Cycling: how to change your inner tube in seven easy steps

Don’t let a puncture deflate your cycling spirit. Here’s everything you need to fix a tyre like a bike shop pro

You’re freewheeling along happily, when suddenly you’re very much aware of the bumpy road beneath your wheels – and your bum. As the sound of rubber dragging on asphalt gets louder, reality hits: you’ve got a flat tyre.

Whether punctures happen on the way to work or mid-Strava segment on your Sunday training ride, flats are a frustrating part of life on two wheels. Investing in decent tyres such as the near puncture-proof Schwalbe Marathon Plus, which come with a 5mm-thick puncture guard, can massively limit your risk. But even the toughest treads can’t protect against all of the pesky sharps that might make you spring a leak.

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