Hillary Clinton: ‘There has to be a global reckoning with disinformation’

The former secretary of state warns of the danger to democracy of lies flourishing online – and says big tech’s wings must be clipped Her bid for the White House was engulfed by a tidal wave of fabricated news and false conspiracy theories. Now Hillary Clinton is calling for a “global reckoning” with disinformation that […]

G7 foreign ministers refrain from taking concrete action against China

Group condemns human rights abuses but individual countries are left free to decide what action to take Foreign ministers from the G7 group of wealthy countries have refrained from spelling out any concrete steps to confront China, amid concern among some members – especially Italy and Germany – over reprisals if their language was too […]

EU ‘suspends’ ratification of China investment deal after sanctions

Massive trade agreement stalls after tit-for-tat sanctions prompted by Chinese policy in Xinjiang The European Commission has said that efforts to ratify a massive investment deal with China have been in effect suspended after tit-for-tat sanctions were imposed over China’s treatment of its Uyghur population in March. “We now in a sense have suspended … […]

UK and US urge G7 to ally against threats from Russia and China

Dominic Raab and Antony Blinken call for defence of open societies and rules-based order Antony Blinken, the US secretary of state, and the UK foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, have called for a revitalised and broadened alliance of G7 nations determined to defend open societies and the rules-based order from the threats posed by the autocracies […]

Heathrow’s bid to raise charges to cover £2.6bn Covid costs rejected

Airport may have to turn to shareholders for cash after Civil Aviation Authority decision Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Heathrow may have to turn to its sovereign wealth fund shareholders, including those from Qatar, China and Singapore, for a cash injection after the UK aviation regulator blocked its “disproportionate” bid to […]

Britain is in trouble when even China can rightly sneer at our hypocrisy | Nick Cohen

The Tories’ shameful plan to grant immunity to soldiers who torture must be defeated How far towards rogue statehood can Britain go? As of now, the answer is that the government will offer a statutory presumption against prosecution after five years to members of the armed forces accused of murdering civilians or wounding civilians or […]

Biden’s pledge to slash US emissions turns spotlight on China

World leaders will be unable to halt climate breakdown without strong action from biggest emitter The US, the world’s second biggest emitter of greenhouse gases, is now committed to halving emissions this decade. Joe Biden’s announcement, at a White House virtual climate summit, has thrown the spotlight clearly on the world’s biggest emitter: China. Continue […]

UK MPs declare China is committing genocide against Uyghurs in Xinjiang

Vote does not compel government to act but marks further decline in relations with China British MPs voted to declare that China is committing genocide against the Uyghur people in Xinjiang province. The motion passed on Thursday does not compel the government to act but is likely to mark a further decline in relations with […]

Australia’s ambition on climate change is held back by a toxic mix of rightwing politics, media and vested interests | Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull

Two former prime ministers, Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull, write the world shouldn’t give up hope on Australia just yet It was always expected that Joe Biden’s election would be a massive shot in the arm for international climate action, but the scale of that boost has been genuinely surprising. The new president has now […]

Campaigners call for global response to ‘unprecedented’ oppression in Xinjiang

Human Rights Watch urges more coordination by governments to tackle China’s treatment of Turkic Muslims The Chinese government is committing crimes against humanity in Xinjiang, where it has escalated its oppression of Turkic Muslims to unprecedented levels, Human Rights Watch has said, as the NGO called on governments to take direct action against officials and […]

Chinese firms prepare to charge into Europe’s electric car market

Tesla could be in for a shock as far-eastern rivals use cheap money to gain traction among affluent western car buyers Tesla boss Elon Musk is not known for admiring his competition, but when Chinese manufacturer Nio made its 100,000th electric car last week, he offered his congratulations. It was a mark of respect from […]

‘Cutting our culture up’: outrage after WA decides not to prosecute over alleged destruction of sacred site

Granite from a sacred site in the East Kimberley was allegedly quarried and exported to China without traditional owners’ permission Traditional owners say they are outraged by the Western Australian government’s decision not to prosecute a mining company for allegedly destroying a sacred site in the Kimberley and exporting granite from the site to China. […]

Lionel Messi helps obtain 50,000 Covid vaccines for South American players

Messi sent three autographed tops to Sinovac Controversial plan to inoculate players before Copa América Lionel Messi has helped to obtain 50,000 Covid vaccines from China for an ambitious but controversial plan to inoculate all of South America’s football players before this summer’s Copa América tournament. The deal with the Chinese pharmaceutical firm Sinovac was […]

Biden to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan by September 11

Biden expected to make formal announcement on Wednesday About 800,000 troops have served at least once in Afghanistan Joe Biden will withdraw all the remaining US troops from Afghanistan by September 11, the 20th anniversary of the al-Qaida terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, a senior administration official has confirmed. Related: Secretary of state […]

China v Russia v America: is 2021 the year Orwell’s 1984 comes true?

