Will we ever cure the common cold? We ask the expert

Prof Sheena Cruickshank, an immunologist at the University of Manchester, on the possibility of a cold vaccine Famously, there is no cure for the common cold. But with the success of the Covid vaccine, could it finally be in grabbing – or, rather, jabbing – distance? I asked Prof Sheena Cruickshank, an immunologist at the […]

Activists take court action against Boris Johnson over climate crisis

Three people claim government is breaching right to life and family life by not doing what is needed to prevent disaster Three young people are taking legal action against the prime minister, accusing him of breaching his legal obligations to take “practical and effective measures” to tackle the climate crisis. In a high court hearing […]

Boris Johnson accused of flouting request to wear mask at theatre

Exclusive: Audience member at Almeida theatre says PM was not wearing mask during Macbeth performance Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Boris Johnson once again flouted official requests to wear a mask as he watched a performance of Macbeth at a busy theatre in north London on Tuesday night, witnesses say. The […]

Cabinet ministers back Boris Johnson after Tory cheers at PMQs

Downing Street rebuffs claims of split with chancellor as MPs make show of support for prime minister Cabinet ministers rowed in behind Boris Johnson on Wednesday after a torrid three weeks at Westminster, as Downing Street sought to play down divisions between No 10 and the Treasury. Johnson’s spokesperson rebuffed widespread reports of a split […]

Boris Johnson went to Peppa Pig World – but it’s Britain that’s being taken for a ride | Marina Hyde

Tories dreamed of a ‘boom, he’s back’ moment. Instead they got an Ant and Dec skit and 20 agonising seconds of nothing You may have heard the odd lie fall from the lips of Boris Johnson, but few are more solidly outrageous than Monday’s claim that he “loved” Peppa Pig World. Sorry, but no. I […]

Parthenon marbles should never have been removed, Boris Johnson wrote

In 2012 letter to Greek official, then London mayor said that ideally the sculptures would have stayed in Athens Boris Johnson believed in 2012 that the Parthenon sculptures should “never have been removed from the Acropolis,” and admitted that ideally they would continue to be seen in their entirety in Athens, a letter shared with […]

Boris Johnson’s much-criticised speech to the CBI, in full

The PM came under fire for an oration in which he lost his place for 20 seconds and enthused about Peppa Pig Boris Johnson’s speech to the CBI has been called a “mess”, the “most embarrassing by a Conservative prime minister” since his most recent PMQs performance. It is said to have capped off a […]

Tory MPs warn Boris Johnson not to take support for granted over social care cap

Prime minister faces backbench rebellion over controversial plans to scale back the cap Boris Johnson has been warned not to take the support of his MPs for granted, as he faces a backbench rebellion over controversial plans to scale back the social care cap, after a tumultuous fortnight at Westminster. The Department of Health and […]

The next giant leap: why Boris Johnson wants to ‘go big’ on quantum computing

Opportunities for business, health and the environment offered by superfast processors are huge – and so are the hurdles The technology behind everyday computers such as smartphones and laptops has revolutionised modern life, to the extent that our day-to-day lives are unimaginable without it. But an alternative method of computing is advancing rapidly, and Boris […]

Boris Johnson told: dump plan for social care charges or face Tory rebellion

MPs from north of England vent rage in emergency call with minister Gillian Keegan amid backbench fury at costs faced by less well-off pensioners Senior Conservatives on Saturday urged Boris Johnson to ditch plans that would see many of England’s poorest pensioners paying more for their social care – or risk being forced by his […]

‘It’s typical’: Transpennine ‘express’ passengers voice cynicism over Boris Johnson’s rail plans

Commuters on the 8.30 train to Leeds are dismissive about levelling up after Boris Johnson’s broken promises on HS2 Few travellers would disagree that the Transpennine Express makes for a splendid journey across the rugged spine of northern England, snaking through beautiful green valleys and picturesque stone villages, from Manchester Piccadilly to Leeds railway station. […]

The dishonesty of Boris Johnson has finally infected the entire government | Jonathan Freedland

Whether you call it magical thinking or cakeism, the prime minister’s defining trait has absorbed the Conservative party The personal dishonesty of the prime minister is serial and well documented. It’s the thread that has run through his career. It saw him fired from his first job, at the Times, for making up quotes, then […]

Boris Johnson declares £1,800 Heathrow hospitality amid Spanish holiday row

Prime minister has not had to formally declare his stay at Zac Goldsmith’s luxury villa in Marbella last month Another detail of Boris Johnson’s largely-free holiday to southern Spain last month has emerged after the prime minister declared £1,800 of hospitality from Heathrow. The declaration was made in the latest update to the register of […]

Boris Johnson was hailed as the ‘delivery man’ but are the wheels coming off?

