Rise to the challenge: my very own bake off | Emma Beddington

For many, baking is therapeutic. But is cooking along with Bake Off really such a good idea? An acquaintance speculated recently that we would only realise after the fact what kind of mad we went during the pandemic, but I already know: I became Bake Off mad. I used to love baking, especially the showy […]

Pizza by Paul, flowers by Prue: how Great British Bake Off built its Covid bubble

Contestants, cast and crew lived together for six weeks in a hotel to make 2020 show look as normal as possible Congratulatory handshakes from judge Paul Hollywood, pies with “soggy bottoms” and a bunting-festooned tent will all reassure fans of The Great British Bake Off that this year’s series contains all its usual ingredients – […]

The Big Flower Fight review – floristry Bake Off is a blooming disappointment

Netflix’s floral reality competition features huge flowery bugs and mammoths made out of grass, but the effect is more depressing than uplifting You can see, if you squint a bit, the logic. It goes roughly: we need a hit! A palpable hit! One of those failsafe ones where we tweak a format, change the subject, […]

‘I don’t know how I lived without The Great British Bake Off’: Cobie Smulders’ lockdown TV

The star of How I Met Your Mother and Stumptown on the heartwarming camaraderie on Bake Off and Prue Leith’s delightfully funky glasses and earring combinations I am very grateful to your country for producing The Great British Bake Off. I have discovered it during the quarantine and I don’t know how I lived my […]

Prue Leith: Journey with my Daughter review – from an English idyll to the killing fields

This engaging documentary followed the Bake Off judge as she travelled to Cambodia with adopted daughter, Li-Da, to find out more about her traumatic early life Prue Leith hasn’t yet been taken into the nation’s hearts in quite the same way as her Bake Off predecessor, Mary Berry. That’s our loss, as this documentary made […]

Prue Leith: ‘I worried about my daughter finding her birth mother’

A new documentary sees the Bake Off judge accompany her adopted daughter Li-Da as she returns to Cambodia to explore her early life. Here, they reflect on family, identity and survival Prue Leith is telling me what a bad mother she was to her daughter, Li-Da Kruger, growing up. I don’t believe her for a […]