China flies record 38 planes over Taiwan defence zone in national day show of force

Taipei says Chinese jets and bombers crossed zone as Beijing marked the anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic A record 38 Chinese military jets crossed into Taiwan’s defence zone as Beijing marked the founding of the People’s Republic of China, officials in Taipei have said. The show of force on China’s national day […]

China owed $385bn – including ‘hidden debt’ from poorer nations, says report

AidData finds 42 low-to-middle income countries with ‘belt and road’ exposure exceeding 10% of GDP Researchers have identified debts of at least $385bn (£286bn) owed by 165 countries to China for ”belt and road initiative” (BRI) projects, with loans systematically underreported to international bodies such as the World Bank. The four-year study by US-based research […]

Beijing 2022: athletes not vaccinated against Covid to face 21-day quarantine

Vaccinated athletes to enter ‘closed-loop system’ on arrival Only spectators from mainland China can attend Games Athletes and other participants who are not fully vaccinated against Covid-19 must spend 21 days in quarantine before competing at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has confirmed. The organisers of the Beijing […]

China hit by power cuts and factory closures as energy crisis bites

The world’s top coal consumer implements power rationing as supplies dwindle ahead of winter China has told railway companies and local authorities to expedite vital coal supplies to utilities as the world’s second largest economy grapples with extensive power cuts that have crippled industrial output in key regions. As many as 20 provinces are believed […]

Can China help end the world’s addiction to coal?

Beijing has won international praise for announcing that it will stop funding coal projects in the developing world – but it is still heavily reliant on the fossil fuel for rapid economic growth at home. The Guardian’s global environment editor, Jonathan Watts, explains why China took such a significant step before Cop26 – and how […]

Meng and the Michaels: saga is over but rifts between China and Canada remain

Analysis: China’s increasing willingness to engaging in ‘hostage diplomacy’ should be a taken as a warning to other nations The release of two Canadian hostages by China has ended a lengthy feud between the two countries, but experts caution the saga foreshadows a deepening rift between the two nations. After facing charges of espionage and […]

Milley defends China calls and says ‘I am certain Trump did not intend to attack the Chinese’ – live

General says calls to Beijing were designed to ‘de-escalate’ tension Milley testifies over US military’s withdrawal from Afghanistan Sign up to receive First Thing – our daily briefing by email 10.20pm BST Zack Harold reports: Elizabeth Masters isn’t a natural Joe Biden supporter. A self-described conservative who lives in Parkersburg, in deeply Republican West Virginia, […]

How ‘wonder material’ graphene became a national security concern

UK and China are racing to develop forms of the super-strength technology that has potential aerospace and weaponry uses A large shed on an unassuming industrial estate beside Swansea’s River Tawe does not at first glance seem vital to the UK’s national security. The facility, run by a small company called Perpetuus , sits beside […]

Ministers close to deal that could end China’s role in UK nuclear power station

Exclusive: deal in which UK government would take stake in Sizewell C would risk inflaming geopolitical tensions Ministers are closing in on a deal that could kick China off a project to build a £20bn nuclear power station on the Suffolk coast and pump in tens of millions of pounds of taxpayer cash instead – […]

China’s act of ‘hostage diplomacy’ comes to end as two Canadians freed

Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor were released hours after Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou was freed in Canada The more than 1,000-day ordeal of two Canadian citizens, detained by Beijing in what critics had labelled an act of “hostage diplomacy” over a Chinese executive arrested on US fraud charges, came to an end on Saturday, with […]

China clamps down on cartoons in latest morality move

Entertainment industry told to uphold ‘truth, goodness and beauty’ and remove vulgar and violent content China’s broadcasting regulator said it will encourage online producers to create “healthy” cartoons and clamp down on violent, vulgar or pornographic content, as Beijing steps up efforts to bring its thriving entertainment industry to heel. The National Radio and Television […]

How fall of property giant Evergrande sent a shockwave through China

All eyes are on Xi Jinping as expectation grows that the government will have to intervene to protect small creditors In May 2020, Chen (not his real name) decided to invest 300,000 yuan (£34,000) in property in the north-eastern Chinese city of Shenyang. “I thought the price was not too expensive and I had some […]

Climate funding target for poorer countries ‘likely to be met’ by 2022

Rich states missed $100bn target in 2020 but recent pledges by US, EU and China have lifted prospects, says economist Developing countries could receive long-promised funds to help them tackle the climate crisis as soon as next year, in a major boost for the prospects of success at the Cop26 climate summit, the climate economist […]

Meng Wanzhou: US prosecutors reach deal in case of Huawei executive at center of diplomatic row

The agreement with Wanzhou clears a topic of dispute between US and China and could bring release of two Canadians A senior Chinese executive from Huawei, held in Canada since 2018 on US charges of bank and wire fraud, will be allowed to leave after a deal with prosecutors, removing a major irritant from US-China […]

Canada, China and US were all doomed to lose in Meng Wanzhou’s case

Analysis: After the Huawei chief’s detention, the saga rapidly turned from a narrow legal dispute into an escalating battle The deal allowing Meng Wanzhou to return home to China nearly three years after her arrest will come as a relief to all the participants in a saga that rapidly turned from a narrow legal dispute […]

