Plan to solve Florida’s non-existent protest problem is pure ‘mini-Trump’

Governor Ron DeSantis wants to crack down on demonstrators to distract from a disastrous pandemic response, critics say For many who heard Ron DeSantis outline his proposed “Combatting Violence, Disorder and Looting Act” it was a head-scratcher. Why would Florida’s Republican governor suddenly be pushing severe penalties on protesters in a state that escaped the […]

UK schools: What are you doing for Black History Month?

We’d like to hear from UK schools about plans for projects and activities during Black History Month that have come about because of the BLM protests this summer Black History Month in the UK is observed in October and we’d like to find whether the Black Lives Matter protests across Britain, during the summer, have […]

Rebel US artist puts black lives in the Renaissance frame

A new exhibition by African-American painter Titus Kaphar challenges its audience to see pictures in a new way – by literally adding black faces In his painting for the cover of the June edition of Time magazine, published in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, American artist Titus Kaphar portrayed the pain of […]

Marilynne Robinson: ‘America still has a democratic soul’

The author of Gilead on the Black Lives Matter protests, the dangers of social media, and her latest novel, Jack Marilynne Robinson is an American novelist and essayist. One of Barack Obama’s favourite authors, she won the Pulitzer prize for fiction in 2005 for her novel Gilead. This was the first in a trilogy of […]

I’ve fallen out with my mother over her racist views. Should I reach out?

Fear will be at the root of it – so try to work out what she is afraid of, says Annalisa Barbieri I have always found many of my political and personal views to be at odds with those of family. Over the years, I’ve tried to challenge them gently about issues such as homophobia […]

Kenosha’s shocking week of turmoil sparks starkly different reactions

The police shooting of a Black man, Jacob Blake, was followed by the killing of two protesters, allegedly by a white vigilante Early in the week, events in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in America’s midwest, might have been remembered mostly as yet another shooting of an African American man by the police after a white officer fired […]

Laura Bates on the men who hate women: ‘They canonise and revere and idolise murderers’

For years, the founder of the Everyday Sexism project has had vile abuse heaped upon her. But that still didn’t prepare her for what she found in the toxic world of online misogyny Laura Bates founded the Everyday Sexism project in 2012, when she was 25, inviting women on social media to detail sexist encounters […]

‘He was extremely radical’: MLK’s children on their father’s life and George Floyd’s death

Martin and Bernice King have continued their father’s legacy, protesting for civil rights. They discuss Black Lives Matter, their ongoing grief and the upcoming March on Washington When footage of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, under the knee of a white police officer, was beamed around the world, Bernice King wept. She was five years […]

Taking a knee: athletes protest against racism around the world – in pictures

Over the past few months, athletes around the world have been kneeling in support of Black Lives Matter and wearing the phrase on jerseys and T-shirts while NBA players boycotted game five of their playoff series in protest of the police shooting against Jacob Blake Continue reading…

Vanessa Engle on Carl Beech: ‘I didn’t want to tell the story of a liar at the expense of genuine victims’

The filmmaker explains why her documentary about the fantasist jailed for making false child sexual abuse allegations is vital in the era of #MeToo and Black Lives Matter The film-maker Vanessa Engle calls it “vagina snap”: female-centred fluff that meets diversity targets, but is not the sort of documentary commissioners boast about, and certainly is […]

The movement to defund police has won historic victories across the US. What’s next?

A dozen local governments have moved to reduce their police budgets by more than $1.4bn, marking a significant shift in American politics In the days after the killing of George Floyd, an extraordinary wave of mass protests erupted across the US, with demonstrators setting fire to police buildings and cars, shutting down freeways and bridges […]

Brazilian pop sensation Anitta: ‘Run for president? I’m 27!’

Born in Rio’s favelas, Anitta became Brazil’s biggest pop star. Then a political awakening made her even more influential. She talks Bolsonaro, Black Lives Matter and bisexuality Anitta had imagined that this summer would be a break: a period in which she could record new music. It would have followed 10 years in which she […]

‘People are ready to see Black women lead’: US sees wave of progressive victories by people of color

Wins are due to energy from the Black Lives Matter movement, failure of conventional policy and the solid infrastructure of progressive organization Progressive Democrats are enjoying a wave of victories in federal primaries across the country with some especially notable triumphs for Black activist candidates. Those successes, candidates and strategists say, are due to a […]

How ‘white fragility’ reinforces racism – video explainer

Robin DiAngelo’s bestselling book White Fragility has provoked an uncomfortable but vital conversation about what it means to be white. As protests organised by the Black Lives Matter movement continue around the world, she explains why white people should stop avoiding conversations about race because of their own discomfort, and how ‘white fragility’ plays a key role […]

Will Trump actually pull federal agents from Portland? – video explainer

Federal agents accused of behaving like an ‘occupying army’ are said to be pulling out of Portland, Oregon, in an embarrassing climbdown by the White House, but many protesters are sceptical over whether the agents will actually withdraw from the city. The force, which have been dubbed by some as ‘Donald Trump’s troops’, were sent […]

From Chernobyl to Coronation Street: who will win this year’s TV Baftas?

