‘I want black women to be seen’: meet the designer whose clothes celebrate confidence

Fisayo Longe, founder of the luxury womenswear brand Kai Collective, is determined to make all shoppers feel included

Fisayo Longe started her fashion label Kai Collective to celebrate all female forms – not just the western idea of beauty. “I feel my clothes transform you into a woman who is more confident,” says Longe, 28. “A lot of women have said things like: ‘After I had kids, I was very insecure about my body. I wore this dress and I thought I was Beyoncé!’

“I think because they see other women like them – whether it’s ‘plus-size’ or whatever – wearing these clothes, looking and feeling so good, it kind of gives them permission to take a chance.” And it’s these words that hint at the community Longe has worked so hard to create through her brand.

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