Experts say China’s low-level cyberwar is becoming severe threat

Activity more overt and reckless despite US, British and other political efforts to bring it to a halt Chinese state-sponsored hacking is at record levels, western experts say, accusing Beijing of engaging in a form of low-level warfare that is escalating despite US, British and other political efforts to bring it to a halt. There […]

The Guardian view on Biden’s UN speech: cooperation not competition | Editorial

The US president is right to say he does not want a cold war with China “We’re not seeking – say it again, we are not seeking – a new cold war or a world divided into rigid blocs,” President Joe Biden told the United Nations general assembly on Tuesday. That is a relief. Washington’s […]

‘Betting on a low-carbon future’: why China is ending foreign coal investment

Xi Jinping’s promise reflects growing awareness of the climate crisis in China and falling renewable prices The pledge by China’s president, Xi Jinping, on Tuesday to cease building new coal-fired power projects outside the country will be welcome news to environmentalists around the world. It came on the anniversary of Xi’s unilateral pledge for China […]

China pledge to stop funding coal projects ‘buys time for emissions target’

China was lender of last resort for overseas governments seeking finance for coal projects Xi Jinping’s announcement that China will stop funding overseas coal projects could buy the world about three more months in the race to keep global heating to a relatively safe level of 1.5C, experts say. Although the impact will depend on […]

Embattled property firm Evergrande rattles financial markets

Investors worried about Chinese developer draw parallels with 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers China’s embattled property developer Evergrande Group has caused concern among investors worldwide. With $300bn (£220bn) owed to its creditors and key debt interest payments due on Thursday, the firm’s troubles have rattled global financial markets. As the second biggest property firm operating […]

Examining Aukus alliance through the lens of history | Letters

Readers respond to the new pact between the UK, Australia and the US, and its implications The Aukus pact is not a “new global order” (17 September) but very much an old order; it is colonial gunboats. I do not expect politicians to have read history such as the first Anglo-Afghan war of 1839, but I do […]

Japan urges Europe to speak out against China’s military expansion

Exclusive: in the first piece in a new Guardian series on China and tensions in the Indo-Pacific, Japan’s defence minister says the international community must bolster deterrence efforts against Beijing’s military Japan has urged European countries to speak out against China’s aggression, warning that the international community must bolster deterrence efforts against Beijing’s military and […]

The Aukus pact is a sign of a new global order | Rana Mitter

The deal has upset China, but it also binds the US into European security, in a world where Nato may be less relevant France is furious. Theresa May is worried. The announcement of the new Australia-UK-US alliance (Aukus) and the ditching of a previous French-Australian submarine deal has led France’s foreign minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, […]

US, UK and Australia forge military alliance to counter China

Aukus partnership will see Australia armed with nuclear-powered submarines The US, UK and Australia are setting up a trilateral security partnership aimed at confronting China, which will include helping Australia to build nuclear-powered submarines. The initiative, called Aukus, was announced jointly by President Joe Biden and prime ministers Boris Johnson and Scott Morrison, following US […]

Is Brexit the reason McDonald’s is running out of milkshakes?

As gaps continue to appear on supermarkets shelves and restaurants take unavailable items off menus, Britain’s supply chains appear to be at the centre of a perfect storm of pandemic disruption coupled with post-Brexit labour shortages McDonald’s ran out of milkshakes, Nando’s had to close some of its restaurants due to a lack of chicken […]

Alt-right finds new partners in hate on China’s internet

Populists and nationalists are spreading anti-Muslim, anti-feminist messages – but also backing the Communist party line In the early days of the 2016 US election campaign, Fang Kecheng, a former journalist at the liberal-leaning Chinese newspaper Southern Weekly and then a PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania, began fact-checking Donald Trump’s statements on refugees […]

A new start after 60: ‘I pitied women who travelled alone – then I tried it and found true joy’

As a child, Charlotte Simpson and her family were excluded from many hotels in the deep south. Now she has visited more than 80 countries The Christmas after her husband died, Charlotte Simpson went on holiday with her daughter. In their tour group to Morocco were two women who travelled alone. “I felt sorry for […]

Liu Xiaodong’s portraits of the Chinese diaspora in London – in pictures

“My work is always about movement, about migration,” the Chinese figurative painter Liu Xiaodong has said. Liu, who is based in Beijing, spent nearly a month in June 2019 portraying Chinese expats in London for a series called New England, recently published in book form (Nero Editions, €20). His subjects are broadly affluent – a […]

Introducing Marley Morrison: ‘I’ve told you more than anyone in my life for five years’

Drink, depression, homelessness and football injuries: the road to the director’s first feature, Sweetheart, has been difficult. She even dumped one project when her feelings about her gender identity changed Marley Morrison has written and directed a knockout first feature – the witty, spiky queer romance Sweetheart – but when she rocks up to the […]

The Taliban takeover must not mean the end of international aid to Afghanistan | Christopher de Bellaigue

A humanitarian crisis looms unless Americans and Europeans continue to fund the projects keeping Afghans from oblivion Leaving is the easy bit. It’s the looking back that hurts. There was – as Joe Biden pointed out when announcing America’s defeat at the hands of the Taliban on 31 August – nothing “low-grade or low-risk or […]