isolationist, protectionist and … nativist” – a judgment unlikely to make the former US president new friends on the American […]

New Amy Klobuchar book attacks Trump for ‘a whole lot of bluster’ on antitrust

Minnesota senator says ex-president never had any intention of reining in big companies for pursuing anti-competitive practices In a new book, the senator and former presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar condemns Donald Trump for “a whole lot of bluster with limited results” on her chosen subject, antitrust. Klobuchar cites his appointment of the conservatives Neil Gorsuch […]

‘Course record still intact’: Biden on first underwhelming golf outing as president

In contrast, the golf-loving Trump by this point of his presidency had already recorded 19 separate visits to golf courses During last year’s presidential election campaign, one of Joe Biden’s strongest arguments to voters was that he wasn’t Donald Trump. After engaging in the favorite pastime of the “former guy” with the first trip to […]

Roger Stone ‘funded lavish lifestyle’ despite owing $2m in taxes, US lawsuit says

US justice department accuses Trump ally and Republican operative of using a commercial entity to hide income The US Department of Justice has sued Roger Stone, saying the close ally of former president Donald Trump owes about $2m in unpaid federal income taxes, according to a court document. The civil lawsuit, filed in federal court […]

Mike Lindell’s new free speech network won’t let you use the Lord’s name in vain

The MyPillow CEO with a fierce allegiance to Trump thinks it will put Twitter and Youtube out of businesss – but will ban swearing and blasphemy Mike Lindell, the man best known for his internet pillow company My Pillow, as well as for his fierce allegiance to Donald Trump, is set to launch a new […]

Facebook may have a new Oversight Board but its old problems remain | Emily Bell

The social media giant is still trying to navigate controversial content, yet the problem remains the platform itself Any day now the Facebook Oversight Board, the social media company’s review mechanism for decisions on deletion of content and users, will tell the world whether Donald Trump should remain banned from Facebook indefinitely. Before that, Facebook […]

Damned either way, Biden opts out of Afghanistan as US tires of ‘forever wars’

Analysis: Despite warnings not enough has been done to stablise the country, the president has decided to set aside the rule ‘if you break it, you fix it’ Joe Biden has decided that 20 years is enough for America’s longest war, and has ordered the remaining troops out no matter what happens between now and […]

Biden orders commission to study supreme court expansion and reform

Executive order fulfils campaign pledge to examine court reform Biden has not said if he favors expanding nine-justice court Joe Biden on Friday ordered a study of adding seats to the supreme court, creating a bipartisan 36-member commission that will spend the next six months examining the politically incendiary issues of expanding the court and […]

Iran nuclear deal talks: the key issues on the Vienna negotiating table

As talks resume, Iran and the signatories to the 2015 agreement face a web of sanctions to untangle A joint commission responsible for overseeing the 2015 Iran nuclear deal is looking for a way for the US to rejoin the agreement – abandoned under Donald Trump – and lift its sanctions on Tehran, and for […]

US anti-abortion groups shift focus to voting restrictions

Increased attention on elections has come from unexpected corners offering significant grassroots power and money to efforts to make it harder to vote In the months since Donald Trump lost his re-election bid, conservative groups traditionally focused on lobbying against abortion and LGBTQ+ rights have moved to support new restrictions on voting, offering significant grassroots […]

Joe Arpaio: inside the fallout of Trump’s pardon

For decades the sheriff was a popular and unapologetic immigration enforcer, but as Arizona’s electorate changed not even a pardon could redeem him Late August 2017 was supposed to be a celebratory time for Joe Arpaio. The former Maricopa county sheriff had just received Donald Trump’s first presidential pardon after being found guilty of criminal […]

In the US, Joe Biden is backing the unions. Britain can only look on in envy | Martin Kettle

The UK needs a political leader who will follow the US president – and put dignified work at the heart of our post-Covid recovery Last week, Joe Biden unveiled a $2tn infrastructure renewal plan whose boldness and scale caught the attention of the world. He began his launch speech in Pittsburgh with a particularly striking […]

Biden urges Republicans to back $2tn infrastructure plan: ‘Inaction is not an option’

