UK sends navy vessels to Jersey amid post-Brexit fishing row with France

Boris Johnson dispatches two gunboats to protect island from feared blockade Boris Johnson has dispatched two Royal Navy patrol boats to protect Jersey from a feared blockade by French fishing vessels, in an escalation of a dispute over post-Brexit access to waters around the Channel island. The move followed talks on Wednesday evening between the […]

The Guardian view on foreign travel: holidays mustn’t jeopardise progress at home | Editorial

Plans for relaxing restrictions will soon be announced. While rates in Europe have declined, the risks are real Improvements at home will soon lead to more Britons venturing away. Until now, foreign travel has been allowed only under exemptions such as those for business or on compassionate grounds. Now, with the drop in Covid rates […]

Boris Johnson: the power to oust this charlatan lies with voters | Letters

Readers on the prime minister’s unsuitability for the office he holds, and the responsibility of the electorate to choose better Jonathan Freedland’s analysis (Scandal upon scandal: the charge sheet that should have felled Johnson years ago, 30 April) is as timely as it is forensic, reminding the electorate that the prime minister is a serial […]

Boris Johnson wrongly cleared over Covid contracts, say MPs

Cross-party group calls for action against PM for misleading Commons over multibillion-pound deals Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage A cross-party group of MPs has pushed for formal action against Boris Johnson for allegedly misleading the Commons over the transparency of Covid contracts, saying the cabinet secretary, Simon Case, incorrectly cleared the […]

Keir Starmer vows to clean up British politics after Tory sleaze rows

Labour leader plans to link reports of corruption and cronyism to effect on ordinary people as elections near The UK still has a system that allows power to be abused, Keir Starmer has said, pledging after weeks of stories about lobbying, cronyism and cash for Boris Johnson’s flat renovations that the Labour party will “clean […]

Johnson and Modi to agree UK-India trade partnership in virtual talks

Downing Street says agreement will create 6,500 jobs and contain £533m of Indian investment in UK Boris Johnson will host bilateral talks with India’s prime minister on Tuesday, announcing the potential for up to £1bn of new trade and investment in a virtual meeting after a planned visit to the country was twice delayed because […]

Coronavirus live: Boris Johnson urges caution over foreign holidays; Tanzania announces measures to curb variants

UK prime minister expects ‘some openings up’ in relation to travel on 17 May; Brussels recommends easing restrictions on travel into EU by vaccinated people Vaccine shortages blight India’s efforts to contain Covid crisis Covid vaccine rollout rapidly gathering pace across Europe EU plans to reopen to fully Covid-vaccinated foreign tourists from June ‘Calamity of […]

Queen and Boris Johnson lead tributes to Northern Ireland on centenary

Band parades and church services held, while ‘united Ireland’ banner is hung from Belfast tower block Northern Ireland has marked its centenary with low-key commemorations, reflecting a mixed mood of pride, resentment and post-Brexit uncertainty. The Queen and Boris Johnson led tributes to the region on its 100th birthday on Monday with carefully worded statements […]

Coronavirus live news: UK to send 1,000 more ventilators as India suffers record deaths

Latest updates: UK had previously sent 600 medical devices; deaths in India jump by 3,689 on Sunday ‘They knew we weren’t giving oxygen’: Delhi doctor’s week of horror Modi loses key state election as Covid grips country NHS England draws up plans for Covid jabs for over-12s US decline in Covid vaccinations presents new problem: […]

Britain’s overgrown Eton schoolboys have turned the country into their playground | John Harris

The reckless disdain of Boris Johnson and David Cameron is evidence of the institutional elitism blighting our politics Over the past fortnight, the news from Westminster has rather resembled a weird play about pre-revolutionary France, or Tsarist Russia circa 1916. In some parts of the country, the rate of unemployment runs at 15%. Six million […]

Grenfell is still giving up its secrets and they retain the power to shock | Kenan Malik

The inquiry is revealing how crony capitalism was central to the causes of the tragedy It is not just the broken promise, it is also the pitilessness of it. In February, Boris Johnson told parliament, in the wake of the cladding scandal, that “no leaseholder should have to pay for the unaffordable costs of fixing […]

Labour hopes Tory sleaze will lift its ‘red wall’ vote. In Dudley, they’re not so sure

The party aims to come back strongly in the West Midlands. But Boris Johnson seems relatively unscathed by scandal “The only thing I’ve heard is something about wallpaper,” says Simon Bennett, who is busy unloading a box of petunias at the fruit, veg and flower stall he helps run in Dudley market. To him all […]

What my lockdown calls to an old man taught me about laughter, life – and myself

When a busy young woman befriended an old man living on his own, a compelling relationship was born When the first lockdown began and Boris Johnson finally pointed his finger down our throats and warned us in a tweet that we must stay at home “as we work together to fight this virus and keep […]

Tory poll lead slashed as key elections loom across Britain

Stories of Conservative sleaze appear to be having an impact as Keir Starmer faces his first electoral test as Labour leader on 6 May Labour has slashed the Tories’ poll lead in half as more voters conclude that Boris Johnson is corrupt and dishonest ahead of this week’s bumper set of local and devolved elections. […]

