Could coronavirus spell the end for superhero movies?

From Wonder Woman to Superman, Black Widow to Black Panther, superheroes can vanquish aliens, androids and Nazis. They’re less super in a pandemic

After the massive 2019 hits Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far from Home, it seemed a safe bet that the Marvel Cinematic Universe would go on for ever. The high-flying blockbusters with their tight costumes, digital effects and insouciant quips could pack cinemas until the apocalypse. There would never again be a year without superheroes.

Sadly, the apocalypse has come sooner than expected. Superheroes can fight secret quasi-Nazi conspiracies, invading aliens and android armies. But they are ill-equipped to fight the coronavirus. Superheroes on screen have saved the world repeatedly. But, in this real-life crisis, the MCU’s vision of empowerment via teaming up to blast things to smithereens seems woefully inadequate.

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