G7 nations to agree on global plan to help 40m girls into education

Talks between US secretary of state and Dominic Raab come as Britain cuts foreign aid to the sector The US secretary of state is to hold talks with his British counterpart, Dominic Raab, while the UK is on the back foot over plans to set new global targets to help girls’ education at a time […]

The refugees torn from loved ones by Australia’s ‘cruel’ family separations

Many lost years in detention; others have given up hope of ever holding their wife or children again. A new report argues Australia is engaging in a ‘strategic, deliberate and coercive campaign’ to separate refugee families Nayser Ahmed, his wife and two children, fled together. As members of the violently persecuted Rohingya ethnic minority, their […]

The story of the Paradise parrot – the only mainland Australian bird marked ‘extinct’

Conservationists could make a case for saving a gorgeous bird but preserving its prosaic habitat was, in the 1920s and 30s, a bridge too far Few but the most dedicated ornithologist will know anything about Australia’s Paradise parrot. That is because it has the dubious distinction of being the only mainland Australian bird marked “extinct” […]

Recipes for Ramadan: Calisha Bennett’s Cocos Islander ayam panggang

This aromatic and spicy chicken dish hails from one of Australia’s most remote territories Although they are an Australian territory, many people in Australia are unfamiliar with the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, a pair of atolls and 27 coral islands some 2,700km north-west of Perth. They are midway between Australia and Sri Lanka, and closest to […]

Every day I receive tragic news from India and feel so helpless on the other side of the world | Krati Garg

The Covid tsunami in my country of birth should be a wake-up call for Australia. This is not the time to be complacent My chat groups from India are flooded with requests for convalescent plasma, Remdesivir, oxygen tanks and hospital beds. My Twitter feeds are condolences or desperate cries for help from people whose loved […]

Coronavirus live news: more than half of UK population has had first Covid jab; Germany restricts travel from India

Parts of western Australia in three-day lockdown; Germany reports 23,392 Covid cases; Thailand curbs shop opening hours after daily case record India’s daily Covid death toll hits new record amid oxygen shortages Covid spread as overcrowding doubles among private renters in England ‘Smell training’ recommended for Covid anosmia Global report: Tokyo goes under state of […]

How Australia’s global gold standard on gun control is being eroded

The people credited with lowering the country’s gun-death rate after the Port Arthur massacre say the firearm lobby has since been boosted and gun laws chipped away It was a Sunday, and gun control advocate and expert Rebecca Peters was at home listening to the radio when she heard there had been a shooting in […]

Tom Marquand back in business after Australian spell with Alenquer

25-1 outsider triumphs in Bet365 Classic Trial Palace Pier and Waldkonig land double for Gosden Less than a week after winning a Group One in Australia, Tom Marquand made a seamless return to British racing at Sandown as the 25-1 chance Alenquer, outsider of 10 runners, held the late challenge of Adayar by half a […]

Interpreters who helped Australian forces in Afghanistan plead for visas to escape ‘extreme threats’

As targeted killings rise ‘exponentially’ across country, Afghans fear they will have no way out if they can’t leave alongside troops in September Dozens of Afghan interpreters who have worked on the battlefield alongside Australian soldiers have made an urgent plea to the federal government for humanitarian visas, fearing they will be murdered by the […]

New Zealand’s stance on China has deep implications for the Five Eyes alliance

Analysis: Country has confirmed itself the weak link in the intelligence chain it joined with the US, UK, Canada and Australia Jacinda Ardern, the New Zealand prime minister from the centre-left Labour party, has offended devotees of the Anglosphere by indicating she is not prepared to take her country into the kind of trade war […]

Victorious over Covid, Australia and New Zealand grapple with vaccine rollout

Australia’s glacially slow delivery of jabs derided as a ‘farce’, while in New Zealand only 4.5% of eligible people have been vaccinated They were held up as Covid success stories, two countries at the bottom of the world that kept outbreaks under control and deaths low as the pandemic swept the rest of the globe. […]

Australia has coped fairly well with the pandemic. With climate change? It’s a different story | Greg Jericho

Our economy remains one of the most highly dependent upon greenhouse gases The release last week of the OECD’s Going for Growth 2021 report on Australia provided a needed reality check for those thinking Australia’s economy is the envy of the rest of the world. But more importantly, it reminded us of just how poorly […]

‘No action on anything’: Australia increasingly isolated as US and others ramp up climate ambition

Ex-diplomat Dean Bialek says as other countries take ‘massive steps forward’ from Paris any attempt by Canberra to ‘fly under the radar’ will fail Australia must stop wasting time and shift to renewable energy to spark job creation, Albanese says International pressure on the Morrison government over the climate crisis is expected to increase as […]

‘Absolutely devastating’: how Australia’s deportation of New Zealanders is tearing families apart

Their accents, children and homes are in one country, but people jailed for more than 12 months are being sent back to a land they don’t know, where ‘everything that made you who you were is gone’ On an overcast day at Brisbane airport in early February, a plain white Airbus 319 with an Australian […]

The race for rare earth minerals: can Australia fuel the electric vehicle revolution?

