Calling all keen craftspeople: enter our competition to win a Guardian Masterclass and a bottle of whisky

Crafty? Tell us more for a chance to hone your skills or expand your creative horizons with a Guardian Masterclass, courtesy of The Balvenie whisky Do you embroider or illustrate? Carve wood or crochet? Are you a dressmaker or a DJ? A mixologist or ceramicist? Now’s your time to shine. Whether you’re one of the […]

Has my weekly self-analysis helped avert the worst of middle age? | Romesh Ranganathan

For two years, I’ve been on the road to self-improvement. Now I’m gazing at my navel one final time, and this is what I’ve learned Welcome to my final Weekend column, guys. I was debating how emotional to get on this one. I have spent the last couple of days listening to Kanye West’s new […]

Meet UNIIQU3, the global ambassador of music’s most influential genre

Co-opted by pop and viral stars, the dancefloor-destroying Jersey club sound has slowly taken over, with producer and DJ UNIIQU3 its brightest star Jersey club – born in Newark, shaped by Baltimore club and Chicago house – has streamed into the zeitgeist via TikTok and Fortnite dance crazes. Its influential sound – uptempo beats, emphatic […]

Jonny Bairstow and Jemimah Rodrigues star on day of supercharged drama

Welsh Fire Women 130-8; Northern Superchargers Women 131-4 Welsh Fire Men 173-4; Northern Superchargers Men 168-7 It may not quite be cricket as we know it, but the one reassuring comfort blanket for anyone who is struggling with The Hundred and its snazzy graphics, DJ booths and gimmicks is that if all else fails, the […]

Biz Markie, rapper known for Just a Friend, dies at age 57

Hip-hop star known for his personality, beatboxing and freestyle skills scored his biggest hit in 1989 Biz Markie, the New York rapper, beatboxer and producer, has died at age 57. Markie’s representative, Jenni Izumi, said the rapper and DJ died peacefully Friday evening with his wife by his side. The cause of death has not […]

‘Frances made this happen!’ Jo Whiley on how her sister saved lives in the pandemic

The DJ was offered a vaccine before her learning disabled sister, who caught the disease. She discusses Frances’s illness, the campaign to change the priority list and the return of Glastonbury There is a lot of joy in little glimmers of normality these days. For Jo Whiley’s sister, Frances, this includes being able to go […]

Michael Parkinson: ‘I dreamed of living with Ingrid Bergman near Barnsley FC’

The chatshow presenter and jazz DJ recalls crushes on screen icons, disappointment on the cricket field – and the first time he heard Louis Armstrong I was born in Cudworth, a mining village near Barnsley. My father worked down Grimethorpe colliery. There’s a great tradition in Yorkshire of brass music and I would listen to […]

Drum’n’brakes: the cycling DJ taking the party to the streets

Lockdown stopped Dom Whiting’s indoor parties – so he got on his bike and put his decks to good use With lockdown restrictions continuing, one man decided he was not prepared to wait for indoor parties to be sanctioned once again. So he went on to eBay, bought a custom-made three-wheeled bike, affixed his turntables […]

From basslines to waveforms: could TikTok videos teach you the basics of music production?

An avid music fan, Marcus Barnes writes, analyses and listens to music – but now he takes a shot at making it Like a lot of expectant mothers, my mum played music to me when I was in the womb. At the time, she was hopelessly infatuated with reggae; my dad was part of a […]

Clearing the dancefloor: how club culture became a museum piece

In the pandemic, nightclubs have been turned into exhibition spaces, switching the craze for museums evoking clubs. It’s throwing fresh perspective on what dancing is even for The ttttssshhhhhh of a smoke machine breaks the silence as a red spotlight blinks to life, illuminating social distancing markers on a dancefloor polished smooth by the shuffling […]

Leon Vynehall: Rare, Forever review – warped, intense, cerebral

(Ninja Tune)The DJ-producer’s introspective, genre-defying second album rewards engaged listening Leon Vynehall’s 2018 album Nothing Is Still was a sleepy sensation. Although the house DJ had produced a couple of track compilations and entrancing singles, such as Midnight on Rainbow Road and It’s Just (House of Dupree), he took a giant step forward with his […]

Ruby Rose on gender, bullying and breaking free: ‘I had a problem with authority’

After coming out as a lesbian, aged 12, she suffered a horrendous attack at school. Now a successful actor, she is determined to help those wrestling with their identities Ruby Rose spent much of her childhood travelling around Australia with her mother, an aspiring artist, trying to make ends meet. They were poor, but they […]

Jo Whiley’s sister Frances to get jab a month after having Covid

Radio 2 DJ, who has campaigned for people with learning disability to be prioritised, says she ‘couldn’t be happier’ Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The radio DJ Jo Whiley’s sister is to receive her first Covid-19 vaccination, a month after contracting the disease and almost dying from it. Whiley said she […]

It’s what people turn to’: Lauren Laverne, Iain Dale and others on why radio is thriving in lockdown

Audience numbers for live radio have soared. Presenters from the national to the local talk about the medium’s unique way of connecting There was a moment, in early lockdown, when everything “live” seemed to stop. No gigs, no plays, no clubs, no classes, no festivals. Nothing happening right now, no moments that brought you closer […]

Cocktail of the week: Larry’s horn | The good mixer

A neat twist on the manhattan, in honour of a legendary DJ Named after a bespoke set of bass speakers made for Larry Levan at New York’s legendary club, Paradise Garage, this takes the classic manhattan in a more esoteric direction with the subtle, vegetal notes of Cynar, the nutty bitters and serving it over […]

Feel the heat: Gilles Peterson’s Brazilian playlist

From samba to jazz and house, the DJ and founder of radio station Worldwide FM picks 10 tracks to transport you to Brazil Originally released in 1980, this funky track from solo artist Cristina Camargo is pure “80s vibes”, Peterson says. “I’ve been loving this boogie tune, produced by Lincoln Olivetti and Robson Jorge, of […]

‘We had to choose between us or our loved ones’: bands trapped together in lockdown

From a six-strong Glasgow household with members forced to share a bed to a trans DJ thruple in a remote log cabin, we meet the bands weathering the pandemic with each other The London indie-pop band were recording at a studio in Devon when lockdown began Continue reading…

Slow days, quiet healing: what trauma taught me about surviving a pandemic | Geoffrey Mak

Some days grief entails languishing in bed, because that is surviving – clarity can come when doing nothing Coronavirus – live US updates Live global updates See all our coronavirus coverage What does it take to survive a pandemic? Waiting, mostly, and if nothing kills you, then you make it out alive. I do mean […]

Jason DeRulo – Tip Toe (feat. French Montana) (Lyric Video)

[Verse 1: Jason Derulo] Big fat thang, overflowing Skinny tight dress, couldn’t hold it Way too thick like it’s swollen Girl, you’re too bad and you know it When you drop down, lose focus When that thing clap, that’s a bonus Back at lookin’ appetizing Back at that food, it’s a crisis [Pre-Chorus: Jason Derulo] […]