New No 10 team take on Cummings’ legacy of chaos and acrimony

Tories cautiously optimistic about Dan Rosenfield and Allegra Stratton, who want to press reset on PM’s tenure A subtle signal was sent across Whitehall last week when Tom Scholar, once identified by aides loyal to Dominic Cummings as on the notorious “shit list” of senior civil servants, was reappointed as permanent secretary to the Treasury. […]

Marcus Rashford: the making of a food superhero

Coaches, charity workers – and the footballer himself – reveal what drives the man who twice tackled Boris Johnson on child hunger and won Show me the child at seven and I will show you the man, the old wisdom says. But in football terms, you never know, not really, which kids are going to […]

UK residents: What do you think about Boris Johnson’s cycling controversy?

Boris Johnson is under pressure to explain the details of a cycle ride which took him seven miles from home. We’d like to hear your response to the issue Boris Johnson has come under fire for cycling seven miles away from Downing Street, with critics accusing him of bending the rules on exercising locally. With […]

‘I have never felt safe’: UK shielders on new lockdown

The vulnerable share their concerns and reveal how the new restrictions will affect their lives Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Kate Osborn breathed an immense sigh of relief when Boris Johnson advised the clinically extremely vulnerable to begin shielding again. Not for herself, she continued to shield and work from home […]

The who said it in 2020 quiz: from vomit drafts to God’s appointment

Match each inspirational, embarrassing or amusing quote to the celebrity from which it emerged “Our house is still on fire. Your inaction is fuelling the flames by the hour. And we are telling you to act as if you loved your children above all else.” George Clooney Melania Trump Greta Thunberg David Attenborough “As of […]

Consulting, blogging, eye test advertising: what next for Dominic Cummings?

Analysis: aide labelled ‘career psychopath’ by David Cameron apparently has his pick of jobs on leaving No 10 For an alleged “career psychopath”, as David Cameron once described him, Dominic Cummings appears to have a number of job options available when he leaves the employment of Downing Street next week. Friends and rivals wonder whether […]

Boris Johnson wanted a leak-free regime. That isn’t how it turned out

Analysis: After the ‘ill-discipline’ of May’s cabinet, some old habits in politics seem hard to break Ministerial aide sacked after leaking of letter warning MPs not to leak to media When Boris Johnson’s cabinet met by video link on Halloween weekend, as he rushed forward plans to announce an England-wide lockdown after they emerged in […]

Have you changed your UK Christmas plans after Boris Johnson’s statement?

We’d like to hear from people who are changing their plans following PM’s warning that a ‘smaller Christmas is going to be a safer Christmas’ Boris Johnson said on Wednesday that Christmas plans to mingle should be scaled back, following growing pressure to U-turn over a relaxation of Covid rules that allow three households to […]

Should London be in tier 3? Politicians face Covid rules dilemma

Some advisers say strictest rules should already cover city – while others warn of jobs catastrophe ‘If we go into tier 3, I’m done’: Upminster fears tougher Covid rules Coronavirus – latest updates Even in a political year of hugely difficult decisions, the one looming next week looks particularly tricky – and risks dividing the […]

Boris Johnson’s year of U-turns: from Covid tests to free school meals

The government has executed a string of volte-faces in the 12 months since the election He walked triumphantly back into No 10 wielding an increased majority a year ago to chants of “Get Brexit done”. But the tune soon changed and Boris Johnson has gone from “Mr Brexit to Mr U-turn”, in the words of […]

Worst UK economic slump for 300 years not a good platform for Brexit talks

Analysis: now does not seem a good moment for the PM to plunge Britain into a last-ditch battle with the EU Brexit deal or no Brexit deal, the UK faces a rocky few months as businesses, left dangling until the last minute, find out what kind of relationship the UK is going to have with […]

What will Boris Johnson bring back from Brussels?

Previous prime ministers have defined their leadership via a row with Europe – will Johnson be different? Since the formation of the European Union, it has been a habit for British prime ministers to try to define their premiership via a row with the rest of the bloc, especially given the laudatory domestic newspaper headlines […]

‘Boris Johnson’s lustre has faded’: European media dissect painful Brexit talks

PM dug into a corner by refusing to compromise on sovereignty but EU reached ‘pain threshold’ Live: Barnier gives EU diplomats ‘very gloomy’ assessment of Brexit talks For more than four years now, European media and commentators have said, the interminable Brexit saga – the endless stop-start, the succession of “crunch moments” – has been […]

Why Boris Johnson’s Covid metaphors fall flat while Van-Tam’s enlighten

Analysis: in contrast to PM’s condescension, expert’s endearing stories have won the nation’s trust At least when Tony Blair intoned that “a new dawn has broken, has it not” a few short hours after his election victory on the night of 1 May 1997, it was actually dawn. These days the metaphors emanating from 10 […]

Brexit fishing gamble suggests No 10 forgot its economics homework

Analysis: exasperation as fates and fortunes of large industries reliant on efforts to expand much smaller one An island nation can be forgiven for a preoccupation with fish. But with less than a month until the UK’s trade with the EU moves to new rules – whether under a deal or no-deal scenario – it […]

Priti Patel bullying inquiry: why was it held and what did it find?

