Can American democracy survive Donald Trump?

Lying, paranoia and conspiracy are defining features of a totalitarian society. What hope is there for a brand new era, in the aftermath of an administration that has relied on all three? “I WON THE ELECTION!” Donald Trump tweeted in the early hours of 16 November 2020, 10 days after he lost the election. At […]

‘I’m more enthusiastic now than in 2016’: meet the voters standing by Donald Trump

They sent him to the White House, and four years later vow to keep him there. In a month-long trip across the US, Chris McGreal meets the president’s most unwavering supporters Lisa Matthews voted for Barack Obama. But just the once. The daughter of an African American mother and Puerto Rican father, the 47-year-old grew […]

Marilynne Robinson: ‘America still has a democratic soul’

The author of Gilead on the Black Lives Matter protests, the dangers of social media, and her latest novel, Jack Marilynne Robinson is an American novelist and essayist. One of Barack Obama’s favourite authors, she won the Pulitzer prize for fiction in 2005 for her novel Gilead. This was the first in a trilogy of […]

I avoid being a greedy dinner guest by filling up on snacks first – but the dried apricots were a big mistake | Romesh Ranganathan

My pre-food food stops it looking as if my wife has come to dinner with a street urchin Over the last year or so, I have been striving to find healthier snacks. The original plan was to stick to main meals and not snack at all, but that is apparently impossible for someone with the […]

‘Our democracy is deeply imperiled’: how democratic norms are under threat ahead of the US election

The principals of five major US organizations all feel profound anxiety about the state of the nation under Trump as the US election inches closer Last month Barack Obama returned to the political stage to deliver a speech about the future of the nation. He did it standing in the Museum of the American Revolution […]

Cohen’s book spotlights Trump’s Obama obsession and resurfaces ‘you’re fired’ video

Michael Cohen alleges Trump had ‘hatred and contempt’ for Barack Obama and 2012 video shows Trump mocking his rival The impression of Donald Trump’s obsession with his predecessor Barack Obama was fueled by a video from 2012 resurfacing this weekend from a parody in which the now-Republican president mocks his Democratic rival. Journalists dug up […]

‘Gross incompetence at highest levels’: ex-Obama adviser blasts Trump’s Covid response

Samantha Power also tells online Hay festival that former US administration underestimated how ‘ripped off’ Americans felt, and discounts possibility of Michelle Obama as vice-president The US has shown “gross incompetence … at the highest levels” in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, according to Samantha Power, who served as US ambassador to the United Nations […]

Family values: why Trump’s children are key to his re-election campaign

Amid pandemic and economic collapse, Don Jr, Eric, Ivanka and their partners play key roles in a fierce fight for survival Meet the president’s surrogates and strategists It begins with dramatic music and slick graphics – skyscrapers, clouds, big screens, the roar of a helicopter and chants of “Four more years!” Then come clips of […]

What is ‘Obamagate’ and why is Trump so worked up about it?

The US president spent Mother’s Day diving into the rightwing fever swamps and unleashing a barrage of tweets and retweets assailing his predecessor On Friday, former US president Barack Obama expressed disquiet at the justice department dropping charges against Donald Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who was fired in early 2017 for lying […]

Sanders warns his loyalists it would be ‘irresponsible’ not to support Biden

Sanders criticizes his supporters who have so far resisted his vow to do whatever it takes to help Biden win the presidency Bernie Sanders has warned that it would be “irresponsible” for his loyalists not to support Joe Biden, warning that progressives who “sit on their hands” in the months ahead would simply enable Donald […]

Seth Meyers on Trump: ‘He’s so shallow he barely exists in the third dimension’

Late-night hosts respond to damning reports of Trump’s mishandling of the coronavirus crisis in its critical early stages Coronavirus – live US updates Live global updates See all our coronavirus coverage On Late Night, Seth Meyers tore into Donald Trump’s negligent response to the pandemic. “What we’re experiencing now was not inevitable,” he said, pointing […]

Obama to endorse Biden for president in attempt to unite Democratic party

Former president is expected to announce his support in a video on Tuesday, according to a source close to him Barack Obama is planning to endorse his former vice-president, Joe Biden, for president, coming off the electoral sidelines to help unite the party after a contentious Democratic primary. Obama is expected to announce his support […]

Yearning for Obama? Ex-president could soon be back to bat for Biden

Trump’s handling of the coronavirus has meant Obama’s absence is keenly felt – but an endorsement of his one-time running mate may be imminent Miss me now? Barack Obama’s absence has probably never been felt so keenly by his millions of supporters. Related: A tale of two New Yorks: pandemic lays bare a city’s shocking […]