Boris Johnson flat row: Tory staff ‘told to hand over information in one week’

Officials reportedly told they could face criminal charges if they do not give inquiry any materials they have Tory party staff have reportedly been given one week to hand over all information they have about Boris Johnson’s Downing Street flat renovation – and could face criminal charges if they do not comply. The Electoral Commission […]

Scandal upon scandal: the charge sheet that should have felled Johnson years ago | Jonathan Freedland

This is about so much more than wallpaper. A pattern of lying, betrayal and callousness is ruining lives Yes, it’s a real scandal. Despite the apparent absurdity of a Westminster village obsessing over soft furnishings and the precise class connotations of the John Lewis brand, there is a hard offence underneath all those cushions and […]

Labour needs to go for the jugular on Tory elitism | Owen Jones

The current approach to ‘sleaze’ risks entrenching the cynicism many already feel about politics in general Anywhere I’ve visited – market towns, Barratt estates, inner cities – and asked strangers their opinions on politics, the answers quickly drift in a predictable direction: politicians are all on the take, they’re in it for themselves, lining their […]

Did Boris Johnson’s easily available phone number pose security risk?

Analysis: texts are a popular route by which hackers can launch malware attacks to bypass corporate – or state – security teams, say experts Just how much of a security risk is it for a world leader’s current mobile number to have been sitting online, public but apparently unnoticed, for years? The revelations about Boris […]

Carrie Symonds’ influence at No 10 extends much further than the decor

Analysis: Boris Johnson’s fiancee has no official role, but has helped shape the personnel and vision of the PM’s office “She’s buying gold wallpaper,” Boris Johnson is said to have told panicked aides last February of his fiancee Carrie Symonds’ interior decorating plans for their No 11 flat. The costs far exceeded the £30,000 allowance […]

Vaccines minister hit with flurry of jabs as he takes heat for PM | John Crace

Nadhim Zahawi gets pummelling as he tries to defend Boris Johnson’s unusual financial arrangements Just as Boris Johnson was trying to scrub out the stain from the £9.6K sofa – that extra glass of wine the previous night had probably not been his best idea – before Carrie caught sight of it, Nadhim Zahawi made […]

Cash for curtains: how damaging are the allegations involving Boris Johnson? –podcast

For months, information has been leaked to the press from inside Downing Street, including allegations Boris Johnson was given the cash – which has not yet been published in any declarations – to do up his official residence. The Guardian columnist Rafael Behr discusses how damaging this could be for the prime minister The Guardian […]

From monasteries to ministers: how ‘lobbying’ got its meaning

You no longer have to stand in an actual lobby to ask a politician to change the law in your favour Since it emerged that vacuum-cleaner émigré James Dyson was texting Boris Johnson last year to clarify that there would be no change to the tax paid by his workers, in the UK temporarily to […]

Boris Johnson furious as inquiry launched into ‘cash for curtains’

Electoral Commission believes there are ‘reasonable grounds’ to suspect offences around renovation of 11 Downing Street The Electoral Commission has launched an inquiry that has the potential to imperil Boris Johnson’s premiership as the “cash for curtains” row increasingly engulfed the prime minister. With sweeping powers to call witnesses and refer matters to the police, […]

‘Quite snobby’: shoppers’ views on Boris Johnson’s ‘John Lewis nightmare’

Shoppers browsing furniture at John Lewis’s Oxford Street branch far from pleased by comments The poet Sir John Betjeman once remarked that when the end of the world came, he would want to be in the John Lewis [then Peter Jones] flagship store on Sloane Square, as “nothing unpleasant could ever happen there”. From poetic […]

Primal rage at PMQs as Boris the joker is unmasked | John Crace

Keir Starmer strips away Johnson’s gloss to reveal a narcissistic teenager in full meltdown Not even a trained arsonist could have imagined such spectacular pyrotechnics. This was Dominic Cummings’s wildest dreams come true. Revenge didn’t come sweeter than Boris Johnson having a breakdown during prime minister’s questions. And not just a minor hissy-fit, but a […]

Love in the Lockdown review – a virtual romance drawn with emotional subtlety

Available onlineThis moreish serial drama finds new terrain with excellent performances from Rachael Stirling and Alec Newman “You’re on mute,” says Emilia to Giovanni, minutes into this episodic drama about a virtual romance in the early days of the first lockdown. It is by now such a well-worn line – in online theatre as in […]

The ‘John Lewis nightmare’ shows just how out of touch Boris Johnson is | Zoe Williams

To the majority of voters, snobbery is the headline offence of the prime minister’s flat refurbishment Some stories touch the nation at a level above politics, somewhere nearer the self; Boris Johnson’s renovations to his Downing Street flat is one. Had it just been a pile of numbers, it’s possible that even his most ardent […]

The Guardian view on political transparency: throw those curtains wide | Editorial

Truth-telling is not a reflex of this government, which is why a statutory inquiry with powers to compel testimony is so urgent It is often said that the supreme authority for judging politicians is the court of public opinion. While it is true that electoral success is the key to power in a democracy, winning […]