We examine the background to the report and how the prime minister and home secretary have reacted Politics live: the latest on the Priti Patel report The home secretary, Priti Patel, has avoided the sack despite a Cabinet Office inquiry reportedly uncovering evidence of bullying within the Home Office. The inquiry concluded that Patel broke […]

What has Dominic Cummings actually achieved in No 10?

Divisive Boris Johnson’s chief adviser is leaving Downing Street Dominic Cummings arrived in Downing Street with big plans, and the stated intention to only stay long enough to get them rolling. So what has Boris Johnson’s chief adviser and policy touchstone actually achieved? Continue reading…

Kate Bingham: well-connected but under-fire UK vaccines chief

Supporters point to her deal over the Pfizer jab but there is unease over her PR bill and claims she shared information with investors Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Given her background in the no-nonsense world of venture capitalism, few in the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy [Beis] were […]

How will the new coronavirus lockdown in England affect you?

We’d like to hear from people about how they feel about the new lockdown in England. Share your views Boris Johnson has announced a second national Covid lockdown in England which will come into effect on Thursday 5 November and is currently set to end on Wednesday 2 December. The government has introduced new countrywide […]

James O’Brien: ‘I saw everything as a fight’

The highly combative star of talk radio is adopting a mellower approach. James O’Brien talks about trust, therapy and knowing when you are wrong On the day we meet, the broadcaster James O’Brien begins his popular LBC talkshow with a sorry acknowledgment. “I am very conscious of the Groundhog Day nature of some of our […]

What does the ‘R’ number of coronavirus mean? – video explainer

The ‘R’ number of coronavirus is a figure that is being closely scrutinised as ministers decide when to end lockdown in the UK. Boris Johnson has said the country must keep the R rate below one in order to avoid the disaster of a second peak. But what does the R number mean and why is […]

Conference season: the winners and losers as party politics goes virtual

Douglas Ross was the one to watch, while Boris Johnson’s set-piece speech failed to inspire his own MPs Party conference season in 2020 may have meant online debates and live-streamed speeches instead of karaoke and warm white wine – but politics must go on, and it was still possible to discern a few winners and […]

What did Boris Johnson’s conference speech really mean?

The prime minister’s address was characteristically optimistic but many will say familiarly short on substance Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Boris Johnson’s speech at Conservative conference drew on a number of themes, and was as notable for what it did not talk about as what it did. Here were the main […]

UK workers: have you continued to work in the office during the coronavirus pandemic?

We would like to hear from people in the UK who are still working in the office According to a report by Alphawise research unit, nearly half of UK office staff had returned to work before Boris Johnson urged employees in England to work from home wherever possible on 22 September. We would like to […]

Coronavirus in the UK: what precautions are you taking?

We’d like to hear how readers are reacting to Boris Johnson’s announcement that new rules could be necessary for six months As the UK heads towards a winter with new but differing restrictions in the four nations, we would like to hear how people are preparing for the months ahead. Have you amended plans? Have […]

What are the new coronavirus rules in England?

See the key points from Boris Johnson’s announcement of more robust restrictions Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Boris Johnson has announced a series of new, more robust coronavirus restrictions to come into force across England in a speech to parliament, followed by a TV address on Tuesday evening. These are the […]

Sasha Swire: ‘British politics is totally amateur. That’s why it’s so sexy and toxic’

The cheesy habits of David Cameron, the loneliness of Boris Johnson, the strange rise of Gavin Williamson… Swire’s no-holds-barred Diary of an MP’s Wife is causing consternation among its subjects. Is she worried? In the kitchen of Chaffcombe Manor, her rambling Devonshire home, Sasha Swire, whose mischievously indiscreet political diaries are published this week, appears […]

Susie Lau: ‘The world has changed and so must fashion’

Covid-19 stopped fashion in its tracks: shows were cancelled, collections mothballed. Stuck at home, front row regular and fashion influencer Susie Lau started baking. Then she realised: a creative revolution was happening… Back in mid-March, I was in full-throttle fashion mode. I had just finished up the autumn/winter shows marathon, shuttling from New York to […]