With Putin and Xi moving into an ever closer alliance, Joe Biden’s untested US administration may be pushed to the brink It may just be coincidence that Russia was piling military pressure on Ukraine last week at the same time as China noisily rattled sabres around Taiwan. Spring, to mangle Tennyson, is when a young […]

Secretary of state Blinken hits out at China over Taiwan and Covid

Antony Blinken: China aggression would be ‘serious mistake’ China’s failure to provide experts access made pandemic worse Opinion: China v Russia v America – has Orwell’s 1984 arrived? Joe Biden’s secretary of state, Antony Blinken, said on Sunday the US is concerned about China’s aggressive actions against Taiwan and warned it would be a “serious […]

China fines Alibaba billions for alleged market abuses

Platform co-founded by Jack Ma, who has criticised Chinese authorities, misused its dominance, say state regulators Chinese regulators have hit e-commerce company Alibaba with a fine of 18.2bn yuan (US$2.78bn) over practices deemed to be an abuse of its dominant market position, according to state-run media. The Xinhua news agency said the state administration for […]

Sanctions only escalate tensions. It’s time to tackle the Uyghurs’ plight differently | David Brophy

The west needs to make a credible case that its opposition to China’s policies is not geopolitical manoeuvring “Wholly counterproductive”, was how Newcastle academic Joanne Smith Finley described China’s sanctions on her, along with a series of British politicians and lawyers, as punishment for their advocacy for the Uyghurs. That was putting it mildly. But […]

China sandstorms highlight threat of climate crisis

Experts say extreme weather including droughts will become more common as planet heats Recent sandstorms that shrouded Beijing in a post-apocalyptic orange haze and intensive droughts in other parts of the country are bringing into stark relief the challenges China faces from rising temperatures induced by the climate crisis. The widespread sandstorms that pelted the […]

Let’s have an answer! Take our fiendish University Challenge quiz

Ahead of the grand final of the brain-squeezing series next Monday, test your mental mettle with 15 questions set by the show’s quizmasters The opening scene of which of Shakespeare’s plays comprises just 61 words, the longest of those words being “lightning”, “hurlyburly” and “graymalkin”? Macbeth Twelfth Night Timon of Athens Comedy of Errors What […]

The Guardian view on the US infrastructure plan: Joe Biden’s bold bet | Editorial

The president is trying to show America – and the world – that government is still capable of doing big things President Joe Biden is governing like a man in a hurry. Three weeks ago, he persuaded the US Congress to pass his $1.9tn Covid stimulus package. This week, he began the task of building […]

EU plan threatens British participation in hi-tech research

Commission security proposal would restrict UK access to Horizon Europe quantum computing project Britain will join China in being locked out of research with the EU on cutting-edge quantum technology, such as new breeds of supercomputers, due to security concerns under a European commission proposal opposed by academics and 19 member states. At a meeting […]

Covid probably passed to humans from bats via other animal, finds WHO report

Much-delayed report from team that visited Wuhan all but rules out lab leak theory Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Covid-19 probably passed to humans from a bat via an intermediary animal, an international expert mission to China has concluded in a report, with investigators all but ruling out a laboratory leak. […]

Donald Trump grabs mic at wedding to toast himself … and happy couple

Ex-president praised couple at Mar-a-Lago – after complaining about Biden’s Iran and China policy, the border and the election Donald Trump took the microphone at Mar-a-Lago on Saturday night, to praise a couple getting married at his Florida resort. Nearly 400 words later he did so, according to video published by the website TMZ, after […]

Brazil’s foreign minister, who bashed China and praised Trump, resigns

Ernesto Araújo’s resignation ends the most calamitous chapter in the history of the country’s diplomacy, critics say Jair Bolsonaro’s ultraconservative foreign minister has resigned after a rebellion from diplomats and lawmakers who accused him of demolishing Brazil’s international reputation and putting Brazilian lives at risk by vandalizing relations with China and the US during the […]

Chinese diplomat calls Justin Trudeau ‘running dog of US’ as tensions escalate

China and Canada have clashed repeatedly in recent months over Beijing’s treatment of its Uighur minority A Chinese diplomat has dismissed Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau as a “boy” in a social media attack marking a new low in the fractured relationship between the two countries. China and Canada have clashed repeatedly in recent months, […]

Climate talks will test Biden’s pledge to make global heating a priority

Summit is designed to revive a US-convened forum of the world’s major economies that previous administrations had allowed to lapse President Joe Biden is doubling down on his reset of his predecessor’s environmental policies by inviting Russian president Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping of China to the first big climate talks of his administration next […]

Joe Biden invites 40 world leaders to virtual summit on climate crisis

Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin among invitees as US heralds return to forefront of climate fight Joe Biden has invited 40 world leaders to a virtual summit on the climate crisis, the White House said in a statement on Friday. Heads of state, including Xi Jinping of China and Russia’s Vladimir Putin, have been asked […]

I’ve been sanctioned by China – but that won’t stop me speaking out over Xinjiang

The evidence is clear: a genocide against the Uighurs is in progress. Britain must not put trade before human rights It came as no surprise to me that I have been included on the list of those sanctioned by the Chinese government for vocal criticisms of the human rights abuses towards Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang […]