My 10-year-old has started sleeping in my bed. Am I wrong to allow it?

There may be an issue she isn’t discussing – she may not even be aware of it, says Annalisa Barbieri

Before lockdown, my 10-year-old daughter slept in her own bed every night without any problems. She is an intelligent, happy girl, albeit a bit shy. She eats well, has good friendships, and loves life. We have talked about coronavirus to try to alleviate any fears she may have, and we are very open; I feel she knows she can talk to me about anything.

However, during lockdown she started to want to be in my bed every night. Her great-grandmother died in January and she says she misses her. I didn’t think she would be affected too badly by her death, because she had met her only a handful of times – so either her death has affected her more than I thought it would, or she is using it as a way to show me she needs me without telling me the real reason.

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