Analysis: anger over rail and social care plays into narrative of a PM overpromising and underdelivering In the run-up to the Conservative conference, senior Tory sources briefed that it was the moment to relaunch Boris Johnson as the “delivery man” – a prime minister who had pushed through an extraordinary vaccine rollout and would now […]

The revised HS2 plan may be viable – but don’t expect Boris Johnson to deliver it | Christian Wolmar

HS2 was always flawed. Focusing spending elsewhere on the rail network makes far more sense It is easy to characterise the scrapping of part of HS2 as yet another great Tory betrayal, and for the government’s opponents to make hay of a decision that appears to run precisely counter to the Tories’ key manifesto commitment […]

Boris Johnson plan on ‘second jobs’ would hit fewer than 10 MPs

Exclusive: Impact of standards rule change on 99 MPs with jobs outside parliament likely to be limited Fewer than 10 MPs are likely to be affected by Boris Johnson’s proposed rule changes on second jobs, analysis of the register of interests suggests. On Wednesday MPs voted 297 to nil to back Downing Street plans to […]

Boris Johnson’s anti-sleaze plan is purely for show. He knows it will not pass | Martin Kettle

The prime minister leads a fractured, ungovernable party that will never agree to a clampdown on second jobs Under Theresa May and Boris Johnson, the Conservative party has become increasingly ungovernable. The process shows no sign of stopping. It will continue in the next parliament, especially if Johnson wins with a smaller majority. Let me […]

Greek PM to make Parthenon marbles key issue in meeting with Boris Johnson

Kyriakos Mitsotakis to argue reunification of ‘stolen’ sculptures is matter outside remit of British Museum The Greek prime minister will make the Parthenon marbles the key issue in upcoming talks with Boris Johnson in London, arguing the reunification of the “stolen” sculptures is an intergovernmental matter that lies outside the remit of the British Museum. […]

Boris Johnson let Priti Patel off the hook. That’s why we’re going to court | Dave Penman

The prime minister has a duty to ensure ministers adhere to basic standards. His decision to overrule his own adviser must be reviewed Dave Penman is the general secretary of the FDA union “The most important thing is those who break the rules must be investigated and should be punished.” These words were uttered by […]

Boris Johnson holiday villa linked to Zac Goldsmith firms accused of tax evasion

Exclusive: Costa del Sol property firms owned by Goldsmith family ordered to pay €24m in unpaid taxes and fines The luxury villa where Boris Johnson stayed on holiday last month is linked to Costa del Sol property businesses owned by Zac Goldsmith’s family that engaged in a multimillion-pound tax evasion scheme, according to Spanish courts. […]

Boris Johnson urges people to get Covid boosters as he warns of ‘storm clouds’

PM expresses concern over worsening situation in continental Europe, saying: ‘We’ve been here before’ Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Elderly and vulnerable people must get their booster jabs if a rise in Covid cases in the UK is to be prevented, the prime minister has said, as he warned of “storm […]

It’s half-time in Humanity v Climate Crisis, and Boris Johnson is our captain | Marina Hyde

The prime minister loves a metaphor, but is anyone looking forward to the outcome of this particular match? Time’s a great healer. It may feel incredible now, but I think Boris Johnson will eventually look back on his final appearance at his own climate conference and regard it as a win that he spent it […]

Boris Johnson’s betrayal of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe shows us who he really is | Jonathan Freedland

The slapdash failure to master his brief and lack of empathy for Richard Ratcliffe is the essence of Johnsonism: carelessness Boris Johnson should look Richard Ratcliffe in the eye. If he did, he would catch a reflection of himself that might prove painful but illuminating. For contained in his handling, and fateful mishandling, of the […]