How has your attitude to money and spending habits changed during the pandemic?

We would like to hear about whether you are spending more or less, and how things have changed due to coronavirus

The pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives this year, but one of the starkest changes has been our relationship with money. Lots of people have been thrown out of work or put on furlough, and are having to cut their spending accordingly. But even people who have kept their jobs are spending less. Some are anxious about the future and are saving for a rainy day. Others can’t spend even if they’d like to: shops and restaurants are closed, and we are travelling less – for both work and pleasure. Even the wannabe spenders are having to save. Will this produce a revolution in our attitude to money?

How have you found your spending habits and view of money changing in the past eight months? Are you spending less? What are you buying less of now? Or, indeed, more of. Has lockdown driven you to spend more selectively and devote your cash to the things you really appreciate?

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