My streaming gem: why you should watch My Happy Family

Continuing our series of writers discussing underseen movies is a layered Georgian drama about a woman leaving her husband

“Happy is the family with a peaceful mother,” a voice drones from the TV in a cramped, Tbilisi apartment in the opening minutes of Nana Ekvtimishvili and Simon Groß’s domestic drama My Happy Family. “Where she sacrifices herself for her family, raises children …” the voice continues, seemingly emanating from some kind of televised ceremony. Though barely audible, it speaks volumes about the strict social codes that operate within Georgian society and the particular pressures placed on women. So when Manana, a fiftysomething teacher, mother to two teenage children and wife to husband Soso, decides to leave the family home and move into an apartment of her own, she is met with disbelief by nearly everyone around her.

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