On the bright side: bringing colour home

Strong hues create a rich backdrop in this artist couple’s Hereford house

Perhaps it’s not such a surprise given the nature of her work, but artist Clare Woods is definitely not afraid of colour. The rooms and spaces in her family home in Hereford, shared with sculptor Des Hughes and their two children, pay testament to a love of a rich palette, from cornfield gold to olive green. The couple had renovated and decorated a number of homes over the years before arriving in this picturesque city on the border of England and Wales, and colour is very much Woods’s department.

“Des and I both know that he’s good at certain things and I’m good at certain things, so we let one another get on with it,” she says. “I do love colour and it’s something that I can actually feel quite confident about. With a Georgian townhouse like this, it’s very much about choosing colours one at a time for individual rooms, but at the same time I also like the colours to flow through the house and work together.”

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