David Atherton’s recipe for rosehip syrup

Now is the time of year to collect these abundant rose fruits and turn them into a delicious alternative to honey or maple syrup

Rosehips are the fruit of the rose and contain lots of vitamin C, as well as vitamins D and E. Rosehip syrup is easy to make and a great alternative to maple syrup or honey for adding a little sweetness to your morning porridge. The best hips to collect are from the dog rose (believed to be so named because it was thought to cure rabies), but I like to wander through my local park and collect a variety. My grandmother instructed me to pick rosehips after the first frost; this softens the fruit so it breaks down quickly when cooking. Rosehips are ready to pick from late September and we rarely experience frosts before Christmas nowadays, so I would recommend putting them in the freezer overnight and allowing them to thaw before cooking. Rosehip seeds are covered in tiny hairs. This was used as itching powder at my school and you definitely don’t want the hairs in your syrup, so it is vital to pass them through a cheesecloth.

Makes one 250ml bottle

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