With farewell bows from Fleabag and Catastrophe, plus some landmark political and sporting events, the panels face some knotty decisions The awards given by the British Academy of Film and Television Awards (Baftas) for excellence in TV are a fixture in the cultural calendar, awarded in some form for the past 65 years. But the […]

Covid-19 and technology: ‘This time has shown me that analogue life has its advantages’

Our leading technology writers discuss Facebook, the inexorable rise of misinformation, the success of Black Lives Matter … and the simple joys of a bird feeder Julia Carrie Wong, senior technology reporter, Guardian US: Good morning from Oakland. To kick us off, I’d love to hear how tech reporting has changed for you since the […]

How stop and search in the UK is failing black people – video explainer

There has been renewed criticism over stop and search in the UK after research found that BAME people are 54% more likely to be fined under coronavirus rules than white people. The subsequent death of George Floyd in the US and the support for the Black Lives Matter movement has brought more scrutiny to the […]

No joke: ironic racism in comedy is just not funny

From Matt Lucas and David Walliams’s Little Britain to Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat, the idea that it’s OK to be racist to mock racism is naive and dangerous In the wake of George Floyd’s death and the sudden prominence of the Black Lives Matter movement across the world, there was one area where unexpected conversations […]

John Lewis: from civil rights titan to Black Lives Matter

The late congressman’s lifelong fight for equality mirrored the US’s racial struggles He was the youngest speaker at the March on Washington in 1963. More than half a century later, he stood outside the White House surveying the words “Black Lives Matter” painted on a street. John Lewis’s story was in many ways America’s story […]

St Andrews abuse survivors: ‘The mood isn’t just senseless outrage’

Exclusive: women behind Instagram account collecting sexual assault stories at university reflect on a turbulent two weeks She had been thinking about it for months, says Ms A of the launch of an anonymous Instagram account that has exposed a horrifying catalogue of rape and sexual assault at St Andrews. On a Thursday afternoon at […]

Texas border county had ‘model’ Covid-19 response – then the governor stepped in

Officials in Latino Starr county say Greg Abbott’s reopening orders have rendered them toothless, and cases are surging Five residents from Starr county on Texas’s southern border died on a single day last week after contracting Covid-19. New infections in the rural border community of around 65,000 people have soared in recent weeks, and two […]

It’s not banter, it’s racism: UK students accuse universities of brushing complaints aside

Statements supporting Black Lives Matter are meaningless without action over racist incidents, students say As one of six black medical students in a cohort of 150 at Aberdeen University, Jessica Eze, a Londoner, says it is hard to speak out about prejudice because your voice feels “too tiny”. So when a white patient in the […]

A history of Fourth of July protests in America – in pictures

‘This Fourth of July is yours, not mine. You may rejoice, I must mourn,’ Frederick Douglass lamented 13 years before Reconstruction. Since the 19th century, abolitionists, suffragists and civil rights activists have seized the Fourth of July as an occasion to protest injustices sustained by those omitted from the founding fathers’ vision. In the 20th […]

South Carolina congressman Jim Clyburn: ‘If Biden doesn’t win, US democracy will crumble’

The highest ranking African American Democrat in House leadership talks about Black Lives Matter, reforms and the 2020 US election South Carolina congressman Jim Clyburn has been at the heart of some of the most pivotal political moments of 2020. Clyburn, the African American House majority whip, was a hugely influential figure during his home […]

Worldwide protests mark anniversary of Shukri Abdi’s death

Demonstrators in UK, US and Canada pay tribute to Somalian refugee who drowned in Manchester river Protests have been organised across 10 cities to mark the first anniversary of the death of Shukri Abdi, a 12-year-old Somalian refugee who drowned in the River Irwell, and whose case has been taken up globally by Black Lives […]

Rock against racism? Metal’s varied response to Black Lives Matter

Black Sabbath and Axl Rose are among those in the metal world supporting protests, but there’s no denying the opinions of others in the genre There’s no point denying metal has a more complicated relationship with race than many of its adherents would like to admit, or confront. At its most stark, this is evident […]

I was a hip-hop wannabe celebrating my GCSEs, when four police cars pulled up | Romesh Ranganathan

I’ve been approached by officers only once. Black people have these experiences all the time On the BBC Two show The Ranganation a couple of weeks ago, I opened with a short monologue about the Black Lives Matter protests, and some reasons why I found it unacceptable to counter that chant with the response “All […]

Hundreds of armed counter-protesters confront Black Lives Matter rally in Ohio

Counter-protesters harassed group of peaceful demonstrators with rifles, bats and racial slurs in mostly white town of Bethel A small and peaceful demonstration in an Ohio town to support the Black Lives Matter movement at the weekend was overwhelmed when hundreds of counter-protesters – some armed with rifles or baseball bats – harassed the group. […]