China dominates supply of the elusive metals, which are vital to modern technology, but finding new sources is becoming a global priority There are an estimated 1.4bn cars on the world’s roads today. Around 78m new cars are sold every year. To head off the worst effects of climate change, every single one will need […]

Just 3% of world’s ecosystems remain intact, study suggests

Pristine areas in the Amazon and Siberia may expand with animal reintroductions, scientists say Just 3% of the world’s land remains ecologically intact with healthy populations of all its original animals and undisturbed habitat, a study suggests. These fragments of wilderness undamaged by human activities are mainly in parts of the Amazon and Congo tropical […]

Save the queen, save the hive: how to live in harmony with bees

Bees are precious and critical to our food supply. So how should you handle an unexpected swarm? Beyond the towering city centres, Australia’s inner-city suburbs still harbour slivers of greenery. My Brisbane backyard is no exception. A magnificent poinciana tree stands in the corner. From my kitchen window I look out over its gnarly branches, […]

Eat, roam, repeat: Can the bison’s big appetite stop Spain’s forest fires?

Conservationists hope the return of the near-extinct herbivore – ‘a living strimmer’ – will clear the undergrowth that fuels fires As the temperatures begin to rise, Spain is braced for another summer of the forest fires that over the past 10 years have destroyed about 741,000 hectares (1.8m acres) of forest. Last year, fires consumed […]

Women’s Euro 2022 power rankings: breaking down all 16 finalists

After a round of games that included surprises in the friendlies and confirmed the final 16 we look at how the teams shape up Europe’s most successful team made light work of Australia and Norway and with six different goal scorers across the two games their threat is evident. They will have a point to […]

Climate Change: Ade on the Frontline review – an intensifying crisis

Ade Adepitan travels to the Pacific to see how the climate emergency is shrinking the land and killing the future – and to ask what, if anything, can be done to halt the destruction Ade Adepitan addresses what he calls “the elephant in the room” fairly early on in his new three-part series, Climate Change: […]

‘It was seen as an elderly white lady thing to do’: meet the new generation of male knitters

For the ‘sew bros’ who took up needlework during lockdown, casting on means chilling out The first time Brendan Girak knitted in public, he took a friend for support. “Lara and I went to a big park and that put my mind at ease,” the 28-year-old from Perth, Australia, says. “There weren’t that many people […]

Bees bounce back after Australia’s black summer: ‘Any life is good life’

Australia’s bushfires were devastating for bee populations. But steady rain and community efforts are seeing the return of the pollinators You could say that Adrian Iodice is something of a stickybeak neighbour. On Iodice’s once-lush bushland property, nestled within the Bega Valley of New South Wales, there stands a majestic rough-barked apple tree that the […]

‘Where is the outrage?’: rallies across Australia protest against Aboriginal deaths in custody – in pictures

Protests in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Alice Springs mark 30 years since the royal commission into deaths in custody Stop Black Deaths in Custody rallies: thousands march The 474 deaths inside: tragic toll of Indigenous deaths in custody Continue reading…

Prince Philip’s charm, wit and sense of duty recalled by world leaders

Barack Obama,Joe Biden, Angela Merkel and prime ministers of New Zealand, Australia, Canada among those paying tribute The death of the Duke of Edinburgh has elicited tributes, remembrances and expressions of sympathy from political leaders and royal families around the world, recalling his many years of service, his “straightforwardness” and his long devotion to his […]

Recipes for Ramadan: quick and easy Moroccan harira soup from Jane Jeffes

After the first date that breaks each day’s fast, a soup is a very common first course – this one is rich, warming and almost a meal in itself Food has a special place in Ramadan. Over the years I’ve been a guest at many “iftar” dinners, breaking the daily Ramadan fast with Muslim friends […]

Rowley Shoals: thriving Australian reef shows what’s possible when ecosystems are untouched by humans

New study shows fishing restrictions across the archipelago helped sustain threatened species and biodiversity during a time of ‘unprecedented’ decline What would a tropical reef look like if it could escape the man-made perils of global heating and overfishing? A new study suggests it would look like Rowley Shoals, an isolated archipelago of reefs 260km […]

The Guardian view on the pandemic: a universal crisis is revealing our divisions | Editorial

The UK must tread carefully. While some countries seem to be emerging from the shadows, no one is safe when Covid spreads so freely The pandemic has transformed the lives of billions around the globe, but beyond that common experience, it has highlighted and deepened divides rather than closed them. On Tuesday, the International Monetary […]

The trans-Tasman travel bubble is here! Where should New Zealanders go?

With a date for the opening of the Australian-New Zealand travel bubble finally set, we can help you plan your trip It’s been over a year since New Zealand closed its borders to the outside world. But from 19 April the long-awaited travel bubble with Australia will finally open to passengers in both directions. With […]

Below the surface: reports of rising shark attacks don’t tell the whole story

Fatal shark encounters in Australia are higher than ever. But does that mean the seas are no longer safe? Call it pessimism or a remarkable sixth sense, but Chantelle Doyle always had a feeling that a shark was going to bite her one day – and she was proved right. One morning in August 2020, […]