Congo in Conversation – a photographic chronicle

Congo in Conversation is an online collaborative reportage with Congolese journalists and photographers, curated by Finbarr O’Reilly and Fondation Carmignac. Over six months, they documented the human, social and ecological challenges DRC faces today, within the context of the Covid-19 crisis The 11th Carmignac photojournalism award is dedicated to the Democratic Republic of the Congo […]

Experience: I steal from museums

I don’t consider myself a thief but an activist. I believe these objects should be given back to the African people they were taken from I am a pan-African activist, campaigning for reparations for the crimes against African people committed during colonialism. Recently, I have taken matters into my own hands: I go to museums […]

More than 25 apes trafficked from Congo recovered in Zimbabwe

Large seizure of pangolin scales also carried out, government says, as four suspects are arrested At least 26 great apes illegally removed from the Democratic Republic of the Congo have been seized in Zimbabwe, where four suspected traffickers have been arrested. Congo’s environment minister, Claude Nyamugabo Bazibuhe, also announced a large seizure of pangolin scales […]

Gosby – Quand Je Partirai (Neg La Ri Album)

Quand j’partirai ne venez pas pleurer sur ma tombe, combien sont sincères? … Combien de drames, de vraies galères, combien de faux frères? Quand j’étais vraiment dans la merde, combien m’ont tendu la main? Ne jamais remettre à demain ce qu’on peut faire à une main Déjà à l’époque, on m’enviait pour une barrette J’fais […]