President says package essential to preserve US economic status Lauds ‘blue-collar blueprint for increasing opportunity’ Joe Biden has made a heartfelt plea for Republicans to work with him on a $2tn infrastructure plan, casting it as essential to preserving America’s superpower status and warning: “Inaction simply is not an option.” The US president signalled that […]

Value judgment: Donald Trump tumbles down billionaires’ rankings

While the richest got spectacularly richer during the pandemic, the ex-president plummeted nearly 300 places in the Forbes list It’s been a glorious pandemic for the world’s richest people. Forbes annual billionaire poll includes a record-breaking 2,755 billionaires, with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos once again topping the list, the media company said on Tuesday. The […]

Roadmap to rescue Iran nuclear deal agreed in Vienna talks

Hopes rise of lifting Trump sanctions and bringing Iran and US to compliance in two months A broad roadmap designed to rescue the Iran nuclear deal undermined by Donald Trump has been agreed in talks in Vienna, with the aim of bringing Iran and the US back into compliance in as little as two months. […]

‘Momentous error’: Italian businessman mistakenly blacklisted by Trump to sue

Alessandro Bazzoni’s bank account was closed after he faced sanctions in a case of mistaken identity A small business owner in Italy is preparing to sue the US Treasury after accidentally being put on a sanctions blacklist before Donald Trump left the presidency. Alessandro Bazzoni, who owns a graphic design company in Sardinia, has been […]

Trump ‘money bomb’ scheme raised millions from unwitting donors – report

Practice that used pre-checked boxes and obscure design on fundraising emails condemned as ‘unethical and inappropriate’ Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign used pre-checked boxes and obscure design on fundraising emails to wring millions of dollars out of unwitting supporters, detonating a “money bomb” which allowed the Republican to compete against Joe Biden in the last […]

‘A 10ft pole is not long enough’: Matt Gaetz isolated in sex-trafficking scandal

Donald Trump reportedly advised to keep quiet about ally Opinion: sleazy Matt Gaetz saga grows ever more disturbing The Florida Republican congressman Matt Gaetz appears increasingly politically isolated amid a spiralling scandal over a federal sex-trafficking investigation. Even for Donald Trump, one Republican political operative said, “a 10ft pole is not long enough”. Federal prosecutors […]

Washington shaken after officer and suspect killed in attack at US Capitol

Nancy Pelosi calls officer who died ‘a martyr for democracy’ as attack on Friday afternoon stirs memories of Capitol insurrection Washington woke on Saturday shaken by another deadly attack at the US Capitol, an incident which left a police officer and a suspect dead and stirred memories of 6 January, when supporters of Donald Trump […]

Trump and Carlson lead backlash as MLB pulls All-Star Game from Georgia

Former president calls on fans to ‘boycott baseball’ Obama lauds MLB ‘for taking a stand on behalf of voting rights’ Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson led rightwing backlash after Major League Baseball said it would not play its All-Star game in Georgia because of a new law that restricts voting rights in the state. Related: […]

Italian restaurant owner mistakenly sanctioned by Trump

Verona restaurant and pizzeria owner Alessandro Bazzoni sanctioned in crackdown on blacklisted Venezuelan crude oil An Italian restaurant owner accidentally put on a US sanctions blacklist before Donald Trump left the presidency has described the last couple of months as a “nightmare”. In a case of mistaken identity, Alessandro Bazzoni, who owns a restaurant and […]

DoJ reportedly investigating whether Matt Gaetz paid women for sex

Republican congressman reportedly under investigation over alleged cash and gifts given to women contacted online One of Donald Trump’s loudest cheerleaders in the US Congress is under federal investigation over allegations that he paid for sex with women recruited online, according to a media report. Matt Gaetz, a Republican congressman from Florida, is one of […]

Donald Trump video clip removed from Facebook ‘in line with block’

Former US president has been banned from the platform since early January after the violent insurrection of the Capitol Facebook on Wednesday removed a clip of an interview with Donald Trump from its platform, according to the former president’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump. In a post shared to her Instagram account, Lara Trump, who is a […]