Two pandemics: as we ease up, virus sweeps the world’s poor

Latin America and Africa face new wave as politicians and scientists urge rescue packages Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage World leaders have been warned that unless they act with extreme urgency, the Covid-19 pandemic will overwhelm health services in many nations in South America, Asia, and Africa over the next few […]

A little girl climbing the tree of life: Luis Tato’s best photograph

‘She climbed to the top unaided, to collect leaves for her family’s dinner. The tastiest ones are usually higher up’ The vast Zinder region in Niger, west Africa, is the most populated part of the country. Its people live mostly in traditional villages, their lives relatively unchanged for decades. Yet they are now being profoundly […]

Escaped girls tell of insurgents’ mass abductions in Mozambique

Interviews undermine the US state department claim that extremist group has links to Islamic State Insurgents in Mozambique have abducted hundreds of women and girls, forcing many into sexual relations with fighters and possibly trafficking others elsewhere in Africa, interviews with some who have escaped the extremists reveal. Most of the abducted women are under […]

Country diary: the ospreys are back – this is the ultimate spring thrill

Badenoch, Highlands: The sight of the male taking up his proud perch and the sound of his high-pitched call mark the climax of spring The ospreys are back! All the way from west Africa, over 4,000km away, these powerful birds of prey have returned to the Scottish Highlands to breed. There is a nest near […]

Burkina Faso ex-president Compaoré to face trial over Thomas Sankara murder

Exile is to be tried in absentia alongside 13 others for complicity in murder The exiled former president of Burkina Faso, Blaise Compaoré, is to be tried in absentia for the murder of Thomas Sankara, one of Africa’s most revered post-independence leaders who was killed in a 1987 coup. Sankara, a Marxist, pan-African leader, was […]

Africa and west must unite to halt Mozambique insurgency, experts say

Exclusive: call for coordinated effort by African and western countries to stop crisis spiralling out of control The growing Islamist insurgency in north Mozambique can only be halted with a coordinated military and development effort involving African and western countries or it risks spiralling further out of control, experts have warned. They argue that the […]

At least 20 livestock ships caught in Suez canal logjam

Concerns for animals’ welfare if Ever Given blockage crisis is protracted At least 20 of the boats delayed due to a stricken container ship in the Suez canal are carrying livestock, according to marine tracking data, raising concerns about the welfare of the animals if the logjam becomes protracted. The 220,000-ton Ever Given is causing […]

‘This feels like a breakthrough’: comedian Loyiso Gola on his new Netflix show

He started out learning his craft on a school work experience programme. Now the comic is about to make history with the first standup special from Africa It’s not every day a comedian can claim to have made history. Step forward Loyiso Gola, whose new Netflix show – its first ever standup special from Africa […]

Goodbye Cecil Rhodes: House renamed to lose link to British empire builder in Africa

London housing block residents choose location-led name, having rejected option to reflect black historical figures Cecil Rhodes House, which overlooks St Pancras rail station in London, is to be renamed after decades of unsuccessful attempts to rid the property of its association with the Victorian imperialist. But to the disappointment of some local historians, residents […]

Killing Escobar review – the hard men behind plot to kill drug lord

Mercenaries Peter McAleese and David Tomkins tell the story and backstory behind their contract on the Colombian kingpin Here’s a documentary that shines a light on squalid corner of British post-imperial legacy: the batches of mercenaries – largely former military personnel – who roamed the world’s trouble spots in the 70s and 80s, killing for […]

‘We clap if none die’: Covid forces hard choices in Sierra Leone

With medical resources diverted to the pandemic, years of progress in children’s healthcare are under threat Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Nurse Magdalene Fornah was on duty at Freetown’s Connaught hospital when she heard that Sierra Leone had its first confirmed coronavirus case. It was five years after Ebola had killed […]

As a Black Lord of the Rings fan, I felt left out of fantasy worlds. So I created my own | Namina Forna

Author Namina Forna loved JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis’ books as a child, but saw little that resembled the magic and rich mythology she saw in Africa When I was a child, I was what you would call a JRR Tolkien fangirl. I read The Lord of the Rings over and over. I traipsed around […]

‘Now Togo is free!’ – long lost photographs of newly liberated African nations

In the late 1950s, Todd Webb toured Africa – and captured a new spirit as the shackles of colonialism were cast off. Missing for decades, his extraordinary photographs are finally being published Betsy Evans Hunt wasn’t sure what to expect when, in 2015, she descended a staircase into a California basement. Her journey, thousands of […]

Terrawatch: the South Atlantic Anomaly – a growing weak spot in Earth’s magnetic field

Researchers have been studying this area for clues as to when the magnetic field might flip entirely Last year was a tumultuous one, but at least north is still north. Deep inside our planet liquid iron continues to flow the same way, generating a magnetic field that protects us against harmful radiation from the sun. […]

Why the world’s biggest mammal migration is crucial for Africa – photo essay

Up to 10 million straw-coloured fruit bats descend on Zambia’s Kasanka national park every year, dispersing millions of seeds as they go Words and photographs by Georgina Smith David Mubiana will always remember the day he was shot. It happened in 2002, when his unit was ambushed by poachers with AK-47 rifles and a shotgun. […]

‘It’s not weird or foreign’: the Ugandan monk bringing Buddhism to Africa – photo essay

Bhante Buddharakkhita, who became a Buddhist while studying in India, is on a mission to use mindfulness meditation to heal trauma Photographs by Eugénie Baccot As the first Ugandan Buddhist monk, the most venerable Bhante Bhikkhu Buddharakkhita has ambitions to train 54 novices, one for every African nation. “I’m teaching Theravada Buddhism with African flavour […]

Why is Ethiopia facing civil war? – video explainer

Hundreds have been killed and tens of thousands forced to flee their homes in Ethiopia, Africa’s second most populous country, as federal troops battle rebels in the northern Tigray region.  The Guardian’s Jason Burke explains what sparked the conflict, why it threatens to destabilise the Horn of Africa – and examines how the prime minister, Abiy […]

Rise and fall of Ethiopia’s TPLF – from rebels to rulers and back

Bloody offensive aims to eliminate Tigray People’s Liberation Front, which dominated for nearly 30 years In the centre of Mekelle, the highland capital of Tigray, is a complex of memorials and museums. Under the hot sun, old armoured vehicles, jets and helicopters rust quietly. On the city’s wide avenues, statues commemorate the “martyrs” and the […]

Experience: I steal from museums

I don’t consider myself a thief but an activist. I believe these objects should be given back to the African people they were taken from I am a pan-African activist, campaigning for reparations for the crimes against African people committed during colonialism. Recently, I have taken matters into my own hands: I go to museums […]

#EndSars: why Nigerians are protesting against police brutality – video explainer

After days of fierce protests, Nigeria‘s government announced the dissolution of the infamous ‘Special Anti-Robbery Squad’, commonly called Sars, a police unit plagued with allegations of extrajudicial killings, theft and abuse – and in its place revealed plans to set up a Special Weapons and Tactics team called Swat to ‘fill the gaps’.  Amnesty International said […]

Joana Choumali: ‘I set my imagination free on the photographs’

The prize-winning Ivorian photographer captures the energy of dawn in images shot in African cities then embroidered Joana Choumali’s interest in photography began when, as a child in Abidjan in Ivory Coast, her family hired a local studio photographer to take a family portrait. “I was fascinated by how he handled the camera and the […]

Don’t look away now: are viewers finally ready for the truth about nature?

For decades David Attenborough delighted millions with tales of life on Earth. But now the broadcaster wants us to face up to the state of the planet Sir David Attenborough’s soothing, matter-of-fact narrations have brought the natural world to our living rooms for nearly seven decades and counting. From Australia’s Great Barrier Reef to the […]

A taste of honey: how bees mend fences between farmers and elephants

A pioneering method from Africa that protects farms from forest herds is now paying off in India, with more profit and less conflict Watchtowers in trees, tripwire alarms, radio collars, chilli smoke and beehive fences: scientists and conservationists across Asia and Africa are coming up with safe and humane ways to keep elephants at bay […]

From Malaysian duck rendang to east African sweetcorn and peanut: Ravinder Bhogal’s world curry recipes

These ‘proudly inauthentic’ curry recipes are the love children of migration and blended borders by way of east Africa, Thailand and Indonesia Wherever migrant cooks roam, they pick things up and leave others behind. They cross so many borders that their food repertoire becomes vast, seasoned with the intonations of many cultures. These dishes are […]

‘Human swan’ to take flight on new mission to follow migrating ospreys

Conservationist Sacha Dench will also log marine mammals she sees from her paramotor on the 7,000km journey across Europe and Africa Sacha Dench is not one to sit still. Known to many as “the human swan” for her record-breaking journey tracking migrating swans in a motorised paraglider, the conservationist and adventurer is planning her next […]

Cloud cuckoo land? How one bird’s epic migration stunned scientists

When Onon the common cuckoo took off from Mongolia last June no one expected him to make a 26,000km round trip to southern Africa When Onon took off above the rolling hills of the Khurkh valley in Mongolia last June, researchers had no idea if they would see him alive again. Along with one oriental […]